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  1. Thrym

    Death Dealer Animal - Sketch

    No argument from me. I didn't make that picture and would have prolly just used a skull there.
  2. Thrym

    Death Dealer Animal - Sketch

    I do like his other Muppets one with Animal ... Bad Company, Muppets Style: http://markchilly.blogspot.com/2013/04/bad-company-muppet-style.html
  3. Death Dealer Animal Sketched on Samsung Note 8 using SketchBook app from AutoCad. Not a mini but at least it's something creative! Yay! Drew this for a friend based on the barbarian image of Animal (shown second, not my image). I joked that he'd like the image more if it was Animal as Death Dealer and decided to draw it. This is the Barbarian image I shared on his wall on Facebook because he enjoys the character. Found the original image by Mark Chilcott (Gallery)
  4. WOOT! Billed my maintenance client 21.5 hours of work this month. Closing in on the first finished website for Foothold Digital as well.
  5. Nice. Got a bite off of LinkedIn. An agency that has a "started" website but looks like they need someone to bring it home. Bit of a drive to meet with them but once that's done, it should be smooth sailing to get this one done. Assuming the numbers and timeline all fall into place. If you want to connect to me on LinkedIn you can find the link in my profile, @Thrym I list myself as Owner / Developer of Foothold Digital as well as Owner / Publisher of Miniature Gaming Guide (my Miniature Gaming Industry news aggregate website). I'll add my Markshire Studios / WoldStand display base business to LinkedIn when I get back to working on it. :)
  6. Just finished my first quote/proposal for a potential client. Amusingly, similar to my old company, it's for a pair of news websites and a print service. Sending it out tomorrow after a few more eyes proofread it.
  7. I created the Testimonials page for my website and then put together a Facebook post for it (an likely other media). Facebook Post: Switched to a screenshot, instead of a direct link to the ad. Advertising on Facebook has yielded the most results so far business-wise. I scored the recommendations by messaging my LinkedIn list of clients. LinkedIn literally has a "Ask for a Recommendation" button. So I did. On related news ... You'll get another "Thrym's Office" thread in the near future. I'll be rearranging my "dining room" for my office and moving my wife's "crafting" and "writing" station to my current office. It will require some cabling and perhaps some electrical outlet work. Naturally, there will be some office layout and hanging of shelving for finished miniatures, etc. Stay tuned.
  8. Someone asked me on Facebook for the recipe for her skin tones. I finalized what I used: Liner: Reaper Midnight Black Shadow: Reaper Dragon Blue Midtone: Reaper Ashen Blue Highlight: Reaper Sample Color, "Horizon Blue" [link to my Pearltrees catalog entry for it] Enjoy.
  9. "The new phone book is here! The new phone book is here!" Alright, they aren't phone books and yes, they still exist and no I would never bother with an ad in one or listing myself in one. BUT The new BUSINESS CARDS are here! The new BUSINESS CARDS are here!
  10. Highly Recommended! Sweet! For those who are interested Alignable.com is a Local Business-to-Business similar to LinkedIn. Foothold Digital on Alignable
  11. Business cards ordered. Finally. Should be here by next Wednesday.
  12. So, in addition to the job status change it's been fun week or two for incidental issues. A little over a week ago I backed into a pole with my car effectively sidelining the vehicle until I scrape together the deductible. My phone bricked today. So I had to spend nearly $100 to upgrade my phone. Luckily, today I collected my first big deposit. Sadly, it's a check, so it wasn't immediately available for use. The world continues to rotate at least ... for now. When I finish the job I got the deposit for today that's another $1,800. Just have to hustle.
  13. Thanks. Yeah, I never intended to put it in there. And that error for the privacy thing is a recent issue that's cropped up. I would expect that people will be getting it from secure links all over for a bit until the AV/Internet Security software companies get that whole thing settled. Thank you as well. Yeah, the insurance has been mentioned before, and I've actually seen it first hand with the company I just left. /**** REDACTED ****/ No point rehashing that.
  14. Caught the error on the missing t after the fact. Naturally. Sadly, nothing I can do once it's in their inbox. The privacy error is actually a browser error with anti-virus/security programs. Firefox suffers from it the most with a few of the various AV's that do Internet security like Avast. Annoyingly, not much I can do about that either except not use https in my marketing and it will switch automatically when they get to the site. That first link was a copy/paste and the rest were typed out and that's how typos occur. Thank you for looking and testing. Always appreciated. Future email campaigns will be more sales/expertise related.