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  1. Or just a giant wasp. But I'd buy it with the kobold rider if the rider were removable. :) What I'd love would be a bunch of insectoid monsters, preferably with clear plastic wings. Big bugs are great for fantasy, or pulp sci-fi (radioactive mutants!). Giant mosquito. Giant beetle (flying or crawling). Giant leech. Giant termite. Giant wasp. (I've already got my giant centipedes, ticks, and spiders, so I'm covered there.) Antman. (I've been visiting sites mapping out the old "Temple of Apshai" game from Epyx / Automated Simulations, and pondering how I might transform it into a Pathfinder mini-campaign, but I'm going to need a LOT of bugs.) Also ... skeletal bats. Not bugs, but another Apshai feature, and I don't recall ever seeing minis of such a thing in any line.
  2. If you're going to run a Fallout game set in Nuka-World or its vicinity, you need some of those burrowing little terrors ripped off straight from "Tremors": Bloodworms! #77228 "Ch'thon" struck me as the perfect model for such a little burrowing horror. I used a bunch of the Reaper 25mm round lipped bases, INVERTED, so I could have a bit of "negative space" to work with for them to appear to be bursting out of the ground. I experimented with various means of making little "pebbles" of epoxy putty, texture-stamping more putty to get a "cracked earth" look (and then letting it cure, then actually breaking that apart and gluing back in), or else just trying to sculpt epoxy putty in some rough approximation of dirt bursting outward. Nothing quite came out as nice as I'd hoped, but it's basically easy to get the general point across simply by having some wormy monster poking up out of the terrain. I accumulated quite a few of these guys over some time ... partly because my memory is on the fritz. I'd stop by my FLGS, and see one or two of these things, and think, "Hey! I could use those for Bloodworms some day!" then pick them up, put them in my Reaper box ... forget them. Later, there's a sale. "Hey, I could use those for Bloodworms!" Get 4 on sale. Put them in Reaper bin. Forget. Stop by the FLGS again. "Hey, I was thinking about getting those things for Bloodworms. Didn't I get them already? Nah, I don't think so. (YOINK.) So, much later, I decide to dig through my Reaper bin and see if I can dig out, oh, 6 of these things ("I THINK that's how many I got?") for a scenario (1 per PC), and I end up finding ... 11. Huh. Well, waste not, want not, or something like that, so I started painting them all. The trouble is, they all have the same pose, so for a little variety, I took some and chopped out the mid-section, then added THAT mid-section to some OTHER Ch'thon to make it longer. The idea is to make it look as if the critters are in various stages of bursting forth from the ground. I also snipped the tail-tips off several so that they'd actually look like they're burrowing out of the ground rather than sitting atop it. (I have a use for all those tail tips, but that's another conversion in progress.) I had some leftovers of #80038 "Bathalian Centurion" from my Hermit Crab project -- an alien serpentine body. AHA! An EXTRA-LARGE bloodworm! So, I used that, and left on the two tentacle-tongues attached to the torso, but used some wire and putty to make some approximation of the 4-way-split mouth, and then made something to resemble the sideways-splitting teeth. As with my other Fallout conversions as of late, I have a Secret Weapon Miniatures Tablescapes "Scrap Yard" set of terrain tiles for scenery, customized with a few added elements to put a little more "retro-futuristic" touch to the "post-apocalyptic" wreckage.
  3. I figure the captions ought to tell most of the story here, but just in case it's too hard to read, here's the gist: When I was working on my "Rooby-Doo History Machine" project, I picked up a grab-bag of McDonald's Happy Meal toys, and ended up with a spare "Fillmore" VW Van. A friend of mine ran a "Far Harbor" themed adventure for GenCon (he's been using the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars rules, with a change of "trappings," to run his Fallout-themed games), and I loved the conversions he'd done to a few Reaper minis for the "Anglers" and "Trappers" for the scenario. I thought ... hey, if I ever run a Far-Harbor game, I could make ... a GIANT HERMIT CRAB! :D In the game, you occasionally encounter these abandoned, gutted "Lobster Grill" vans. Sometimes it's just a van with the front mysteriously ripped off, and a bunch of junk piled inside. Other times ... something is living there, and disturbed by your approach! Out come claws, legs, and a couple of eye stalks, and the whole thing lurches toward you! It's one of the craziest, most awesome critters in the Fallout universe, as far as I'm concerned. :) I just wish they had a little more variety in what sorts of things they'd inhabit (maybe a dumpster? maybe just a different paint job so they're not ALL Lobster Grill vans?) but in this case it makes it a lot easier for me to make this identifiably the same thing: I just need to make a Lobster Grill van for the shell. First off, as with the "History Machine," I used a small flat-head screwdriver to remove the triangle-inset screws on the bottom, then used some epoxy putty to fill in the side window depressions, for more of a delivery van look, so I could put an emblem on each side panel, and base-coated everything (but the removed wheels) with gray primer. Then, UNLIKE the "History Machine," I used the cutting wheel edge from my Dremel to carefully cut out the passenger doors and front section. At first, I was thinking of cutting out the front panel windows and leaving the central bar in place, to try to make it look a little more "torn out" like the Fallout van, but I figured that particular piece would just be an impalement risk for the hermit crab inhabitant, so it'd likely be one of the first things to go. Instead, I turned my initial cuts along the front-panel windows into a chance to make "broken" glass by cutting out a few segments -- and saving the passenger doors and front face for later (perhaps Scrap Yard decor, or something to make a "scrap barricade" look more interesting, or maybe a makeshift shield for a REALLY big Super Mutant). I used a "spackle" or "stipple" application method with paints on the shell, starting with Graphite Gray and Thicket Green (the latter being a particularly THICK paint, lending itself to this process well) in the hopes that by roughly caking it on, I'd make the surface look more rust-pitted and grimy. I then used Pumpkin Orange for patches of rust, with little stipples of Golden Tan for highlights within the rust patches. For the Lobster Grill labels, I printed those in paper, and used watered-down Tacky Glue to apply them to the sides, taking care to use my fingernail to be sure the paper got into recessed areas along those raised ridges along the side of the van. Some of the toner wore off from this sort of rough treatment, but that only looks in keeping with the general appearance of wear and decay. I also printed off some tiny Maine license plates to glue onto the front and back (even though the front won't be staying with the rest of the van). For the crab's body, I used a collection of pieces from 77037 "Wolf Demon" (the weird crab claw arms), 80038 "Bathalian Centurion" (the head, tentacles, and arm-claws), plus a couple of Warhammer 40K Tyranid alternate arm-claws. I drilled holes and used wire to cobble the things together, and a bunch of epoxy putty to lump together an approximation of a body, complete with a curled asymmetrical rear body (normally hidden by the shell, of course). I painted the whole thing pink, then washed it in a glossy "Real Burgundy" paint that's great for gore ... or, in this case, slick-looking reddish aquatic shell ... and then went back and dry-brushed the thing's belly and undersides of arms with light Dolphin Gray, with a couple of spots for the eye-stalks of Graphite Gray. The crab body nestles into the van-shell nicely enough, but can still be removed. The purpose for this is so that the "big reveal" can be done by having an apparently abandoned junker van that suddenly sprouts claws and legs and attacks! Or, I could find some OTHER suitable shell for the hermit crab to inhabit. Or, I suppose, if the PCs somehow managed to pry the poor hermit crab out of its shell, I've still got something to represent that. Alas, for now, it does not have a BASE. Putting the van shell on a base would be as much of a "tell" as anything, and attaching the base to the hermit crab would interfere with my options for nestling it into different shells. I suppose that if a base is absolutely necessary, I could just get a 120mm base and stick everything on top of it. However, for systems like Genesys (the genericized FFG Star Wars system) or Savage Worlds RPG, bases aren't strictly required, so for the really big monstrosities that can stand well enough on their own, I prefer to skip them when I can get away with it. (Overly large and round bases may make for great decoration and display opportunities, but they can be a real bear when it comes to trying to maneuver the "boss fight" monster around a table full of terrain.)
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    Mage Knight repaint - Weresabertooth

