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  1. Funded

    Stonehaven seems a bit off their game, on this one. Only 4 comments in KS halfway the campaign, when they have a habit of being much more talkative (1300+ comments).
  2. Funded

    For those who don't follow the updates, there's this little extra:
  3. fulfilling

    People* all over the world are starting to receive their rewards. First impressions are positive. (* people, not me).
  4. Live

    Old news New Add-on... The next add on is here! Ancient horrors have arrived in the form of Krampus and the Boogeyman: Art by Bjorn Hurri & Felix Bauer-Schlichtegroll Where knowledge and skill may fail to combat these threats, Technology and pure rage may win the day! The Engineer and Berserker have come forth! Art by Bjorn Hurri
  5. Oh yes! Thanks a million. For some reason my Favorite suddenly pointed to http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/discover/followed-content/ Which gives the mess above. Problem solved!
  6. I have a question about the followed-content page layout. (and I checked all 34 pages of this thread). In the previous forum I had a list of all threads I followed, with up to 25(?) lines per page. In the new version I have a list of each and every new post in the threads I follow. If there's a busy thread this means I have to scroll through several screens to get to, for example, the 2nd thread on my followed list. I tried several options in 'Show me', 'Content type', 'Sorting' etc. but couldn't find a solution. Is there a way to reduce Followed Content to just one line per item? Am I missing something? Thx
  7. Funded

    Either all-in or just keep the basic pledge. I haven't made up my mind yet, but with this, Lobotomy, The Others and Vampire Hunter, I think I've reached my quota for horror minis this year.
  8. I got mine, but before the thread closes, I'd like to give another :thumbsup: to Westfalia for the quick replacement of a broken mini.
  9. Funded

    Aaargh! As much as I love some of the designs, I bailed out (EB) in the last hour and decided to spend my money on Quodd Heroes, something that might actually get some table time.
  10. Funded

    Maowrrr.. Clockwork Cat!
  11. Funded

    I wouldn't know.. . Maybe Holmes and Watson vs a Mecha Terminator and a Steampunk Bazooka Irene Adler? A Cobblestone Golem? These two? I do admit I'm less enthused about the Mekasyllum add-on but there's some nice stuff in the Dragon expansion too..
  12. Fulfilling

    Me (and the rest of the EU?). No tracking info received, no delivery notice in the mail... It's probably still in customs in the UK.
  13. Funded

    The Preview page is up. Base pledge level is $110 + shipping. There are already 3 $20 add-ons listed for cross-over with LOAD.
  14. Funded

    Guess who liked, shared, commented and WON!