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  1. Ludo

    2018 ReaperCon Forumite Bingo Signup

    Forum name, forum pic. Entire con
  2. Ludo

    Trying to get back into painting

    Glad to have you back! Paint more!
  3. Ludo

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    Can I come live in your basement? I'm good at building things and I don't mind mowing....
  4. Ludo

    Reaper figs with hexagon bases

    So I can see the cobblestone effect on the side of the base in the picture @Reverend Shartan posted, they are bases that Reaper used to sell up until they started making plastic bases in house. I have a few. A little bit of acetone ought to weaken the super glue enough to pop the mini off the base.
  5. Ludo

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    All by myself...... On for the next 30 min or so. Then dinner then back on.
  6. Ludo

    Volunteering, Tickets, and Classes

    count me in
  7. Ludo

    Photo box

    I've got the same box! I do have to put minis on pedestal to help with shadows. I also have trouble with the photo coming out too blue. (I've got some Hangar 18 backdrops I need to trim down and try.) I flip my phone upside down so that the camera lens on the bottom to get a more straight on and steady shot.
  8. *MUPPET FLAIL* Yay! PM me if you need live encouragement. Also is there a cupcake delivery service in your area?
  9. So I've got a private server running for the Steam game Ark: Survival Evolved. (on PC sorry @pcktlnt) If you would like to join, just search for Sable Star in the server list. Password is GetontheDino It is running the Structures + and homing pigeon mod. Taming speed is permanently at 3x. Only rule is DON'T BE A DICK! There is a Reaper discord chat server if people want to voice chat.
  10. A pile of dead bards To hide behind of course.
  11. The Empire is never late, nor is it early. It arrives precisely when it means to. After some trepidation, I received my exchange from @NomadZeke
  12. Got mine from Hanger 18 last ReaperCon.
  13. So i was getting frustrated trying to hold two pices together as i waited for the super glue to dry. I didn't want to use accelerator as I have found the bond not as strong. I also didn't have a third hand to spray it with. After a few dropped tries, I came up with the idea to use my alligator clips and some never dry clay to hold the pieces while the glue set. The clay allows me to adjust the height, angle and pressure as needed.
  14. Ludo

    WhiteWulfe's Tau Force

    I just have the Start Collecting box. So 23 miniatures. About half assembled.
  15. Ludo

    WhiteWulfe's Tau Force

    Guess I had better pick out paint scheme for mine...