    Ah yes! I've re-based and re-painted several copies of this figure. It's rather handy for World of Warcraft druid alt forms, or for BIG FANTASY BATTLE CATS -- and the "hands" are close enough to paw-like that I've been able to get away with using it for a non-were creature. I've sometimes re-positioned the tail, though. Its position doesn't quite look right to me, like he's prone to tripping over his own tail. Great paint job and basing! I love the little tufts of grass and the textured look of the dirt -- particularly that there's an irregular, scattered look to the texture, rather than just a uniform application of grit. That's something I need to take into account for my own bases.
  5. Jordan Peacock

    'Sleeping beauty'-esque scenic diorama

    Amazing! Now I want to figure out how to make roses to gratuitously start adding to scenery and bases. :D
  6. Jordan Peacock

    Mage Knight repaint - Satyre

    Interesting! I remember recognizing that there was one wraith-like figure with a scythe that looked frightfully just like an old, old Ral Partha mini that I happened to have. I suppose it only makes sense that there might be some others as well. Anyway, thanks to JDizzy001 for the inspiration! I actually have a few of these, but haven't thought much of them. I suppose maybe it's a figure that would be worthwhile to try repainting, after all. :)
  7. Jordan Peacock

    DSM, Sephanie Law Fox

    So adorable! :D And such lively color!
  8. Some friends of mine are starting up a Gaslands league. My ability to participate is in doubt, due to my crazy work schedule (any given week, I may rather belatedly learn that it's time for me to find a hotel and schedule a flight for NEXT WEEK somewhere, and goodbye to weekend plans) but I've still found the time to dig up a few Hot Wheels and turn them into post-apocalyptic monsters. I already had plenty of messed-up old Matchbox, Hot Wheels and other-branded cars of this general size corroding away in my garage, but I've been on a "Fallout" kick, so I wanted some vehicles that could potentially look as if they'd come from the Fallout wastelands. Toward that end, I went shopping. (So far: Cheapest deal I found was 69 cents per blister pack in a "Special Purchase" bin at my local Home Depot -- cheaper than Walmart, Big Lots, or the Dollar Tree.) I've got several cars in progress, but I wanted to at the least meet the minimum requirement to participate in the first game, should my schedule cooperate. (The first game is supposed to have 50-can teams, with no sponsors, with the idea being that the players can jockey for sponsors based on placing in the first game ... or something like that. I'm not exactly clear on how it's going to go.) So, I went with a minimum-size car/truck team (well, I suppose I COULD have built a war-rig) of 2 vehicles: a Hot Wheels '52 Chevy Pickup that I've dubbed "Red Rocket," and a Maisto Leadfoot that I've dubbed ... "Leadfoot." (It seemed a nice enough name already.) I used epoxy putty and some Instant Mold so I could texture-stamp strips of putty to make quickie "armor plates" to cut and glue onto vehicles, in addition to whatever random bits I had available. In Gaslands terms: > "Red Rocket" (25 pts): Middleweight truck (15 pts) + Ram (4 pts) + Rocket Launcher (6 pts). Rocket Launcher is shown with forward facing, but I could optionally detach and reattach it for a backward-facing ANTI-TAILGATING MEASURE. (Hee!) > "Leadfoot" (25 pts): Middleweight car (12 pts) + HMG turret (4 pts x3 for turret = 12 pts) + Grenades (1 pt). That should be just enough to allow me a spot at the table. Eventually I hope to kitbash some scale-appropriate bikes and buggies, and to try my hand at a war-rig, though I don't know what the points parameters will be for future games, so for now I'm basing it all around the typical 50-can (50 pt) model. I suppose if I were really serious, I could try mounting tiny magnets on the vehicles and building an armory of swap-out weaponry, but ... eh, I've got way too many other projects vying for my time for that. ;)
  9. Jordan Peacock

    Gaslands: Red Rocket and Leadfoot

    If it were replicated in real life, it would be heavy in all the wrong places, for sure. And I can't say that the mounting of that HMG on the roof of the "Leadfoot" makes much sense, either. Maybe one of my future constructions will have slightly less implausible engineering, but I wouldn't bet too much on it. ;)
  10. Jordan Peacock

    Gaslands - Pirate War Rig (Schload of Images)

    This puts the "Yarrr!" into "Yarrmageddon!" ... Or something like that. Simply amazing. :)
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    Slipstream Heroes (Chronoscope, mostly)

