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  1. EvilJames

    Kobolds Ate My Baby - 20th Anniversary Zine

    Sad that I missed this. But then I have the original edition and its expansion and the "third edition" that appears to be the one they are actually printing. So I guess it's not too big a deal. I even got to play it again not long ago when my gaming group ran a series of short Halloween adventures. Used the original and the expansion. They are right, it is barely playable. I will have to remember to use the "third edition" next time.
  2. EvilJames

    Black Hallows Townsfolk II

    I'll be watching for this one. The first one came at a bad time for me but March should be a good time for me.
  3. EvilJames

    Help finding beardless dwarf

    how about this guy. 03271: Tamclar the Shorn He's not wearing armor and has a hammer instead of an axe but he's bald and shaved. Maybe a head swap. Hasslefree has two that I am aware of. One with ridiculously bulky armor, mohawk and a big sword and one with a mohawk and no armor but has an axe. Stonehaven also has two. A Mechinist and a guy with a cannon. Both have mustaches though and neither is wearing armor, so probably the least like what you want. That's what I can come up with at the moment.
  4. EvilJames

    Gencon 2019

    Got our rooms. managed to get in early time and got one of the hotels past the football field. Not the one we wanted, but the one just past it. We will definitely be driving so our next task is to decide our car situation. One of our party has to work on the 31st and cannot get out of it so she and her fiancee are heading down the next day. We usually go in two cars with 3 a car but since we'll be down 2 people for the ride down, do we load up in one SUV or stay split up in two smaller cars as we caravan down.
  5. EvilJames

    01433: The Nativity Shepherd

    i really like his eyes. All in all well done. Only critique i could make is maybe the staff could use a little more shade or highlight, but then, if it's for a Christmas display, that might not really be needed. Depending on taste.
  6. EvilJames

    Giant Centipede ( Toob Animal) by Glitterwolf

    They're only about as big as standard human mini. The one that is painted was used for a pack animal in my Pathfinder game and then as a "war dog" in my Frostgrave band. That one took brown liner very well, but I think they were made from a variety of different materials because they all reacted differently. A couple did well with brown liner or brush on primer, a couple other needed spray primer and a few other became tacky with the spray but didn't seem to like brush on either. They've been curing for a while now though so at this point I think they should all be fine. I'll be sure to show them when they are done. At the very least I'll show the first one when I get the last two goblins painted for Frostgrave.
  7. EvilJames

    Giant Centipede ( Toob Animal) by Glitterwolf

    There isn't any single creature that unman's me like a centipede. It's literally my wife's job in our household to kill them. I have no problem with spiders, rats, snakes or any other "creepy crawly." Some I might consider gross, like say a cockroach, but a roach has never made me backpedal and make undignified sounds like certain centipede encounters have. (I have gotten over this to a small degree since then at least). This is horrifying and disturbing to me and that's awesome. Great job! On a related note, I bought a bag of Halloween rats on clearance a few years ago with a similar idea in mind. Got one done for in time for my needs, but I should finish getting the rest of them painted as well for a nice giant swarm.
  8. EvilJames

    0321 Abyst, Demon Lord

    I think this is the first time I've seen this one painted. That sword is awesome! This guy sits near the very top of my shelf, patiently waiting for me to feel ready to tackle him.
  9. EvilJames

    Castle Chamber

    This is really cool! I hope many fun battles take place beneath those arches. I have a couple of Hirst Arts molds, but haven't had the time to really mess with them. Hopefully I'll find some time this summer.
  10. EvilJames

    2018 "lost minis" year in review

    I'm liking the cultist and his robes a lot, even with his wear and tear. A nice looking set of miniatures in general.
  11. A mean looking dude.
  12. EvilJames

    Kev!'s 02018: Cat - InMiPaMo d18

    Nice. I have a few tiny minis I need to tackle.
  13. I see no fail. I do see a gnoll and a shield though. It's good, but I really wanted to see a fail. Edit: ps: sure like to ball. Later Edit: aww you fixed it.
  14. EvilJames

    The Struggle is Real

    The second thing at Christmas, that's such a pain to meee. "Rigging up the lights" "Rigging up the lights!" "Rigging up the lights!!" "Rigging up the lights!!!" "I'm trying to rig up these lights!" "What? We have no extension cords!!?" "Now why the hell are they blinking!?" "One light goes out, they all go out!!" "Get a flashlight. I blew a fuse!" "Fine! You're so smart, you rig up the lights!" And finding a Christmas treeeee.
  15. EvilJames

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    Got mine a bit ago. Forgot to mention it here. Need to find paining time again.