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  1. Greatings gentle beings! Once again, I, the Haminister of Truth dons the sacred robes of the Quisitor for this the spookiest of months, and also the month with the high holy week of ReaperCon! Question for Tuesday, October 2nd: Pumpkin Spice season is upon us. What is your favorite autumnal food, drink, and treat?
  2. Because I couldn't not start a new project (or two of you count the Halloween Knight) days before ReaperCon... Kinda liking the Orange to Green to Purple of the tentacles. Needs cleaning up though. And these are the colors used so far. Sideways apparently...
  3. Safe travels everyone!
  4. I checked my minis... Please don't lose my luggage...
  5. ... Probably? Also probably not a bad thing to be Or a goblin thing
  6. Did you pack it? Did it pack itself? ... Did you pack the cat *as* lunch?
  7. Going through once was enough...
  8. Ah, okay. Through security theater. Now waiting...
  9. I mean, you do you... but no one here world do such a thing!
  10. *Drinks second cup of coffee*
  11. Oh good, there's still a chance...
  12. There's still something rattling around in my skull. Gonna call it my mind. Sanity... Haven't seen that in years. Self control... Oh, that's a good one... Lots of treats in the bags. And a few tricks to keep out goblins.
  13. No no, that was proven to be ineffective! What we need is a dwarf with an AK-47...
  14. What am I forgetting... Surely there's something...
  15. ama

    Man... there isn't time to make brownies before leaving for the airport... *sigh*
  16. Question for Wednesday, the 18th of October: If you could have a plushie of any forumite (except yourself) who would you get?
  17. Okay, let's do this! I have coffee, everything is packed. What am I forgetting...