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  1. The majority of my weekend was lost to some B.S., so I didn't get a lot more done on the giant. Here's the dungeon floor under the giant I started. I used the Reaper Violet Shadow as the basecoat, Reaper Coal Black to line the tiles, and Reaper Royal Purple as the highlight. The lighter edging on the "front" side of the floor is Reaper Gem Purple. Looking for a cool, odd colored flagstone floor color that the giants deep underground would have used or employed others to use for floor tiles. Thinking of adding graphite from a pencil to add some silvery veining. Thoughts and comments are welcome. Stay Tuned and Enjoy!
  2. Under the Repaint & Rebuild column, we have the Ral Partha Frost Giant, 11-436. A classic version of the Frost Giant for Ral Partha's AD&D line back in the day. Amusingly, I was rather proud of this paint job back in the day. I cut the base out of thick clear plastic and then edged it with a rotary tool. Mixed snow, sand painted white and such to cover the large integral base and painted him up. However, on his way to an early days Finger Lakes Paint Day, he and a few other minis got unceremoniously dropped on the floor in their container. They weren't individually contained. They were just pulled from the shelf, loosely wrapped in paper towels to keep them bouncing off each other and taken in to show off. However, I didn't get out the door before my elbow bumped something and wham, down they went. The Frost Giant comes apart at the waist and the shield comes off. Naturally he came apart at the waist and in my heart sunk condition I shelved the whole box and didn't touch it again until recently. So, I dipped him, cleaned him and re-based him yesterday at paint day. With one distinct difference in the base ... The ice sheet of his old base is now the ice sheet sitting on top of water on top of his new base. The base is one of the 2-inch tile squares I use a lot with a 1-inch plastic tile holding up the old base: I used Golden Heavy Gel with no coloring as the water between the top and the bottom bases after painting the lower base with an aqua/sea blue I mixed from Warpaint Hydra Blue and Reaper Ultramarine Blue. I added a skull floating/hanging in the ice/water near the front of the base to add SKULLZ for my buddy @ub3r_n3rd because ... SKULLZ!! I painted that up on a stick beforehand and used part of the stick to help plant the skull in the gel after I had "cooked" it to set a bit. Speaking of cooking it. I improvised a low-heat method to "bake" the mini all day after assembly: All lights are energy efficient but still generate a lot of heat using the metal shades and the direct contact of the bulb under him. Last night when the gel had contracted a lot, I added more gel to fill the gaps back to the edges of the tile. Here's a close up of the skull. I also sprayed the giant later last night after masking off the base. I am back in the office today to do a little work and paint. So he's back on the lamps "baking" the gel. Upcoming: Ice ... I am going to use the crackle effect I got from Ub3r to create a cragged, icy appearance on the plastic base and bring it level with the integral base to a degree. The plastic base will be painted an icy blue to show through the cracks. Gloves and Sleeves ... I painted his hands as gloves last time to avoid messing with full blue skin. However, this time I plan to add more blue to him. Whether the blue will be in the form of bare hands or bare arms I am unsure. More Water ... as the latest gel contracts I will likely have to add more gel to get it level again towards the edges. I expect should give me some nice edges within the water to look through. Shield ... gonna put some more effort into the shield this time and paint a device on it. Part of the reason I left it off. Stay tuned and Enjoy!
  3. Hanging out with Fire Giant Jailor at Paint Day, yesterday, watching our favorite Christmas Movie:
  4. Quick pic ... I painted rust on his collar. Still a bunch more details but I like it so far. More pics tomorrow night. Stay tuned.
  5. Sadly, I don't have this Monday off. So, I will only have the minimal weekend progress to post tomorrow. Perhaps some Monday night progress if I don't have to stay to late. Stay tuned.
  6. So, last night after making the chart, I applied the Reaper Spattered Crimson as his basecoat for the skin. I left the vein on his back arm to see if I like a purple over the lighter color or I like the purple over the red. There's another vein on his other arm. Stay Tuned and Enjoy!
  7. So with the last Fire Giant I started with Reaper Red Shadow and then brightened him up with Auburn Shadow. This time I lined him with Reaper Red Liner and I think I will basecoat him with Reaper Spattered Crimson. I took a few minutes to run through the various reds I have in the ballpark of what I want and put them on a sheet of very white paper with a barcode for color correction. Here's what I have: I think in the end with the Spattered Crimson base, I can take it to the Garnet Red or Vallejo Red for the highlighting. Thoughts?
  8. Last night the Jailor got his skin lined using Reaper Red Liner and I basecoated the handle of the hammer with more. Then the chainmail loincloth, the chain wrapping his arm and his chain whip were basecoated with Reaper Coal Black. Stay Tuned.
  9. I think it's the lanky old school D&D style with the nose overlapping the mouth and forward jutting face. As I mentioned I have the older ones from Ral Partha's AD&D line ... (from dndlead.com): I have two and both are actually painted up. Not great but not bad. I am fairly certain they are shorter than the fellow above and most of the Reaper trolls.
  10. As I stated, I am working on a lot of projects involving the various Joten Horde I command and so I managed to acquire this one on Black Friday at my FLGS, Millennium, in Rochester, NY. Wizkids :: Troll :: Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures™ This appears to be a direct response to Reaper's Bones line. It comes pre-primed with Vallejo Grey Primer and that wafer thin base AND the integral base. As you can see this is a classic Dungeons & Dragons portrayal of a troll. I've always enjoyed this kind and have a couple of classic trolls from TSR in the same vein. As I mentioned, I above, he came with a really thin base to put him on and the integral base. Wasn't a fan of either so I cut the integral base right off and glue him to a piece of shale to add some weight to the miniature. I also glued that to a architectural tile sample. Then added some bark. One piece to represent a log coming from below the rock he's standing on and the rest to increase the uneven terrain feeling. I added the course and fine sand to give the whole thing some texture. Afterward, I sealed the whole base with a quick coating of Testors Dullcote and then primed it by hand with some Reaper Grey Primer. Some points about the model... It says high-definition and it certainly seems to be of very good detail. You can see a nice definition with the knuckles and veins on his hands and wrist. That said, what annoys me is the mold line through his left cheek and his hair. The rest of them are in the usual spots, along his chest sides and either side of his limbs. The price point for the Bones Trolls compared to this troll at the store ($5) are roughly the same. I look forward to adding him to the crew and I think I might continue my Abomination style skin on him that I used for the Mountain Troll, The Skull Collector. Enjoy and Stay Tuned!
  11. I got the wee laddie primed today with Armory Spray Primer: Up next some lining and the basecoats. Enjoy!