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    To be honest this guy is posed much better than the last one. Heck I thought it was Rauthuros from first sight on Facebook, and even though he is not I think this guy is the best straight up Balrog/Demon thing we have yet gotten from bones. So I may have to get a few and surround a little elf figure for a Diorama with the caption "Feanor of all the dumb things you have done this just possibly takes the cake."
  2. Well the two of us and another friend had a three army death match and it was actually pretty fun. I had the most models with an all archer soldier army, while both Humansquish and David ran reptus armies designed to close and savage their opponents, we all spread out about half our armies to fight one or another of the opponents, all of us had an albatross amulet, at the end in a hard fought match Humansquish was Victorious. His snakes closed fast even taking losses at range and destroyed all that stood before them before dying in mutual slaughter from defensive strikes once the majority of the damage had been done his single squad of spikeshell warriors clubbed down the last remains of my force like they were baby seals. Winner of the worst army match round 1: Reptus by David. powered by the lackluster Nagendra Ranger. Several troops of this while quite devastating in short spurts they had no staying power with only 1 track. David ran his force quite well to be honest but out of 6 killed goblin skeeters 5 rolled 8+ to retaliate and kill his raiders in one turn. 3 more were killed by ranged fire the next activation and that unit was reduced to just its captain which lasted quite a bit longer than I thought it would. Humansquish lost his set of Nagendra in a similar fashion while similarly destroying the goblins arrayed against him and a small troop of them left from destroying Davids northern force to pounce on the few Gnoll archers left while chasing down Greka, and eventually the spikeshells, killed the gnolls and Dantral to win the battle over all but show that David is the real champ of the First Terrible army build battle.
  3. I am looking foreward to this. Cleverness disguised as awefulness. I have made several myself and to be honest there are some that I was like "Oh yeah this will not be any good at all," 95 models later..... "Uh this is probably a little too good to run. How does that happen?
  4. 1 Dinosaur Knights of different types, not just human knights on an Allosaurus, 2 some goblins riding a pteranadon with a small bow and pouches of arrows, 3 some Dwarves riding an armored Triceratops with a Huge turreted crossbow, 4 Elves riding feathered velociraptors with lances forward and feathered cloaks and armbands, 5 A skeletal Tyrannosaurus ridden by a Lich in a high backed chair, 6. A brachiosaurus with a small wooden house and a bunch of hobbits with slings on it and a small staircase on its tail, 7. Orcs with axes standing on some small platforms balanced with ropes on both sides of a Stegosauriod with some reins leading to each side and the head and neck protected with an orcish helmet, 8. A Lizard man with small attack raptors attached to leashes, 9. Giants riding Dinosaurs like they were horses 10. Mermen buckled to a Mosasaur with some armored plates at various points of its body, 11. Horned Monster men on a small stake fort built on the back of an anklyosauriod 12. Kobolds Riding a Pachycephalosaurus armed with hooks, and hammers to follow up on its ramming attacks.
  5. To be Honest I think it was 7 Shadowguards in Sinisthreax's troop with 4 in the other, and armor of courage, a musician, and a tactician on an avrix but I only had a couple of minutes to remember and post before I had to go. The way it works is if the opponent has a ranged army the Shadowguards form an stealth wall for the non stealth units, if it is melee heavy the higher DV Avrix is an anvil the Shadow guards hammer the opponent on. Mornenion is used as a mobile DV boost to make the Avrix in his unit just sick, then move often with avrix to charge for a quickstrike to cripple enemies early especially if you can get cleave to work on the attack. It was almost as simple an army as I have ever made but it was crazy dangerous.
  6. Darkreach - 1000 points Troop 1 (526 pts) Sinisthreax Avrix Dirthe, Champion x 2 Shadowguard x 6 Troop 2 (474 pts) Mornenion, Drake Captain Avrix Dirthe, Champion x 2 Shadowguard x 6 Shadow Tactics Doctrine Savage North - page 66 Shadow Step Darkreach models of the elf race have the uncanny ability to hide in the shadows of others. Any Standard Base Size elf in B2B with a Base Size 2 or 3 enemy or friendly model gains the Dodge/1 SA. Dark Senses Non-elves are immune to the effects of the Assassin SA. Elves with the Tough SA always get to make Tough checks, even when killed by Assassins or First Strike/Pike attacks. Shadow Vision Darkreach models ignore the Stealth SA when targeting enemy models. Sinisthreax Warlord Benefits Chilled Toxin All models in Sinisthreax's Troop have chance to poison their victims in combat. On any successful melee hit where the Attack Check is at least 3 higher than the target value, the enemy model becomes Poisoned in addition to taking any damage the hit dealt.
