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  1. Pre-launch

    Spit and flow improver!
  2. *wookie laugh*
  3. Currently (for certain definitions of the word) Frostgrave. Like to play: Rogue Stars, Necromunda, Battlefleet Gothic.
  4. I've paid GW very little attention lately, so I've missed all that. But yeah, the berserker kit really is due for a redesign. They were fantastic 20 years ago, but now?
  5. Got it! I'm definitely not a fan of spoiler filled trailers. Tease me! Excite me! Make me want it! Build up the anticip Looks like my bones shipment will arrive Saturday, and my regular order on Wednesday! I forgot my towel today... I even had it draped over the chair to snag on my way out the door. it's raining today too... Mostly looking forward to Balticon. Wish I could focus entirely on it, but maybe half the trip will be packing and cleaning, which makes it less fun. Plus the driving. ation!
  6. Well, the Whistle 3 isn't too bad. It's got a battery life of about a week, and the GPS is real time, so as long as I don't want till it's almost out of battery to recharge it, I should be good. It's still probably a bit big for a smaller cat, but anything 13+ pounds could probably handle it. Neither my Bones nor my regular order are showing movement yet. Still in the "ready for UPS" stage of things...
  7. Fully aware, thanks...
  8. Cyborgi?!? I would never!!
  9. Yeah, prey quickly after the first few games.
  10. Heh... They'll be delivered to the super. I don't wasn't to inflict a big box on her all weekend. You joke, but I just upgraded Lucy to a new version of the Whistle that comes with GPS tracking, and every time she leaves the building my phone let's me know. Yes, I know Lucy left the building, in walking her! No I don't need a text message alert too... No, I didn't need an email either... Where the settings on this thing...
  11. I'm glad it's Nurgle. If it had been Khorne I don't know that I'd have been able to resist...
  12. I have received tracking numbers for Bones 3 and a supplemental order from Reaper... The race is on!
  13. *looks for bed in cubicle... Fills drawer with paper towels, crawls in and curls up* "Computer, set timer 20 minutes"
  14. Interesting that your voices and mine are all in agreement!
  15. Fulfilling

    This... Which is kinda funny since I already got my shipping email, and have no more reason to obsess over it. The UPS site on the other hand...