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  1. Funded

    I just said that on FB.
  2. Born in '70. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest (well, the early 80s...), Slayer, Metallica, Mercyful Fate. Long summer days at the swimming hole with cold beer and country girls. Riding my bike 10 miles to my friend's house...and then riding bikes for the rest of the day. Otherwise, I'm not big into nostalgia, I spent most of the 80s in an underground progressive/thrash metal band (formed in 84), so mainstream culture was something I actively avoided. I mostly miss the lack of social media and media saturation in general.
  3. Oops, missed this, as I've been light on the forum lately. If you still need someone to even up, I'd draw something up. I bought the cards last time, at least!
  4. Tried this one on newsprint, it was pretty difficult to shade. Graphite on newsprint, 9x12. Some WIPs:
  5. Lick it before it's dry?
  6. Informal copy of Bargue plate 9. Graphite on smooth bristol.
  7. Delayed

    I'm very excited to see these. The wait has really benefitted the backers of the first project, because he was originally sending them out in baggies or packed into a clamshell. Now they're proper collector's boxes. If you haven't gotten one yet, you're in for a treat. I bought a second lich because it's so amazing. Not sure how he's packaging the metal versions, or what the timeline is for those, though.
  8. Had a plein air drawing lesson with my painting instructor today in Little Falls. Got a late start due to rain, had about an hour before the actors had to hit the stage for some Shakespeare. Love the scene they fell into. Charcoal, 14x17
  9. Funded

    Yay funded! Congrats! I'm in Red's boat (not literally), just bad timing for the hobby budget. I bought a battleship of a metal easel for my studio, to the tune of over $500, soo...I've got the Raven listed in my file to pick up when things recover :)
  10. Funded

    I buy so few minis, but you had me at teh awesome raven at a larger scale. Buttons pushed.
  11. Funded

    That raven is amazing!
  12. Perspective study from Loomis’ Successful Drawing. Graphite 9×12.
  13. Copy of Kirby's illustration of Iron Man for the cover of Tales of Suspense #39 (1963). Graphite on bristol sketch paper, 9x12.
  14. Live

    I'm in for the core + MD crossover + ultimates. Artist boxes I can add if I have the spare cash when the PM hits or just wait for retail. Might also get the deadeye walkers, liked those the first time 'round. Considering getting the expansions and selling the entire set of Stranger tributes, because they do nothing for me and I could probably pay for the expansions with them...
  15. Flexor group of the lower arm, graphite 9x12.