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  1. My friend Humansquish and I recently started playing again and getting a couple of friends interested as well one even just bought the rule books which is good. I hope we can keep this as a regular rotation.
  2. There are many figures that have similar increasing stats. Usually on berserker type units , but some like animal swarm have different reasons for this.
  3. I see this board has been silent for quite a while and thought I would stir the pot a bit. So I had been discussing the two warlords with Humansquish and we disagreed on who was the better of the two. I like Samantha more with the Wings, and mettle to turn her into a very hard to kill powerhouse, While Humansquish likes Joeliyn which with her warlord ability can be potent, and Samantha has a nearly useless ability. But for spell casters I just feel Joeliyn is very low on warlord casters, her 5 spell points limits her lists, and her cp is not anything to write home about (of course my bad luck on spell casting rolls is incredible). So here are 2 armies that are kind of similar to one another and I will see how you guys like them. Troop 1 142 Samantha of the Blade 15 +Wings of Vengence 7 +Armor of Mettle 77 Sister Kendra 12 +Familiar 72 Nalada 7 +Armor of Mettle 50 Kyla, Vampire Hunter 62 2xSable Guard 84 3xChain Sister Troop 2 39 Kassandra of the Blade 36 2xBlade Warden 68 2xShadow Sister Troop 3 87 Volendria of the Blade 10 +Armor of Mettle Troop 4 129 Angel of Vengeance 100 Totem of Battle 3 Luck Stone 1000 Pts 16 Units 43 DTs Army 2 Troop 1 128 Joeliyn, Leader of the Blade 15 +Familiar 10 +Armor of Mettle 77 Sister Kendra 15 +Familiar 72 Nalada 10 +Armor of Mettle 50 Kyla, Vampire Hunter 15 +Magic Ranged Weapon 62 2xSable Guard 56 2xChain Sister Troop 2 39 Kassandra of the Blade 36 2xBlade Warden 68 2xShadow Sister Troop 3 87 Volendria of the Blade 18 +Wings of Vengance 10 +Armor of Mettle Troop 4 129 Angel of Vengeance 100 Totem of Battle 3 Luck Stone 1000 Pts 15 Units 40 DTs These were designed to be very similar armies just to use as a comparison with one another. So would they perform to a similar level? Or would one do better than another do you think?
  4. Well Dying to Dwarven Hammers works wonders for me. Seriously we need to try your idea on the Demon Warrior rebuild. That does sound like some fun. And Just to keep on Topic here is an army submission for your examination: Troop 1 244 Rauthuros 10 +Gruesome Weapon 92 Maugrathoth, Demon 10 +Gruesome Weapon Troop 2 55 Javolith 48 3xIsiri Pain Tender 7 Broken Fodder Troop 3 55 Javolith 48 3xIsiri Pain Tender 7 Broken Fodder Troop 4 157 Maladorn, Fire Demon Troop 5 83 Marilith Troop 6 83 Marilith 100 Battle Totem 999 Pts The two Javolith Troops are escorts for Marilith. Looks interesting and will seriously wreck lesser units. What do you think? I have also thought about the gruesome weapons on the Mariliths.
  5. 1. Golems. Not just faceless stone guys but rune carved giants, Dragon Golems, Parts of fortresses as a Golem, Spare Part Frankenstein Golem, Ice Golems, a Golem made of swords and axes hammered together, Golem mounts with archers on their backs or a wizard on a throne for a head, Golem's with Seige Weapons such as ballisa, or Battering rams. 2 Animal Constucts, like Elephants, Dragons, Sharks, Snakes, Rhinos, Lions, Griffons, all seemingly made of bricks, or wood, or metal. 3. Lastly Creatures made of elemental materials, Fire Wolves, Ice cats, Water Horses, Lightning Birds, Lava Crab. Elemental's trying to look like an animal but not changing their nature and becoming even more otherworldly. Most of these things I like because the way they look could tell a small story that could be very interesting just to look at. Could one be built to guard a wizard that haphazardly piles books on it while it follows him/her around for protection? Could another be an Egyptian priestess' rocklike sphinx mount, or an elemental trying and failing to disguise its true nature as it first explores a new environment? Golems have the advantage to not be formed through nature but because somebody wants them that way and it leads to an image that can pose questions rather than most fantasy characters that are more declaritive like; Female Cleric, Male Wizard, Undead Dragon. While interesting there is not much more than what you see.
