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    Based on the size of the items on the base I would think this is a very small dragon turtle, still very deadly but small for dragon turtles. Perhaps Reaper could have it in two sizes one BIG and one BIG
  2. Funded

    If you know gamers who only like floor tiles be sure to tell them there a many options for no wall add-ons.
  3. Funded

    Last couple of days to join. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dwarvenforge/dungeon-of-doom-handcrafted-game-terrain-by-dwarve And there are even some add-ons for terrain light gamers.
  4. Fulfilling

    It seams as if the Deity of logistics and shipping decided to mess with DF and Reaper for their last KSs. KSs must try their best to survive a curse from Semreh
  5. Funded

    Another great add-on for gamers who use minis but do not normally use terrain. Terrain lite gamers.
  6. Funded

    It is easy to explain why they do not have each item sold as individual pieces. Besides the whole system of mold space allocation. They have a warehouse system set up for boxes of stuff not bins. If your business can afford a warehouse set up for hundreds of boxed skus (item numbers) not thousands of bins of individual items that is how you stay in business. Why does a model company (you know old fashion models you glue together and them paint) not sell each part of a model separately because it would be a logistical nightmare. I also wish I could get just the pieces I want but I do not expect it to ever happen.
  7. Funded

    They have a pledge calculator http://dwarvenforge.com/kickstarter-5-pledge-calculator/ and They have a online spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yk0Kyv1J2VIpemNSJGjNauPzULeXbRV25JDUEv__qbg/edit These are from the KS about 3/5th of the way down Hope that helps
  8. Funded

    I have suggested to DF that they make floor only packs and door packs and accessories that sit on floors for customers who do not like walls. I call them Wall Haters ;) While I love my Dwarvenite walls I understand why some do not and it might be a new customer base for DF but it might also cause them to have to change how they do molds and that might cost them more than they would make. I suggest if a lot of people would like DF to make wall less options they should join the KS pledge for the floor packs and politely ask for more wall less options. As I said I like DF walls but even I would love more floor options, damaged floors, decorative floors and just floors with different patterns.
  9. Funded

    Bunch of small add-ons for smaller budgets The bottom two are great for gamers who are not ready to fully get in the 3d terrain. Doors work great on game mats, to spice up encounters.
  10. live

    Next stretch goal to work for
  11. live

    Two days left.
  12. live

    A cool hero from an awesome part of the world. PNW Hero
  13. fulfilling

    Well my minis must now be on a secrete mission because they have not reporting their location for five days and all I know is that they are expected here on the 21st. Hopefully they are not all name level by the time they arrive. Name level minis would be too snooty to let a low level painter such as myself touch a brush to them. ;)