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  1. EvilJames

    Bombshell 2 Relic Meagan

    I have the version he made for reaper as well, its unfinished on the shelf but is part of the reason I tried dark skin for this mini. If there are others then I kind of want to collect them all for a whole pirate team.
  2. EvilJames

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    *walks into thread* 10-4 good buddy. *walks out*
  3. EvilJames

    Dragon Queen

    Very nice. Who makes this one? How big is it?
  4. EvilJames

    77462: halfling cook

    Haha. I really like this little guy. The face is great and the apron turned out wonderful.
  5. Thank you. It's painted. I actually spent quite a bit of time on trying to get the color right.The sculpt for this guy is great.
  6. EvilJames

    Culk, young rake 03452 for my swashbuckling magus

    Thanks. They look pretty good in person too, but I think this is the first time I've had something look better zoomed in.
  7. EvilJames

    Bombshell 2 Relic Meagan

    After making the base for Culk the rake, I made a bunch of others and painted some minis to put on them. This pirate from Patrick Kieth's second Bombshell Kickstarter looked like she would work well with it. Couldn't really tell where her eye was, from some angles it looked like one was sculpted and others like her hair was supposed to cover it all. It actually doesn't look too bad zoomed in right now. Not quite as good from this angle. Got to use some of my Breast Cancer Awareness pink for this mini, which is always a treat. This is also my first attempt at dark skin tones.
  8. Painted this guy for a PFS game at Gencon that I didn't end up playing. Still, I like how he turned out. I removed his dagger but unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to make his hand look better after. His eyes didn't quite turn out and there is something wired about his mouth when viewed up close, but I am very happy with his base. Hmm zoomed in from behind you can still see the remainder of his sword grip. may revisit that and try to fix it.
  9. My wizard Malak and his apprentice Grubb for my Frostgrave team. The wizard is Xi-Han is from GCT's Bushido game and then his apprentice is Lunk. This guy came with a bigger mini that is supposed to be a mutated him that I'll need to paint some other time. Fairly happy with the hat and mushrooms and frog. should have doen something more for his mustache though. It looks ok in person at least. Not super happy with my snow base results this time. Grubb here might see action as his alter ego Lunk from time to time so his base is just a stone base. Most of their crew is done as well. I'll get a group shot when they are all done. (Including the replacements for my lone casualty in our first real game.)
  10. EvilJames

    Warduke (finished, and pic heavy)

    It's on there. He just defines rescuing differently. He rescues them from boring heroes so they can hang out with awesome evil fighters like him. Some might consider that a bit of an embellishment. Then again he is evil, and resumes are all about using the right wording for the job offer. I mean, I'd hire him. Well done on this guy.
  11. EvilJames

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Gah! I forgot about talk like a pirate day! I forgot to make my talk like a pirate thread:(
  12. EvilJames

    New Member, ReaperCon Noob

  13. EvilJames

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Ah. That makes sense.
  14. EvilJames

    Pokemon Go

    My wife was having the same issue. It seemed all other 2nd gen types were crowding out the 3 that could be shiny, particularly sunkerns for the research. I was seeing fewer natu than normal as well. They are usually fairly common here.
  15. EvilJames

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    While I'm glad to hear got ideas to work with, but how come you didn't go with the menfolk to PAX?