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  1. It's okay, they're not hiring right now anyway... unless you want to be a border guard/security theater actor.
  2. That sounds familiar. Spent a good chunk of the morning sorting minis in the basement. So, yeah, kind of unwinding.
  3. <Redacted> True, but that doesn't mean they don't make a heck of a racket when someone is at the door, or in the alley. Or at their car. Or there's a squirrel/rabbit doing things. Sympathy liked. I'm home sick because I barely got any sleep last night. And what sleep I got was full of stress dreams. Still waiting...
  4. What are you thinking about? Obviously, the hobby stuff has to go! Well, yes, obviously. But not all of it will fit. So I need to pick my favorite children. Okay Lucy, you're getting kind of old. We're gonna have to let you go so that I can keep my Frostgrave plastic kits, and the 16" LED DS9 model that I've owned for almost as long as I've had your sister and only ever once opened the box. Yup. This... *nods* Any corgi (and corgi owner) will tell you the they ARE big dogs... with teeny tiny little stumps of legs.
  5. Cause I'm mostly in the basement right now.
  6. Current music as I stare at my hobby stuff, RPG books, board games, and assorted other crap...
  7. Well, there is all that other stuff cluttering up the teeny tiny little hamster skull.... Oiling the wheel... Checking the water level.... Making sure all the fluff is in the right place.... I don't know why that's all in purple...
  8. In this case I say no, it can no longer be called mac and cheese. Back to Baltimore, have finished dinner, now trying to decide where to start packing, and more importantly what hobby stuff needs to go to NYC with me...
  9. Ew.... Hope today ends up being more restful.
  10. Coffee... Took the girls to the park again this morning. Still muddy, and this time kinda cold.
  11. Another orbit of Sol? Congrats!
  12. May all your loot token turn out to be exactly what you need for the next game!
  13. Weirder things have happened. I work in an office. The drow works... well, among strange chemicals... "Mutant" is such a problematic term.... Eh, based on how much I enjoyed last year? Totally worth it! Even if it is a pain.
  14. Oh, food! I forgot to talk about today's food. We went to Best Pizza in Brooklyn because it was on a list of Top 10 Pizza places in Brooklyn, which is really kind of a high bar, and we were nearby visiting the Food and Drink museum (not worth the visit sadly). It turns out that it really is the best (or at least top 10)! So so good. Kind of expensive ($31 for a 2 topping 20" pie) but worth it!!
  15. April is probably out for me, but May... maybe... doable.