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  1. Its up to you. Since my exchange had very generic requests, i felt wip photos weren't spoilers. If they had asked for something specific, I'd probably keep it a suprise.
  2. Finally got my model in. Going to start on it tonight.
  3. Ludo feel bad....... (Has cold)
  4. Started my exchange as well.
  5. Haven't commented in a while. I love everything in this thread. I want to like every update 10 times.
  6. Thats basically what I'm doing.
  7. CAV: SO Ritterlich Cougar squadron 72208

    I use Gundam markers just because i build gundam models as well.
  8. 50 years of fixes.....
  9. CAV: SO Ritterlich Cougar squadron 72208

    I also have it on good authority that using a paint pen to do edge highlighting is not cheating if it works.
  10. ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    Hopeful she didn't monoplize it. And yeah shes my soon to be step daughter.
  11. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    My parents are from Dubois County Indiana, pronounced the same.
  12. Don't live there but I've stayed there on several occasions. The town isn't that big and is fairly easy to get arround. There is some morning traffic but not Dallas levels. Edit for double post.
  13. Experience with SFG product

    I'll throw in too. USE THE GOOD BRUSHES!!! You may as well practice with toothpicks otherwise. Other than sloping on a coat of brown liner, I use one brush for the entire mini. The whole point of practicing is so you train yourself to feel what the brush is doing. If you train with a cheap brush, you will be frustrated when the cheapness interferes with your technique. When you go to paint the competition piece, your motor skills will be expecting the cheap brush. While people talk about not abusing the brush, good brushes are actually fairly resilient if you clean and condition them well.
  14. *grabs one of Ub3r's loaner axes* think I'm gonna need this all week.
  15. Happy Birthday MissMelons !!!

    Happy birthday!