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  1. Kulathi lore ?

    I don't think Reaper has published much lore for their minis. Just bits here and there for the war games they've made. Otherwise, everything is intended to be neat looking yet generic enough that you can slide it into what ever you need. That being said I like what you have there and may steal it should the need arise.
  2. Ogre Clubber

    He looks all set for a night on the town. That dance floor won't know what hit it. He's ready to dance to the beatdown He'll really kill it out on the dance floor Sometimes he's just gotta get out there and swing. ...I'll just go now Not sorry
  3. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    Nope, in fact no one has played a prank on me in quite some time. However, many many years ago when I was but a wee clown. We were visiting my grandparents in Florida for Easter. On Easter morning Grandpa went out and shot at a rabbit that was in his garden. He then came back in and declared that he had shot the Easter Bunny. I don't really remember the incident myself, but I'm told my sister and I did not take the news well. Mom and Grandma were not happy with him.
  4. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    13 years ago today, I took a beautiful woman out on a date.
  5. Hello, it's been a while. Have some picspam.

    Very nice and welcome back. Don't worry I don't think this thread is breaking any rules.
  6. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Since I foolishly didn't get the game in the first KS and can't afford it now even at KS pricing I just have pinups I believe. So I guess I must be wave 3.
  7. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    How do I know what wave my stuff is in?
  8. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    Personally it was a blizzard in February from about 9 or ten year ago. They had to shut down the interstate and send out the national guard to get people off of it. Most of the businesses in my area closed, but not mine. However I called work and told them I couldn't find my car or the red truck parked next to it so I wasn't coming in, they tried to guilt me by saying that they could really use me, but I really had no way of going and it was stupidly unsafe to be out there that night (despite what our idiot center manager thought) Also the interstate was the route I used to work so it just wasn't in the cards. Several friends ended up crashing at our apartment that night since we were closer than home for many of them. We ended up having a Warcraft and other video games party, Sadly my future wife was stuck 45 minutes away in Whitewater with an internet connection that went down if you looked at it sternly. It took me 3 hours to dig my car free the next morning. Maybe 5 years later We had a another blizzard that I did make it to work for but then had to drive home in white out conditions. They eventually shut down the interstate then too but for a while it was the safest route since I had tried the back roads only to realize that I could tell were the road ended on my side and the only reason I knew where it ended on the other side was because of the car stuck there. So I ended up slowly driving the right lane of the bypass towards the interstate, because everyone in the left lane is stuck and going nowhere. Suddenly the car behind me starts blaring his horn at me as if he wants me to hurry up. I'm only barely riding the line between getting stuck myself and sliding into the row of parked cars that is the left lane so I ignore him. I get to the on ramp and the idiot tears off around me on the ramp (which was not to lane and I was in the center of, God only knows how lucky he was to not plummet over the invisible edge right there) and speeds off into the distance. I can only assume he was one of the many cars I saw in the ditch on the way after that point. The road was relatively clear, but visibility was virtually nil and icy spots were everywhere. I made it home with out much further incident though. Just took about twice as long. They wisely shut work down for the next day, not so much for driver and other employee safety but because Chicago got buried so nothing new was going to come in until it got dug out.
  9. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Thanks wasn't trying to do that or anything but if he wants to make me not have to change the litter as often then I won't stop him. Will have to see if it happens again or if it was a one time fluke or something.
  10. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Been just out of touch for a while but thought I'd pop in quick with something random and a bit odd, but I think our big cat just used the toilet. As in not his litter box but the toilet bowl next to it...
  11. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    I don't associate any particular days with food, but snow storms make me want to order pizza for some reason.
  12. Fingerpainted Owlbear 77156

    Dang that's a pretty good finger paint. Didn't think this was one that would work with.
  13. The ones that did all had what they needed. These and the little cowboy appear to be extras.
  14. Some boxes with my Thunderbolt mountain order came today. :) one invoice had some extra weapon sprues stapled too it and the other had very small cowboy in a bag stapled to it. No idea what the little guy is but he is a cool little freebie. Also some elves, goblins and Indians were acquired today. My wife acquired an ballerina fairy princess infantry unit as well as some flying pink pony air support.
  15. Little Woolly -TBM-X4001

    The little guy looks cute. I like the bark on the base. I have some of these coming to me as soon as Thunderbolt Mountain sends em out.