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    Deep Madness

    Deep Madness is a scenerio based game with a limited number of turns to complete your objective(s) before the horrors overrun the world. The miniatures range from 33-60mm with a good amount of detail. The tiles are double sided with a normal and corrupted version of the same room. Deep Madness is live.
  2. Sae


    My favorite mini shown is the fairy archer which seems to not be in any pledge level or addon?
  3. Sae

    Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    I combined with a store order so I'm expecting to be toward the end. (and in the US)
  4. Sae

    Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    I'd have much rather had a regal queen turn into a zombie in a tattered dress. tbh
  5. it'd be awesome if they could do a ruin with detachable overgrowth in the style of the cultists' base. It's currently in an akward size where its way too much for one mini, but not enough for a scene.
  6. Sae

    Relic Knights 2nd Edition

    I'm pretty annoyed at them saying the pledge manager is going to close, but they haven't posted a single sculpt since the end of the kickstarter.
  7. IMO, waiting for retail wont save you money. I'm pretty sure those demons will be at least $5 each retail. (wings tend to eat mold space)
  8. The toppers look like good puzzle/trap indicators.
  9. With all the expansions lined up in a row it seems like each expansion is larger than the last. It makes one wonder if chronoscape will get a boost after the others are done. (Its the only one where they said eh...maybe instead of no for a future goal)
  10. I swear Bryon said it was one impressive thing. I don't think we're getting full glory Lolth in an expansion, but I could be wrong.
  11. Cyber ork, elf, and/or dwarf
  12. dwarf dual wielding mugs of ale monks from opposing schools with literal tiger/dragon fists elf with hover shoes (transparent base that looks like air flowing out) human on hoverboard mage with a transparent wall of power
  13. next time you make a comment, click on your name above the comment, then click 'comments' above the list of kickstarters you've backed, it'll display all comments you've made in order, click on the date at the bottom left of a comment to go to that part of the comment section (you can track reaper this way too)
  14. Correction: Gene requested to do the roc. Step 1 to getting your wishlist made in bones is learning to sculpt or draw. Step 2 is pointing at the other people who want it made
  15. I'd like to point out that half the hill giants have full beards and the other half have neck beards. This is important because hill giants don't shave. You're right, the female hill giants aren't pretty.
  16. the question is: do you guys want a chibi cat dragon or an incarnation of inescapable death?
  17. The expansion has their only Shadowrun Troll. I really wish they'd add a Shadowrun ork. As much as I want a street mage, I'd settle for an elf with hover boots.
  18. FANTASY FOOTBALL - Florence's Knights: Bretonans and Humans by Greebo Games The Bretonans miniatures look good for gaming: knights (one has something precious you could repurpose), town guards, and townsfolk. The Imperial team looks football only.
  19. If someone wants to know what dreadmire is, you can just google "Dreadmire Wiki"
  20. I'm pretty sure the expansions have the pattern retail/deep sale/just above cost and following earlier ks complaints that the package isn't worth it until the 3rd reveal, the last reveal is more like 1/10th of the total than 1/3rd.
  21. 3 bases for 4 figures with 6 eyes gives me some hope for shadowrun (because the rigger always needs a drone)
  22. I was more annoyed with mismatched weapons when playing D&D and pathfinder as it felt like the system punished you for not specializing.
  23. What would everyone like to see from Sophie this time? I'd like a Shadowrun street mage.
  24. Sae

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see #3

    Near future street scifi/fantasy (aka Shadowrun): Dwarf using his cyber arm as a keyboard Cybernetically enhanced troll mage in a suit ork ganger elf mage in modern casual wear human pulling a data cable from their neck to plug into a device