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  1. Or at least an update...
  2. Good word! Almost lunch time. It's raining, so no eating outside I guess...
  3. Fulfilling

    Now that is an excellent idea! I rather expect my Bones to ship this week... And of course I'll be out of town for the long weekend... Ah well, something to look forward to coming home to. Fingers crossed for an early update full of good news!
  4. Interesting selection, I approved! Spent the weekend being busy. Laundry, visiting my brides family, and yesterday walking over 11 miles around Jersey city to get a feel for the place. My feet hurt. I so much prefer trail hikes. Pavement and cement are not fun to walk on... An now sore, tied, and need to get more coffee.
  5. I'll be at a concert tonight, but should be on tomorrow.
  6. 11, maybe 12? I used up be more patient. Need to get that back.
  7. It varies. I try to make sure that I occasionally have a down weekend to recharge. This weekend wasn't it....
  8. I... Uhhh... I didn't bring as much from Baltimore to NYC so if have some space on the shelf for it?
  9. Okay, you need to share what episodes are on tap!
  10. So for June?
  11. It was a Dogfish Head Fort fruit beer made with raspberry juice. According to their own site it's ABV: 16 - 17 IBU: 49 It's very good!! Now however I'm having coffee, waiting for the laundry to finish.
  12. I'm pretty sure that's close to the beer I picked for tonight... 18%abv... Good gods... I didn't think they made beer this strong. Bottle should come with a warning label!!
  13. Well, okay... but I'm gonna bring home the hottest woman there. Just a heads up. And 7pm est... I'm guessing no update from Reaper till Monday at this point. As much as I want to grouse, I've met these guys, and I know that there must be something up. I just wish I knew what it was. I hope they can enjoy their weekend.
  14. Good... Ummm... Elder being!
  15. Oh... Oh... you used the "q" word... I'm so so sorry for you...
  16. Yes, exactly. I wasn't at all anxious about it till yesterday, when it all got cranked up to 11, not at all helped by the weather... Well time to go! Date night!!
  17. 20 minutes to go... And still no update on Bones 3... *sigh* maybe by the time I get home?
  18. Yum!!! And I feel the same way about working at home. So hard to be motivated when all my fun stuff is Right There!
  19. Fulfilling

    Yeah, there's a different Darth Vader quote I've been hearing in my head, but spoken by Bryan, which makes me giggle.
  20. I've had that happen. It sucks. Or, I guess it doesn't! 115 here...
  21. Sounds tasty! I don't know that I've ever had a savory cake... Pie sure, but cake? Crab cakes I guess... And sausage biscuits... Do those count?
  22. It's only 5 pages. That's nothing! Lunch finished. F5ing my email...
  23. Exactly. I eat out to get things I'm not going to make at home!
  24. Good plan! Now I'm hungry...
  25. Gonna add the Delta Rae concert on Monday!!