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  1. Well that was interesting. But at least now some truly awesome mini images are being posted. Soooo can we have a sneak peak palette cleanser?
  2. I would heartily support the mouse and mystics game and I need to get my friend over to play it.
  3. That is a perfect set of brutal, veterans of Butchery. I like them. This Kickstarter seems like the perfect Roleplaying addition. Bandits, Goblins, Dragon, beasts, heroes, wizards, demons, Balrogthing, and other monsters. Now it needs some orcs, Dwarves, and mounted units and it will covering at least a little of every base. Good job Reaper! Oh and that Dreadmere expansion is flat out awesome. I may have to try and sneak that in somehow without my wife castrating me.....
  4. I hope the dire crab and the treasure pile for the dragon turtle are similar enough to make tamatoa from Moana. Just sounds like fun.
  5. So was this in a pathfinder game system or something else entirely?
  6. I have to say that boat is really cool. I might not get it in the kickstarter since I am running out of money fast on it but it is a must have on retail release for sure!
  7. Live

    I love the female dwarves in this they look impressively dwarven, by which I mean everything looks stately, well made and functional, No excessive cleavage, good poses, useful armor or robes, and ALVAHILDR THE WHITE may just be the best looking Dwarf wearing robes I have ever seen and is the best looking Dwarf mini I can think of.
  8. Live

    Last day is nearly here for this.
  9. So I have been a bit sad of late about no dwarves in this bones set. But I got my Dwarf mini fix by the Warbands of the Cold North V kickstarter by Tre Manor which is heading into the last day and some of them are awesome. I had a thought about the lack so far in this one may be a cool move by Reaper to not run the same time and kill this other kickstarter. Which if that is the case may just be the coolest move by a company I have seen in a long time. I hope that is the case because it makes me feel good to support cool companies. If anyone is interested what Tre Manor is making here is the first mini of the set And several days ago this thread was talking about dwarves with bows, well there are a ton of those here too so check them out.
  10. At first I was thinking "Why did they split the statues up?" But after some reflection I can see that working as you will still probably have people getting the set together but now depending on how you want to do it you can have more of one style or just one style and it makes them inexpensive yet still worth getting. I like it!
  11. I was actually quite impressed with this force the 3 actions withe your casters were kind of scary I think I had to rush to kill them because of it.
  12. In the Bones 4 Information board they have answered this a bit: Has Reaper ever done a series of 'downtrodden adventurers'? IE, the versions of adventures after they've had some really bad outcome / lost most everything / went senile. - @Jason Emery - in the past, wounded, maimed, and haggard heroes have sold exceptionally poorly. Our theory is that it's the reason most fantasy avatars are "fit" and "greek human ideal or godlike" physique. In fantasy, people tend to want to be the "best" version of themselves/their idealized hero character. It's one reason we often get heat for lack of variety in our models physique - we tend towards the idealized shapes, which doesn't often include rubenesque women and men, paunches, dad-bods, or other body types. While we certainly do not believe that "good" and "heroic" equate to "physically fit", the fanbase, by and large (and it's VERY evident from sales patterns) doesn't tend to buy alternative body types - including physical disabilities and obesity. Now with these I could see making a line of "Dark" knights archers and such where they look like some very bad guys and willing to do bad things to people. Like Shadowfane and Argentee said above simple frowns, open mouthed screaming faces, chipped brutal blades, and axes, gouged shields, and armor. These things I think could do well but maybe not scruffy low level dudes, more like the hardened veterans of butchery they just happen to be.
  13. I want Snorri in bones. Probably the most overpowered Dwarf in warlord.
  14. I am still looking at parting the core set out but bedeviled, the wyvern and especially the Griffon are adding up pretty quick. Now if there would just be a dwarf I might start considering it more.
  15. Oh I am sure there will be some cool stuff added but this is the first core set I have looked at and said flat out I don't want most of it. That Dragon thing? It is the ugliest dragon I have yet seen reaper make. The goblins? 20 min before the kickstarter began I had just cut off and mounted the same figures from the Bones III set. What was in the opening Bone 4 Kickstarter: Generic females: check, a couple of standing armored guys: more of these ok, look another Gandalf: I think these come in every LOTR board game ever produced I have like 70, an Owlbear: Well I don't have a bear that looks like it was puked on yet...., What is that truly Ugly Dragon Doing? Is it going to the bathroom? I just, I don't, I mean why? Why does it look like that??!?? But still a wave one backer. So what about the stretch goals? MORE LOTR Wizards: (Pounds Head on table, falls off chair, lays on floor for 20 min.) Townsfolk: Well they are different and I like the baker woman with the torch, probably going to have to mod the others to carry pitchforks for more fun, Dire animals:Yes I really like these probably have to fight the wife and daughter for them, More generic armored guys: Hey at least the one guy has a 200 lb Axe that looks like it could be in a game somewhere, More goblins??? if all of the others were upgraded like this maybe but now there are nearly 30 goblins valued the same as much larger and more usable units, Minitaurs: Well they are unique and that does have a value I think it would be better with one Regular sized Minotaur to have some perspective and be a funny contrast, BeDeviled: Wow these look GREAT why can't more look like this!, Next up Kobolds: Hmmmm How about No.... these are pretty much just more Goblins with a different head. Now the Paid expansions have been Great. They look good or even amazing, they are really detailed and worth the value, and we have not even gotten to all the ones previously shown. This points me toward buying the amazing individual expansions and foregoing the crap on crap that the core set seems to be. But that is my opinion and I may be the only one with this view of things.
  16. In many ways the core set of this has been very sub par and I look at it now and say"Oh yay More Goblins, or Oh boy I never wanted Kobolds." This is sad for me I always saw the core set as being the main attraction, but am now just looking at some of the buy on adds and looking at cannibalizing my Core set support for this. Hey the paints look like something fun to get though.
  17. You know considering my current monetary situation I am beginning to rethink all the things I want in Bones this go around. Do NOT look at my lists Reaper people. I cannot afford Skeletal Tyrannosaur riding liches, Wooley Mammoths with war pavilions on them, or a Fortress Golem with little fighters on top, and god forbid you come out with a Triceratops with dwarves manning an arbelest. I will be doomed. So don't do that.... OK?
  18. These are problems for sure and getting in close can be hard but it has its quality of some hard hitters hiding in tphe swarm combined with a few rolls going your way you could swarm kill most soldiers, while your big hitters then smash some heads. Maybe I will try to play one of these this week .
  19. I actually like this list a lot. It has a mind numbing number of high tough rolls and with the totem can actually threaten things in a normal game while getting stronger with every successful animated corpse raised from dead enemy. I have made a couple of armies very similar to this and eagerly await an opportunity to use them.
  20. Depends on what you value more +1 MAV bonus on wounded units with Judas, and Elsabeth, or your 12 1 track skeletons having a 10% chance of standing back up after taking damage. To be honest I would never go with crypt legion. I find it the absolute worst Doctrine in the game outside of "Fear of Undeath" which is on the Devourer Doctrine as well and is far superior. If Necropolis had anything else that the doctrine would work on other than the 1 track skeletons I would be more ambivilent toward it but even the Skeleton Giant, and bone horror do not gain a benefit from it. So I would say devourer every time.
  21. To be honest I proxy most of my armies since I mainly have dwarves and the new bones stuff. For morenian I use a simple warhorse. Humansquish is the guy with the minis

