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  1. ATTENTION TABLE TOP RPGers! It's been a while, so time to start up a group of gamers again. I will be starting a Game Session ... once a month for 4, 6 or more hours at a session starting the week of my birth ... March's fourth week somewhere between the 19th and the 25th. So this is an open invitation to any within driving range of Seneca Falls/Waterloo, NY area who are interested in participating in a month-to-month campaign. This will be a Roleplaying Game with emphasis on the story and roleplaying. Naturally there will be some fighting, adventuring, exploring, thieving, and the like depending on the system chosen. I have two systems that I would like to run .. the first is one I have been sitting on for sometime and features a much more reasonable method of gaming than any system I've played and the second I have just acquired that is also a new style of system for me. DUNGEON WORLD Regardless of your rolls, the story moves forward ... it just might be more complicated than it was a moment before. Fantasy setting with D&D like characters. MOUSE GUARD Based on the comic/graphic novels of the same name. You are mice. Yup, standard size, like in the cover image of the book. But you are one of the Mouse Guard and sworn to protect Lockhaven and the Mouse Territories. The game uses a success dice (d6) system from Burning Wheel. So, if you are interested in joining this gaming adventure, reply or message me to get an invite to the Facebook Group.
  2. Prop :: Ye Old Badge for Play

    Saw the play last night, and yeah, it was out for just about 10 seconds. But the lights they had set made that shiny badge into a mini spotlight. #ProudCrafter
  3. Prop :: Ye Old Badge for Play

    I was also thinking that this would make a great flight base or a stand base for a Captain America type miniature. I might get it back long enough to do a cast of it.
  4. Prop :: Ye Old Badge for Play

    It's that time of year again, the High School Play where my wife, the English Teacher, handles costumes, props, hair and makeup. This year's play is an amusing comedy called ... And I was tasked with creating the badge. It started out as an oval of light weight wood from AC Moore or similar store; approximately, 4.5 in by 2.25 in. I printed a Star out on my computer to size and poked holes into the wood where I wanted the star on the oval. Then I marked the cuts I wanted on the edges to get the "shield" shape for the badge. Then I added cork pieces in the shape of the 5 points of the star from the middle to build the star. After hot gluing the pieces down I sanded a bevel into the shape. Then I skimmed the whole thing with DAS air-dry clay to bulk up the background and smooth the star over. Then sanded it down smooth and sealed it once it had cured. Then sanded down the seal with some fine grit and primed it white. From there I painted the background of the badge Reaper Scorched Metal and the star Reaper Honed Steel. Then to set off the star a bit, I pained just the inset top of the star with Vallejo Silver. Voila! I think it came out nice and should show well from the stage. The back just got a nice coating of a craft paint ... specifically Wrought Iron Black like I used to Prime the Marvel Golems. Of course, it got a heavy coat of Testors Dullcote to seal it all up. Seeing the play this Friday. The prop will likely get all of 10 seconds of visibility. LOL But it's all good practice. Enjoy!
  5. The original one posted in Show Off
  6. Broken Flagstone Courtyard :: Display Base

    Posted my second one in the Show Off.
  7. As mentioned on my previous post, that as aside from my Fire Giant Jailor WIP; I decided to do a few bases based on his for my Etsy site. Here's the second one: Broken Flagstone Courtyard Portal or Statuary Base Display Base You can find my original post for this on my blog: WoldStand
  8. As an aside from my Fire Giant Jailor WIP; I decided to do a few bases based on his for my Etsy site. Here's the first one: Broken Flagstone Courtyard Display Base You can find my original post for this on my blog: WoldStand
  9. Oh yeah. Just a disheartening moment. I can salvage pretty much anything. I rebuilt a really beat-to-pulp Urbanmech that looked like someone had dunked him in acid.
  10. Tragedy struck today. As I prepared to head out for work, I grabbed a baseball cap as usual and wondered where the giant was. He wasn't where I left him. Nope ... he was on the floor. I took a picture and left. I'll do a full assessment when I get home later. Déjà vu.
  11. Paint & Game Day, Finger Lakes, NY

    Was going to have Paint & Game Day today ... then the weather said otherwise. Had to dig out my stuck vehicle and it was just a bit to much. First cancelled Day. Maybe I will reschedule.
  12. Layers applied. Thick layered mix of crackle and matte varnish on top.
  13. Damn, I was trying to be obtuse. You are most welcome. Next, picture. Sorry it's singular. I was rolling along and forgot to take a pic of the upper base once I had basecoated it icy blue. Here's what's going on above: The plastic base was painted with three sets of blues from what I have ... two were sample paints I received from Reaper Blue Flame (link to my paint catalog pic) Reaper LED Blue Reaper Copper Verdigris (to add a little icy blue/green to the mix) Then the start of the crackle layering. Shown is technically the first and second layers combined because the surface it was on and the nature of the medium the paint contracted a smidge and was slightly not level so it looked like the start of an egg in a blue pan. So I did a second layer of the crackle medium. Big thanks to @ub3r_n3rd for a large sample of the stuff. Might use most of it here. The crackle medium has Scale Color's White Pearl added to it. That gives it that eggy look but combined with the blue it forms a nice basis for my ice. I hope. Next: Add matte white-blue ... prolly a 3-part mix of Vallejo Panzer Aces Stencil (my favorite offwhite), the Reaper Sample Paint Blue Flame and more of the Scale Color White Pearl ... that will crackle on the surface of the first layer. Then I will add a near clear layer of crackle medium. I say near clear because I am thinking of adding Vallejo Matte Varnish to it to haze the crackle a bit. The mediumis fairly clear and ice with cracks usually isn't. I will repeat the above layers to get nearly flush with the integral base. I will add a little more of the Golden Heavy Gel mixed with some of the Vallejo Matte Varnish to make some uneven surfaces on the top of the ice and possibly additional snowy segments. Finally, I will cover the ice around the integral base and likely leading back away from his feet to the back of the base with some snow effect, like I did with Frulla. Stay tuned and Enjoy!