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  1. Almost time to call it a day... And in honor of my game tonight:
  2. Snuggle-rope...
  3. I just cleaned mine out last night. Made the whole apartment smell like hot vinegar. Getting ready to run Tales from the Floating Vagabond: Parrot Head-Case at the FLGS instead of D&D tonight.
  4. There is no retro in my games unless I've made an actual mistake. So If they got annihilated, they'd roll up new characters and try again. Today is moving slowly...
  5. Sometimes I'm really glad I have such a small family. In other news, throwing a demonic manscorpion at my party did not go like I expected...
  6. Crrrrraaaaaap.... *stress* This is a good idea.
  7. I really hate bugs buzzing around my ears, but that's more annoyance then fear.
  8. I just outlined a Tales from the Floating Vagabond adventure based around space Nazis stealing the Last Shaker of Salt right before a Jimmy Buffett concert gets out. The whole thing is full of references to his songs and books... None of my players will get any of the references.
  9. Is it time to go home yet? I have D&D tonight, and we ended last session with the arrival of a big angry demon (manscorpion) and I'm looking forward to seeing just how badly their decision to sell off that magic sword will bite them in the bottom.
  10. Me! My User name/my avatar/all the days!
  11. All the time in the world! *runs off in a panic*
  12. *checks calendar for the nth time this morning* Keeps saying that it's Tuesday. I think it's lying to me...
  13. I had a student run coffee bar in high school. Never used it. If it's run this way, then in all for it! Not currently. We'll see if Star Trek Discovery moves into that category.
  14. No, probably closer to 10mm scale. Made it home safe, in spite of my car acting up. Stupid check engine light... Flanges crossed for you. You can do the thing!!