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  1. Frost Giants of Icingstead

    To be quite honest the Humans of Icingstead are actually quite effective overall. It might be a bit different to run the giants of Icingstead without giants but your army will still be quite effective.
  2. Darkspawn

    Armor of courage on something that has spells, disable, rage, nauseating and a 5 attack will help make him truely frightening to base. Just remember the free action that boosts MAV against his targets, even his!
  3. Dwarves

    So it has been a while since I have posted a list here but I will post an old list that I think is probably a little too good to use against friends so I do not use this type of thing much anymore. Dwarves - 748 pointsTroop 1148 pts King Thorgram Grimsteel 10 pts Armor of Courage 20 pts Spiritual Hammer71 pts Ivar Silverfist15 pts Familiar69 pts Margara Firetongue 15 pts Familiar18x3 (54) pts Halberdier x 322x2 (44) pts Kneebreaker x 2 31 pts Piercer15 pts MusicianTroop 2103 pts Snorri Oathbreaker50 pts Hammer of the Mountain God25 pts Mithril ArmorTroop 33 pts Luck Stone 75 pts Battle Totem It is strong enough in Thorgrams Unit to get his warlord ability to work, Ivar heals, Margara casts barrage on Mighty Snorri and the damage rolls in as the average close combat MAV is a 6 while Snorri with 2 Mighty Ranged, or assassin attacks if something wants to play while Thorgram, is an 8 (9 with armor of courage free inspire) MAV with bludgeon, mighty provoke, and reach that can be further improved with things like the Faction Doctrine, support, and his supporting units are similarly impressive. Just one rolling Murderball and a Bubble of death around Snorri.
  4. Frost Giants of Icingstead

    Yeah Charge Venomspite he is squishy. Use Nadezhda if he is really problematic to stun him and kill him before he can become a nuisance. Use the sergeant with rush after stunning him and kill him without a whimper. Go for overkill Use Gorak and 2 axemen to charge with a musician and have a totem and a magic weapon, Gorak will have 5 base MAV, +1 for totem, +1 for weapon, +1 Rage, +1 for support. You auto hit and cleave on 4's, and your axemen will hit on 4's which is a 70% chance. You will take a round of fire but if you throw some spear throwers out in front a few inches you might even get a ranged counter attack and block line of sight. Then on your follow up turn you might just have some ranged support yourself.
  5. Koborlas

    One thing I also remembered is your Iron hide tough check you got a 10. And did you use your luck stone earlier? I remember something but my wife and daughter were occupying me during a round of you and David going after one another.
  6. Overlords

    I used an Ashcrypt army this week to good effect. The Bondslaves and Bondslave survivors were well worth their cost and even had a few actually missed by attacks. Of course several of them did the pass along damage thing and get used up that way but the Solo's I was running mostly just absorbed damage and died. The bondslaves may have killed more than my onyx golems both did in fact. Ashcrypt was fairly servicable and did not even get attacked before my two opponents killed off one anothers warlords. It was weird. But worked Here is the army (I think) Overlords - 749 pointsTroop 1Ashkrypt, Lichlord of CraclawFamiliar x 2Ranthe, Evangelist of KhardullisBondslave x 11Bondslave Survivor x 3Troop 2CorvusBondslave x 3Bondslave SurvivorTroop 3CorvusBondslave x 3Bondslave SurvivorTroop 4Onyx GolemTroop 5Onyx GolemTroop 6Xailor the DefilerTroop 7Luck Stone
  7. is there a mounted Don Quixote I can place in the saddle here. I would love to have one with a lance fighting Baba Yaga's Hut.
  8. Mercenaries

    I like these armies but I am not too sure about the Vale Swordsmen in army 1, you can probably swap them out entirely for a mix of the Spearmen and Axemen to use them to get support on long Rush attacks for about the same price combined. Also I am not sure if the second army is legal with expansion units in them as mercenaries I thought were only allowed to take original release units. I myself would not have a problem with it as it looks kind of fun to use.
  9. Sticky Meet-up Spots

    To be honest 200 might be too low, I have found a good size for new players is 500 with some good lists you can print out with the site DarkHorse built Army Builder
  10. Halflings

    Most welcome to it and I like them as well. In fact we thought they were all about the most unique part of the faction other than the army wrecking Elemental that is. 1. We would like more units that are distinct to the faction like cavalry units like pony or dog mounted Halflings. 2. Also this faction has a very low average MAV, RAV, and DV average. 3.The Goliath guard figure is one of the easiest to kill units in the game, its DV of 7 means that even a 1 RAV or MAV will hit 50% of the time. A 1 attack should never have an even chance to hit, this figure also has only 1 track. I can honestly say this will never be used in combat. Ever. In fact in MAV Halflings are the lowest in every category except to Tembrithil that has 3 casters, and one ranged elite, two of which have DR/1. 4.There is one unit that has a 13 DV for the faction. 3 other units if you include the alternate Roddy Warlord and Elite have a 12 DV, 2 more units including the other warlord and the most expensive soldier model have an 11 DV. Everything else is lower, some by a lot. In fact in category Halflings are either last or second to last. 5. The one uptake is they are the least expensive faction in the game. But they also do not have a lot of very good units either so maybe more of a wash.
  11. Halflings

