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  1. Those ghosts are really cool looking. I think the translucent bones figures will work great - can't wait to see your progress once Bones 4 comes in.
  2. Finished with Harmony. Just need to varnish and remove the masking from her base (I decided to keep the bases free of paint for easy identification on the board.
  3. paedia

    77057: Juliette, Female Sorceress

    Beautiful work. I agree about her nose. Perhaps the line between her nose and cheek is too stark?
  4. paedia

    Talae's Carrion Worm WIP

    I just started using that app a few weeks ago. I didn't know you could use it to help do the actual color scheme picking. (just been using it for cataloging which paints I use on a figure)
  5. paedia

    Talae's Carrion Worm WIP

    That pink-purple with the green is excellent!
  6. You are too kind. This is the first project where I feel like I've begun to grok using the airbrush for more than priming and basecoating.
  7. Got more work done on Harmony. Hair is mostly there, as is the edging on her wings. Did a purple wash on her body, but still need to pick out some details. Colors: Hair topmost highlight: 09276 Vampiric Highlight Wings edging/hands/ears: 09163-09165 Dark Elf Skin Triad + a small amount of 09021: Snow Shadow
  8. I forgot to ask in the post, but does anyone have recommendations for what to use to shade and highlight Redstone? I have the full triad, but I'd like to bump up the contrast a bit more.
  9. Some more airbrush work on Harmony's hair. Colors used (thanks PaintRack): Body: 09266: Violet Light 09267: Sunset Purple 09296: Malvernian Purple -9024: Amethyst Purple Hair: 09025: Burgundy Wine 09026: Violet Red 09027: Pale Violet Red I did a little bit of airbrush shading on Misery's tabbard. I then switched over to brushes for the green bits and some more shading. Colors used: Tabbard 09224: Redstone 09070: Mahogany Brown Green bits: 09082: Jungle Moss
  10. Did some more airbrush work on Harmony's body and based the "hair". Unfortunately, I forgot to get a good picture under my light. I did notice some overspray on the right top wing. I'll fix that up when I switch to brush work.
  11. paedia

    The Exiles

    Her hair and leather bits are great!
  12. paedia

    WIP - Learn to Paint Kit (Core Skills)

    Great job on your first minis - I love the wood grain on the orc's shield. You've also got nice clean lines already. If you are interested in a more worn look for your leather, check out some videos on stippling. Pretty easy technique that gives a really nice effect.
  13. I really like the shading on her underskirt.Also, her skin tone is really nice.
  14. paedia


    For the devil girl, what about a dark green bustier painted with a leather-like texture? It would set off the tone of her skin. I like the Pale Khaki idea for the Ringmaster's pants. Rainbow lollipop on the clown would be really unsettling (i.e. good :D) Using Cheetara from Thudercats as a reference for your Lady Tiger could work.
  15. I haven't gotten it to the table for a play yet (just came in from Kickstarter). However, from the rules, it appears to be a really heavy crunchy area-control/card play strategy game - which is the kind of game I really like. Here's a link to the BGG entry for it: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/218479/cerebria-inside-world