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  1. I made a SNAFU and double booked myself for the Paint by Die Roll. The great kaiju has used his powers of internet and corrected it. However the Friday event had to be canceled. My apologies to everyone who was so kind to preregister. We have scheduled 2 new Paint by Die Roll events, One Thursday and one Saturday. We also added Survival Speed Paints after dinner every night. They are on the schedule and can be reserved. Again my apologies for messing up people's schedules! ~Ludo
  2. Thank you to Cranky Dog for the idea. Lots of people have been asking what to bring, expect etc. I figured it would be a good idea to list off what I'm bringing and why. PLEASE TRY TO KEEP POST LIMITED TO LISTS AND ON TOPIC QUESTIONS/ANSWERS Notebook If you're taking a class this is almost a must. Even if you aren't having scratch paper is great. If you get some one on one with some of the artist you'll definitely want it. Writing Utensils See above Battery Backup for Electronics The powers that be have mentioned that there will not be power available in the main hall. Since con is not at the hotel it will be harder to get power. Paintbrushes Everyone has their own favorite brush(s) learning the techniques with the brushes you have makes it easier to duplicate at home. Water Cup There are disposable cups floating around but I like being self sufficient Pallets, Wet and Dry There are paper plates and such floating around but I'm used to my stuff. Brush Soap I've finally taken CashWilley's advice and bought good brushes. Leaving the soap on the bristles is a life saver when you don't have time to properly clean them before your next class. Paints I keep mine in a Craftsman tool box while at cons. While Reaper has the paint rack I try to leave the paints for first timers or people who fl in and can't bring in all their stuff. Battery Powered Desk Lamp The powers that be have mentioned that there will not be power available in the main hall where the open painting will be. While I can paint without one, it's better to have and not need than need and not have. Tool Kit This has some files, pin vise and wire, super glue, hobby knife, Sharpie, etc. I am the prepared boy scout. Examples of my work. Everyone should enter the painting competition regardless of your level. They will post a picture of every min entered on the online gallery after the con so you'll have something to remember each year by. I also use the examples so instructors can gauge my skill level and advise me appropriately. Sculptors also love getting to see examples of their work painted up. Works in progress This year I'm taking classes on gemstones and shading. I'm bringing a project I'm struggling with so the instructor can give pointers specifically to my model. Something to store your loot in If you have the weekend pass you'll get the swag bag but it come fairly full. I keep a plastic for miscellaneous things including all my new acquisitions. Drinking container It's surprisingly easy to get dehydrated at conventions. Make sure you keep taking in fluids all day. A 2 wheel collapsible dolly. I stack everything on and secure it with bungies. Its just the right size that I can put it behind my chair during games or against the wall in classes. A Convention Buddy Make sure you have a way to get ahold of at least one other person at the con.That way if you loose your passport, get stuck at the airport, car breaks down etc we can send help. Dice I'll be playing a few games and prefer to use my dice so I'll be sure to bring them.
  3. Happy Birthday! I'm going to attribute all weird news today to your celebrations. May your eyebrows remain intact through it all.
  4. I musta missed something... Forumite plushie pic? I musta missed something... Forumite plushie pic? I musta missed something... Forumite plushie pic?
  5. How my day is going......
  6. You look like exactly the kind of guy who would make that kind of awesome design. Whoops I gave away a hint to finding Klarg1!
  7. "11 is louder than 10" It would be funny if people didn't try to call themselves engineers in the same breath. *stomps into the barbarian's cave and comes back out dragging a very large axe* *mumbles* Just going to borrow this.....
  8. Its paint night at FLGS #1 tonight and Paint day at FLGS #2 on Saturday so hopefully progress will be made.
  9. Does cursing people under my breath count?
  10. Ludo working outside in the rain....
  11. Ludo wet and cold....
  12. Unlike some people on here I actually Do look like my Avatar! Fun fact, it was taken at my second ReaperCon
  13. We'll be happy to see you, with or without Bingo cards
  14. I get a full day in between...... Home to have my CAV stuff mostly done by then. ... We'll be in the main convention hall so I doubt streaming will happen.
  15. So I'll be traveling to Atlanta for the 2017 Realms Open Championship World Cup October 13th-15th. Its a free event. While it is mostly the Heroclix tournament, I'm just the setup/tear down guy so I'll be painting most of the weekend. We'll be having the Southeast Gundam Club visiting Saturday and I'll be running a Paint-N-Take Sunday from 11am till about 5pm. For more info, go to :
  16. This excites me and terrifies me at the same time Speaking of which, *looks at* @MissMelons
  17. Well it is a soldering station so melting off little bits of the mini would be entirely appropriate....
  18. @Colonel Kane asked that I request he be added as he has limited internet access. Colonel Kane/avatar pic/Thur-Sun
  19. Looks like I'v settled on a Rach force. Now I gotta get painting.
  20. Ludo / current avatar / Thursday - Sunday