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  1. The Frequently Ignored "Rules" 1. Every day, or so (unless I am out or ill or something) I will post a question. 2. In theory there is a 24 hour span to answer that question before the next question is posted. 2.5. (Rule 2 is the most frequently ignored rule.) 3. Questions are going to be posted between 12:01AM and 5AM GMT. 3.5 (Rule 3 may be the 3rd most broken rule.) 4. Everyone is encouraged to submit questions to be posted by me via PM. 5. You do not have to answer every question... 6. If a question is TMI or N/A simply wait for the next question or post that you decline to answer (clues regarding why are always fun). Question for Friday, April -1st Did this throw you off? Do you have any tricks planned for tomorrow?
  2. I really wish they'd add some females to their plastic ranges... on the other hand, those are fantastic pirates!
  3. Live

    DCC Lankhmar is on a roll! We just cleared the next-to-last stretch goal, which is the three-panel judge's screen. It will be packed in every boxed set! (And of course delivered in PDF form too!) Well done everyone! Thanks for the support! There is one last stretch goal remaining, which is the cloth-printed map. We just might make it! As a reminder, you can upgrade your pledge to include the Print Pack, and you can also add on items. Check out this previous pledge for full details. Four hours to go!
  4. Live

    A DCC RPG boxed setting for Lankhmar, officially licensed by the estate of Fritz Leiber. Adventure with Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser! There are three basic pledge levels: The PDF pledge level includes an electronic edition of the final boxed set. (Obviously there will be no box!) This level does not include any physical rewards, add-ons or stretch goals. The boxed set includes the core boxed set as described above. All electronic stretch goals (PDFs) will apply to this level. Some of the physical stretch goals will apply to this level, generally those that fit in the box. The final level includes the boxed set as well as the "print pack." All electronic stretch goals (PDFs) will apply to this level. All of the physical stretch goals will apply, as well. Those that do not fit in the box will be shipped in a separate "print pack." See below for more information on these stretch goals. Stretch Goals DCC Lankhmar continues a long tradition in RPG gaming, and we want to do right by the estate of Fritz Leiber. The stretch goals associated with this Kickstarter will help create an even more amazing tribute to the world of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Stretch goals fall into three categories: PDF stretch goals that all backers receive Print stretch goals that can fit into the boxed set, which will be included with any pledge that has the physical boxed set The "Print Pack," which is a printed collection of the stretch goals which don't fit in the boxed set Here is a rough outline of possible stretch goals, which may evolve as the Kickstarter continues. At $40,000: Cleared! We will add a new Lankhmar adventure module (PDF for all backers; print copy in the Print Pack) At $60,000: We will print the poster map larger (included in boxed set) At $80,000: We will add a second Lankhmar adventure module (PDF for all backers; print copy in the Print Pack) At $100,000: We will add a supplement called "A Dozen Lankhmar Locations," which will provide information, maps, and floorplans on setting adventures in a dozen famous Lankhmar locales (including the Silver Eel!) (PDF for all backers; print copy in the boxed set) At $120,000: We will add a third Lankhmar adventure module (PDF for all backers; print copy in the Print Pack) At $140,000: We will add a supplement called "Random NPCs in Lankhmar," which will provide tables and information for generating random NPCs that your PCs can encounter in Lankhmar (PDF for all backers; print copy in the Print Pack) At $160,000: We will add a fourth Lankhmar adventure module (PDF for all backers; print copy in the Print Pack) At $180,000: We will add a Lankhmar-themed three-panel Judges Screen (PDF for all backers; print copy in the boxed set) At $200,000: We will add a fifth Lankhmar adventure module (PDF for all backers; print copy in the Print Pack) At $220,000: We will add a cloth map in the boxed set (print copy in the boxed set) At $240,000: We will add a sixth Lankhmar adventure module (PDF for all backers; print copy in the Print Pack) At $250,000: We will add send Michael Curtis to Houston for a week to research the Fritz Leiber archives in the University of Houston. We anticipate this may result in a new product of some kind to be delivered to backers of this Kickstarter, but exactly what we'll discover in the archives - and what product may result from it - can't be determined until Michael sets foot in the archives!
  5. You say that like you're the only one...
  6. *Drool*
  7. A more wretched hive of scum and... wait... Oh, ReaperCon? Oh, yeah, in that case what @Inarah said. The shuttle service was very good last year, and bumming rides works too. And while only a couple of miles, there aren't a whole lot of sidewalks, which makes it a little dangerous. I'm a big fan of walking, and I wouldn't do it.
  8. If I stole them, would that make me a pundit? Gonna have to chew the cud on that one...
  9. That's a BIG corgi... Mine are a trim 21-22lbs each.
  10. Pretty sure that's just a picture of @Reaperbryan in an inflatable t-tex costume.
  11. I think that tipped it right there...
  12. You would be surprised... Plus it's better to think of them as really short medium sized dogs than to think of them as small dogs. There's a lot of smarts and energy packed into those throw pillows.
  13. Thanks all!! It's nice to FINALLY have a firm date.Takes a lot of stress off.... Of course tonight isn't a great night to go celebrate. No one to do it with.... Plus I'll be up early tomorrow to start working on the stone steps. That's gonna be a lot of work... Maybe I'll just try to finish up the goblins tonight.
  14. Yes. Click here, scroll down.
  15. My bride and I already ruled out several apartment buildings simply because of their pet deposit fee plus their additional per dog monthly charge....
  16. Live

    Update #30 Current Total: $167,958 We're having an amazing day here in Lankmar! We just cleared another stretch goal: you guys have sent Michael Curtis to Houston. As a reminder, the the Fritz Leiber Papers collection is housed at the University of Houston. You can read more about it in this previous update. Thanks to your backing, lead designer Michael Curtis will be traveling to Houston to research in the library. Even though five different RPG publishers have published Lankhmar materials over the years, as far as we know we will be the first to have direct access to Mr. Leiber's papers in this way. And how does this benefit you, dear backers? Well, we're not exactly sure yet, but we think it will be awesome. The goal is to produce some product based on Michael discovers in Houston - whether an adventure or a sourcebook or something else, we can't say because no RPG author or publisher has ever seen this archive! Prepare yourself for the unknown - but Michael Curtis will bring it to life in your game, we can count on that! There are still a couple stretch goals left to clear in these last 10 hours! If you haven't already, consider adding other items to your pledge, or upgrading to the print pack. You can find more details on how to do that in this previous update. Thanks for the support everyone!
  17. Okay, that's fair... I have been known to buy a 6 pack just to check it off on Untapped, then bring the rest to parties.
  18. Truth... and why is that purple?
  19. Well, I have accepted the MTA's offer, and will start on the 15th! My last day here will be the 9th...
  20. See? Totally doable! Thankfully there isn't much traffic at that time of nightmorning
  21. sympathy liked. Hoping things clear up, both work and mentally.
  22. We should probably limit it to adults... or at least teens and adults. I don't really want 4 year olds armed with (small) bladed weapons...
  23. What a stupid question... of course to ReaperCon!! So I'm like 98% officially starting my new job on the 15th... Their own fault for waiting this long to give me a start date.... Sure they are.. that's why they took this long to make it happen....
  24. Following up on last month's Shaman figure, this month we're moving onto the Commander figure! Tonight was simply glueing him to the cork and then giving him a basecoat of brown liner. I expect to paint him basically the same way as the shaman, so this should go pretty smoothly... *insert universe laughing at me here*