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  1. Given how much XP you get for combat vs how much you get for treasure, and how fragile low level PCs are, it's actually far far better to avoid combat.
  2. Live

    The Kickstarter just broke $150,000. And that means…you love Fritz Leiber, Lankhmar, and DCC. It also means everyone gets another supplement (specifically Random NPCs in Lankhmar), but underneath that is a profound appreciation for this crazy little game and its crazy little homages to Those Who Came Before Us. Why do we do this? All of us: the writers, the artists, the publishers. Why? Because we love it. Some of us were born to RPGs, and we will always be “doing this” regardless of terms. We are The Band. And The Band is bigger than any one of us. The names that follow, brave backers, is The Band who will bring you your stretch goals. The six adventure modules, the NPCs of Lankhmar, the Locations of Lankhmar: they come not from faceless minions, but from real people who you can meet and game with. Join us at Gary Con, North Texas RPG Con, Gen Con, and the many other cons. Come playtest the modules you’ll eventually receive. Come understand why we do this: it’s in our blood.
  3. *adds "claw maidens" to my D&D inspiration notes* Just finished some korean sushi (and assorted sides) now debating what to do. Kinda want to watch Cowboy Bebop, but my DVDs are all packed away... Why is it, the instant you put something away, that's when you want it?
  4. I don't believe it.
  5. Can't even follow my own instructions and pick just one book.... Kid: Dr. Seuss, Chronicles of Narnia, A Wrinkle in Time Teen: Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch, The Night Circus, The Rook Adult: Midnight Riot/Rivers of London, pretty much anything by Alastair Reynolds, Prince of Thorns
  6. Unfortunately as I'm working through a contracting agency, I have to go through them... and they say Which is only not actually helpful....
  7. We've made it to noon... Still waiting on word of my new job...
  8. Yeah, I'm tempted, but the cost of entry is a bit much. Plus I really do prefer skirmish level games, and I want something like Frostgrave that lets me use whatever minis I want/already have.
  9. Wow... someone drew a grammar nazi... That's kinda awesome!! And yeah... you can tell he's a berzerker cause you can see the whites of his eyes.
  10. @Xherman1964 Can one word be a phrase?
  11. Ugh... red clay... I didn't realize how nasty that was until I had my sewer line replaced. I mean, I knew it was kind of awful before that, once I tried to set up a garden, but good gods...
  12. Not gonna claim that title till I successfully complete the project...
  13. My problem with GW was almost never the games themselves, it was the constant churn, and the way they treated a) their employees, b) the independent retailers, and c) their customers. I've heard they're getting better. Of course the last time I played 40K was right after.... 5th edition came out.