    This upcoming Saturday (June 23rd, 2012), I'm running a one-shot scenario using the Slipstream RPG (Savage Worlds) at my friendly local game store, the Armadillo Game Shoppe. Realistically, I don't anticipate that I'll have that many players, but I believe in overkill when it comes to offering pre-generated heroes ... so I've got 9 characters written up and represented in miniature, mostly from Chronoscope. Chronoscope 50101 - Duke Jones, Astronaut I figured this would be perfect as the Earthling astronaut who gets sucked into the Slipstream (a pocket universe where the Slipstream RPG takes place), from some retro-futuristic alternate timeline where it's perfectly fine for an astronaut to light up a cigar while he's suited up. I painted him up to be evocative of NASA, and it took me several tries with my thinnest two-hair brushes to make the red-and-white stripes of the flags ... which end up looking like pinkish blurs for all the good that did. Ah well! The figure is based on a War Cast Studios resin base (Industrial Round 25mm Bases). The original Reaper minis came with the wider 30mm bases, but I've been putting most of my figures intended for Slipstream on the 25mm bases because: a) They look cool; b) 25mm bases fit better in the rocketship-and-space-station terrain I've put together. Chronoscope 50068 - John Bishop, Space Marshal For most of the pre-generated heroes, I'm just using the name from the miniature on the character sheet, but this guy is going down as "John Bravestarr, Space Marshal." The paint scheme is inspired by a now-somewhat-obscure cheesy cartoon brought to you by the same folks who did He-Man, etc. No, I never actually watched it until recently, when Wendy forced me to watch it on Netflix while I was painting. (She seems to delight in finding WEIRD stuff to watch on Netflix.) This is one of two figures I left on the 30mm base, as he was top-heavy enough (big shoulderpads!) that I thought it would be better than the resin 25mm base. The "rock" he's standing on is a room-temperature plastic-casting from a Hirst Arts Castlemolds "cavern floor" mold, and the cactus is just some Apoxie Sculpt rolled into "beads" and squashed into place. Chronoscope 50061 - Professor L.T. Froschmeister I wasn't really sure what to do with the weird "vein-like" detail on the side of his head. I painted it up as if there were some wires running along the side of his temple, for some weird-science-y reason. Anyway, given the history of this miniature, I positively HAD to get it, paint it up, and use it for a game. I know what the L and T stand for now. ;D Chronoscope 50150 - Betty, Space Heroine (and Critter) The "critter" that comes with this model is actually a separate mini-figure, much like the "Wabbit" that comes with "Alice & White Rabbit" or the cat-thing that comes with "Krissy the Modern Witch." I put him atop a mis-cast room-temperature-plastic crate (get the proportions even slightly off, and the results are uuuuuugly!), which I decorated with some bits of Apoxie Sculpt to try to make it look like a crate melting away in some sort of toxic ooze, while "Critter" gleefully uses it for a firing position while it still lasts. I gave Betty her own symbol, a little heart with a "Saturn ring" around it, on her holster and gun. Chronoscope 50027 - Dee Dee, Astro Girl I love the look of this miniature -- that is, the original model, not my slap-dash paint job on it. I thought it really needed a little more effort to be put into it, so I built up the 30mm base with some Hirst Arts plastic-castings, and bent the figure's left leg slightly, pinning one foot to the tip of a "crystal" in order to get a "flying" pose. The exhaust from the rocket pack is a translucent orange piece from a Horrorclix "Firebreather" (Freakshow #22). The bubble helmet is a piece of clear blister plastic curled into a cylinder, glued along the seam in the back, and topped with a dome of Apoxie Sculpt painted bronze with some Inca-gold highlights; the helmet is removable. Chronoscope 50138 - ALF-24, Robot Assistant Really, if I wanted to go with the Buck-Rogers/Flash-Gordon look, I should have just re-used my Savage Worlds "Automatons," for the proper clunky-robot appearance. This guy looks more at home in some sort of "Star Wars with the serial numbers filed off" setting, especially once I gave him the white-with-red-stripes paint job, which ends up looking very "Old Republic / Clone Wars"-ish. Still, I just like the look of the mini, so I had to pick it up. I painted some of the different panels in odd colors in order to give the impression that the robot has been around long enough to pick up spare parts, but hasn't prioritized getting a fresh paint job to make it all match. I spent an inordinate amount of time painting those tiny "24" numerals on each shoulder-pad, and they