  6. I have a similar list to try out soon and I am really itching to try it out mainly because of how mean the Giants are.
  7. Ok edited my keepers should be good for the draft if I keep them the same
  8. Hell dude last year I led the league in scoring and didn't make the playoffs. One thing I like about fantasy football is your performance is also dependant upon your opponent sometimes you just need luck at the right moments
  9. Hey squish we should play a game with this army it looks interesting.
  10. I just wish Steve Smith Sr. Hadn't been nabbed before I got there that dude is 5'9" of pure toughness.
  11. I can understand that sentiment the only guys I was getting were the ones no one else seemed to care about and some over achievers like Murray, or unproven guys that make up a third of my team.
  12. I think I like a lot of the guys travis drafted he kept stealing guys I wanted.
  13. So how do you guys feel about your reset draft? Who do you feel was you best grab?
  14. Ok from the looks of it I will be keeping: Tony Romo (sigh) 2 points Demarco Murray 2 points Brandon Marshal 2 points Jimmy Graham 1 point Jeremy Maclin 1 point I could change this list but I will be on vacation in a couple of weeks and want to be proactive about it.
  15. Do we have the keeper points figured for last year?
  16. Sounds good to me
  17. OK early list on keepers in case I can't get to it before the keeper cutoff since my computer just died again; Tony romo 1, DeMarco Murray 1, Alfred Morris 2, Larry Fitzgerald 2, Brandon Marshal 1, Percy Harvin 1, Danny Woodhead 1. I hope to finalize this list before cutoff day but if not I am OK with it as is.
  18. I like it alot except for the spiritual hammer on Ivar. Try Logan or Durgam instead. Or I might put a magic weapon on Durgam and maybe kill a miner for a book of tactics and another magic weapon for Logan. It can become brutal when you are hitting and cleaving with 6 attacks with logan on just about everything. If you really want to having something on Ivar go with a familiar then just cast with him all day long and recoup some magic points in the process.
  19. We could be related. Yeah that makes three of us. Seriously I have to bring cheese to get some kills in most warlord games because I always get screwed by initiative and when I need a 2 on the die to do anything I get a 1. Every time. Now about your Dwarves if you want to try a fun ranged unit use Snorri and give him the hammer. Ranged Mighty is strong with this one. plus it makes him a monster in melee too. I usually go item heavy on dwarf units becuase they can get really mean when you give them half a chance to live through an initial rush.
  20. Army 2 now 1 Herryk Aesir, High Cleric (144) 2 Durgam Deepmug (77) 1 Durthen, Boarmaster (76) 4 Bear Rider (61) 3 Hammer of the Mountain God (50) 1 Book of Tactics (10) 1 Armor of Courage (10) 1 Musician (15) 1 Halberdier (18) Troop 2 has some very interesting potential It can have either the Stone Spirit, Anasha Tomebreaker with Mithril armor and Hammer of the mountian gods, or Snorri with Mithril armor and the Hammer of the mountian Gods. They are all within one point of on another and each brings something fun to the fight. Troop 2 1 Stone Spirit (U) (177) 998-999 depending on what is in troop 2.
  21. On another front I have scads of Dwarf armies that are much hated by my opponents that fall under this. I will list two here. 1 Ursula, Bear Rider (91) 1 Hammer of the Mountain God (50) 2 Bear Rider (61) 1 Piercer (31) 1 Book of Tactics (10) 1 Musician (15) 1 Standard (15) 1 Armor of Courage (10) Troop 2 1 Ursula, Bear Rider (91) 1 Hammer of the Mountain God (50) 2 Bear Rider (61) 1 Piercer (31) 1 Musician (15) 1 Standard (15) Troop 3 1 Annasha Tomebreaker (U) (103) 1 Hammer of the Mountain God (50) 1 Mithril Armor (25) Troop 4 1 Snorri Oathbreaker (U) (103) 1 Hammer of the Mountain God (50) 999 pts 4 troops.
