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  1. Whereas I'm off to Niantic today to visit my sister and nephews! It's their birthday weekend. Last night ended up being a very lazy night. My bride and I were supposed to go dancing, but I was zonked, and she had work to finish, so she stayed late at work, and I stayed home watching some TV, then went to bed early. Honestly, it was a good night. Still raining though, so the girls have barely gotten a walk.
  2. To my eternal shame, I don't have a single one with me... Cause I thought I was done with GW & 40k!
  3. Potato bread bun preferably. Spicy brown mustard Beef or brat.
  4. That'd work. Might look up how to convert true scale space marines for some ideas. Also keep in mind that people come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes!
  5. I thought I remembered this was a limited edition mini, but it was so long ago... Glad to finally be able to give him some love!
  6. Okay! got it! Thanks!

    Short, sweet, and to the point! Wonder if I'll get a signed box this time?
  8. Actually make my life a little easier. Plus now, hopefully, you can actually enjoy your weekend and not spend the whole time stressing about it!!
  9. So... Any chance of you guys actually making a system?
  10. Awesome! Sitting bored at work, scribing rude things on my banana peel. *sigh* I could be home painting right now...
  11. @knarthexsuggested an ettin, but I'm thinking 77105/03162: Kagunk, Ogre Boss instead? It helps that I have this one already! He'd make a decent Knight figure. Alternatively 14361: Reven Beastman Woodcutter/77253: Beastman Warrior could work as a barbarian. Tagging @Xherman1964, @Chaoswolf @TGP @Dilvish the Deliverer... Am I missing anyone?
  12. Eggplant. My dad used to buy this frozen eggplant Parmesan which turned into a gross chewy mush. I hated it. I've since learned that it doesn't have to be mush!
  13. Interim question for Friday June 23 What's something you hatred as a kid, but like as an adult? Specifically thinking about food/drink, but whatever... Your regular weekend quest will be posted eventually...
  14. Sort of... I'm still a sweaty mess when I get home just from the short walk from the subway.
  15. And I am now out of coffee. That means it's time to go home, right?
  16. I'm a little (a lot) behind on my threads, and even more so on getting to work on May's figure of the month. It didn't help that I didn't order him until the middle/end of the month. I started last night... Prep was done in the usual way, first by washing in warm soapy water, then attaching him to the cork. I then cleaned up mold lines, though I missed a few. Mainly the one running across his knuckles on his left hand. Then I painted on a 5:2 brown liner & flow improver mix. As you can see below, I'm working on a few other minis too. The orc and werebat will get their own threads later. Tonight was blocking in base colors, and working a bit on the skin. I'm sticking with the gnoll theme I did way back in the chainmail days with the gnolls all being demonic, to one extent or another. So they all get greyish fleshy faces, hands, and feet. I used Void blue for that, then mixed in cloudy grey to bring the color up. The fur was Nut Brown, with the ruff getting some Vallejo Red Leather. The cloth is Dragon Red, as are the lips. Everything that is going to be metal got a coat of Black. And that's where I'll pick it up tomorrow! Thanks for looking. C&C welcome!
  17. @buglips*the*goblin put down the bolt cutters! And the knife! What are you doing with a bucket full of slugs? Never mind, please don't answer that... Wait, why are they wearing cheerleader outfits?!? Don't think you can escape just by crawling into the vents! They were just fumigated! Get back here!!
  18. So glad it's Friday. Wish it felt less like a Monday...
  19. I know, I was avoiding calling anyone out for their shameful acts... Or in this case failure to act.
  20. I think that was my favorite picture.
  21. Well, I dug through all the minis I brought with me after the move, and aside from an already painted assassin, the only 40K mini I have with me is this Witch hunter inquisitor. So I started painting him.
  22. Deadline? It's more of a guideline... Pretty sure someone is still working on February's figure...
  23. That's adorable. Well, the morning is okay. Last night sucked. The evening felt cool, do I only turned on the fan. Someone in the middle of the night I turned on the a/c and the night was much better after that. Welcome back Xherman!
  24. You don't have to hang out to join in on painting the mini!