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    Definitely going to keep it smaller this time around. Or at least try to... And why, oh why, do Stonehaven and Reaper keep having their kickstarters at the same time!
  2. Oh, awesome, I wasn't able to get that set during the Kickstarter. I will definitely be picking him up.
  3. Wait, what? This sounds amazing!

    Hopefully I will have some funds to throw at it. I think I am going to go piecemeal this time, instead of getting the 'Vampire' package. That Zombie Dragon looks awesome though.
  5. Fulfilling

    Yeah, T'Raukzul is definitely at the top of my 'to buy' list once these start hitting retail, along with the giants. They are my biggest 'coulda, shoulda, woulda' of this KS.
  6. Fulfilling

    This might vary by region, but typically I've had UPS deliver to residential addresses later in the evening in my experience. I got one as late as 8pm once, so here is hoping!
  7. Fulfilling

    My stuff is officially out of UPS's hands and in USPS's hands as of yesterday. It has left Federal Way WA and will be here... June 17th according to USPS . Hopefully it wont actually take almost 2 weeks to get here from there, it isn't that far.
  8. Fulfilling

    Looks like my box o'bones is being passed off to USPS today, so it may be in my hands by the end of the week *crosses fingers* In the mean time, I have finally got around to painting my Khanjira. He's coming along nicely I think. It's... weird, painting something this big.
  9. Fulfilling

    AHA! yup, all the way back on page 363. He's a bit bigger than I thought he would be (EDIT: Although, I still want a Khanjira sized mecha/golem/robot). and Goremaw is HUGE, really regret not getting one from the KS. Really kicking myself on all of the Giants as well... and the some of the Dragons especially T'raukzul.
  10. Fulfilling

    I may have missed it but, does anyone have pictures of the Iron Golem/Robot looking guy from the Stoneskull expansion? My stuff left Fort Worth yesterday, no delivery estimate though . From the looks of things, it will get passed to USPS at some point for final delivery. It's the one thing I don't like about living in Alaska, higher costs for slower shipping.
  11. Fulfilling

    OMG you're amazing! I just got the email! Woo! OH and my box is exactly 10 lbs. apparently. That's the core set, Ma'al drakar and the Stoneskull expansion.
  12. Fulfilling

    October 6th
  13. Fulfilling

    Froghemoth is one of the add on's I wish I could have gotten. One of many... I'll be making several large orders once these Bones 3 starts showing up for purchase on the Reaper Store. Still waiting in Wave 2 I'm hoping to get a shipping notice today *crosses fingers*. Living in Alaska, it will take about a week to get to me.
  14. It'd be fitting if the mini ended up being some kind of fool or jester.
  15. Fulfilling

    I wish I had known. I finalized my pledge a while ago, but I had been waiting to add more. I was moving for the last part of May/Early June so I completely spaced it. Oh well, I got the Stoneskull expansion and Ma'aldrakar, the two most expensive things I was after. I'll have some Giants, Corsairs, Goremaw, a cannon, some Undying Lords. Maybe some Space Mouselings... some dragons... some Crusaders... ...air elementals... ..that Solar. Maybe some Mythos and Graveyard stuff... Ya know... just... a few things here and there to get after they go retail.