STILL look blurry in the picture. Ack. Chronoscope 50095 - Kyoko Silvers, Cat Girl I originally picked up this miniature just because it looked SO GOOFY. It's a Tim Prow sculpt, very evocative of his old work for Heartbreaker Hobbies, circa "Chronopia" and "Warzone" (1st edition), and I'm guessing he must have done it as a joke after someone said, "Make me a cat-girl!" Still, I wanted to make it a viable PC model. First, I carefully cut off the "big whacky stick" and the attached hands (one of them was distractingly a finger-width wider than the other, so they really needed replacement anyway) with a dull hobby knife. I then spent a while shaving with the hobby knife and grinding with a Dremel (using a conical grinder) to reduce the bust size (just TOO BIG for that body), the waist (not exactly very lithe/feline), and also to grind down those puffy jowls on the muzzle a little. To my mind, the legs were too far apart, so I ... put them too far together. Oops. It's hard to be precise when I'm using the pinning drill. One bit's width can make all the difference. I still thought it was an improvement, though. I used two gizmos from Reaper #59026 - "Deadlands Weapons & Accessories" (Savage Worlds line) to give her ONE smaller hand and a gun ... and then one much LARGER hand (but it's okay, because it's a power gauntlet ;) ). I found a cylinder-like piece from my "bitz stash" and put it on her back as a destination for the cables from the two weird-science gizmos, to serve as a "power pack." I considered adding a tail, but decided to skip that for now. (I might go back later and add one, and put a bell on it or a ribbon or something silly like that, but right now I just wanted to get the thing done, since the game is only two days away.) Dark Heaven Legends 02785 - Sabertooth Tiger Man I love Jason Wiebe's monsters, especially his "beast-men" of various sorts. When this first came out, I was running an "Ironclaw" campaign (a weird fantasy setting where all the characters are talking-animal types), and "animal-people" minis were in fairly short supply, so I just had to snatch this up. However, the campaign wrapped up without me finding a chance to use the mini, and I moved on to various settings where animal-people just weren't common occurrences, so it waited in my unpainted-minis cache for a while. Enter Slipstream! It has Lionmen, Hawkmen, Lizardmen, Sharkmen, and ____-men galore, with plenty of room for further expansion. I just needed him to look a little more space-ready, and a little less "barbarian." I used another gizmo from the 59026 Deadlands Weapons & Accessories pack, transforming it into a ray gun (once I shaved down the attached hand to blend in with the "gizmo stuff"). The sword wasn't really out of place in a Buck-Rogers/Flash-Gordon sort of universe, but I tried to paint it to look "electro-blue" just to be sure, and also painted several of the armor rivets as "glowy things" to try to emphasize "This is in SPAAAAAAACE!" even if our space-catman is running around in a space-loincloth rather than a space-suit. The resin base is a Square"]http://www.warcastst...ry_id=14]Square Cavalry Lava Base[/url] from War Cast Studios. It just seemed the right size to hold the cat-man's feet in place, and was thick and heavy enough to keep him stable. (I didn't want to go for a BIG round or square base -- at least, not any bigger than absolutely necessary -- as that would make it even harder to position on the terrain.) The Rocketship And here is the rocket-ship model I'm using for the heroes. I have a couple of other smaller ships that might come into play, plus a "cratered moon" piece and some modular "space station' pieces, but this is the "star" terrain piece. The interior section actually slides into the outer shell for storage and transport, and the nose cone, ray cannon, and rear engine assembly can pop off for separate storage. The large cylinders are made from some plastic drainage tubing. The clear nose-cone is made from an Easter candy container top, with frames made from mat board. The main interior floor is a support from a broken Hot Wheels "city" play set that I got at a thrift store, supplemented with additional flooring from Tehnolog/Pegasus Hobbies "Robogear"/"Platformer"/"Hexagon" terrain panels. (I also used those for the slide-open door sections.) The rear engine room is made primarily of some old Tonka "Legion of Power" construction set pieces, plus some Hirst Arts Castlemolds sci-fi castings in room-temperature plastic, and some cross-stitch plastic grid from a craft store. The fins on the outer rocket shell are pieces I picked up from a thrift store toy bin, and I suspect once belonged to some sort of Batman toy, based on the styling.
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    Froggy Does Gaslands (Schload of Images)

