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  1. Live

    Thank you! I was just looking at the table of contents for the new scenarios and it appears that some of them require KS exclusive add-ons, which are already all snatched up. So unfortunately ebay looks like a better option ....
  2. Live

    Thanks for sharing this. Is the game good? Do the rules work well? What is the quality of the miniatures like? Paintable, or board game quality?
  3. Live

    And for very understandable reasons. I am interested but it looks like this will be a hard slog to simply get funding.
  4. Live

    Actually this bold-faced part made me laugh out loud. At least he's honest!
  5. Live

    It's okay though because it's just an imaginary arrow. Has anyone heard of this company?
  6. Funded

    The last stretch goal looks likely to be met on this: it's a huge version of the Iron Throne.
  7. Funded

    This ends at 8 PM EDT today. They are up to 161 miniatures (some of them are cavalry) and a bunch more plastic tokens. I'm on the fence, but ... these are nice looking.
  8. Live
  9. Live

    I am going to put this as a link because once it has been seen, apparently it cannot be unseen. You have been warned:
  10. Live

    This ends tonight at 11 pm EDT. Some good stretch goals have been added. Still not the least bit excited about the "post-apocalyptic investigators" (from Planet Apocalypse?) and wish there was a better stretch goal for the million dollar mark. Also lukewarm about the "secret" stretch goal beyond one million. Petersen Games website has a lot of pre-order for product (like the Glow in the dark GOOs) and the shining trap, that one may have mistakenly though would be KS exclusive.
  11. Live

    But the clown face is okay? Nodens is a very nice addition to the stretch goal box.
  12. Live

    I got an answer: you can back for a dollar now and upgrade to a larger pledge in the pledge manager. I do want the new map, but that might be all I want. And there is no a la carte. If they offer the Shining Trapezohedron again though, and the 6-8 map pack, those are things I wanted and couldn't pick up last time. EDIT: just checked in and read last night's update: Shining Trapezohedron is being offered at same price as last time.
  13. These are all serious suggestions that work for me: 1) Paint some terrain instead. It's easier and just as (if not more) satisfying sometimes. I always try to have some unpainted dungeon pieces or walls nearby. 2) If you photograph, don't. Too easy to obsess over unimportant details. 3) Paint Bones. They are cheap and it is easier to not worry about the end result. 4) Copy other people's paint jobs. Inspiration and creativity are overrated. 5) Paint groups. Not necessarily all the same but say to yourself: today I am just doing skin, or eyes, or swords. Don't feel like you have to finish anything on a given day. 6) Go outside. Outside rocks. Balance inside with outside time. Don't force yourself to do something, because that's the opposite of fun. Worship the fun god. 7) Do a bad (or unsatisfying anyway) job on a miniature. NO BACKSIES! Let it sit, triumphantly, on your display shelf next to all the jobs you are proud of. Give it a little attention everyday, and learn to love that one too. It really doesn't matter. It's all good.
  14. Live

    Played a bunch of CW this weekend. I like the spellbook changes for Cthulhu -- he has more of a sporting chance. This game continues to enthrall. Loved the Library map and Primeval map. Stretch goals? What stretch goals? (Joke). Seriously those investigators ... I can't stand them. They look like something from another game and I fully expect to see them there someday. I would like to see a production miniature. Those renders look very highly detailed, much more so that existing CW miniatures. Have there been any photos of production minis for Gods War? Can I back for a dollar and upgrade later? I might want to see what the shipping charges actually end up being.
  15. Funded

    I am SO GLAD this is such a long campaign -- just like Bones One. Reaper always makes their Kickstarters the most fun to follow along and the length is just going to increase that enjoyment. Thank you! Love the core set so far, particularly #2 (Nemesra) and #3 (Jahenna). Looking forward to seeing all the cool surprises that pop up along the way. I know I won't be disappointed.