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  1. I have to give Reaper a lot of credit. Last bones KS they kind of fumbled at the end with China being the big holdup. This time? They got us all filled with piss and vinegar and then just pulled off a fantastic sneak play to get their deliveries out not even a month past expected. Now we have used all that anger and turned it to energy to perform Happy dances. Love it! I am hoping some of wave 1 is in backers hands before the month is out. If it is I would call that right on time, which may just be a first for KS for me.
  2. Looter

    RIP Stan Lee

    I am sad that a great man has passed from our world. But I am glad that he was able to help change our very culture in a kind of magical way. R.I.P. Stan Lee
  3. Looter

    Pokemon Go

    Have you guys gone to thesilphroad.com and looked up some local area groups to play with?
  4. Looter

    Pokemon Go

    Unless it happens to be my wife and then it is all Vulpix all day.... That is just a tad frustrating. I think she has hatched a grand total of 8 now. Anyone can add me but I have quite a few friends now and may not get to you too often. Also how is finding raid parties and groups in every one else's area here?
  5. Looter

    Reaper League Fantasy Football 2018

    Ok sorry guys I have been taking a look at my time available and I am going to have to step down at least for this year. Sorry my daughter's medical care takes up so much of my time I really can't guarantee I would even remember to play week to week. Sorry it really has been a great league, I just have to act as a Pancreas for my daughter every day.
  6. Looter

    Reaper League Fantasy Football 2018

    I will try and get back to you soon. Checking on my overall ability to do it this year which is a little limited but I may be able to swing it.
  7. I would disagree with you on why people are bashing the figures. We are not bashing the breasts. We are bashing the removal of armor for larger breasts than the art suggested. I understand you feel like you are being attacked, but we wanted seriously armored female Giants. The art had that. I flat out love the quilted armor covered by a tunic on the Ranger, and I thought there would be actual steel over the chest of the knight. Nope. It looks like the knight armored her knees up with layered steel then found a leather top to go over her steel stomach armor. This is just stupid, and insulting. I am sure that it was not intended to be insulting, but when they presented it as being in response to all the standing, or leaning silk wearing non-warrior giantesses, versus some dynamic, armored, badass male giants that have come out recently, then turn in these after taking everybody's money people are going to feel stupid and insulted. I don't know about you but I feel really stupid right now. My only recourse was I had been going to buy into the Darkreach expansion soon. I will not be doing that. Most of the figures I like are art I do not trust Reaper to make me feel stupid again so I will hold onto my money. That and these posts are the limit of my power and I will continue to exercise that power for as long as I wish.
  8. I haven't posted here in a while but I was actually majorly disappointed by the Frost Giants and had to say something. Why? Why would things be added to the figures like 3 cup sizes and a horrible looking cloth boob covering on a female armored figure? The artwork is EXACTLY what was wanted and cheered during the kickstarter. The figures in the art look strong, svelte, and compact. These appear considerably larger in many aspects and their outfits look more like corsets than armor. This is not how I thought they would turn out. They are still nice figures but more like warrior mothers than Rangers on the prowl. On the other hand I think other than the bad scabbard location, that the Demon queen is Better than the art. She looks more uncomprimising, more severe, more ready to begin some serious butchery on the ones that stand in her way. I love a bit of character coming through just from good facial features and posing. Great job! Maybe I will order another set? That actually would be cool. Plus I could tell my daughter that she too uses her left hand and is a devil.
  9. Looter

    Warlord - the state of play

    That would be rather interesting to have done. I think making a game that can use the 3D renders that are beginning to take over for mini design and production would be a good use of resources. But I do not know the costs involved and much as I like the game I obviously have no real input on these things.
  10. Looter

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    So I have been meaning to ask what are the unit sizes this would represent? Regiment? Battalion? Need to play this game with you and have your use just these to see how that would go for you.
  11. Looter

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    Got what I ordered too. You know I don't mind the mold lines on these too much. Of course they are yours so that may have a small amount to do with it.
  12. Looter

    Razig vs Elves & Reptus

    Oh I agree that can definitely be an issue. I absolutely am glad you pointed that out for us. Thanks
  13. Looter

    Razig vs Elves & Reptus

    I had not noticed that. I do not think it mattered too much in the overall scheme of things since broodmaster is the only one that did any damage to Razig, but it is good to remember.
  14. Looter

    Frost Giants of Icingstead

    To be quite honest the Humans of Icingstead are actually quite effective overall. It might be a bit different to run the giants of Icingstead without giants but your army will still be quite effective.
  15. Looter


    Armor of courage on something that has spells, disable, rage, nauseating and a 5 attack will help make him truely frightening to base. Just remember the free action that boosts MAV against his targets, even his!