    Awesome! I'm prepping a bunch of Gaslands vehicles as well, since some of my friends have expressed interest -- I'm starting with a combination of old dinged-up Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Maisto cars I've had since I was a kid (I just rediscovered them in a box I excavated from the garage), and some more recent acquisitions from the dollar store. I've been leaning toward a retro-post-apocalyptic theme (Fallout-inspired), and I have at least one that should use some Reaper bits (a super-mutant hot rod). One of the big considerations, however, has been to organize the cars into teams, WYSIWYG using the rules, rather than just pasting every gun and ram and gizmo onto the cars that I can fit in, and that makes it a little tougher. A while back, I got a few "Dropzone Commander" Resistance models (15mm scale?) because of their retro-futuristic post-apoc road-warrior look, but I noticed that the crew gunners are very out of scale with the vehicles themselves. I'm thinking they might even be closer to 20mm ... so maybe they'd actually work as crew gunners for my Hot Wheels conversions. I've still been puzzling over the rules for vehicle construction, though, to figure out the difference in cost to have a crew-manned gun mounted atop the car roof or parked in the bed of a pickup. For terrain/scenery, the Halo MicroOps "High Tower" terrain sets seem to be about right (somewhere around 20mm scale, I think). I think I might actually be able to use some of my spare Plasticville building kits. (They're nominally "O/S" scale ... which seems to mean that they're so scale-squishy that they sort of work for anything from 1:64 to 1:43 scale. In practice, the buildings themselves look okay next to 28-32mm scale minis, but the house and service station car garages are clearly sized for Matchbox/Hot Wheels-sized cars or smaller -- not even close to housing O-scale/1:43 scale vehicles.) Anyway, thanks for the inspiration! I was WONDERING when you'd start churning out a bunch of Gaslands conversions. it just seemed like it would be right up your alley. :D
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    Pathfinder Version 2

