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  1. Carnacki the Ghost Finder

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Did something go wrong with the video? The embedded window doesn't show the miniatures in better detail. In fact it is somewhat worse because the resolution is poor.
  2. Carnacki the Ghost Finder

    Deep Madness Second Printing Kickstarter

    Is there any truth to the comments that some of the atmospherically gloomy components (the tiles specifically) are too dark for visually challenged (old) eyes? I would love a good solo game but ocular weariness is a chronic issue for me these days. Your thoughts are welcome. Thanks.
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/privateerpress/level-7-omega-protocol-board-game-2nd-edition I don't know anything about this game but it seems to be well-received. A reprint with bonus materials. A short campaign which ends on November 1st.
  4. Carnacki the Ghost Finder

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    Pledge manager closes tomorrow. I thought there was another week ... I must have got mixed up about dates.
  5. Carnacki the Ghost Finder

    DUSK : Arena of Shadows

    I am exploring the project to find some justification for the $120 pricetag for this game (or $160 if you wish to participate in promised stretch goals) but I am flummoxed.
  6. Carnacki the Ghost Finder

    Westfalia - The Dark Eye RPG Miniatures

    I bought them all. Am I correct in observing that the two "star" minis (viking and sorceress) are not part of the core pledge and are only available as 15 dollar add-ons? If so, disappointing.
  7. Carnacki the Ghost Finder

    "Cthulhu Wars" Official Audio by Darkraven Games

    To be honest I don't find the audio samples (if I listening to the right ones) all that exciting, scary, or dramatic. More like atmospheric background effects from a computer. Am I listening to the wrong things? I am happy to be convinced. Cthulhu Wars is an intense, dramatic, fast-paced and rough game. If I wanted music in the background then I would use pieces of epic orchestral music or soundtracks to high-stakes dramatic films. I also find 24 USD for an hour-long digital download somewhat expensive. I would pay that for HQ physical media.
  8. Carnacki the Ghost Finder

    Ducks Lost in the Dungeons of Doom IV: Quack Keep

    My ducks arrived yesterday. Their wings are very tired from five weeks of flapping. NZ to Canada is a long haul. These are really, absolutely fabulous. They are unquestionably the ducks I have been waiting for my entire life. Mr Star Hat tells me that me and two other Canucks were the last ones waiting so I imagine this thread is done. Stick a fork in it.
  9. Carnacki the Ghost Finder

    Dwarven Forge KS6 Caverns Deep

    I was a late backer for KS IV -- just sent them an message request and they gave me access to the pledge manager. However I can't guarantee they will do that again. But why wouldn't they? They keep throwing things out at the end of the campaign. How could they expect anyone to sort out the bombardment of info?
  10. Carnacki the Ghost Finder

    Dwarven Forge KS6 Caverns Deep

    Very nice looking forest. I imagine this will be expensive enough that I will continue to draw on Woodland Scenics for all my leafy green needs.
  11. Carnacki the Ghost Finder

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    Yes the add-ons so far do look good. I hope there will be at least one more though. So many wonderful gods and monsters have not received any love so far. It seems telling that the special rules for playing with that Big Cthulhu haven't been released. Really curious how they have botched the nomenclature for Wilbur Whateley ... and now the Dunwich Horror (by calling it Yog Sothoth rather than Spawn of Yog-Sothoth). The whole project feels very clumsily executed. (I have no words to describe buff-shouldered six-packed Albert Einstein holding a revolver. Oh wait. I guess I did have those words.)
  12. Carnacki the Ghost Finder

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    This is picking up some steam now. A nice Yog-Sothoth piece is the next stretch goal. Ends Tuesday (tomorrow) for those still interested.
  13. Carnacki the Ghost Finder

    Dwarven Forge KS6 Caverns Deep

    KS5 priced me out. Made me glad I got my KS 1 through 4 pieces when I did. Beautiful stuff but this is way too boutiquey and expensive for me. I just need generic tiles, not specialty pieces.
  14. Carnacki the Ghost Finder

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    Yeah, things have really picked up since yesterday and they've shortened the gaps between stretch goals tremendously. So feels like playing catch up in a positive way, what with all the cool monsters that have just shown up. And those two Yithians! They put a big smile on my face. No wonder they are making them KS exclusives.
  15. Carnacki the Ghost Finder

    Overturn Rising Sands

    I would be terrified of letting them have even a dollar. If they actually tried to fake a complaint to Kicktraq to get the page taken down .... There are still 1200 people backing this.