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  1. Funded

    I'm holding out for sculpts. I'm heavily bias toward Doctrine, but they disappointed me enough during the first KS I dropped my pledge. I know I'm in for 130, but anything after that remains to be seen (especially with a recent glut of KS I'm interested in while work is slow)
  2. Pre-launch

    I could see the expansion being the prequel to the main game where you start fighting orcs and then the orcs are fighting zombies before you get buried in orc zombies.
  3. Funded

    During the kickstarter, they said the pinups were only from the actual kickstarter and would not be available in the pledge manager later.
  4. I think companies look at the market. See no ones done something recently and make their lineup. The third one to get their product to market is a sad panda though. (I'm amazed I've never seen a mini of a sad panda)
  5. Or the riders were "selected" for their role like horse jockeys...
  6. Live

    We have Godzilla (by any other name) on the horizon. I keep thinking about things they could add; as rich as Japanese culture is, I realize what I really want is a final fantasy board game so they can do all the summons as miniatures...
  7. Delayed

    I'm on the PC. (on the same computer that I tried the beta) One attempt was using a console controller on the PC and that was absolutely horrible so I went back to mouse/keyboard. If the console works about that well, then the console version is in trouble out of the gate.
  8. Delayed

    Its weird how the beta was more stable than the "final" product. I've had the game crash multiple times during the intro sequence before you wake up (after previously having no issues during the intro). I'm probably going to go play something else and come back in a couple months after everything is patched.
  10. FANTASY FOOTBALL - Florence's Knights: Bretonans and Humans by Greebo Games The Bretonans miniatures look good for gaming: knights (one has something precious you could repurpose), town guards, and townsfolk. The Imperial team looks football only.
  11. Greebo games just started another fantasy football kickstarter. Is this one on hold or what?
  12. Fulfilling

    I've received the base game and accessories. I'm missing the unit boxes and some freebies.
  13. Fulfilling

    I can only be told a package is on its way so many times.
  14. They are all either kneeling or have excellent hats and thus mix more easily among lesser miniatures.
  15. Funded

    I think I'd be appropriate for a character with a "dancing" shield. If your shield floated around on its own, you'd want a leash too.