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    Getting To Know You July

    When binging first became an option I would binge on shows that I could get a hold of, eventually it went back to drawn out when it came to shows I would watch with my wife, and the occasional binge on ones that she had no interest in. Lately it's been neither. I just haven't been feeling like watching many shows even though I know there are a few out there I'd like to see. It always feel like I have other things I should be doing or I just run out of time or there are other things I want to do that aren't compatible with watching new shows. Although old shows I've seen a million times work for that at least.
  2. EvilJames

    Getting To Know You July

    My orcs and goblins tend to be varying shades of green but occasionally veer off into other colors. My kobolds so far are tan and orange green. My hobgoblins are also greenish so far, orange just didn't look right. Ogres are just human colors but may shade off a bit. Same for my giants so far since they have all been hill giants. My lone bugbear was snow white because he wasn't a regular bugbear, but I was thinking I might paint them like ogres. My only troll so far was also snow white and blue like the bugbear, they'll be painted as needed so I've no idea what they'll look like yet.
  3. EvilJames

    RIP Steve Ditko

    I believe he was also co creator of Doctor Strange.
  4. EvilJames

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Our big cat had to go in to get his teeth cleaned on Monday, and they ended up having to pull most of his teeth. :( Apparently quite a few had already disappeared. He's now recovering ok (although he had a an explosive cat box issue last night possibly a medicine reaction) but he was pretty miserable Monday night and yesterday and he is no easy thing to give medicine too. He still has his saber teeth though so that's something, but they did take his lower canines.
  5. EvilJames

    Ral Partha AD&D Classic: Taer

    I have been busy painting these past months, but I have not been taking pictures and posting much, and these guys are to blame for that. I started them up many many years ago, but never could come up with a good paint scheme. My Monstrous Manual didn't have any pictures let alone a decent description, and the older pictures were all line art or black & white. Finally earlier this year I took a look at them again and was able to find 3rd ed pictures and descriptions and while very different than the old school versions it at least gave me a starting point. I could have just done them up in any ld color and been happy, but no color scheme really stood out to me, so "traditional" it is. their fur ended up not being as white as I would have liked and it doesn't help that it's hard to tell if something is supposed to be furred or bare blue skin, but Ithink it's more or less ok now. Now the reason I haven't posted was because for a while now I have just not been able to take miniature photos I'm at all happy with and these guys were the worst for it since they are mostly blue and white so it was hard to get a picture where their eyes (which I spent quite a bit of time on) even remotely stood out. Even now I'm not completely happy with the pictures, but like the minis I guess I just have to learn when it's just good enough. So without any further ado Taer This one got panted black with grey dry brushing for a while, but it just didn't seem like enough. This one was the worst to photograph as his rock kept casting shadows on his face. i like how the rock turned out at least. This one spent the last decade solid grey. I wish I could have done more to make the eyes stand out, but my hand is not very steady so it either works or it doesn't. The team together. Ready to fight off adventurers and keep them from invading their snowy mountaintop dungeon complex Really turned down the settings on this picture because even the previous pictures look too washed out now that I've got them cropped down. Comments? Critiques? Photography advice? Business ventures for for young Taer seeking promising careers with advancement opportunities? Edit: Gah! Blown up the first 3 photos look even worse now. I may retake them and replace them at some point, if I can ever pin down whats going wrong. in the last photo I turned off the auto settings on my phone and set them manually, but it was all guess work since literally none of the buttons and symbols mean anything to me.
  6. EvilJames

    Dwarf brewer, bones 3

    It's probably the dwarf's favorite thing too, followed by the mug.
  7. EvilJames

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I don't know how to do that. Any tips would be appreciated, i'd rather not start over.
  8. EvilJames

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Gah! I accidentally deleted the table in an Open Office database when i was trying to delete and remake the entry form. I was working on my minis collection database. I closed out of it when it wasn't doing what I wanted only to realize my mistake after reopening the program. That was a couple of weeks of work down the drain.
  9. So not much of my original plan was completed. I got the cowgirls done, but no revenants and no planning done on my Gencon project. Three goblins painted and several more close to being done in June. Got a few Bones and metal furniture and dungeon decor done as well. Got a Dire wolf that is almost based as well. Might get him done tonight.
  10. EvilJames


