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  1. Happy Birthday! I'm going to attribute all weird news today to your celebrations. May your eyebrows remain intact through it all.
  2. I made a SNAFU and double booked myself for the Paint by Die Roll. The great kaiju has used his powers of internet and corrected it. However the Friday event had to be canceled. My apologies to everyone who was so kind to preregister. We have scheduled 2 new Paint by Die Roll events, One Thursday and one Saturday. We also added Survival Speed Paints after dinner every night. They are on the schedule and can be reserved. Again my apologies for messing up people's schedules! ~Ludo
  3. I musta missed something... Forumite plushie pic? I musta missed something... Forumite plushie pic? I musta missed something... Forumite plushie pic?
  4. How my day is going......
  5. You look like exactly the kind of guy who would make that kind of awesome design. Whoops I gave away a hint to finding Klarg1!
  6. "11 is louder than 10" It would be funny if people didn't try to call themselves engineers in the same breath. *stomps into the barbarian's cave and comes back out dragging a very large axe* *mumbles* Just going to borrow this.....
  7. Its paint night at FLGS #1 tonight and Paint day at FLGS #2 on Saturday so hopefully progress will be made.
  8. Does cursing people under my breath count?
  9. Ludo working outside in the rain....
  10. Ludo wet and cold....
  11. Unlike some people on here I actually Do look like my Avatar! Fun fact, it was taken at my second ReaperCon
  12. We'll be happy to see you, with or without Bingo cards