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  1. THAT'S NO MOON! Capturing Space Pokemon long ago in a Galaxy far, far away!
  2. If you can figure out a way to make it work, the air elemental stuff would be cool. Not just to be less dramatic to showcase but also because it's clear Bonesium and thus another level of skill to show your family. Using that fairy in there would be awesome.
  3. SKULLZZ! Yup ... in the space next to the left of Dice with Death is the Crypt, and the Grim Reaper strides across the land finding players to take. So, I am thinking of making the column a pedestal for a special Grim Reaper's d6 and adding two tiny d6 to represent the two d6 he uses in the space within the Inner Region. Dice with Death square artwork from the "video game". The Crypt space is to the left of it. While the Grim Reaper shown in the game is plain, the new Lord of Death mini is more elaborate. However, his new scythe matches the artwork around the card. If you didn't guess from my post, that is my leaning as well. But I am all for someone to convince me to the Grave side. At least until I plop the shield on the column. Speaking of columns ... I've decided to go with a plaster on stone motif for the column. Something like this: The stone work underneath will be the base cork pieces. I imagine I will have to sculpt the column on to the existing facade but I did recently buy plastic cake risers that I will check out first. If those work, then time to cut some plastic. Keep your thoughts coming. Nothings set in stone ... until it is set in faux stone.
  4. HEY HO! I'm back ... sort of. Things are finally starting to wind down at work. I haven't had my new employee start yet (July 5th) but we're hitting the slow season. New work will continue to come in but the pile-on won't be there. So, while I have a couple of projects sitting on the shelves ... Thrym's WIP List ... I did receive my Bones 3 order and feel the need to replace the Reaper in Talisman with a much more WORTHY version. For those that don't recall or have never seen the Reaper in Talisman ... here's a version: Plain jane Reaper. Which is fine. BUT ... my poor fellow is just a little tipsy: I specifically tilted him on his new base but he's still listing quite to the side. So time for an upgrade! One of the issues I have with Bones in general is Weight. They need a little metal shot or something in the middle of them for weight. Anyway, I started resolving this by adding the weight to the base of the mini. But this is the REAPER of all the LANDS of TALISMAN! He needs something significant. So, i am showing him with a partial column behind him and will continue the bone pile he comes with around him using the skulls and pieces @ub3r_n3rd and i bought in on. Here's the start: The partial column is made from cork rounds I cut down to a particular slice and stacked with a support wire through to the bottom and super glue between each slice. I plan to soak the cork with some diluted white glue and then spray the whole thing with Dullcote to seal it. I think I will be adding the one of the shields from the various Bones weapons kits to the column. It's down to a toss up between: Of course, your first thought is ... duh, Grave. But, the second one is just as creepy as a piece of the column. Especially if you are a Doctor Who fan these days. With the skulls and bones littering the ground, I think the Virtue one might be the better route. But ... Grave. Duh! Hit me with your thoughts! Since the Lord of Death is standing on a tilted grave stone, I will add at least a partial one somewhere I think also leaning. There you go, the layout of the project and concept. Enjoy and stay tuned!
  5. fulfilling

    Glad to have you back down, @Dan Goodchild. My Box O' Bones was present for the FLP&G Day, so Dan got to see a few of the goodies early. I was sorting them into the "masses" cases for future consideration of painting and current use of gaming. I very much cherry-picked this round. Lots of giants! My Brethren! Goremaw ... as seen on my desk hanging with Kaladrax.
  6. It was nice to get a visit from @Dan Goodchild and his buddy, Derek, for Paint and Game day. Had a great day even though I didn't get much actual painting done. See above. I did get the new office organized for future events. Brought in my Black and Decker Hand Cart for moving stuff about. Though I am not sure if it will be staying. Got all the tables back in to the office along with all of the supplies. We watched Logan. Talked various topics. Did the office tour. Walked to my favorite Mexican restaurant, El Bajio, for dinner. All-in-all, a great Paint Day. Would be more awesome if I had more time to paint outside of such days ... but that's real life for you. SOON™ Let's hope we can get the Canadian contingent to return in July. This time with Mrs. Goodchild as well, and perhaps some of the other locals.
  7. Paint day effort ... replacement bunny ear. Cleaned up the whole thing and Satin Varnished it. Will do a spray coat sealer as well.
  8. First Paint & Game Day at the New Office! JUNE 10th from Noon to 10pm (or later) We'll be continuing the Every Second Saturday of the Month schedule. The New on Google Maps I've heard from Dan Goodchild of the Canadian contingent and we might see some of them this time. Let's hope to see a whole bunch of people! I HAVE TONS OF ROOM NOW AND MORE TABLES!!! Post or PM if you want to see this event online. We have the video capability!
  9. I have some old school ... school desks from the 50s I think. Basically a box on four legs with a pencil holder gouged out of it. They do have cross bars for stability. Amusingly damned sturdy. They have held up as TV stands better than actual purpose bought TV stands for my kids. My daughter has her 32 inch on hers. My son has a heavy 27-29 inch console TV on his.
  10. Here's the same POV (or nearly) but shot with daylight. Not a lot of difference. Still enjoying having finally framed it and hung it. WOOT!
  11. Hung it. Point of View from my desk: Close up: It's late here so there isn't any natural lighting. Both shots are with lamps and overhead fluorescent lights on.
  12. I think I will hang it right about ... here: Drawn on my phone! LOL Just waiting for the boss to pack up after his Golf podcast from the studio before I go making a ton of noise putting that up.
  13. I took the Dragon Print out to get it framed at my local framing shop here in Seneca Falls. Museum Glass and great frame ... $75. "Bronze Dragon" by Stan Bruns Now to hang it.
  14. Posted to my Blog:
  15. Took a pic of the Jailor, Solar, Ogre and Kagunk with some others in the background for scale.