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  1. Fulfilling

    In regards to the spray discussion: Army Painter's been one of the more consistent spray primers in not causing issues. The prevailing theory is that the tackiness is caused by solvents found in certain spray paints and primers. Army Painter is made for minis, including plastic ones, and likely doesn't have the offending solvents.
  2. Fulfilling

    Mine's been delivered, but it'll be another week or so until I make it home.
  3. Fulfilling

    People posting in the Kickstarter comments. Someone with a particularly late lock date said they received their shipping notice.
  4. Pre-launch

    I'd recommend tossing that into the Bones You'd Like to See thread. They've said they actually do go through that thread and see what people have suggested. The people making those decisions aren't necessarily reading this thread.
  5. Fulfilling

    If it makes you guys feel any better, you'll almost all get your Bones before I get back home to see mine.
  6. Pre-launch

    Madness? Madness?! This! Is! REAPER!
  7. Fulfilling

    25.4 lbs on mine. I went fairly light compared to the first two Kickstarters.
  8. Fulfilling

    My e-mail's arrived! Still waiting for the link to populate with information.
  9. Fulfilling

    It was because were estimating around 500 international backers in that 2000. However, we hadn't counted on the fact that one backer can have multiple orders per the system.
  10. Fulfilling

    I saw my order on the tracker shortly after they started packing today, and still haven't seen my e-mail. I wouldn't worry yet. We'll get our e-mails soon enough, I'm sure.
  11. Fulfilling

    I might do an unboxing video, but it'll be at least two weeks before I get home to see the minis.
  12. Fulfilling

    Woo! Desert Hot Springs! That's gotta be me.
  13. Fulfilling

    Moreno Valley just flashed by. So close...
  14. Fulfilling

    I was excited to see Arizona until I remembered I was shipping to my folks' place in Desert Hot Springs, CA.
  15. Fulfilling

    Search your e-mail for "pledge complete." That should find when you locked your pledge in.