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  1. Obviously it's an invisible man mini. It will be super cheap to cast.
  2. I am also unlikely to be going to Reapercon despite actually have vacation time during that week. However my wife will probably not be able to take vacation for it and It wouldn't be as much fun without her.
  3. The dragon game. your post came a second before I hit the submit button. :P
  4. My wife plays that game.
  5. Aw man ketchup ruins everything! Not even mustard can save it now. That's some dedication though, it takes two days to make it. Although I suppose it wouldn't be bad to do in small batches or if you made one big batch of dough and just cooked off that for a while, it might work. Although I suppose, before my family started making it ourselves, we would buy it off an old lady who just did that same thing. When she stopped then we started to do it ourselves. One of our wedding gifts was a lefse griddle so we were planning to try and make it a few extra times ourselves (was going to try making it with blue potatoes we grew last year but they never got big enough.)
  6. To throw people off, it will not, it will be the purest good I can manage. Of coarse that will just be a facade to lure the unsuspecting and then, BAM!! Yep it's evil. Also I'm going to break the rule of not answering a missed question, I know many of us break that rule , but I normally don't, but I am today. My favorite way to eat potatoes is homemade lefse. I usually only get to have it at Christmas, where I drown it in meatballs. and then have as leftovers for a while. A taco or burrito made out of leftover lefse is awesome.
  7. My current space is quite messy and needs to be packed up. I'm hoping my new work space will be a bit more organized. Well maybe not organized per say, but hopefully just better looking, a faux organization if you will. That's the hope anyway.
  8. Funded

    Me too.
  9. Funded

    Down to the last hours now.
  10. Live

    I am in for some cyclopses and probably Mr Fancy Hat (Montezuma) Possibly the pack llama and the ladies if they unlock.
  11. Hardest thing for me is good cloth and OSL
  12. No time for a challenge for me. Still working on my basement workshop/gameroom/wife's goldfish room. It's going along a little slower than hoped as we just put the flooring in but are not finished with it yet as we need to cut the tile so it fits, once that's done the fish can go in but Istill need the paneling for the wall where my desk and the couch will be. So another weekend or two. However if I were to do the challenge Iwould not be able to do OSL since I have tried it twice and failed both times. Once on the KD druid I painted for Gencon last year that just wasn't working out so I painted over and moved on, and once before on an unfinished Kavorgh, orc warlord (I painted his axe an icy blue and I really liked how it looked and decided it should glow, but I haven't been able to get it to look right. Maybe when the room is done I can start again).
  13. Funded

    I should take care of this tomorrow.
  14. Evil is about to have a bad trip.
  15. Warlord

    Kargir has significant bones forces, since most of Tre's black orcs are in bones. As well as the giant and some of the gnolls. Plenty of goblin choices to proxy in as well.