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  1. WOOT!!! So glad you made it. Glad I could be the inspiration on the wings. Sorry I didn't come cheer you on in hang outs. I came down with a cold a figured coughing in your ear would not be good motivation.
  2. Guess I should finish up the write up on mine so everyone can learn from my mistakes.
  3. While I have jumped the gun for the official contest, I am jumping into the insanity pool and attempting to paint Ma'al Drakar in 7 days per Buglips' rules. I'm adding a level of difficulty by painting it at my FLGS and I'm live streaming while I do it. Because of that time constraint, I'm actually already one day in.... Gotta paint when the store is open. ... You can follow along over at If you missed the stream or want to watch the past streams, they are under the videos tab. We'll be posting these to Facebook as well. The schedule should be: Thursday July 20th 1pm - 11pm (maybe midnight) Friday July 21st 1pm - 10pm Saturday July 22nd 1-pm - 6pm May stream again from 9pm on... Sunday July 23rd 1pm - 10pm Monday July 24rd 1pm -10 pm Tuesday July 25th 7pm For wrap up only I've got to go back to work so there may be no video at all. If there are more times or the times change, I'll post here. Technical Specs on the livestream equipment Laptop: Samsung - Notebook 5 15.6" Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce 920MX - 1TB Hard Drive Ludo view camera: Built in laptop camera Top down camera: Logitech C310 Pallet camera: Logitech C310 Head on camera: Logitech C910 Microphone: Logitech g35 headset Bulbs: 60w LED warm light bulbs Light diffusers: Coffee maker filters Lighting frame is home made. The lights can be slid along each axis. Streaming software: OBS Studio First Day Progress Photos The workspace Gap filling A coat of Reaper blue and grey liner to make everything stick.
  4. Count me in
  5. Sweet geebus, this tread is big enough to enlist!
  6. If you do post them somewhere please let us know, I'd love to see.
  7. Thank you everyone who came and hung out with me! Especially OneBoot, she is a real trooper.
  8. End of day six Will backfill progress posts but right now fall down, go boom. So technically I have intentionally applied paint to all surfaces of the mini. I still have a lot more work to do but I doubt I'll have any time tomorrow as i have to be at my real job.
  9. Day 6 Ya'll!!!!!! Hangout is up
  10. Sunday hangout code
  11. Day 4 Progress Hangout was a success. Got to chat with Loim, OneBoot, LeopardPixie, JSalyers, and Grayfax. Will post a link for today's hang out as soon as I get to the store. I'm a bit behind where I want to be. was hoping to be done with the heads yesterday. Don't even have one done. I'm still hoping the scales will go fast and allow me to make up some time. Finally got the blue head's mouth to come out like I wanted... Liking the way my plan is coming out on the heads even if it is slower than I wanted. Pulling the color waaaay back on each of the heads. I never liked how it just looked like someone stuck 4 heads on a red dragon. Got some paint on the wings while I was waiting on other things to dry. Time to get to work!!!
  12. We're gonna try a Google Hangout..... No idea if it's gonna work with the live stream.
  13. Day Three Progress It's starting to wear on me.... I'm enjoying the painting still, but it seems that every area I try to paint I come across another mold line.... One of the difficulties of painting in a game store is everyone around you is playing games. I finally broke down yesterday and took a break to play in the weekly Star Wars Destiny tournament. Managed to come in 4th out of 7 so that perked me up some and I got another hour or so in before I called it a night. Gonna stock up on snacks and try to hunker down and make some progress today. Because of work, I've only got 6 days off. If I get stuck out of town or working late I won't get any paint time in Tuesday. I've got 4 of the 5 mouths where I want them. the blue head is giving me fits. I'm hoping that if I can get the heads where I want them, the scales will flow fairly easily. Forgot to take photos yesterday so I'll try to snap some before I get started today.
  14. Went back and forth over head color placement. After looking at a ton of reference photos I figured color order is entirely subjective. I figured red is the most aggressive and would be attacking where as white would be more reserved.
  15. I'm still alive. Sorry for being absent... In the middle of the Ma'al Drakar challenge so I'll try to get back in sync next week....
  16. Pretty sure my fiancee would kill me if I tried two 7 day challenges...
  17. Going to try for the half marathon while working on Ma'al Drakar....
  18. Argh! This is what I get for being absent from the forums! I have jumped the gun! Ah well perhaps I shall still earn a stanky sock.....
  19. Updated Taeral Couldn't find a list of the equipment we aquired
  20. Depends on the effect you are going for. Gloss spray paint will get it done quickly. Matte black with a gloss clear coat will work if that is what you have on hand. For max gloss I'd paint with black gloss then sand with 120 grit. Then several coats of clear gloss polyurethane with 600 grit sanding in between
  21. So far with heroforge minis we've had luck with brush on primer and direct Reaper painting
  22. Once again I suck at leveling up. Went ahead and installed PCGen to help. Doing ok on most things.Couple of questions though. Are we using traits? I've got the Self sufficient trait and the precise shot trait It says I get one more, any suggestions? Languages, I have Common, elven and dwarvish. It says I get one more, any suggestions?
  23. The policies page makes several references to the hotel convention area..... Thought you might like to know
  24. I need dis.....