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  1. *Takes the Quisitor Robes out of the dry cleaner's bag, shakes them out, and slips them on* The obligatory rulze posting: 1. Every day, or so (unless I am out or ill or something) I will post a question. 1.5. Should I be unable to post a question for the day a crack team of deputy quisitors, former quisitors, and random forum members are all chomping at the bit to step in and take my place... 2. In theory there is a 24 hour span to answer that question before the next question is posted. 2.5. (Rule 2 is the most frequently ignored rule.) 3. Questions are going to be posted between 6AM and 8AM EST 4. Everyone is encouraged to suggest future questions to be posted via PM to me. 5. You do not have to answer every question to play... 6. If a question is TMI or N/A simply wait for the next question.. ..or post that you decline to answer (clues regarding why are always fun). 7. Weekend questions may take the form of two or three day challenges, often starting on Fridays. I'm going to go walk the dogs, and then post the first question of the month...
  2. Crowley

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    72? Heaven... My bride likes it hot, so I keep ours at 75. Then again, I'm not sure ours would actually be able to get the room down to 72. It seems to struggle with 75 most hot nights.
  3. Crowley

    Getting To Know You July

    Question for Monday, July 16th: Love notes! When was the last time you wrote one? When was the last time you received one? (doesn't have to be romantic love. Writing a glowing review of a book counts, as does a critique of someone's mini painting). Bonus Activity: Go to the show off thread an comment on something that doesn't have a lot of comments.
  4. Crowley

    Richard Pett's 'The Blight'

    Do it...
  5. Crowley

    D&D books?

    That's closer to 40 years ago (FF was published in 1981) than 30 years ago.
  6. Crowley

    Richard Pett's 'The Blight'

    So I read the Players Guide, and while it was great for building a blight character, I found it rather lacking for failing to provide a concise "intro to the Blight" description.
  7. Crowley

    D&D books?

    $50 is about the same price as a video game. *shrug* And most players only ever need the PHB and maybe one of the supplements. With the current edition there are only 2 player supplement books right now. It's worse for a DM, but not by much. Thinking back 25-30 years, the PHB, DMG, MM were each in the $30 range. And that was the heyday of splat books that were each $20-30. On top of that, you can get the core rules right now online for free. It's not the full game (you only get the 4 core classes) but it's completely playable.
  8. Crowley

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Okay, trip to visit the inlaws put off for 2 weeks. Cooking almost done, laundry done, dogs walked, lunch consumed, dinner planned. Homework time...
  9. Crowley

    Getting To Know You July

    Still working out the details. Making sure that @Guindyloo's kids don't come visit without permission is something that I need to make sure is in the contract.
  10. Crowley

    Getting To Know You July

  11. Crowley

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I just made waffles! But that sounds pretty awesome too!
  12. Crowley

    Reaper Diorama (77254,77550,77399,77454)

    Much better! Also, I love how the viking dude is looking down "Now where did Bob wander off to... craaaaap...."
  13. I wonder how much it would cost to hire him to just do that?
  14. Crowley

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    I do know that @knarthex is aware of these facts, as he has shared several stories on the hangouts!
  15. Crowley

    Anyone need a familiar?

    I so miss having cats... but the whole allergy thing just makes it a miserable experience. Glad Pip found a forever home!
  16. Crowley

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    This is one of those things I'm absolutely terrified of having to deal with now that I live in an apartment building. And not just bed bugs, but pests in general. For some reason, goblins don't seem to be a problem... Maybe because @buglips*the*goblin's legitimate bizness keeps those stories under wraps? Busy day today. Need to do laundry, cooking for lunch boxes for the week, the last bit of homework for my college class, and visit the inlaws, which is what's going to take most of the day. Hoping to squeeze in some mini painting time...
  17. Crowley

    Getting To Know You July

    Question for Sunday, July 15th: What is your fantasy get-away-from-it-all location? Bonus points: Share a picture of it!
  18. Loving the new toothy mushrooms! And those tall skinny ones are deceptively "normal" looking. Just the sort of thing to fill out a new growth mushroom forest!
  19. Crowley

    Too many projects?!

    Why line the box with a tarp? Wouldn't the box alone work?
  20. Crowley

    Crowley's Graveyard

    Back over the July 4th holiday, I started working on my Graveyard set. Cleaned the moldlines, glued the fence posts to the fences, and got ready to spray paint them. Then, my black spray paint broke. The nozzle just snapped right off. So I used white. And, because the day was too humid, it got powdery. Not a great start to the project, but I pushed on. Some black wash, and lots of grey, I made progress.
  21. Crowley

    77127: Vermin: Beetles

    They look great, but the one with the green base really sticks out.
  22. Crowley

    Flail Snail

    Seriously marvelous job!! Well done!!
  23. Crowley

    Getting To Know You July

    I would have said the goroloth (aboleth) from Bones 3, but then my DM needed one for game, so... There are some figures that are super low on my priority list, but I can't think of any that I *never* want to paint. And the only thing it would take to get me to paint it up next would be the need to use it in a game. Bonus Question: Not sure it's for luck, but I always say hi to dogs I pass on the street. 3rd Anniversary: New bed (frame, mattress, sheets, etc.) 4th Anniversary: Book of Occult Knowledge (human leather cover optional)
  24. Crowley

    Happy Birthday, Wren!!

    Congrats on another successful orbit of Sol!!