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  1. RPG Tablecloth II – An Innovative Battleground

    It is hard to use minis when you use the tablecloth this way but it still looks great.
  2. RPG Tablecloth II – An Innovative Battleground

    Here is a pic of some in use at a con.
  3. RPG Tablecloth II – An Innovative Battleground

    I really like the idea of these due to how nice and big they are.
  4. RPG Tablecloth II – An Innovative Battleground

    Smirking Dragon 3-time creator about 2 hours ago Ok, so I took a look at those links, and we really do appreciate people discussing our tablecloths on those sites! I have worked in communities before, so I know that mods often don't like if people create an account to discuss their products, so I'll answer the concerns here: So regarding games where you usually slide the minis from one position to another, I tested that out using both a plastic based mini and a metal based one. The plastic one slid around just fine, no snagging or anything on the cloth. The metal one tended to be a bit grabby on the cloth, but nothing that wasn't difficult to overcome, and it didn't harm the cloth in any way. However, these were normal "human" minis, not ships or anything, as I don't have any of those. I don't really know what the bases of those minis are like, so if they have a lot of texture on the bottoms of them, sliding the minis into position could be a problem. The fabric is 100% polyester, but of a good quality. It has a sort of silky feel to it, but the fabric is thick. I don't find it to be *too* slippery either, myself, just has a nice smooth texture, appropriate to a tablecloth. Someone in one of the threads mentioned using them as emergency blankets, and we have actually done that. Two of us were camping in an RV in Yosemite recently. It got kind of cold, and we had not brought any blankets (it was summer, we were renting the RV and we didn't take into account how cold it would get at night.) We used two of them as blankets and were ok (Though I'll confess that I personally am the sort that kind of likes it cold :) ) So, you know, not super warm, but it got the job done. I actually find the Endless Space design attractive as a bed cover/bedspread. I'm also thinking of using Forsaken Sea as a shower curtain (With a plastic liner), using clip on shower curtain rings. Hope the helps!
  5. RPG Tablecloth II – An Innovative Battleground

    Plus these can be used as game aids or just as cool table cloths.
  6. RPG Tablecloth II – An Innovative Battleground

    This does look interesting.
  7. Midlam: Common(or Garden) Gnomes

    #14 is now part of the campaign. And only hours to go.
  8. Midlam: Common(or Garden) Gnomes

    Getting close to
  9. The Winter Adventurers

    And Midlam already has another interesting KS started.
  10. Midlam: Common(or Garden) Gnomes

    I wonder if I could mod this angry one to be holding a mug of ale and a club.
  11. Midlam: Common(or Garden) Gnomes

    I plan to at least get the two below to use as Gnome village people.
  12. Adventurescapes

    I am hoping that in Adventurescapes 2 all their pieces can be made of their stronger material, I was very impressed with the material video and would gladly pay for all the accessories and tiles to be made nearly indestructible. Plus if they separate the tiles and accessories I can spend more on what I want with out getting more of what I don't want more of.
  13. Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon

    Talae either way gets you a good amount of awesome. I know I could have spend my budget more than a few different ways and any of those would have gotten me a cool selection. I really wish burrows were not part of this KS as I like them and would have used them for burrows, soft earth caverns and kobold and gnome tunnels but my budget could get me a cool new dungeon or cool new tunnels not both.
  14. Fat Dragon Dragonlock 3 Terrain

    Tom any chance that in the final version the gargoyles could be printed separate. IMO it would be great to be able to print different attachable décor to make a castle have a different look.
  15. Fat Dragon Dragonlock 3 Terrain

    Yes just like how so many people here on the Reaper forums are willing to help others become better at miniature painting on the Fat Dragon forums so many people are willing to help others use their 3D printers to get the best out of them.