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  1. Very Nice!
  2. I've bought from Noble knight, but never sold to them. I imagine you would get less from them than you would Ebay most of the time but you'd be able to unload it significantly faster by selling back to a store.
  3. Sympathy like Darsc. If it makes you feel any better, I likely missed my only chance to meet Stan Lee this weekend. He was at C2E2 and I simply wasn't able to manage to go (to many prior commitments and this year is his last con season run )
  4. Hows about this guy? He's big and bearded and not directly threatening. Also this guy is kinda cool.
  5. What kind of instrument and weapon do you picture? Is it human or not?
  6. Last move was Dec 31 2009, when we bought our house. Don't know when the next one will be. Maybe 5 years, maybe 10.
  7. Hey who told him he could leave the porch? Get back under there you! I have solicitors to horrify!
  8. No worries. I doubt the snakes were offended. And I'm really trying to avoid having them as housemates this year. Neighbors is fine, but I don't want to find babies in the washer again. Seriously, it was one snake per load last summer. It's kinda funny. When I was a kid. I looked all over my backyard for snakes and never found them despite them supposedly being all over in the surrounding fields. Living in the city now as a grown up and they are all over my tiny yard.
  9. Taxes done a week or so ago. Much later than usual. Will likely go towards getting the rest of my roof done.
  10. Aw come on. They really are adorable in a snakey sort of way. I just need to plug the hole in my siding so I don't find babies in my washer again and to just keep them out of my basement in general. Particularly since the cats both go down there now and I don't want them to bring me presents.
  11. The snake pit under my house seems to have bubbled over onto my porch this afternoon. Got home from some errands to see a writhing green mass wriggling around on the step and then disappearing into the crack as I approached. I had thought that mating balls were in the fall but I'm not sure what else would have been going on there. It was kinda cute how they kept peeking up from the crack as I was unlocking the door. Made it look like they were checking if the coast was clear or not.
  12. I thought the cultists were Mercenaries. Unless you meant These guys. Then I don't think they were ever apart of Warlord and only show up in the Darkspawn section because it has Darkspawn in the name and the listings are all done through the search engine.
  13. I only have one finished, but have a couple in various stages of starting. Now that my workroom is usable (It is not finished still as I failed to find the finishing piece today.) I should hopefully get some more finished.
  14. That KD Easter mini did not last long. It was gone by the time i found out about the Easter promotion last night. Debating if I want the gladiator or not. That shield is pretty cool looking and would be fun to paint but I'm not fully sold on the mini itself yet.
  15. Ah I see. I bet your cousins in Milwaukee were getting all sorts of fun phone calls. Sympathy liked Flamehawke. That's awful.