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  1. Well I'm back and mostly rested despite having to go to work. Got home at about 2 am this morning only to find that cat had missed us and had left tokens of his sadness at various points of the kitchen and basement floor and also he had gotten into the basement game room and left a token by my desk there as well. Also I didn't so much as catch con crud as possibly bring it with me. on Thursday night I was starting to feel sick and it was a full blown cold by Friday night. Sorry about that to anyone who may have come into contact with me. Despite all this I still had a good con. The crowds weren't really too bad and our hotel had a shuttle so going back and forth between wasn't insurmountable. I played a bunch of Pathfinder with some good groups, did a brewery tour, and ran the Orc stomp. I failed to buy Starfinder but they sold out of that fairly early. I was going to play one of the Starfinder events but was starting to feel a bit overloaded and decided that gaming all night was no longer feasible for me and backed out of my 2 am Star finder game and one speed paint so I could get some more sleep and spend some more con with my wife. I did not do well in my lone speed paint, it was Darksword and one of the Darksword animal people which was not a strong suit for me. I competed against @klarg1 who did so very much better than I on the mini. I also entered a squad in the painting competition and I got bronze ! This is the first time I've placed ever! Super stoked about that. I had actually watched part of the awards ceremony but couldn't hear anything being said and needed to go get food, but as I walked away I thought I heard my name, but dismissed it since I was not happy with how the group base turned out and didn't expect to place in anyway. When I came to pick up my minis on Sunday I was actually shocked to find out that I had placed. I'll get some pictures of my squad and my speed paint and put them up later this week.
  2. Finishing up packing for Gen Con so this is the last I'll be on till I return on Sunday night. See ya then. (well probably not until Monday really.)
  3. Finishing up packing so this is the last I'll be on till I return on Sunday. See everyone there.
  4. I have all three of the minis from that pic. Didn't realize they were a set as I bought them all separately.
  5. Why would one assume that there will be no more classics? No one knows who's names and bodies of work will remain know 100 years from now. Twain was both thought of as respectable and yet at the same time, crass and vulgar. Shakespeare was not considered highbrow in his day, yet today we discuss him in schools. Who knows whether or not Harry Potter or The Hunger Games will be read and discussed generations from now? King or Pratchett, Jordan or Martin; who's to say? Your great (possibly great) grandchildren, that's who. We chose Twain, we chose Hienlien, generations past chose Shakespeare. Future generations will be the ones to choose what to keep of ours and what to dismiss. All we can do is make it and hope they like it.
  6. On the subject of Vacations, Gen Con will be a vacation for us as we like to be busy. Otherwise we aren't "city" vacationers. However, since spring was so goofy up here this year, the mosquitoes have been pretty brutal and made our first camping trip less than pleasant since they seem to find my wife delectable. The second trip was really more of a motel thing, just in the north woods. Skeets were still so bad though that we only really did one hike, and we kind of rushed it since if we stopped they started attacking again. We have one more trip planned after this. Hopefully, October won't be so buggy. Also on the subject, it's fallen to me to organize a Boundary Waters trip in two years. My parents took us up there several times when I was a kid, and now my siblings and I want to take them up. It was originally going to be next year, but one sister had a surprise that I dn't believe she's fully announced that would make that difficult, so year after next it is. Fun complications: We will likely have too many people since the oldest sister would like to bring her two oldest kids, so we may have to split into two groups, but the best complication is that neither my brother in law nor my other sister's boyfriend have ever been camping. The brother in law is somewhat outdoorsy and amiable to the idea at least, but my youngest sister's boyfriend is a big city kid and until he met her, had never been outside a big city, let alone slept on the ground or paddled a canoe. Hopefully she gets him to try it a little before this happens.
  7. They can be a bit overwhelming at Gen Con. A few years ago they started having a "quiet room" to help people with that. One of our party will often go back to the hotel to decompress when the crowds get to be too much. That's not super convenient if you don't get a downtown hotel room though, which can be difficult. Unfortunately we didn't get a downtown this year and the crowds are going to be about as bad as possible so hopefully the quiet room works out. I do recommend going at least once if you think you can manage. it's certainly an experience.
  8. I have a couple things that need to be finished painting and then clothes to wash and pack, then I should be ready. No new costumes or anything of that nature this year, so nothing that will keep me up late the night before leaving like usually happens.
  9. Dear god the number of times I've lost things because I was "clever". Also Woot! Gen Con incoming!
  10. So there is now just one week before my Gencon vacation starts. Gonna be hard to focus this week. Got lots to do to get the house in order before we go and still have projects to get done for Gencon. One project I mentioned in another thread is shelved until next year. Just could manage my time well enough to do it and everything else.
  11. Live

    A while back I was thinking of starting a thread on that. A little scavenger hunt for all the Reaper characters that have leveled up over the years.
  12. Live

    Just missed wave 2 and landed in wave 3. Right now the base doesn't super excite me, but my wife might be up for the dragon in it. I am up for the giants though.
  13. *Sigh* Porch snake hatching has occurred late this year. So far none in the washing machine but sadly the cat was triumphantly carrying a baby snake in his mouth to show us last night.
  14. They were upscaled in bones 3 but Fire giants are shorter that frost.
  15. Isn't a fire giant supposed to be smaller than a frost giant? I thought they were supposed to look like giant dwarves.