    To be honest this guy is posed much better than the last one. Heck I thought it was Rauthuros from first sight on Facebook, and even though he is not I think this guy is the best straight up Balrog/Demon thing we have yet gotten from bones. So I may have to get a few and surround a little elf figure for a Diorama with the caption "Feanor of all the dumb things you have done this just possibly takes the cake."
  23. Well the two of us and another friend had a three army death match and it was actually pretty fun. I had the most models with an all archer soldier army, while both Humansquish and David ran reptus armies designed to close and savage their opponents, we all spread out about half our armies to fight one or another of the opponents, all of us had an albatross amulet, at the end in a hard fought match Humansquish was Victorious. His snakes closed fast even taking losses at range and destroyed all that stood before them before dying in mutual slaughter from defensive strikes once the majority of the damage had been done his single squad of spikeshell warriors clubbed down the last remains of my force like they were baby seals. Winner of the worst army match round 1: Reptus by David. powered by the lackluster Nagendra Ranger. Several troops of this while quite devastating in short spurts they had no staying power with only 1 track. David ran his force quite well to be honest but out of 6 killed goblin skeeters 5 rolled 8+ to retaliate and kill his raiders in one turn. 3 more were killed by ranged fire the next activation and that unit was reduced to just its captain which lasted quite a bit longer than I thought it would. Humansquish lost his set of Nagendra in a similar fashion while similarly destroying the goblins arrayed against him and a small troop of them left from destroying Davids northern force to pounce on the few Gnoll archers left while chasing down Greka, and eventually the spikeshells, killed the gnolls and Dantral to win the battle over all but show that David is the real champ of the First Terrible army build battle.
  24. I am looking foreward to this. Cleverness disguised as awefulness. I have made several myself and to be honest there are some that I was like "Oh yeah this will not be any good at all," 95 models later..... "Uh this is probably a little too good to run. How does that happen?