  22. OK I was looking at this and figured with the issues with 10 units for some armies I would see if I could make some I will start with Nefsokar since they were mentioned on this page. Troop 1 1Senet Net'merew (123) --1Armor of Courage (10) --1Book of Tactics (10) --1Magic Ranged Weapon (15) --1Cloak of the Dunewalker (10) 1Fatima (U) (64) --1Canopic Jar (10) --1Cloak of the Dunewalker (10) --1Staff of Sokar (20) 2Tomb Guard (48) --1Musician (15) --1Standard (15) 1Thoth (U) (77) Troop 2 1Ah'radivh (48) --1Magic Weapon (15) --1Cloak of the Dunewalker (10) --1Armor of Courage (10) 2Tomb Guard (48) --1Musician (15) --1Standard (15) Troop 3 1Sokar's Avatar (U) (189) Troop 4 1The Sphinx (U) (127) I believe that is 1000 points 10 models 4 Troops and 3 tacticians, 3 spys. I think it may not be legal though with the cloak and Armor of courage on same people. The army builder doesn't list the cloak as armor and I never play Nefsokar.
  23. Hate to tell you this but while I was lucky it was only by having my opponents not kill my elites in one shot each turn that is about it. My average die roll was 2 on anything but my attack rolls and those were just average as well. And in no way did they ignore my "paltry" force since I had both main groups attack me at once. Mainly an enemy would move in and either not kill a unit with their high defense or would kill one of mine in exchange for one of theirs, their problem being that I had a very high AV with just about everything and would exchange one soldier for a 200 point unit of theirs. Also my luck went pretty bad for me in the initiative department as well since I went after my opponents every round to the point of ridiculousness. Oh and all those items you didn't like are pretty much what turned two of my figures into one shot killers of the hydra and the merc Warlord, as well as just about everything else those two hit. Even when Logan was taken out the Berzerkers were able to lay a hurt on anything they wanted I just had to focus a bit more, of course every one of the big point units were dead by then and only a couple of my units had been taken out by this time. That list flat out killed everything I attacked so fast that some of the advantages like Regen that were common against me never even had any play on the battlefield. I actually felt bad for my friends because they played well I just did so much damage that it didn't matter how many tracks they had or what their damage looked like they just didn't have a chance of living with all the mighty and frenzy that army can bring. Also the dwarven faction doctrines are excellent against just about any force out there and the giant slayers can really have some big results from any opposing force. I have actually run a very similar army to the one you listed before and it has a few problems with it. One is if they have a caster they can dig out a select portion of your army when they want and because of their general low defenses for dwarves they can get taken out by alot of things that do not really threaten many of the other dwarf units like skeletons. Two its caster for the group is probably the worst caster in the game for using magic, at least he has solid stats otherwise but even some of the lame casters in other armies will turn him inside out. The stone spirit is very nice except against big units that do alot of damage in a round especially with no healer to keep him in the fight longer. I can't tell you how many times the stone spirit had to get some defensive strikes in on a key unit to take out even equal points to the enemy. If you had the ability to move him about in a way that the enemy could not really defend against such as a Magara teleports Anasha who then summons the Stone spirit then that is one thing. Used alone in a standard way though he has to avoid big groups head on and instead work to the sides of a fight. And he is by far the most effective unit of that battleforce.
  24. One thing about Warlord is that there really is room for growth of each faction while keeping the older versions completely viable. Say as I am a dwarf player that they come out with an expansion on each of the current dwarf factions moving the story forward by 20 years. You keep some of the Elites maybe upgrade them with their further experience you keep most of the soldiers while adding one or two new ones, and you turn the rest of the elites and warlords over by having them be the ones moving up to the front of the battle as the older models are holding key fortresses and raising their children to be the new champions of a faction. You have the new ones not interact with the old ones but those old one still represent a solid army and you can now have a second set on mini's that match the visual aspect of the old ones but bringing some different fighting styles to the game. I don't see the current model to be a detriment because it is easy enough to get into the game but that should not limit possible future growth.
  25. Well Jeff you know I am always up for something new and I am sure I could get travis to join in as well. As for the abilities I have to say I like them although the horse sounds like a piece of gear that you could shift from one figure to another which I can see being useful.