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  1. Jordan Peacock

    14089 Aundine conversion - pale maiden of the waves

    I love that fiercely determined expression! (Or that any expression at all can be painted so wonderfully at that scale! :D ) Amazing!
  2. Jordan Peacock

    Bronze for the Brain-Damaged

    "This will look terrible. Just go with it. If you really loved this figure it wouldn't be getting turned into terrain." I couldn't help but laugh out loud at this. :D You know, I think you've hit the nail on the head: This mini is ideal as a STATUE of a triumphant hero. I suppose I need to find the right plinth, fountain, etc., to mount it upon. :D
  3. Well, yes, the epoxies I've used some time ago have all turned increasingly yellow over time. However, for those where I wanted murky water (i.e., GREEN), they still look just fine. :) So for "ectoplasmic" effects, my thought is that I would mix in some green or blue, and if it shifts a bit more yellow over time, that's okay for my purposes.
  4. Wow! There's a lot of coolness going on here. The "epoxy hair" is amazing, and now I want to try using that to add wispy flyaway TRANSLUCENT hair to some banshees/ghosts. (Savage Ghostbusters possibilities abound!) I'm guessing you must have done this with the two-part liquid "5 minute epoxy" or "15 minute epoxy" or thereabouts -- the sort that comes in a double-barrel syringe? (I used to play around with that stuff to try to make shallow water effects and such, but had a few too many messy disasters that I haven't bothered with it much in a long time. Maybe I should reconsider ... once I manage to get a more permanent work-space, that is, for such projects -- since it's "hurry and pack things up and move it to make room for other use of the room" that tends to result in those aforementioned disasters.) I might have to ask around and see if I can find any Wood Elf players who have "bitz" left over from assembling a pack like this. I love the look of that stag helmet and some other details, and I can imagine some fun conversion possibilities, but not to the point where I'd want to buy an entire army pack of models. (I haven't played Warhammer Fantasy Battle for quite some time now.)
  5. Jordan Peacock

    Bones Blackstar Corsairs

    Nice! The "laser gold" visors, once upon a time, I would have never even considered when painting minis like these, but I guess with modern technology they actually make sense, and it makes for a pretty nice color scheme. (Plus, it makes me think a little of Master Chief. :) )
  6. Jordan Peacock

    Mage Knight repaint - Dancer

    Nice! This is a mini that definitely benefits from some extra care and detail work. ID: Galeshi Knife Dancer #081, Mage Knight Uprising.
  7. Jordan Peacock

    The Mysterious Stranger (50051)

    I couldn't work all of this into a single scene, but just for the sake of semi-completeness, here is the "Atomic 66 Cafe" building I put together for the aforementioned RPG scenario -- inside and outside views. The furnishings are from Hirst Arts Castlemolds castings -- intended for decorating a fantasy tavern, I think, but I was still able to put it to use to represent some stools and assorted plates with food that could just as easily have more modern(-ish) trappings. I also made the "Drink-o-Tron" out of some Castlemolds books and some sort of grate window design (as the spill tray for the drink dispenser). The toy building I used was from a thrift store, and I have no idea as to the manufacturer. (There's a date stamp on the bottom of "1995," but a scribbled thing that I think is supposed to be a logo, but it's so small and mushy in its definition that it's illegible.)
  8. Jordan Peacock


    Hee! I love how the head swapperoo turned out so far. I'm really looking forward to see how this project progresses! :)
  9. Jordan Peacock

    Miskatonic Faculty Lounge (Terraincrate)

    Too bad about the warping, but that orrery looks gorgeous all the same. :)
  10. Jordan Peacock

    Village Attacks Banshee

    That green triad really rocks! I love how versatile it seems -- on the peasant, it looked vivid and beautiful, while here it's creepy. :)
  11. Jordan Peacock

    Village Attacks Female Peasant

    Such amazing colors! The striation on the back of the brown vest creates a visually interesting effect to what otherwise would have been just a fairly smooth surface area. That green shading is GORGEOUS.
  12. Jordan Peacock

    The Mysterious Stranger (50051)

    I used a shape cut out of the "pink stuff" insulation foam, and then I used a file to smooth the edges to something approximating rounded sides. There were some divots of foam that came out when the hobby knife I used must have gotten a dull spot, but since this is supposed to be post-apocalyptic and weathered and such, I just filled in such gaps with dark grey and grunge and figured that could represent a particularly corroded spot where part of the metal sheet fell away. The magazine is a tiny copy of the "True Police Tales" skill magazine cover from Fallout: New Vegas (my favorite Fallout game so far).
  13. Jordan Peacock


    Ditto on the washers. I had some "dreggs" that I tried kitbashing (out of some Warhammer 40K Kroots) that were in frustratingly dynamic way-over-the-center-of-gravity poses, very prone to falling over at the slightest encouragement, but putting them on some metal washers helped immensely. Of course, it helped that my minis were mostly plastic and epoxy -- with a little wire for pinning -- so that meant that the overhanging portions were much lighter than if they had been PEWTER ... but the figures above look to be plastic as well, so I'd hope the same benefit applies. Also, the extreme caricatures of the Night Goblin heads plus the relatively more sedate proportions of the gnoll bodies (albeit very beastly with those digitigrade legs) make for some fascinatingly disturbing models. I could really envision using models such as these for a more sinister sort of "Grimm Fairy Tales" branch of fantasy gaming where none of the players gets to peek through the Monster Manual or the DMG, there's a lot more mystery to the Dark Forest, and even "mere" goblins are something quite sinister and loathsome, even for more experienced adventurers. Toward that end, I'd be inclined to paint them up in more muted colors -- probably under-painted in brown tones -- rather than the high-contrast, bright and garish colors I've come to associate with Warhammer Fantasy Battle. ... but regardless, I'm very curious to see what your take on them will be! :) I look forward to more progress pictures!
  14. Jordan Peacock

    03760: Adventure Kids (4)

    That is so adorable! :D And the colors are so vivid and amazing. Really, it's hard to believe that those are around 25mm scale or so.
  15. Jordan Peacock

    The base really ties the minis together.

    Oh! OH! It took me a moment, but I finally got it. ;) Okay, I see what you did there! :D That is too awesome!