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    Thanks :P

    Got the mail, still don't know when it starts. 24-hour clock guys, just like the metric system it's just better.
  3. Fulfilling

    Not at all :P If you have any friends in sweden(or dare to use poste restante) that might save you some cash though.
  4. Funded

    Titans are unleashed. Holy mackerel I love Typhons sculpt. And Circe looks awesome. If you waved it off earlier I suggest you at least recheck the page at this point. So many goodies in this KS now, best christmas present I ever got :P
  5. Went with red for the pustules, tried to make the fur and stuff a bit scabby and less monocolored. Not sure what to do with the basing as they really kinda blend in with their bases. I was planning on not adding flock, but that's one solution I guess. Also still white dots for eyes, not sure what to do about them.
  6. Fantasy Western count? Also obligatory:
  7. Skin and highlights on the scales is absolutely fantastic.
  8. Primed and basecoated, white dotted the interesting parts then washed. You might notice I changed the tails/heads/front legs on a couple to differentiate them. Next up some highlights. And making them pustules stand out with some red or green, or something in between :D
  9. Go go! Mine is still in the box, I need inspiration :P
  10. Delayed

    I thought about that, but I figured at least a few other people would do the same because everyone wants the monsters... Only reason I bought it too, monsters look great, gameplay, meeeeh, it will probably never even see the table in my house tbh.
  11. Very cool job all around, pond looks great!
  12. Meeeeeeeee! EDIT: and something like this is what I'm working on. Not quite mini related, but kinda.
  13. completed

    I actually don't like the art for anything shown, looks too much like the whole Rum & Bones aesthetic imo. However the minis for the most part seem to come out great.
  14. Love the way you kept the dragon colors from the head to the wings, consider the idea stolen :)