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  1. I spent a little bit... Order #66394 Placed 08/29/10, $212.75 Items: 01427: Platypod, Platypus Mage (12.79) x1 02510: Balto Burrowell, Gnome (3.99) x1 03071: Hellakin Goregutter, Halfling Thief (4.49) x1 03499: Animal Companions 2: Wolf, Cat, Spider (8.99) x1 03502: DHL Classics: Orcs (8.99) x2 03503: Tarsus, Minotaur Adventurer (9.99) x1 06042: Dwarven Command (12.99) x1 06060: Dwarven Engineer Crew (13.99) x1 06170: Goblin Skeeters (9), Reven Adept (39.99) x1 10004: Dragon Bone Catapult (24.99) x1 10027: Dungeon Adventurers (24.99) x1 14077: Griffon, Dwarf Monster (24.99) x1 20002: Skeleton Archers (3) (5.79) x1 20003: Skeleton Spearmen (3) (5.79) x1 Still haven't finished the bone catapult or the Griffon...
  2. Ludo

    Pokemon Go

    So you can only get one research task per day per stop. The exception is during community events. They have their own one use limit. There is a small indicator on the pokestop screen to indicate if you've already claimed that stop's research task for the day.
  3. Ludo

    Happy Birthday Kuro Cleanbrush

    Happy Birthday!!!
  4. A blogger friend once told me it's one comment for every 100 views. So don't worry, you're ahead of the curve! I appreciate these!
  5. Ludo

    Paint Triad

    Look @CitizenCane they made us a Bingo! card!
  6. Ludo

    I made a mini!

    Excellent sculpt!
  7. Off the top of my head Maggot white - blue/green Linen white - brown Any of the bone colors are going to lean towards brown. I think moldy bone has some green in it Nightmare black - blue Adamantium black - brown metalic Noir black - brown Blacks are fairly easy to figure out just thin them a whole bunch and paint on a paper towel. Whites are harder but if they have been sitting for a while sometimes you'll notice color in the seperation
  8. Ludo

    Zealot Miniatures Litchmyre Dungeon

    I will add to the I've been following Boris for a while waiting on these. HeroQuest got me into gaming and painting and I've been wanting to paint up a set for 20 years. So excited for these miniatures.
  9. So we only unlock stuff if the money is there... Looking back at the second CAV KS, the paints were $10 a set and there were two sets. I went ahead and set my projected budget pledge based on these numbers.
  10. Ludo

    Pokemon Go

    I'll reiterate the dont feel guilty about not sending me gifts, even if I send you one. I posted my friend code so I can trade with you all at reapercon
  11. Ludo

    Pokemon Go

    Woot! Completed my first living pokedex!
  12. Ludo

    Black and white

    Check out Matt DiPietro over at http://www.contrastminiatures.com/ His sketch style requires painting in grayscale first. Scale 75 has a paint set specifically for painting in black and white. That being said, Reaper offers plenty of awesome paints that work just as well.
  13. Ludo

    Desk Lamp?

    TaoTronics Part Number TT-DL01
  14. Ludo

    Priming for mold lines

    I have changed up my priming method to help me find mold lines. I used to prime in black so I could cheat and not worry about missed crevisies. Now, If its metal, I'll prime with grey automotive primer. If its Bonesium, I'll use brown liner. If its something else, I'll use Badger's tinted airbrush primers (color choice depends on the model)
  15. Ok, who beat me to the punch? "You're backer 2."