    I'd like to find a miniature similar to Oswald the over laden henchman but a goblin. Doesn't have to be quite as over laden, just a goblin carrying a bunch of stuff.
  11. Update for me. Cowgirls are done, Revanents not yet, got distracted by goblins. No further progress on any Indians or Twilight Order. (due to goblins). Finished my Goblin wizard and apprentice for Frostgrave as well as what will be a thug. Just need to finish some Pathfinder goblins and the whole group will be ready. Also a random Ral Partha mini is almost done that I just started. Oh also finished the Stone haven Gnome monk. So I got a bunch of things to try and figure out how to take pictures of soon.
  12. EvilJames

    77035 and 77449: Now you see me, now you don't

    Invisibled so hard it broke the ground. She looks good. I mean I assume she does, you only put one picture of her up and then some pictures of an empty base. It's a really cool base I'll grant you. Joking aside, I really like how it gave definition to her eye.
  13. EvilJames

    Hasslefree Miniatures, Demon child

  14. EvilJames

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    I'm sure it's coming. It's named in the announcement, so I assume it's coming.
  15. EvilJames

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    I don't see the ferret on her shoulder, did I miss something? I see her staff sticking through her hair but I don't see the ferret anywhere.
  16. EvilJames


    I appreciate the offer, but Noble knight has the rebel minis goblin henchmen in stock and are only 20 minutes away. He's just about perfect. The rat sounds interesting, Noble night didn't have him so I'll have to dig around rebel minis website and see. My wife has a pack rat in the Pathfinder game I've been running, we've been using some Halloween rats for that and for my frostgrave war rats ( filling in for wardogs)
  17. EvilJames

    Gripping Beast, Crusader War Band

    To be fair, getting decals on straight is a skill in and of itself. They look really good.
  18. EvilJames


    Thanks. I was thinking of adding a Pack Mule to my Frostgrave force and all my guys are goblins so I'll have to see which of these goblin porters I can find.
  19. EvilJames

    Cowboy Riding a Jackalope

    Bit pricey for me, for what it is. But it is hilarious. I wonder why this is in PVC. Seems like the worst materiel for such a small run.
  20. EvilJames

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    I don't think the price hike affects the KS prices for them. Store prices are just a bit unfortunate though. Which is sad because I did want to back the halfling KSer but didn't have the money at the time. So now i'm not likely to ever get them. Edit: Very much agree on that half dragon duelist
  21. EvilJames

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    Tempting. I will probably pledge for this. The stuff that I like from Stone haven I really like. but so far each group looks like it will have at least one of their habits that I don't like. Weird flattening in their poses, like that poor half elf woman whose neck is snapped so she can look left in a completely perpendicular manner. The first group looks pretty good for the most part although the sorceress's staff will be at a weird angle, it shouldn't be too bad. I'll have to see if other groups unlock or if I'm going to have to ala carte this. hmmm. looking at the greens on that instagram the half elf is still pointing her spear down weirdly but her head is not turned ninety degrees so that's promising at least. I actually want that mini a bit now.
  22. EvilJames


    It would be appreciated.
  23. EvilJames

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Pretty sure that was just a very common house rule in 2nd ed still, but I'm not motivated enough to go check at the moment. it was definitely codified in 3rd ed though, as were many of the most common house rules.
  24. EvilJames

    77074: Dain Deepaxe (Bones)

    I always figured him to be one of the ones that held up pretty well in bones. Never as detailed as metal, but still pretty good, but then, I haven't painted mine yet. At any rate, he looks pretty good despite all of that.
  25. EvilJames

    Grey Bones

    Yeah pretty sure the weapons are some sort of polystyrene. So far the paint like bones, but I've only used 2 of them so far, when I weapon swapped some of Hobgobageddon. So I can't be sure. Eventually I'll probably weapon swap the bones orcs that I already have in metal.