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  1. Correction: Gene requested to do the roc. Step 1 to getting your wishlist made in bones is learning to sculpt or draw. Step 2 is pointing at the other people who want it made
  2. I'd like to point out that half the hill giants have full beards and the other half have neck beards. This is important because hill giants don't shave. You're right, the female hill giants aren't pretty.
  3. the question is: do you guys want a chibi cat dragon or an incarnation of inescapable death?
  4. The expansion has their only Shadowrun Troll. I really wish they'd add a Shadowrun ork. As much as I want a street mage, I'd settle for an elf with hover boots.
  5. If someone wants to know what dreadmire is, you can just google "Dreadmire Wiki"
  6. I'm pretty sure the expansions have the pattern retail/deep sale/just above cost and following earlier ks complaints that the package isn't worth it until the 3rd reveal, the last reveal is more like 1/10th of the total than 1/3rd.
  7. 3 bases for 4 figures with 6 eyes gives me some hope for shadowrun (because the rigger always needs a drone)
  8. I was more annoyed with mismatched weapons when playing D&D and pathfinder as it felt like the system punished you for not specializing.
  9. What would everyone like to see from Sophie this time? I'd like a Shadowrun street mage.
  10. Near future street scifi/fantasy (aka Shadowrun): Dwarf using his cyber arm as a keyboard Cybernetically enhanced troll mage in a suit ork ganger elf mage in modern casual wear human pulling a data cable from their neck to plug into a device
  11. Live

    Stonehaven doesn't seem to like facebook much. I'm not likely to go to new platforms to vote on sketches. Why not ask on kickstarter?
  12. LIVE

    Skeletal Monsters addon: Do you plan to make the extra skulls interchangable on these miniatures? (because that would be neat and useful)
  13. Fulfilling

    Yeah, I'm still sitting at half delivered.
  14. Live

    One of the greatest of all time -> the sorcerer supreme. I think it fits. (At least as well as a 300lb runt getting represented as a dwarf)
  15. Live

    I was just sad the Wolverine homage wasn't the same pose as the art, but I figured the sculpt was easier to make this way. (I also have a Heroclix Wolverine in the exact same pose so it not like they aren't doing homage to the material.) If it makes you feel better, for RPG purposes fighters use fist weapons if they get grappled (and we all know hungry zombies like to grapple.)