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  1. How about the plaid on your serving wench? and a pic or two of the Kegslayer before he goes in the mail.
  2. Ask Buglips Anything

    I remember a college room whose walls were the color of Crest toothpaste. At the end of the semester we patched all of our thumbtack holes and a couple larger holes with the same said product. Worked like a charm. No dings on our check out report.
  3. Ask Buglips Anything

    But I can tell you that the only reason my living quarters are not wall-to-wall Reaper blisters is because I don't have the funds to buy all of it as fast as I'd like. So for the moment, the best I can do is just one wall of blisters. But it'll get there... it'll get there... Alright! I know that I have a peg board section of wall in my game room with hangers for my minis in blisters. I'm trying to figure out how these are hanging there. How are they mounted/hanging there?
  4. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    Ideal state of being would be able to maintain my current income with half the effort, thereby leaving me more time for my wife and kids. Allowing me time for hobbies, DIY projects, and time to adventure. Ideal Physical State a hundred and fifty pounds lighter. Ideal State to live in, Montana or Alaska. Finalize the appointment with the weight loss center. Paint More Game More Practice More
  5. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    Summer camp with my Cub Pack and sons. Introducing my 4 nephews, and 4 nieces, and 3 neighbor kids to D&D.
  6. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Not really gross, but most of my family LOVEs asparagus, I don't like it. It always seems to taste bitter, to me. Finger food and a Toast if we don't go out to an event. Pork and sauerkraut for New Year's Day Dinner. Hopefully grow my department and find more billable work for myself and remove the lackluster year that this past one has been in my career.
  7. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Travel to Germany and Scotland Play WoW for a couple of hours uninterrupted. Done! Eggs. The incredible edible egg, raw, soft boiled, hard boiled, fried, over easy, dippy, scrambled, omelets, egg salad, hard boiled egg sandwiches, sausage egg and cheese sandwiches, eggs benedict
  8. Peaks head inside the cubicle. Hmm maybe he's still on Holiday Break.
  9. Happy Birthday Dargrin !

    Happy Birthday, may it be filled with friends and family!
  10. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Yes I was. I spent the day with my family. Played games with my children, made a feast of great food. No prank gifts, No, thanks you are doing a most excellent job!
  11. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Yes All of them anything that will twist and turn and put g-forces on the body. ... How long is the wait for this ride?
  12. Helping out Santa

    So my 8 yo nephew asked Santa for a fig for D&D. Here is what he drew so Santa knew what he wanted. So working with my sister this is the fig that was decided on. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/02119/sku-down/02119 I need to add a plume to the helm, and paint it by Sunday morning when I meet my brother in-law for a hand-off. I have asked Talespinner's advice and he has been gracious enough to assist me. Stay tuned for further updates.
  13. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Star Trek or Faerun Ravenloft
  14. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    https://www.reapermini.com/InspirationGallery/30012/latest/ This piece 30012 Dark Maiden Shipwreck Angel. Paint the fig? Learn to use my airbrush, and layers, layers, layers. Now do I want it cleanly painted or do I want to show weathering and distress with paint chips, etc. ?
  15. I hope to do as well when attack the plaid on my models.