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  1. So far with heroforge minis we've had luck with brush on primer and direct Reaper painting
  2. Once again I suck at leveling up. Went ahead and installed PCGen to help. Doing ok on most things.Couple of questions though. Are we using traits? I've got the Self sufficient trait and the precise shot trait It says I get one more, any suggestions? Languages, I have Common, elven and dwarvish. It says I get one more, any suggestions?
  3. The policies page makes several references to the hotel convention area..... Thought you might like to know
  4. I need dis.....
  5. Duerro will order a steady supply of ale through the evening. Don't much like hiding but as the hospitality is good I'm willing to comply.
  6. There is a park in my neighborhood so I try to make it a point that even if it's the only stop, on my way home I hit it. On the weekends I often drop my streak, but it helps when the anxiety its to give me a reason to want to go out.
  7. So I started working on a spreadsheet to track which models have been converted... Some have minor sculpting differences or were part of a set etc so I'm trying to make note of that.
  8. Deuro snorts awake from a post lunch nap. *snerk* Putting a price on a man of the cloth?! Would have worked better as brive of 100gp worth of beer! . . . . . .Wonder if we can still collect if we deliver ourselves, armed of course"
  9. So glad they made rare items drop on the seventh day visit. Two slow pokes away from my first special evolve.
  10. Duero says "Same for me, with an extra mug of ale!"
  11. Welcome to the party! Pikachu has the hats.
  12. Going to be camping for the next week so assume that I do quiet ranger loner stuff when we get to town.
  13. Taeral takes 10+8=18 for the survival check.
  14. You could just mail me the pie. It may or may not make it to ReaperCon....