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  1. Grenadier 2005 The Fighting Men

    Whoa! Thanks for the thread necro and for noticing these guys. Thought I'd time-travelled back four years for a second.
  2. Raging Heroes: Dark Elves and Sisters

    Those must belong in some kind of hall of infamy. I searched for a nauseated emoticon but couldn't find one. Very contemptuous of the backers to send stuff like that out.
  3. Ducks Lost in the Dungeons of Doom IV: Quack Keep

    I really like what's going on here. I have an unhealthy enthusiasm for ducks. That duck dragon (dragon duck?) looks like a thing of beauty. And it's from the land of the long white cloud, so hey.
  4. STONEHENGE MINIATURES Realistic Henge Stones, Altars and 'moss life' minis

    I love this guy's projects. Kickstarter as situationist performance art. I remember seeing that 1000 Kingdoms miniatures project a while back but it looks like he tried it again in May. Note also his perfect record of projects not funded or cancelled.
  5. THMiniatures Chapter 3: SNOW

    This failed to meet funding. He has indicated that the pieces will be available despite this, through either the pledge manager or his storefront.
  6. Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten: Tabletop Cult Skirmishes

    Love the Murch ghouls but wish I could pick and choose. Also would like to have an idea of the substance of the rulebook before committing $50 plus shipping.
  7. Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

    From the comments: "the individual bases on a single infantry figure are 15mm wide. The larger bases that hold 2 or 3 miniatures are 33mm wide." Those are wee small as far as I can tell. I imagine they would be more like board game pieces than miniatures (if that distinction makes any sense.) You could always pimp them out as a gnome army i suppose. I really like the idea of this game but would be more interested if the miniatures were color-coded rather than having those rings. There's no way I would ever paint any of them and grey is boring.
  8. THMiniatures Chapter 3: SNOW

    Dude! Sounds like a rough Friday. I agree and hope that we are beyond the days of people expecting free or discounted shipping in KS. Too many projects have suffered for trying to offer it. Note that the Canadian shipping is not included in this one and isn't too different from US.
  9. THMiniatures Chapter 3: SNOW

    I'm backing. I hope this funds as those are good looking pieces. And Canadian $$$.
  10. Conan: The Book of Set

    Thank you! I was just looking at the table of contents for the new scenarios and it appears that some of them require KS exclusive add-ons, which are already all snatched up. So unfortunately ebay looks like a better option ....
  11. Conan: The Book of Set

    Thanks for sharing this. Is the game good? Do the rules work well? What is the quality of the miniatures like? Paintable, or board game quality?
  12. Mierce Miniatures - Darkholds

    And for very understandable reasons. I am interested but it looks like this will be a hard slog to simply get funding.
  13. Mierce Miniatures - Darkholds

    Actually this bold-faced part made me laugh out loud. At least he's honest!
  14. 28mm High Detail Pre-Painted Plastic Miniatures

    It's okay though because it's just an imaginary arrow. Has anyone heard of this company?
  15. A song of Ice and Fire - July

    The last stretch goal looks likely to be met on this: it's a huge version of the Iron Throne.