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  1. That sounds about right... Congrats!! Ew... Finally caught up. Went down to Baltimore to clean pack sort and trash more stuff in the house in anticipation of renting it out. Was hoping to play some 40K, but the timing didn't work out. Did get some D&D in, and then went to a party with an open bar after I got back to NYC. Now just dealing with Monday...
  2. I wish I'd gotten more giants...
  3. I'm out of both coffee and tea. We can fill far more than a teacup with nuts on this forum...
  4. Hm... My headache getting washed away by advil and coffee
  5. Gotta love awesome women with production companies!! Absolutely!
  6. I got some at work, but not son enough. Someone pass the pain meds. Don't remember the movie. Enjoyed the show. Yay!! I... Kinda looked the movie. Best closing credits scene since Ferris Bueller.
  7. Me cell phone decided to shut itself off last night, which meant my alarm didn't go off. Ugh. I've now been at work 90 monies, no breakfast, no coffee!!! Headache started...
  8. I made my will save. Hm... Maybe I should enter it for S&Gs. Yup, me. And contrasts!! Don't let it get infected. Was gonna paint but to hot & tired. Ended up crashed on the couch watching GLOW.
  9. Yeah... Weird, me too...
  10. Yeah, they stock a lot of Bones, and apparently place regular orders. Plus my players buy table time ($10 each per session) plus snacks & drinks. So I'm definitely bringing in money for them.
  11. Was given this as a thank you by the FLGS for running D&D!
  12. Neat. Also nightmare fodder... It's time to get out of this place... Doom... DOOM!!
  13. I'm overdue... Need to find a place
  14. That's some bad cheese .. I've got a bit of nice sharp white Cheddar at home... Looking forward to a good bit of it with (for) dinner. 2.5 hours... I don't know I'd I'll make it...