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  1. Not even a little. Except maybe for my wallet.
  2. Well the Lord of the Rings theme continues with Great Eagles to add to the Wizards, Balrog, Tolkien Goblins, trolls, a couple of halflings, and of course the wraiths.
  3. To be honest I think that is a totem stick more than real axe that skadi has. To be honest here as well if there is a standard range of hill giant there is bound to be a couple of quite pretty hill giants the boys can bludgeon each other half to death over.
  4. Yes but how many are in dynamic poses and look like they are really ready to fight?.. Heck skadi is the only female giant that is in a battle ready scene in the reaper line.
  5. Crap Ok I will try and be there for the draft but I may just have to set it to auto I leave town that morning for my 10th wedding anniversary.
  6. I have to say dance with death is an amazingly beautiful sculpt and the giant hunter I am going to have to add sometime. You guys are going to make trouble for me!! One question though? What is with the total lack of dwarves?
  7. You know everyone talks about a cat dragon, but how about Ina Wong's Eagle Dragon?
  8. This is totally me too. My wife is being wayyyyy more tolerant of it recently though. She said something about all my gifts till 2019 being bought but whatever!
  9. Dreadmere is really good. I may even have my wife "Tell" me to add that to our pledge! This may just be a first! This is quite funny. Especially since one of her good friends is named Damaris and she may get a couple more of those when they release just to paint and give to her friend. This is quite funny for me!
  10. Well that was interesting. But at least now some truly awesome mini images are being posted. Soooo can we have a sneak peak palette cleanser?
  11. I would heartily support the mouse and mystics game and I need to get my friend over to play it.
  12. That is a perfect set of brutal, veterans of Butchery. I like them. This Kickstarter seems like the perfect Roleplaying addition. Bandits, Goblins, Dragon, beasts, heroes, wizards, demons, Balrogthing, and other monsters. Now it needs some orcs, Dwarves, and mounted units and it will covering at least a little of every base. Good job Reaper! Oh and that Dreadmere expansion is flat out awesome. I may have to try and sneak that in somehow without my wife castrating me.....
  13. I hope the dire crab and the treasure pile for the dragon turtle are similar enough to make tamatoa from Moana. Just sounds like fun.
  14. So was this in a pathfinder game system or something else entirely?
  15. What is Dreadmere?