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  1. You must have hit Submit just before I did, and isn't "soon" supposed to be trademarked?
  2. Liking my previous post is not an answer Uber.
  3. Uber did you ever get any artwork up on those walls?
  4. Metalchaos Thank you I rate it up there with your Hydra to Tiamat conversion! And for those of you missed it you should go check it out.
  5. Okay settling in for the long haul!
  6. Happy Birthday! May it be filled with friends and family!
  7. Gratz! Bryan!
  8. This looks great! Outstanding job GlenP!
  9. Happy Birthday! May it have been filled with friends and family!
  10. Great Red!, Nice and smooth
  11. Happy Birthday! May it be filled with Friends and Family.
  12. Happy Birthday! May it be filled with friends and family.
  13. This is from my WIP on my Game Room. I had printed hex and square grids for use on my 4' x 8' table. A brief update. I had 1" grids printed up, both a hex and square grid 42" x 90" to slide under the acrylic top of my table to allow for easy swap outs of grids as need for gaming purposes. The grids I created with the site that Arc 724 mentioned in Watchman's 3D Terrain Boards WIP I had them printed on 28lb bonded presentation paper, for approx $13 each.