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  1. chaosscorpion

    Happy Birthday chaosscorpion

    Thank you all. I had a relaxing day with my family.
  2. chaosscorpion

    Owl Coin

  3. chaosscorpion

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    Way Cool!
  4. chaosscorpion

    Dreadmere Begins...

    Great Work, I love the bases, the foggy water looks cool. Almost gives the impression of a mist hanging over the water.
  5. chaosscorpion

    2018/19 Lunch Sessions I: Batting clean-up

    And to think that I thought you stopped eating lunch and starved to death
  6. chaosscorpion

    Snakeman Warrior - 77153

    Very well done.
  7. chaosscorpion

    Skadi, Dwarven Goddess

    Well done!
  8. chaosscorpion

    77497: we have to go smaller!!

    Marineal, They look great!
  9. chaosscorpion

    07008: Luwin Phost, Adventuring Wizard (Bobby Jackson)

    much improved!
  10. chaosscorpion

    Grenadier M313 WIP

    love the dino
  11. Skin tones look marvelous.
  12. chaosscorpion

    Cthulhu Wars: Athlach Nacha

    Gruesome piece. Well done!
  13. chaosscorpion

    Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

    Nicely done!
  14. chaosscorpion

    07005: Cairn Wraith

    Well done!
  15. chaosscorpion

    Happy Birthday,CleverCrow!

    Happy Birthday! May it be filled with friends and family!
  16. chaosscorpion

    WOC88361, Ogre Trooper

    Looks really great Metalchaos!
  17. chaosscorpion

    Ying Jiang - Bushido

    Very nice whites on your two miniatures!
  18. chaosscorpion

    23 additional September figures

    See you got your mage done. He looks good. Liking the gorgon and the blood/death mist!
  19. chaosscorpion

    Happy Birthday Dr Bedlam!

    Happy Birthday! May it be filled with friends and family!
  20. chaosscorpion


    These are really cool conversions.
  21. chaosscorpion

    8 Bones Orcs

    Great Job Adrift!
  22. chaosscorpion

    77462: halfling cook

    Great Job! and I agree that the apron is very well done.
  23. chaosscorpion

    Kristof65's new painting/gaming area

    Kristof65, Looks great! and it is so cool when you get to do projects like this with your wife. My wife help so much with the redo of my game space.
  24. chaosscorpion

    New hobby room set-up advice

    Peg boards are great. See my thread on my game room makeover. There are pictures of my peg board storage.
  25. chaosscorpion

    Happy Birthday fishnjeeps

    Happy Birthday!, May it be filled with friends and family!