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  1. Live

    I say, "leave the poor animals alone we do not need tiger skin rugs. What we need is a Rakshasa skin rug!"
  2. Pre-launch

    I like the option of grand tall pillars as a easy way to show large rooms that have high ceilings. Also if the RPG you play has cover rules they would provide it.
  3. Live

    I agree. Personally I never needed even a single crate for my fantasy RPG.
  4. Live

    I like the dead/sleeping/prone minis and plan to get the villager minis also.

    Are all the paints and DVDs just sitting in the warehouse ready for the minis to get to the warehouse?
  6. Live

    This one looks like it will get me to pledge.
  7. Live

    I would prefer them not to sculpt the potion bottles and books into the book cases and desks but I also personally do not want individual bottles and books. What I would love for them to do is do plain book cases and plain desks and then do books, bottles, scrolls and ect. on thin flat slabs. Why you might ask? If they do them on thin flat slabs a person can just put them in the shelves or cut them off the slabs for individual items or cut the slabs up into two or three pieces and rearrange them to make book cases look varied. One plain book case sculpt with four or five different slabs could make nearly a hundred different looking book cases. One plain desk with a few slabs/runners(table cloth) could get you about ten different desks.
  8. Live

    I have no need for these minis and have no plans to be a part of this KS. But I think you all maybe wrong about them being bad sculpts. I believe they are sculpt the way they are on purpose. If you look at the orcs as depicted in lets say the Hobbit movies their faces are by human standards ugly. I believe the sculptor wanted to invoke a old Movie tribal feeling with female orcs that showed that while these are defiantly female they are defiantly orcs of the ugly kind. I think the vulture orc while over the top is meant as a shaman and the unreal skelly is very Hollywood (think Indian Jones and the temple of doom) They are not my style and they are obviously not many of your styles but I do not think they are bad sculpts. I think they are orcs that are not just humans with green skin and standard Hollywood hair.
  9. Pre-launch

    A word from Stefan of Dwarven Forge posted on the DF forum.
  10. Pre-launch

    I have role/roll played many ways over the many years, (no minis or maps, just maps, minis on a table, minis on a mat, minis on a mat with accessories, minis on full 3d terrain) all are great fun. So I will say this to you, Keep having fun your way and try something new if you wish. I have suggested to DF in the past that they should sell packs of just accessories to get the business of the accessory only crowd and that they should sell floor only packs to get the business of the floor only group "Wall Haters ;) " Perhaps they will someday but it is not really their focus so I don't really expect them to do it.
  11. Live

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/909363677/stronghold-on-the-borderlands 6 days left
  12. Cancelled

    Great monsters
  13. Cancelled

    I like that idea. Great edumacation!
  14. Pre-launch

    I am no expert on DF's business workings but as I understand it. Long ago DF tried the retail way of business and in the end it did not work and moved DF toward going out of business. So DF moved toward selling off the web and while that worked in many ways it was not good for European customers but a certain customer asked if he could become a European web store distributor of DF. This model worked for DF and DF Europe in the days of DF resin products. When DF made the decision to try and make products out of a PVC like substance (Dwarvenite), KS was the best option to get it done. Now if half of DF Europe's customers take part in the KS to get their stuff they do not buy it from DF Europe's web site. So while KS is a great option it does have it's drawbacks.