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  1. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter so you can earn more every week. Figmentus be Praised! ~ aside ~ He's a god right? Figmentus? Sounds like a god. Yeah. Definitely a deification thing.
  2. Thank you. Game Kastle is on the other side of the U.S. from me. They have a ton of clearance on their website. I posted about it in the Department of Acquisitions! I got the Herald of Blood and more ... The closest FLGS's from me that carry actual miniatures are in Rochester, Syracuse or Ithaca ... all of which are about equidistant from me (40-60 minutes away). So, I also shop online a lot.
  3. YAY! Clearance items begotten from Game Kastle and I managed to find not one but TWO of the minis from my wishlist in their clearance!! WOOOHOOO! HERALD OF BLOOD This golem or construct of the gnomes from deep within the world is brilliantly painted by Martin Jones in the Reaper Catalog: Painted by Martin Jones And while I didn't want his work to influence mine I will be doing at least two things the same: A. Glowing Runes and Eyes B. Not Stone Spikes I assembled this gentleman first with the idea of "full menacing pose" so both arms are over his head. And amusingly, without referencing the above image, I swapped his arms. So to start off, here he is Primed, Basecoated in Vallejo Game Color Yellow Olive and the Runes are in Vallejo Panzer Aces Stencil. GOAL!!!! On the base, is a piece of slate and green stuff to simulate cavern floor. Two fallen or unused mine supports are behind him. What's next ... well, I think the final colors are going to be Purple / Black Granite with a Green under-color. The Runes will be a glowing Reaper Rach Red . The Spikes will be converted into Crystals. Which might entail some blunting of the ends to get a more crystalline appearance. These crystals will ultimately be Red/Purple or Purple/Green to fit the theme so far. ENJOY and Stay Tuned!
  4. Game Kastle took over FRP Games and I got a notice in my e-mail along with 5,000 points toward their loyalty system. Naturally, that got me looking through their clearance like I always do with FRP, and of course, an order. Here's what I ended up with on clearance: REAPER MINIS: Warlord: Meridh, Elven Sergeant RPR14217 $2.70 Warlord: Dwarven Miner RPR14406 $2.70 Warlord: Bloodstone Gnome Bodyguard Captain RPR14556 $2.47 Warlord: Icingstead Barbarian RPR14562 $3.37 Warlord: Bloodstone Hok Sergeant RPR14567 $2.70 Warlord: Herald Of Blood, Bloodstone Warlord RPR14626 $2.77 Chronoscope - Chronotech: Turk, Space Salvager RPR50110 $2.70 P-65 Heavy Metal: Franc Jeunoir, Assassin RPR65057 $0.75 P-65 Heavy Metal: Balthazar Ironfaith, Cleric RPR65087 $1.05 As you can see, I started in on the Herald of Blood yesterday during our local Finger Lakes Paint Day. OTHER STUFF: Battle Bases: Wasteland Bases, 50x50mm (1) MASB02805 $1.09 Battle Bases: Wasteland Bases, Round 60mm #2 (1) MASB02824 $1.12 Warmachine: (Mercenaries) Privateer Press Gangers (2) PIP41059 $1.50
  5. *walks in ans admires the shiny new thread* Niiice! *kicks it and sits down* Cool. Comes with the @OneBoot warranty. Excellent. I'll take it! ~~~ Acquisitions: Four new Vallejo Model Color paints from Hobby Lobby. As well as some green foliage on clearance.
  6. Two cents: Balcony overlook could just be a 1/2 inch deep. Architecturally they are intended to give a person just enough room to stand into the space to see and be seen. 1/2 inch equates to about 3 feet. So an arch 2 inches long and 1/2 inch wide would not over crowd the piece but would echo the space where the demon is being summoned, improving symmetry. The wizard can then step forward more to see the fight below and maintain LOS.
  7. New comic ... new graphics added to Information Thread: And a bonus few graphics based on the Small World Heroes from the social media add-ons. Enjoy!
  8. Funded

    New cartoon, so new Arnise - Dazzled: Enjoy SPECIAL ECLIPSE EDITION! Mr Bones' Adventurers Greys: And the villainous Monique:
  9. If anyone else wants help planning dioramas, etc. please feel free to hit me up on social media or ping me for help on here. The new @membername feature is nice for getting people's attention. I may not have a lot of time to work on my projects but it's not really a huge thing to chat on instant messengers apps about stuff. Back to the WIP!
  10. PACK TERRAPIN is likely what I would paint first. Right up there with his handler. That fellow, with a torch perhaps, matches a Player Character of mine. In honor of Izzy's work, Terrapin Badges: Because, why not?
  11. Funded

    From Izzy's artwork above, Terrapin Badges:
  12. A couple more badges online: Also, on the score of what people are pledging for ... like most I have a LOT of minis. 20 or so. Here's the history of my pledging so far: Bones 1: Double Vampire plus most Add-ons ... this was because of the trade-in of Sophie and where I landed monetarily. Bones 2: This was a split buy between me and another family. Splitting the core which we were so-so on, I bought all the giants, Mashaaf and Khanjira, and they bought most of the dragons and we split Expansion 2 because that's where the Shadow Bones were. Bones 3: Just myself again, I didn't get the Core set and cherry picked from it. I bought all the giants (naturally), Goremaw, and the Armory stuff I always get the Elemental, Ghost, Shadow Translucent Bones because they are friggin cool. Which leads me to point out we haven't seen any YET in Bones 4 I always get the paints. The usual two sets are listed already but the first set is literally already existing paints (not complaining, I don't have most of them). So maybe we'll see a C set. And now Bones 4: The expansion sets have been mostly misses for me in each of the previous campaigns. Either they haven't had much I wanted (1 or 2 pieces) or they were just not interesting at the time. BUT so far #1 AND #2 are both awesome. I play Shadowrun, Firefly and Gamma World, so the Chronoscope stuff is very appealing this go around. And Dreadmere is just amazing. Now the question remains, what's Expansion #3 going to look like? The Core Set ... Bones 3 core set didn't really do much for me. The initial batch weren't overly useful. I didn't need Lizardfolk, etc.but so far in Bones 4, this has been awesome as well. I have seriously been making plans for gaming based on the minis in the core set. Add-ons ... this is where Bones KS shine for me ... GIANTS! No disappointment here so far ... Fire Giant Huntsman and Hill Giants so far. Dragon Turtle, yup. Skeletal Monsters, check! So, according to the Pledge Manager ... I am up to the most I've spent for any KS so far ... already. $380. Naturally, this is the year I have even less money than normal. Truck's transmission just ground to a halt. Roof has a leak. Taxes on the house went up! So, a hearty thank you to Reaper for making it WAY TO EASY for me to add more funds to this endeavor after the KS is over. Bastards! God, I love you guys. BRING IT ON!! I CAN TAKE IT!
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    From the latest comic strip:
  14. If Jabba the Hutt had legs like that, he'd at least be more mobile.