  7. I do not mind the list myself looks kind of fun especially with Shadowguard with Avrix. Those two in combination they wreck stuff. Now with your two units with Nightshad warriors, and Darkshade Raiders I would change them for a combination of shadowstep warriors, and more Shadowguard. Higher MAV and the Shadowstep have quickstrike which can be devastating when used right. Or if looking for range switch out the Raiders for Shiver Spikes which are quite mean but do not have the defense of the Raiders. I will try and post the army I used not long ago against Humansquish, which was unfortunately accidentally perfect for neutering his ranged and resisting most of his melee through the doctrine you have above.
  8. Well it wasn't custom built to destroy it but it might as well have been, a Dark Reach army where everything but 4 had stealth, and those four had 13 DV plus all of his centaurs, owlbears, and Hunting cats added DV to the smaller units really made this an unfair struggle.
  9. Was this the list you ran against me a couple of weeks back where we killed the ever living hell out of one another till there was really nothing standing afterward? I actually really liked this force although you were totally betrayed by your dice on those tough rolls. I think I should start posting the lists I play with as well. It will at least be enlightening on what people think of them.
  10. Yes I have been binge army making and this thing is great, and I absolutely love the individual troop totals it helps me quickly build and balance multi troop units fast. Thanks dude I never thought someone would make one of these again!
  11. Thanks for moving this was not sure where to put it since it had a non reaper mini(Well not so mini) in it. Thanks!
  12. So I am going to respond to Reinchard and I hope you are not offended but I disagree with you on nearly all points. Not that you are wrong just that I disagree with you. 1. There are a lot of factions that have some good range capability, many have one or more units that just by themselves can provide a ton of fire support. I actually fought a very similar army recently with the dwarves and between earthquake and Snorri laying down some ranged support there were problems for my friend the necropolis player. Range always matters, just sometimes it is used wrong. 2. I can agree with this in some ways because it is actually a tough group to have just running around. But it does not have the same role as a burrowing DR2, 4#MA 8MAV unit with bludgeon and fearsome. The Grave Horror is a suppression unit that can even make other Giant sized figures flinch when it is on the attack. So it just depends on what you intend If you need a nut cracker that can hurt things about as tough as any in the game Grave Horror is a good one. if you need swings and more area to cover go with the Ghasts. 3. Swift attack is an excellent ability that in many ways is useful to attack something much meaner than the attacker and limit the damage that you might receive in return. One very good use of Swift attack is to make an attack on something without too much fear of death then move on to base a unit with first strike. Now you don't have to worry about getting killed without ever seeing your defensive swings in return. 4. Your particular games do not actually prove nor disprove the effectiveness of zombies, nor the Hill Giant, just like my last battle against zombies only proved they were at most a nuisance and 0 threat for an entire game Luck sometimes is more important than a good plan. Sometimes things just work out. Zombies on their own are slow space eaters that faster units will move around to get to targets of value. They are very good when used with other units though as they can take the hits while another unit does the damage and can give support bonuses even though they do not receive them.
  13. Dude that will be crazy on the battlefield. love it
  14. A dwarf with a keg of beer not worried about the two hill sized monstrosities on either side? It's a trap those things are doomed. There is no way Dwarves would allow anything happen to the beer.
  15. So one reason I backed bones III was Ma'al, he is big mean and about the size of the other cool 5 headed Dragon I have. The Apocalypse Dragon. I have been meaning to learn to paint and repaint this big guy for a while now. But now I have a good reason to go all out so I can have a snapshot of a truly epic battle! And the dwarf between them if the first mini I have ever painted with a face. Hah so I hope I can quickly gain the skill to do these guys justice.