    Oh, thank goodness someone still knows of its existence! :D I've mentioned my idea in my player groups, and the general response I get is, "Huh?" With half my group -- the 20-somethings -- that should be expected. But even among the "old guard" there's only one who knows what I'm talking about, and his experience is limited to the "Epyx" Commodore 64 version. I started with the PET/CBM 4032 version (32K! integral green-screen CRT! TAPE CASSETTE DECK!) from "Automated Simulations" in 1979. Technically, it wasn't even my game -- it was on loan from one of my dad's co-workers, who was under-whelmed by the game -- so I didn't get to hold onto it indefinitely. I was inspired by the accompanying pamphlet that had room descriptions (cross-referenced by the room number that would appear when you'd enter a room) -- and, of course, I'd cheat and read ahead on those descriptions, become fascinated by the details, and then my goal became to find the corresponding blocky representation in-game, curious as to what the description foreshadowed. That is, the room description often provided a clue as to what sort of treasure -- or junk -- might be found in a room, the presence of a trap, or the presence of a secret door on this or that wall. I'm still not entirely sure about the correlation between rooms and what monster encounters would appear in them. Someone was nice enough to map out the Temple of Apshai game, and then the Upper Reaches of Apshai, and the Curse of Ra. However, when the "Apshai Trilogy" was released by Epyx for the Commodore 64 and various other platforms, they inexplicably left out the "Lower Reaches of Apshai" (or "Hellfire Warrior"), so that's a bit more obscure -- and I haven't found maps or manuals for that. I'd love to at least find the top "Lower Reaches of Apshai" level of Hellfire Warrior so I can complete the Apshai dungeon. (I think I can do without the "Upper Reaches of Apshai" and its killer tomatoes and murderous housewives, though I suppose it might be cute to provide a map of the town resting atop the dungeon, and to somehow give a tip o' the hat to the layouts hinted at in the Upper Reaches levels when depicting the town locations. Of course, nobody in my group will appreciate it, but ... eh, this is going to take me a long time anyway, and I'll likely be running it online. Who knows? Maybe I'll have a different set of recruits by then.) I have no idea whether 5e or Pathfinder would be a better fit, but I suppose that depends upon how much I just "translate" it, and how much I add in. After all, in the core game, adventurers are pretty much feat-less fighters, just swinging or thrusting a sword, firing the occasional arrow (only in compass directions!), occasionally Parleying with an Antman in order to pass by without a fight, gambling about whether that Magic Sword you just found will have a better Plus than the one you already have (once you trade, no take-backs!), and being left largely in the dark about just what benefit you were getting, if any, from that Magic Cloak or that Skull Ring. (I still can't find any resource that explains what those things did.) Unlike the video game, I'll be able to swarm the PCs with multiple Giant Mosquitos at once in an encounter, rather than having them spawn in sequence as they're killed off. And I'll probably have to add something more interesting to the dungeon than just traps, secret doors, and verbose room descriptions of caverns and tunnels. Campaign-wise, I don't think there's enough material to get the PCs beyond level 10 or so ... which I suppose might "solve" a few problems for me in that I won't have to deal with some of the crazier high-powered spells, at least. My experience, with various iterations of d20, etc., has been that the higher the levels get, the harder it becomes to run certain types of adventure archetypes. (Murder mysteries tend to require a lot of contrivance even at lower levels. Overland journeys become moot as soon as the druid can just tree-walk the entire party anywhere on the entire plane so long as there's another tree of the same type somewhere near the intended destination. And once the druid can take on an elemental form that lets him walk through solid stone, I can't just lazily terminate a tunnel on the map with a rockfall without at least putting some thought into what might be found just beyond.) Nothing I've heard about 5e or PF2 indicates that this sort of thing is going to change. Online, the mass of bonuses/penalties associated with Pathfinder isn't quite as hard to manage, provided I take the time to program Effects for everything -- and the players remember to use them. One problem with our online Fantasy Grounds Pathfinder campaign is that many of the spells DO NOT have Effects programmed, and the guy who chooses to play a druid -- WILD SHAPE! ANIMAL COMPANION! SPELLS! -- is the one least inclined to crack into coding those effects in his spare time. I was playing a Bard, so I pretty much HAD to learn how to do all that, in order to make sure everyone would get the buffs that made my class worth playing. Comparatively, in our tabletop Pathfinder game, I've been playing a Spell-less Ranger (Kobold Press option our GM allowed), and it's bad enough just trying to remember the pluses and minuses for "Is it a Favored Enemy? Are we in Favored Terrain? Am I using Rapid Shot?" (etc.) But then the Oracle casts Bless and Prayer and rattles off, "It gives you a +1 bonus to this, this, and that," and I'm frantically trying to scribble down notes on scratch paper, because I won't remember otherwise, and multiple times we've had to go over whether this thing stacks with that other thing. ARGH! What a pain. If 5e somehow makes that less headache-inducing, then I'm at least curious. Alas, I didn't get a chance at Necronomicon to actually PLAY it ... since I was at the next table over, actually RUNNING games most of the time. ;) And so far, I don't think I've heard anything about what PF2 might be doing regarding simplifying the buffs-and-debuffs mathwork for tabletop play. I suppose the whole thing could be solved by TAKING AWAY buffs and debuffs, but in that case, there would go the raison d'etre for the bard.
  14. Jordan Peacock

