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  1. Perhaps I will clean it up and repaint it. Someday.
  2. No, but I did bring my vintage green Swingline Stapler.
  3. In old office news ... It took two trips in my pickup to dump our eWaste at the landfill's dropoff point for proper recycling of computer equipment. The landfill has 10-inch speed bumps all the way back to the drop off point. The first trip through I bounced the truck off the ground after the bumps three times. Ugh. We had servers companies hosted with us and left with us 6-8 years ago, old battery backups, some of our old servers, our old work computers, and old VGA monitors one of which weighed at least 50lbs by itself. Amusingly. trash wise, we only filled two largish roll out trashcans worth. Stuff that had been stored against future use but never happened and such as well as broken or even mystery stuff that we pulled from the crevices of the office. At least I won't have to return to the landfill any time soon ... damn. Have to go back in two-three weeks to pick up my truckload of free mulch. Oh well.
  4. Got my my desk settled out yesterday so I can get some work done. Bought a new chair at Staples called the Osgood during their chair sale. It will likely change position a few times in the near future. I will post updates and make a tour video at some point.
  5. Ugh. Tired. This video was from this morning after the movers hauled away the first load to the new office. I will post more pics and such aa I get the old office settled and the new office fully setup. Stay tuned.
  6. Yeah, it's made to go on canvas paintings so it needs to stay put on near vertical surfaces. I expected a small amount of contraction, which it did; especially under a lamp. Mixed with a faster drying acrylic paint, the drying time decreases a little as well. If I can find time later tonight or tomorrow, I will post a new pic of the globe. The blue green areas are much darker now since the heavy gel has cleared up more.
  7. I agree, it was a cool looking Earth-like planet but I am making the ones from the game so perhaps I will do one for fun later
  8. Back to Planetoid B. I basecoated the land masses with Vallejo Medium Grey. Makes the crevices pop. I will add striations to the masses next. Once all of the land masses have some variations painted on them, I'll coat the whole thing in some Golden Heavy Gel and let it set for some rudimentary gases assembled around the planetoid. Stay tuned.
  9. Here's some pics of Planetoid A which is very much like the moon with craters, etc. I started with the same base of a Plastic Practice Golf Ball and wrapped that in masking tape. Then I coated all of that in a heavy craft glue and waited for that to mostly dry. Then I started layering on black ballast using the same heavy craft glue and spraying down the layer with DullCote between layers and drying times. This is the last plain layer. The next layer after this one, I added a bit more ballast and then went in with a clay shaper and added a few starting craters to get a starting point. Then I took that layer and instead of DullCote, I sprayed it with gray primer. More to come. Stay tuned.
  10. After some effort, and a couple of steps that I didn't take pictures of here's a shot of where I am at: Here's what went into this so far. I primed the whole thing with white spray primer. Then painted it with a wash of Army Painter Hydra Turquoise. Then I mixed Vallejo Satin Varnish, Reaper Spruce Green and Golden Heavy Gel into a mix and spread that over the whole orb and especially down into the crevices. Once it had set a lot under the lamp, I sprayed the whole thing with Testor DullCote to expedite surface drying. Then after a few hours more under the lamp, I sanded back the outer surface. So far so cool. The next step for this bad boy is to paint the "masses" with several grays and then fill the whole thing over with heavy gel left plain. In a bit, I'll post up the efforts on Planetoid A, which is the one with the moon like surface including craters, etc.
  11. Hmmm. After reviewing some choices for crevice filling and with an eye towards the gas giants I think I will utilize Heavy Gel Medium to get the correct surface level effect. First, on the rock planetoid above, I think this one will get a bright lining in the crevices followed by some teal/turquoise mixed with Heavy Gel for the pre-atmosphere. The remaining exposed bark will get the rock treatment. For the gas giants I think I will layer the fibers and foam into the Heavy Gel. Should help with the "gas" effect. Thoughts are welcome. Might check out some alternate mediums that might dry a bit quicker than Heavy Gel. As a side note, I am also considering painting in a dark side to each planetoid, since the board game has a light source at the center of the game. This should help make the planetoids look "in scale" a bit more
  12. Amusingly, in the game it could be. LOL
  13. So, after a little effort upon returning home this evening, the planetoid has been sanded down to "smooth" with the majority of the crevices intact. I have to fill in some and re-sand those pieces but still, so far so good. Here's a nice shot of it. And here's a quick video of it spinning. WOOT! Video!
  14. I'm cool with some slight "cheese" factor. I also don't have to settle on any one type of construction method. I can make MANY different types of planetoids. To learn more about the game you can check out the Draft Rules from the KS or search for the game online. And while the images on the placards and tokens are almost finished worlds, I was thinking more protoplanet. Thank you. My next step, will actually seem like a step backwards. I plan to sand the bark down to smooth out the surface considerably. I sprayed it gray so you could see the cracked surface I had built from the bark without the various colors of the bark. There are some ridges I like where the surface might still be erupted from a new asteroid being added to its mass or something but for the most part, I am much more interested in the crevices. From there, I will even out the surface even more to bring it more inline to the micro-scale we need. To achieve this look, I think I will mix a small amount of clear glue with translucent paints and see what kind of effects I can get layering these in to the crevices. There are two rock planets in the game and there are two gas giant planets. I'll be using the same practice golf ball as the base for these gas giants ... it's just going to be a matter of which materials I utilize for them and how I plan to build them into "rough" protoplanet gas giants. I expect the following to be utilized: ground foam ... mixed with glue and swirled onto the base as the "clouds"; they will cause fractals in the cloud formations textile fuzz and lint ... also mixed with glue and swirled onto the base to mix in with the other clouds; these will be mostly flow but some tension in the fibers will pull creating zigs and zags Both combined should create some cool planetary effects. I will have some pics tonight I hope. Sanding is something I can do while working. LOL Sadly, new office will have carpet. Gonna have to invest in a good, small vacuum for my desk area.
  15. Non-Reaper Show Offs: Thrym Construction/Side Projects Wall-Mounted, Lighthouse "Fairy Garden" (a Present for Mom)