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  1. Thanks for moving this was not sure where to put it since it had a non reaper mini(Well not so mini) in it. Thanks!
  2. So I am going to respond to Reinchard and I hope you are not offended but I disagree with you on nearly all points. Not that you are wrong just that I disagree with you. 1. There are a lot of factions that have some good range capability, many have one or more units that just by themselves can provide a ton of fire support. I actually fought a very similar army recently with the dwarves and between earthquake and Snorri laying down some ranged support there were problems for my friend the necropolis player. Range always matters, just sometimes it is used wrong. 2. I can agree with this in some ways because it is actually a tough group to have just running around. But it does not have the same role as a burrowing DR2, 4#MA 8MAV unit with bludgeon and fearsome. The Grave Horror is a suppression unit that can even make other Giant sized figures flinch when it is on the attack. So it just depends on what you intend If you need a nut cracker that can hurt things about as tough as any in the game Grave Horror is a good one. if you need swings and more area to cover go with the Ghasts. 3. Swift attack is an excellent ability that in many ways is useful to attack something much meaner than the attacker and limit the damage that you might receive in return. One very good use of Swift attack is to make an attack on something without too much fear of death then move on to base a unit with first strike. Now you don't have to worry about getting killed without ever seeing your defensive swings in return. 4. Your particular games do not actually prove nor disprove the effectiveness of zombies, nor the Hill Giant, just like my last battle against zombies only proved they were at most a nuisance and 0 threat for an entire game Luck sometimes is more important than a good plan. Sometimes things just work out. Zombies on their own are slow space eaters that faster units will move around to get to targets of value. They are very good when used with other units though as they can take the hits while another unit does the damage and can give support bonuses even though they do not receive them.
  3. Dude that will be crazy on the battlefield. love it
  4. A dwarf with a keg of beer not worried about the two hill sized monstrosities on either side? It's a trap those things are doomed. There is no way Dwarves would allow anything happen to the beer.
  5. So one reason I backed bones III was Ma'al, he is big mean and about the size of the other cool 5 headed Dragon I have. The Apocalypse Dragon. I have been meaning to learn to paint and repaint this big guy for a while now. But now I have a good reason to go all out so I can have a snapshot of a truly epic battle! And the dwarf between them if the first mini I have ever painted with a face. Hah so I hope I can quickly gain the skill to do these guys justice.
  6. Pre-launch

    So my friend and I were going over all our ill gotten booty from KSIII and we were talking about the dragons and he had said that he originally thought that this should be called the dragon kickstarter but then went back and the previous 2 were very similar in numbers of dragons each so he had changed his mind a bit. So now I am thinking I wonder if they will continue this trend. I know I love dragons and am kicking myself for missing out on several this past KS, but who else likes lots of new Dragons in each kickstarter or should they tone it down? What do you guys think? I hope they bring out a ton of mounted monsters like Kyra and Lavarath from this last one to be honest people in control of these huge and amazingly outlandish monsters is just really cool.
  7. Pre-launch

    Am I the only one looking at what I got and thinking "I need to buy $200 more stuff now what was I thinking ordering so little!" sigh... Well maybe the wife will let me go a little wild with the next set. Hope they have stuff my daughter likes too so my wife is more willing.
  8. Yes this is something I always look for. If a cheap unit can threaten a much larger opponent and be activly dangerous with support and other bonuses then it will typically make a game with many more avenues to victory. As an addition to above while I love burrowing Zombies an all zombie and/or skeleton army will have some issues takeing down large or damage resistant units more than other units because it doesn't matter how many are attacking they are not getting any support from doing so.
  9. Units Made for WAR!!! (Imagine an Orc voice "WAR!!!) 1. Mounted figures of all types, Humans on Horses, and camels 2. Elves on big cats, 3. Dwarves on Bears and Mountian goats, 4. Halflings on Warthogs and Dogs, 5. A fairy riding a cat maybe, 6. More people riding Giant figs like kyra and Lavarath, 7. Hrolfgad Loftsaddle the Dwarf Griffon rider, 8. Eagle riders maybe in an attack pose with talons outstretched and a lance with the rider, 9. Dragon riders, 10. a NotSandworm rider 11. Wyvern riders, 12. People riding Giant insects like beetles and Bee's 13. A Giant Tarantula or Scorpion Battlewagon unit with several figs on it and maybe a catapult or Ballista Maybe even a Roman Scorpion ;) 14. Goblins in crazy little carts while wearing goggles 15. Orcs on Sabre toothed cats and Wargs 16. Carriages and wagons 17. Valkyries on Winged Horses, 18. Dwarves, Goblins, Orcs and Elves in respective magic powered armor, Dwarves In metal plated walkers, goblins in unweildly wooden Seige Towers covered in spikes, Orcs in Dragon Scale Plated Bone armor, Elves in Evil Tree armor. 19. Mermen riding Dolphins with Harpoons out like lances, 20. Seige weapons of all typesPeople wearing Barbaric animal skins with the head as a hat to denote their tribes, Wolf Tribe, Bear Tribe, Anubis .. I mean Jackal Tribe, Eagle Tribe. 21. Triceratops riders 22. Tyrannosaur riders 23. Raptor Riders 24. Stegosaurs with side mounted riders 25. War Elephants 26. War Mammoths 27. People wearing Barbaric animal skins with the head as a hat to denote their tribes, Wolf Tribe, Bear Tribe, Anubis .. I mean Jackal Tribe, Eagle Tribe. 28. Rhino Riders 29. Giant Sea Horse riders 30. Unicorns and Pegasus 31. Mermaids and Selkies 32. Shark Riders 33. Pteranodon Rider 34. The Kraken 35. Various Gods of Ancient Pantheons Zeus, Hephaestus, Thor, Odin, Hel, Hulk (How did he slip in there?), Shiva, Brahma, Durga, Ganesh, Anubis, Set, Osirus, Thoth, Ra, Hou-Yi, Menshen, Guan-Yu, Sun-Wukong... Ok I need to stop. 36. Other cultures Dragons, Japanese, Chinese and, South American (Feathered Serpent) 37. Seige weapons of all types 38. Pheonix and Thunderbird 39. Neandertals, and the Missing Link 40. Wing mods for figures. Ok enough for now back to work. Oops messed up the end 41. Steam punk stuff!!!!
  10. This does not seem to work for me I hope this is just me as I do have the downloaded faction cards but it could be an issue for others
  11. Fulfilling