    Pathfinder Version 2

    I'm rather perplexed about the whole PF2 & 5E situation. I used to run games of d20/3.0/3.5 way back when that stuff was new. I have a certain distaste for the weirdness of ever-expanding hit-point totals, the utterly bizarre economy, and the matter-of-factness of easy access to magic, resurrections, and other miracles, provided you've got enough cash ... but for a certain type of crazy dungeon crawl game, it just works. For a while, I ran Savage Worlds (and tinkered with a few other "minis-friendly, relatively rules-light" systems), but the loudest and most influential members of my player group got sick of Savage Worlds, so that ended. Now, we've got two Pathfinder campaigns going on -- one online, one tabletop, alternating weekends, neither one GM'ed by me. While there are certain points of Pathfinder that bug me, I still think it at least fixes a few problems I had with old d20/3.0/3.5 -- and any of the problems I STILL have, I think are fixable. But the trouble is, the loudest and most influential members of my player group are NOW getting noisy about Pathfinder 2E. The main points for me to do something with Pathfinder 1st edition vs. bothering with 2nd edition would be: * I'm familiar with the rules system. * For a standard D&D-esque dungeon grind, it works fine. * I invested in the full "pro" version of Fantasy Grounds, and I've got a whole mess of 3.0/3.5 and now Pathfinder books. * I'm getting old. Must I learn yet ANOTHER set of rules that I'll end up getting muddled in my head with all the OTHER systems competing with them for brain-space in my head? If there are problems, can't we just patch it up with some house rules or something? * It's pretty easy to get some dungeons to drop some PCs into. I mean, there's a LOT of material out there. (Now, whether they're WELL-WRITTEN dungeons, that's another matter.) I'm not terribly fond of either of the "epic campaigns" we've been playing (Rise of the Runelords, and Kingmaker -- I'd have to write something of an essay to explain just why), and the quality of the cartography has been pretty bad (again, an essay), but at least there's a big library of material out there, whether for 3.0 or 3.5 or Pathfinder, that I could draw upon to put my PCs in some dungeons. Overhaul the system TOO much, and the old adventures are no longer compatible, and that's no longer a positive factor for me to consider. 5E wasn't even on my radar until this year's Necronomicon rolled around in October. There was only one Pathfinder session all weekend, but my wife Wendy participated in three different 5E adventure sessions ... and she hardly EVER plays tabletop RPGs! Not mine, anyway. (I'm flabbergasted, and a bit jealous.) I've been working on a little side project, where I found that some fellow (Adam Trionfo -- http://atariage.com/forums/topic/183584-temple-of-apshai-trilogy-maps/ ) very nicely MAPPED OUT the old "Temple of Apshai" levels, and I thought -- hey, how about I convert the material from those old guide books and the maps and whatnot into a Pathfinder adventure, complete with full-color map tiles I could use for Fantasy Grounds? Well, if Pathfinder 1E is going to be a "dead" system, maybe I should consider 5E instead. (As it so happens, someone donated a 5E player's guide for me to read through, so that's further incentive.)
  15. Okay, now I want to kit-bash some mini shipwreck golems to keep my larger shipwreck golem company. :D For the small flying ship/skiff, I can envision the upcoming Bones 4 barge in that role ... but I think the Frogmeister made a flying airship using the boat from 02696 "Charon." I'd love to get THAT in Bones. (I remember when during an older Bones Kickstarter, the chibi Bones mascot was portrayed riding in it, and that got my hopes up for seeing the boat included in the options -- but, alas, no luck there.) So ... ah ... howzabout THIS in Bones? I'd buy more than one. (One to paint up as intended. One to transform into a mini fantasy airship, another to kit-bash into another shipwreck golem conversion....)
  16. Jordan Peacock

    Bonesylvanians and Secret Weapon MIniatures Fields of Screams

    A perfect base-and-figure combination! :D
  17. Jordan Peacock

    Etruscilla (Tengu) - Hell Dorado

    The miniature looks gorgeous ... but I can't help but obsess a little over the BASE. I love the look of red flowers amid the foliage at the base. Are those alternating bits of some sort of colored flocking, or perhaps you just painted the "flowers" onto the simulated grass to get that effect, or ... something else?
  18. Jordan Peacock

    02964: Cretus, Minotaur

    I love those rich colors, and the "cool" grey used for the minotaur hair. Also, nice touch with the spiral tattoo. :)
  19. Jordan Peacock

    Sister Maria, 80028

    Very nice blending with the grey highlights on black! That's a real weak point for me. Also, I like the detail on the gun -- I get the impression of a pearl handle? It makes me think of Benny's pearl-handled gun, "Maria," from Fallout: New Vegas (though that wasn't a revolver, and had additional details on the handle -- as I said, it just made me *think* of it ;) ).
  20. Jordan Peacock

    77094 Trista the White Wolf

    Beautiful! I regret to say that with the original Bones model, I had no idea that the right pauldron was supposed to represent a wolf head. I'm going to have to eventually get around to painting this one up, and keep that in mind. :) I love the muted tones -- it goes wonderfully with the dry grass on the base.
  21. Jordan Peacock

