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  1. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    Superfluous what we don't eat within two weeks goes out to the chickens. Now the preserved food week clean out once a year when we start canning.
  2. Tycho AFV for my NOVA Corp soldiers - WIP

    Do you plan to sand the planes of the APC smooth?
  3. 77363: Deva

    Maglok, Wow, looking good
  4. Mary Read Bust by Scale 75

    Impressive, Nice colors,
  5. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    I saw this question last night, but it wasn't quite the 15th for me yet, so I waited, The closest I come to routinely eaten unconventional breakfast, it would be cold pizza. Other things I will eat for breakfast that would be unconventional, cold hunk of lasagna, a cold hunk of steak, or pork chop.
  6. Tycho AFV for my NOVA Corp soldiers - WIP

    Way cool. Crossing fingers that tomorrow morning you have a great start.
  7. Sanael, That plaid is looking awfully nice. The high of the blue square intersections make it pop! Overall I think the lines on her are looking good.
  8. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    I have three pieces that I swear by. My Woolrich Red Plaid Wool Hunt Coat My Scarf and my Yukon Sheepskin Hat. I guess my favorite is my Woolrich Red Plaid Wool Hunt Coat.
  9. Ma'al Drakar 77580

    The heads look amazing!
  10. Sculpting and casting

    Good Luck
  11. Happy Birthday MissMelons !!!

    Happy Birthday!, May it be filled with Friends and Family.
  12. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    Agreed The Honey Do List
  13. Veterans Day 2017

    To all of you that have served. Thank You!