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  1. chaosscorpion

    CMON Zombicide: Black Plague

    Welcome to the forums and what a great start. Love the work so far.
  2. chaosscorpion

    77559, Undying Minotaur

  3. chaosscorpion

    77025 Giant Spider (Pumpkin Spider)

    Look out Linus! It's the Great Pumpkin Spider!
  4. chaosscorpion

    Reaper Con 2018 photo thread

    Sacrilege, If they are going to do that at least they could have the decency to put the rest of it there in a bag for someone to rescue. Let us all bow our heads for a moment of silence.
  5. Okay that explains it. I thought Rooby had a crystal ball on his head.
  6. chaosscorpion

    Reaper Con 2018 photo thread

    Great Pics! Buglips! Keep'm comin'
  7. chaosscorpion

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    May it be a grand event for you all! Wish I was coming and bringing the family as planned, but life intervened.
  8. chaosscorpion

    Happy Birthday Sanael!

    Hope you waved as you drove past me or flew over me.
  9. chaosscorpion

    Happy Birthday Sanael!

    May it be filled with friends and family! Happy Birthday
  10. chaosscorpion

    Happy Birthday Evilhalfling!

    Happy Belated Birthday
  11. chaosscorpion

    Angel - 3D Print - NSFW

  12. chaosscorpion

    If you're going to Phil-a-delphia.....

    As you are coming through the International Terminal at the Philadelphia Airport there is a scale construction with Lego Building Blocks of the LIBERTY BELL.
  13. chaosscorpion

    77155: Lizardman Warrior

    Love the sheild
  14. chaosscorpion

    Talae Upgrades His Office/Hobby Space

    Looks great