    So using your army builder Dark Horse I built a Halfling army and ran it against Humansquish and David in a 3 front battle. Sir Roderic {Warlord) +Mithril shirt Brave Sir Roddy & Glitter +Magic Weapon Olivia +Familiar 4x Sky Guard 6x Halfling Skirmisher Troop 2 Storm elemental Battle Totem Luck stone It was a pretty thorough butt kicking for my opponents. They weakened each other pretty bad but that is a lot of first strike and I used it to first kill some archers then kill a couple of elites from Dark Reach. While this was going down the Storm elemental was wrecking a Bloodstone force that had taken some lumps from the Dragon Dark reach have. Seriously it took 1 point of damage and did nearly 300 points of straight up kills many of them from chain lightening. We think the Dodge /1 is just too much on the model. I may try it again sometime but have my friends plan for it and see if it is a problem even then. The Roddies actually were not too bad even though first strike on anything is a bit much but they move too fast and we will pull the flying speed down a bit. Other than that there is not much to the halflings though. Pretty lackluster over all definatly an unfinished faction. We will have to test more.
  12. 1 Dinosaur Knights of different types, not just human knights on an Allosaurus, 2 some goblins riding a pteranadon with a small bow and pouches of arrows, 3 some Dwarves riding an armored Triceratops with a Huge turreted crossbow, 4 Elves riding feathered velociraptors with lances forward and feathered cloaks and armbands, 5 A skeletal Tyrannosaurus ridden by a Lich in a high backed chair, 6. A brachiosaurus with a small wooden house and a bunch of hobbits with slings on it and a small staircase on its tail, 7. Orcs with axes standing on some small platforms balanced with ropes on both sides of a Stegosauriod with some reins leading to each side and the head and neck protected with an orcish helmet, 8. A Lizard man with small attack raptors attached to leashes, 9. Giants riding Dinosaurs like they were horses 10. Mermen buckled to a Mosasaur with some armored plates at various points of its body, 11. Horned Monster men on a small stake fort built on the back of an anklyosauriod 12. Kobolds Riding a Pachycephalosaurus armed with hooks, and hammers to follow up on its ramming attacks. 13. Mounted figures of all types, Humans on Horses, and camels 14. Elves on big cats, 15. Dwarves on Bears and Mountian goats, 16. Halflings on Warthogs and Dogs, 17. A fairy riding a cat maybe, 18. More people riding Giant figs like kyra and Lavarath, like Hrolfgad Loftsaddle the Dwarf Griffon rider, 19. Following the success of the awesome Giantesses More Awesome Fighting Females that actually look like they can take the fight to their opponents, and of all races Dwarven women that look badass without cleavage windows, elven women that have huge shields, and swords about to carve some holes into something huge, Ogre women in heavy armor and a Hammer the size of a volkswagon. Fighting females. Not posing pretties. 20. Eagle riders maybe in an attack pose with talons outstretched and a lance with the rider, 21. a NotSandworm rider 22. Wyvern riders, 23. People riding Giant insects like beetles and Bee's 24. A Giant Tarantula or Scorpion Battlewagon unit with several figs on it and maybe a catapult or Ballista Maybe even a Roman Scorpion ;) 25. Goblins in crazy little carts while wearing goggles 26. Orcs on Sabre toothed cats and Wargs 27. Valkyries on Winged Horses, 28. Dwarves, Goblins, Orcs and Elves in respective magic powered armor, Dwarves In metal plated walkers, goblins in unweildly wooden Seige Towers covered in spikes, Orcs in Dragon Scale Plated Bone armor, Elves in Evil Tree armor. 29. Mermen riding Dolphins with Harpoons out like lances, 30. Seige weapons of all typesPeople wearing Barbaric animal skins with the head as a hat to denote their tribes, Wolf Tribe, Bear Tribe, Anubis .. I mean Jackal Tribe, Eagle Tribe. 31. Raptor Riders 32. War Elephants 33. War Mammoths 34. People wearing Barbaric animal skins with the head as a hat to denote their tribes, Wolf Tribe, Bear Tribe, Anubis .. I mean Jackal Tribe, Eagle Tribe. 35. Rhino Riders 36. Giant Sea Horse riders 37. Unicorns and Pegasus 38. Mermaids and Selkies 39. Shark Riders 40. Various Gods of Ancient Pantheons Zeus, Hephaestus, Thor, Odin, Hel, Hulk (How did he slip in there?), Shiva, Brahma, Durga, Ganesh, Anubis, Set, Osirus, Thoth, Ra, Hou-Yi, Menshen, Guan-Yu, Sun-Wukong... Ok I need to stop. 41. Other cultures Dragons, Japanese, Chinese and, South American (Feathered Serpent) 42. Seige weapons of all types 43. Wing mods for figures. 44. Steam punk stuff!!!! 45. Adjustable saddles and figures to place on them as an easy add on for previous large figures. 46. Weapons on turrets mountable to large figures
  13. 2017-2018 REAPER LEAGUE Fantasy Football

    And who is this? Although I would have to say if anyone was a chump this week it is this guy.
  14. We need to try and have that huge fight in warlord. I will shoehorn Argent on to a giant base with mossbeard, you can use Rauthuros and Narglauth as maladorn. Maybe get the giant skeleton dragon as a giant skeleton and the zombie dragon as a bone horror. Make people stare at our outrageous game of enormous monsters.
  15. Actually I am liking Argent more than the Traditional Capstone type figure we had been thinking of getting during the kickstarter. Why you ask? Well 2 reasons. 1. I like big Dragons and have few. This will be the first time I get a big dragon that does not have 5 heads. This guy is a nice majestic posed huge dragon that could just look amazing. 2. He is not 60 Dollars. This is huge for me. 60 dollars is 4 or 5 other things in this great kickstarter and just about everything in it is pretty spectacular. So not having a $60 Capstone eating away at all the smaller but still awesome stuff is just fantastic for me. On another note. I like the Morloc cavemen guys but I think some Prehistoric Dwarves to go with the Prehistoric Elves would have been a little more interesting to me. But they still look good.