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  1. So i was getting frustrated trying to hold two pices together as i waited for the super glue to dry. I didn't want to use accelerator as I have found the bond not as strong. I also didn't have a third hand to spray it with. After a few dropped tries, I came up with the idea to use my alligator clips and some never dry clay to hold the pieces while the glue set. The clay allows me to adjust the height, angle and pressure as needed.
  2. WhiteWulfe's Tau Force

    I just have the Start Collecting box. So 23 miniatures. About half assembled.
  3. WhiteWulfe's Tau Force

    Guess I had better pick out paint scheme for mine...
  4. Siri Sculpts an Orca

    So awesome!
  5. Happy Birthday Kangaroorex !!!

    Happy birthday!
  6. Kitbash Competition

    Would this be stat card kitbashing or actual model kitbashing?
  7. My Journey into Lost-Wax Metal Casting

    You come teach me how to paint and I'll help you build a paint desk in my shop :"D:
  8. Of you wanna know I can actually tell you which paints i used
  9. I'll give you a hint, they are Reaper paints. I've missplaced the name card or I would have included it. It's actually a model that will be available when the second Kickstarter arrives. So you should be able to ID it from those.
  10. Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

    We should play this at ReaperCon
  11. Siri could use thoughts/prayers

    All of the hugs.
  12. Did i mention this was going to be a slow challenge? I have been making some progress, not nearly as much as I'd like.
  13. Went to box mine up Monday and o dropped it arm broke off and paint got messed up. It has been repaired and should be in the post (with lots of foam) by the end of the week.
  14. Its up to you. Since my exchange had very generic requests, i felt wip photos weren't spoilers. If they had asked for something specific, I'd probably keep it a suprise.