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  1. Overlords

    Ah ok, thanks for the advice. I like the idea of starting at a 500 point game and working toward an 800-1000 point game later. Do you guys have any suggestions on the army that I should face the Overlords against?
  2. Overlords

    Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with something. I am trying to make 2 armies of Warlord (one being Overlords) that will be well balanced and show off all play styles of the game. I decided to use 800 point lists as that would give people the feel of the game but not be quite as expensive as two 1000 point lists. I was wondering if you thought this army was well balanced and could be used well to teach people how to play the game? Troop 1 -General Matisse -Ranthe, Evangelist of Khardulis -Kevis, Vizier -Overlord Warrior x3 Troop 2 -Corvus -Overlord Crossbowman x5 Troop 3 -Andras the Ruthless -Overlord Warrior x5 Troop 4 -Onyx Golem I thought that this would give a nice mix of melee, range, and magic. It would also have big monsters and large groups of smaller troops. Any thoughts?