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  1. Live

    Most Kauri isn't really that rare or valuable. I am looking at a massive slab of it right now in my kitchen (a cutting board). It is a touristy thing in NZ to pick up handicrafts made from it. I'm not sure making dice out of it would be practical in terms of momentum/heft. Unless this guy (in Belfast?) can prove that he has sourced actual Ancient swamp Kauri from one of the known locations in the North Island of NZ where it gets pulled up out of the earth, then either he has some recently felled Kauri (so not that old. The trees are rare and protected but sometimes fall over etc), or some regular swamp Kauri (old but still not that old) or some other wood with a similar look. Since he is putting a finish on it for hardness you'll never be able to check. Unless you cut it in half.
  2. Pre-launch

    Those cathedrals look dangerously (and unnecessarily) tall. I can see someone leaning in to move a mini and getting one of those pointy bits straight up the nose. Pegasus make a great series of gothic buildings. I love them. Also this will have early birds. Major turn off.
  3. Live

    New info: starts at 8 am CST Monday July 17th.
  4. Pre-launch

    Announced today that this will launch July 25 at 3:00pm EST.
  5. Live

    Some of those hands look like huge flippers. I don't think I could stand to look at them. Unless ... they're +4 Hands of Slapping. Always handy when dealing with mashers or in a bar brawl.
  6. Live

    The renders remind me a little too much of the renders for Glorantha: The Gods War. I didn't back that so I have no idea what the final miniatures for that do or will look like.
  7. Fulfilling

    Canadian Backers received an email on July 6th but it was not posted to the updates. Disappointing news which continues to give me pause about backing the new project: Dear Canadian Backers: We were hoping to contact you today with a definitive status of your Castle shipments. Unfortunately, we learned today from the forwarder handling all our Canada-bound shipments -- to our surprise -- that they still not able to release all the shipments. They had informed us that the shipment was clear and had even issued us tracking numbers for the impending shipments (and it's why we had promised that everything was on its way). But apparently, all the paperwork was not properly approved, and so everything is still awaiting final release. We regret very much that we are not up in Canada able to oversee this in person. It should only be a matter of days, but we realize this is an unacceptable -- and unexpected -- delay for you all. This is our first difficult experience with Canadian Customs, and we're so sorry it is affecting all of you. We will be in touch again with another update by Monday at the latest. You have our word that we are doing everything we can to get your Castles to you as soon as we possibly can. Again, our sincere apologies for error and this regrettable delay. Dwarven Forge
  8. Live

    Cthulhu Wars: Onslaught Three, featuring a faction called "The Ancients" has just been announced by Petersen Games, set to launch July 17th. EDIT: starts at 8 AM CST Monday July 17th.
  9. Funded

    Yes. I was so alienated and overwhelmed by the last one that I just ignored it in the end because I couldn't keep up. Afterwards I saw the mountain pack that had got thrown into the mix along the way and was able to request a late backer order for it. But now I am still awaiting fulfillment on that, and unless Christmas happens in July it won't arrive before KS5 is over, so I can't really build up much enthusiasm for this one. I want my mountains please. Also, the unbelievably complicated series of choices and options doesn't do it for me, but I know it does for others.
  10. Funded

    That's a great idea! I can see myself integrating the cheezy, annoying photographs of real estate agents in my neighborhood into "big reveal" moments at the end of a game: "Suddenly the earth cracks and splits open before you, revealing the hideously spray-tanned countenance of the evil Sorceress, Countess Spray-perm, leering up at you from the depths!" If you fail a saving throw you find yourself buying the entire dungeon with a subprime mortgage, so you have to go out pillaging more dungeons just to keep making the inflating payments on this one.
  11. Live

    I was actually just perusing the original book the other morning and thinking about reviving it. Weird ... Oh no, I missed the early bird for the vintage TSR miniatures. I like how they actually included a photo demonstrating that these were the possible nadir of the entire universe of miniature art.
  12. Live

    So the ultimate survivors start with blue abilities? Sounds like a tougher version of the game.
  13. Live

    Thanks for the reminder. Those recent updates and images are indeed very enticing.
  14. Cancelled

    First project raised 595 backers and $101,422. This project had 368 backers and raised 108,706. It was up and down the last few days: lost money a couple of days, with slow growth on others. Maybe they were at least hoping to draw back everyone from the first project.
  15. You're not planning to cook him are you?