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  1. I'm pretty sure Reaver has workable hands as his have to have claws added, and the edilon can use weapons eventually.
  2. Sillilial saunters up to the door puts his ear to it and says, "should we have Reaver try to break it down?"
  3. Sillilial is waiting patiently with Reaver at the door playing what looks like tic tac toe in the dirt. He looks up and smiles, "anything of interest?"
  4. Spark of Oblivion Hey guys KN here, I decided that I would like to start posting a fantasy story titles Spark of Oblivion. This has been a concept in my head for so long, it will be nice to get it out. It will be a mystery so no spoilers. -looking at you TS- enjoy Prolouge: His footsteps echoed quietly against the cobblestone walls of the sewers that surrounded him. It was dark, darker than the deepest most shadowy depths of the Golorian sea. he doubted anyone, except the workers and the rogues, had been down here for a long time. He was here for a reason, His god had demanded a trip into the sewers, he had not been given a reason, but one does not question Rogues will lightly. Realizing it would most likely end in riches Araris had been happy to answer his lord's call. While deep in his musing of the riches he would receive for his loyalty, his sensitive ears picked up a low growling coming from around the nearest corner “damn rats” he uttered as he stopped himself short. “I hate rats”. Going into a crouch he languidly stretched his thin dexterous hand down to his black leather boot, where he kept his small silver knife, the blade was finger length and wickedly sharp it had cost him an arm and a leg, but then again silver draconite is far from a common material on Teros. As he Flipped the knife into a backhanded position, he smiled at the weight of his small glittering weapon, sensing the perpetual cold chill that always hung around the little blade. Holding his breath, he listened for the slightest noise, a slight snuffling or perhaps a mere scuffling. He strained his eyes against the dark his extraordinary vision from his eleven mother doing him no good in this almost unnatural darkness. Finally, after what seemed like a small eternity, he heard a small yet audible squeak. He lashed out feeling the knife bite into something furry. Feeling a chill splash on his hand he recoiled. Careful not to trip lest he fall into the filthy water that ran merely four feet from him. A squeal of pain went up from the darkness, and using the noise as a reference point Araris struck out again, and yelped as he felt a sharp pain in his arm followed shortly by a warm sticky sensation. He moved the knife to his other hand, still feeling the fangs of the rat, now sunk deep in his arm twisting his good arm around he sank the chilling blade deep into the neck of the rat. WIth a slight growl from the animal, its jaws loosened and it fell with a lifeless thunk to the ground. Araris sighed, the bite on his arm throbbing with a dull pain. He knelt down and re sheathed his knife muttering to himself. He heard a weak laugh, and spun around. There was a flash as he reached for his boot, but before he could get a grip on the knife he felt a searing pain one that rent at his very soul, followed by oblivion. Chapter one:
  5. Sillilial will stay back and let one of the other better armoured party members go in first.
  6. Sillilial looks around the room quickly, "this could be pride? Or maybe sloth, I'm not sure myself, but given the last to rooms I agree with Sturgis."
  7. Hearing that Sturgis said the gems are good for undead creation sillilial smiles, "Further proof that black I'd bad."
  8. Sillilial looks at the stones "My priest at the chapel always told me black is evil, I don't trust those gems, you should be careful jayelief" -ooc- yes I know that's not how you spell it, that is sillilial pronunciation -ooc-
  9. I'm perfectly fine with that
  10. Then sillilial is holding for the zombie to rush him. He will still signal reaver to attack. -ooc- are we still using same die rolls for reaver? -ooc-
  11. Sillilial will take a step back from the door and signal reaver to charge in to attack with his claws. Sillilial will then take out his mace and squeel KILL IT, KILL IT WITH FIRE. Rolls Claw one Rolls: 10+4=14 Damage:6+3=9 Claw two Rolls:15+4=19 Damage: 6+3=9
  12. -ooc- is the zombie doing anything at the moment? -ooc-
  13. Sillilial will look into the room, "I really should have payed attention in the theology lessons back at the old chapel. Then maybe I could guess what that thing is."
  14. -ooc- sorry bout the unessacary dismemberment sillilial is kinda paranoid. -ooc- Sillilial will pick up the two potions and attempt to id them with spellcraft check First potion Roll: (11+7)=18 Potion number 2 Roll:(12+7)=19
  15. Not to mention list is like the weakest of the sinspawns if I remember correctly.