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    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Gah! I forgot about talk like a pirate day! I forgot to make my talk like a pirate thread:(
  2. EvilJames

    New Member, ReaperCon Noob

  3. EvilJames

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Ah. That makes sense.
  4. EvilJames

    Pokemon Go

    My wife was having the same issue. It seemed all other 2nd gen types were crowding out the 3 that could be shiny, particularly sunkerns for the research. I was seeing fewer natu than normal as well. They are usually fairly common here.
  5. EvilJames

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    While I'm glad to hear got ideas to work with, but how come you didn't go with the menfolk to PAX?
  6. EvilJames

    Getting To Know You August

    In summer I often keep butter in the fridge. Having it spoil, or finding it melted and moldy a few too many times in the covered butter dish has made me leery of keeping it out to long. Before I did just leave it out though. Also the most expensive thing I broke was probably my dad's van. Got into an accident on the way back home from buying my sister's birthday present on her birthday when I was about 17. Pretty much totaled it. It had been one of his favorite vehicles to drive too. Kinda wrecked my sister's birthday as well.
  7. EvilJames

    77197 Erick Paladin Initiate

    Nice. His expression looks like he's had a long day.
  8. EvilJames

    Gencon: The Loomining

    Huh usually I put one of these up sooner than this. Just been busy I guess. Who's all going? How did you fair in the hotel lottery? So Sunday was event registration. Did you get into the events you wanted? My group did fairly well at the hotel thing this year even though we had to split the group this year. both hotels are fairly close. I got into most of the events I wanted. had some issues with the priority system preventing me from getting into events because it conflicted with another event that I would only be going to if I hadn't gotten into an earlier time. Yet some how it did allow me to sign up for 2 Speed paints that conflicted with other events that I got into. (and I only realized one before paying) Also I just a bit ago remembered that I wanted to do a Frostgrave event but they are all sold out already.
  9. EvilJames

    77025, Giant Spider

    Love it.
  10. EvilJames

    Gencon: The Loomining

    Aw, I spotted neither of you during my time there. I don't think I saw anyone from the forums this year. However I did spot my friend Brian as well as an old roommate and his wife a couple of times which is a better number than usual (last couple of times I only saw them on the last day). My wife ran into our friend Other James a couple times though I only ran into him late Saturday. Didn't really get to hang out with any of them though.
  11. EvilJames

    Vanara Mini Help?

    Additional necro for any future vanara players, but the Magnificent Ego's monkey ninja is currently produced by Valiant Enterprise in their fantasy line.
  12. EvilJames

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Someday I will be able to go. For now I will content my self with not panicking and attending two other local cons instead.
  13. EvilJames

    Gencon: The Loomining

    I struggle to get the colors all in the lines and he has time to freehand?
  14. EvilJames

    Gencon: The Loomining

    Got back very late Sunday night/Monday morning. Feet have stopped hurting, cause man did they hurt by Sunday. All in all a good con, did a speed paint, played some pathfinder, bought some minis, never did make it to the paint n take, but then again I haven't in close to a decade now. I'll post some pictures of my speed paint and contest entry hopefully soon.
  15. EvilJames

    Gencon: The Loomining

    Ok 11:30, death cup ran long.
  16. EvilJames

    August dungeon dweller mini?

    Indeed, scale mail bikinis are the new rage.
  17. EvilJames

    Gencon: The Loomining

    Putting things in car and heading out in few hours. See everyone who's going there. I'll be painting in the Serpentine Lobby upstairs on Wednesday night around 9:30 if anyone cares to join. Edit: make that 10:30. A Wednesday night event was later than expected.
  18. EvilJames

    August dungeon dweller mini?

    Perhaps you could paint him in a red beard and pointy hat. Perhaps blue, if his magic has been a bit off lately.
  19. EvilJames

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Build a man a fire, and you keep him warm for a night. Light a man on fire, and you keep him warm for the rest of his life.
  20. EvilJames

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Dying? How? Why? It was my Halloween candy. Edit: wait, wrong chalk candy wafers, but still.
  21. EvilJames

    Gencon: The Loomining

    Been packing and getting ready. Leaving very early Wednesday morning. Might hit the zoo if we get there early enough weather permiting.
  22. EvilJames

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I have spent most of today getting caught up on laundry so that I can get packed tonight and tomorrow for this same purpose. I am also trying to finish a mini or two which is unfortunate as I had a group of miniatures for Dracuala's America that I thought turned out really really well, but then I sealed them and that was the end of that. They were only partially recoverable. Definitely no longer something I wanted to turn in for the gencon painting contest. So I'm trying to paint and pack at the same time.
  23. EvilJames

    80066: Psychologist (Speed paint)

    He looks very astute.
  24. EvilJames

    03321: Damien, Hellborn Wizard with GW Familiar

    Really like this guy. It's one of may favorite figures. The Imp is pretty well done as well.
  25. EvilJames

    Of Drow Origin (28mm metal minis)

    I think Tripleh5133 was referring to a relaunched version of this kickstarter. The relaunch did succeed, but no one made a page for it so he probably thought that this was it. (I was a little confused myself)