    Wizkids T-Rex

    Wowzers. My first thought when I saw the image was, "This must be the sample picture from the catalog to show you how it's *supposed* to be painted..." and then, "... oh, wait, this is how it *is* painted? Whoa."
  22. Jordan Peacock

    A couple of mantis warriors / thri-kreen

    Awesome! These would be perfect for a tabletop treatment of the old "Temple of Apshai" game. ;) (I.e., BUGS, BUGS, and MORE BUGS!) I really like how you portray the faceted look of the eyes with a bit of stippling.
  23. "The Unstoppables" is a fictitious comic book series within the universe of the Fallout game franchise. In-universe, it's a crossover between several of the top comic characters published by Hubris Comics: The Inspector, The Silver Shroud, Grognak the Barbarian, The Mistress of Mystery, and Manta Man. In Fallout 4, you're able to find costumes of The Silver Shroud and Grognak the Barbarian, in case you decide to do a little post-apocalyptic cosplay. From L to R: * "The Inspector" -- represented with Reaper Miniatures Chronoscope #50125, "Yvette, Magician's Assistant," with a right-hand swap of the magnifying glass held by the Heroclix mini "Detective Chimp." * "The Silver Shroud" -- represented with Reaper Miniatures Bones #80007, "The Black Mist," swapping out two pistols for an open left hand (from a HorrorClix "Flasher" mini), and a tommy-gun in the right (from a HeroClix "Scourge" mini, but modified with a plastic cylinder and putty to make it drum-fed). * "Grognak the Barbarian" -- represented with Reaper Bones #77469, "Brand Oathblood, Barbarian," swapping out the right sword for a Dwarven battleaxe (Warhammer Fantasy Battle), and replacing the axe in the left hand with (for a bit of EXTRA META) a paper-printed mini copy of Grognak the Barbarian. ("What sorcery, THIS?!") * "The Mistress of Mystery" -- represented with Reaper Chronoscope #50148, "Astrid Berger, Female Spy," slightly modified with a tiny piece of grocery-bag plastic to give her a "veil" as per some of her depictions in illustrations within the Fallout games. * "Manta Man" -- represented by a HeroClix mini (EDIT: Thanks to Nick Parenti for the ID!) - "Weather Wizard." Alas, I didn't have any Reaper mini that would nicely work for Manta Man, but OH SO MANY HeroClix minis that would be obvious choices. (I mean, of the bunch, Manta Man is the one closest to a stereotypical "men in tights" comic-book superhero.) I slightly modified it with a couple of pieces of paper to make the drape as depicted in some illustrations of Manta Man. (Of the bunch, I'd say he's the least consistently depicted in in-game artwork, as it would seem that the good folks at Hubris Comics just couldn't pin down his look ... or keep the same artist, for that matter.) I painted these up for a couple of silly "Rooby-Doo Mysteries" retro post-apocalyptic adventures using Savage Worlds RPG this upcoming weekend at Necronomicon 2018 (Tampa, Florida). It's an example of what was originally a much more modest idea to just have the Silver Shroud be a "special mystery guest star" PC option, but then I was digging through my minis, saw how "Yvette" could make a good Inspector, and "Astrid" could be the Mistress of Mystery, and any number of Reaper barbarians could be Grognak, and it just sort of got out of hand. Now I'm already toying with the idea that NEXT YEAR I could run a very meta sort of Fallout-inspired game -- as a superheroic scenario where all the pre-gens are superheroes from within the fiction of the Fallout universe. In addition to the Unstoppables, I could throw in La Fantoma, the Mechanist, and the AntAgonist. (In fact, I've got some minis already picked out for the Mechanist and the AntAgonist, but I've got to PUT ON THE BRAKES as I've got some more important preparations to make for the convention first. Sometimes I just get inspired and go crazy in an entirely useless direction.) I guess my big decision then would be whether to go under the pretense of this happening within the imagined comic-book multiverse of Hubris Comics, or whether it's a bunch of post-apocalyptic cosplayers, or what. :)
  24. Jordan Peacock

    50045 Jesse Moonwalker, Werewolf

    I love the denim, and the biker jacket really works! :) I've got a second Jesse Moonwalker to paint up, and you've given me some ideas for how to paint him up "modern-style" (as opposed to "Old West," which is how I did the first one). I still haven't quite figured out a good use for that cyber-arm option, though: If only there were TWO cyber-arms (left and right), I'm sure I could find something to bolt them to, even if the size weren't quite right. (E.g., some sort of crazy steampunk robot with over-sized arms.)
  25. Jordan Peacock

    14089 Aundine conversion - pale maiden of the waves

    I love that fiercely determined expression! (Or that any expression at all can be painted so wonderfully at that scale! :D ) Amazing!