    Wish I could do this with my wife but that would land me in a world of trouble. Might be worth it though.
  12. Fulfilling

    I just want to say thank you to Reaper for kicking these things out fast enough that people are receiving shipping notifications in Canada. We need to give reaper a break. They have had holdup after holdup from outside sources and have been the ones truly harmed by this. How many months of sales had they lost due to their products being on another continent? How many times have fans told them they were dissapointed when they were held hostage to the whims of fate and fortune. They have even missed out on one upping some new competition while their items were held up by customs just a short distance away. Our products haven't hit the breaks they have finally hit the gas! Reaper has just been killing themselves to not be run over by it all! Let's not make reaper employees feel worse by saying our patience is at an end just now when their work is the hardest and most needed for fulfillment. They have them! Finally no one stands in the way of our goodies! (Except maybe the mailman ::crosses fingers::) So everyone let's just take a breath and know that every shipping notice reported is one more that is out of Reapers hands and one more step toward Reaper bones Christmas!
  13. Yeah Dude I seriously thought those guys getting swarmed over there were Elites from all the Havok those guys were causing. I would have to say they did better than I thought they would. I have to say that I do still think they are a little overpriced but can still work well in the context of them being fairly tough units.
  14. I had originally posted this in the Bones minis I would like to see but I think here would be a good place as well for some additions to it. 1. Golems. Not just faceless stone guys but rune carved stone giants, Dragon Golems, Parts of fortresses as a Golem, Spare Part Frankenstein Golem, Ice Golems, a Golem made of swords and axes hammered together, Golem mounts with archers on their backs or a wizard on a throne for a head, Golem's with Siege Weapons such as Ballista, or Battering rams, Golems made of shattered trees or ripped out of a tree, Bone Golems constructed from the bones of great and terrible creatures, Golems that have received terrific damage and are still going like the unstoppable juggernauts they are. 2 Animal Constructs, like Elephants, Dragons, Sharks, Snakes, Rhinos, Lions, Griffons, all seemingly made of bricks, or wood, or metal. Have some of these animals doing things that may be mundane or totally outlandish, like a pair of steampunk Horses pulling a stage coach, or a rocklike Rhino pulling a Dwarven Cannon or Ballista. 3. Creatures made of elemental materials, Fire Wolves, Ice cats, Water Horses, Lightning Birds, Lava Crab. Elemental's trying to look like an animal but not changing their nature and becoming even more otherworldly. 4. Insect Constructs, and Elemental's with things like Mechanical Centipedes, Flaming Bee's with wings of fire, Stone Beatles with a castle Turret carved into it, Ice Spiders that from above could look like a snow flake, a HUGE snowflake, or A scorpion with a Ballista of the same roman name on its tail instead of a Stinger. Things that may have been tiny but were transformed into some monstrosity that could be every bit as horrifying as a dragon or Griffon and maybe more so when their normally tiny selves are taken into account. Most of these things I like because the way they look could tell a small story that could be very interesting just to look at. Could one be built to guard a wizard that haphazardly piles books on it while it follows him/her around for protection? Could another be an Egyptian priestess' rock like sphinx mount, or an elemental trying and failing to disguise its true nature as it first explores a new environment? Golems have the advantage to not be formed through nature but because somebody wants them that way and it leads to an image that can pose questions rather than most fantasy characters that are more declarative like; Female Cleric, Male Wizard, Undead Dragon. While interesting there is not much more than what you see.
  15. My friend Humansquish and I recently started playing again and getting a couple of friends interested as well one even just bought the rule books which is good. I hope we can keep this as a regular rotation.