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  1. I have had the "I forgot a class I had enrolled in" Dream at the end of my fist year of college. To date though, that's the only dream "with a name" that I've had, although many many years ago I did have the opposite of the "flying" dream. I had a very vivid and detailed dream that ended with everyone able to fly (on pterodactyl wings) except me.
  2. Hey now. That's uncalled for. One can hardly thank the clown gods for a lack of clowns. Instead one should be wondering what one has done to cause the great Bippo the Painted Smile to forsake you and deny you his children's presence. But to just to show you that the Great Clown Collective bears you no ill will and loves you just the same, despite whatever you have done to anger the Great Circus. I give you this gift.
  3. What Laoke said. Bones don't like water so if you are trying to thin paint with water, and I assume you are since you want to keep the translucent affect, it just won't work well. Try thinning with rubbing alcohal or some other medium, or as Laoke said, try putting a clear coat on first. What ever method you choose, you should be able to use water or whatever you like to thin afterwards.
  4. I think boiling would work. The only thing that it doesn't work on that I'm aware of are Wyrmgear's wings, and those seem to made differently that other bones things, feeling more like plasticard than bones material. I know I've boiled other hard plastic non-bones without too much issue.
  5. Cleric? All I'm seeing is a hex grid, I mean it's a very nice looking hex grid and all, but I thought were suppose to show miniatures in this forum.
  6. Ah, ok, then I totally recommend a speed paint if you can get into one or at the very least got to the paint n take, that runs all day and is free (sometimes a bit of a line though). Also just so you know, attendance for this one is unprecedented (It could theoretically sell out of tickets this year.) So bear that in mind. Most years aren't quite this crowded, it's just had a bit of an uptick recently, and this being the 50th and all.
  7. Depends, are you talking the speed paints? They aren't too bad over all, only reaper does theirs as an actual tournament with rounds. All the other you are only competing with those at your table. I've never placed so far but my wife placed and advanced to the next round at the Reaper one many years ago. I mostly do it because it's a quick fun paint and it's 2 dollars to get a mini that generally would cost more than 2 dollars. I've posted my speed paints from previous years before if you want to see what kind of competition I am. However, if you mean the Gencon Miniature painting contest, then that's a significant increase in competition stiffness.
  8. I would also like a few more weapon sprues and other modding bits. I also would like to see more mounted figures especially things like mounted undead and some generic mounted troops. Also I'd like to see some more of the basic troops from Warlord make it into bones. Things like the dwarven pathfinder or the daughters of Skadi, or the evil armored soldiers from the Overlords.
  9. plasticard would work as well, but i'm not sure where one gets it. Also that hat is awesome.
  10. Nice Squad of baddies there.
  11. Very nice.
  12. I keep looking at theses and thinking that I should really just paint them up. Nice job.
  13. Nice. Now you need the old Ad&D mimic bed or another bones bed to make your own mimic.
  14. Looks like he's trying to poke the camera for getting in his face. Also that snake thing behind him looks like it's about to cause some trouble. I like it.
  15. Nice job on the armor. What's the shield look like?