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  1. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    I don't really decorate my home, didn't get that skill from my mom (who people beg to be an interior decorator). So most of what passes for decoration is stuff I've drawn or painted, hanging on the walls.
  2. CashWiley

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    I look at it from a bias of not having an LGS, though one did open recently in the next city over, though it's mostly MtGetc as usual. I enjoy Massive Darkness a lot, but if I had bought it at retail, I wouldn't have liked it much. Way too limited in content without the KS exclusives/bonus content. And I got burned by thinking I could wait until retail to get the add-ons, since at least one didn't make it to retail. I don't buy many games, but if I do, it's either on KS (for the exclusives, though I don't buy many because it's too much of a crapshoot to find the fun) or Amazon (playing the 'wait for a sane price before it goes out of print') or direct (Cave Evil is great!).
  3. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    In Soviet Russia, a man named Rudolph and his wife Katarina were eating dinner. Katarina looked out the window and said, "Looks like it's beginning to snow, dear." Rudolph replied, "No, it looks like rain to me." Katarina sighed and told him, "Dear, it's clearly snow!" Rudolph stood up and said, "Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear!" From a 'big book of jokes' I had as a kid in the 70s. Don't know why that one particular joke always stuck with me.
  4. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    There was a girl back in the band days, her name was Anita Little. I am not kidding.
  5. CashWiley

    Getting To Know You August

    A few months ago, I won Best in Show in the regional fine arts exhibition. My first juried competition!
  6. CashWiley

    Getting To Know You August

    Music for sure. When I'm in the studio, I'm streaming Amazon Unlimited from my phone to either a bluetooth speaker or wireless earbuds. All voice-controlled so I can stay in the flow. I also have a home NAS that runs a bunch of backup/storage stuff but isn't as convenient to use for music as the service. I need to upgrade the NAS to one with dual ethernet to keep load off the data network, so I can add in a few 4k cameras. You don't want a skunk to trigger a 4k video load across several cameras in the yard while you're trying to play an online game or watch a streaming movie! Also, navigation. I've always loved maps and had a ton in my truck, now I use Google Maps extensively (though I still keep physical maps in the truck, because I live near the Adirondacks and low cell tower saturation). I'm not a real tech/gadget guy, but there are a few places it really enhances things with low overhead.
  7. CashWiley

    Getting To Know You August

    Art. I'm learning classical methods. Spoilers: it's effective. Also jobs around the house. I like hand tools, I even hand planed the rabbet in my window sills. As an artist and musician (and professional typer, I guess), I get nervous around things like table saws.
  8. CashWiley

    Getting To Know You August

    Iron Maiden - Rime of the Ancient Mariner
  9. CashWiley

    Getting To Know You August

    My first major in college was biochemistry, because I believed (and still do) that deep (or even near) space exploration would be so incredibly difficult for a human. It just takes too much to keep a fragile bag of meat and fluids intact and functioning. So my goal was to develop the idea in the Whisperer in Darkness, putting a human brain in a housing that would allow it to interface with machines. You could pressurize the tank and keep the brain alive and healthy far more easily than the entire organism.
  10. CashWiley

    Getting To Know You August

    I cannot rolls my eyes hard enough for this comment. Puh-leeze.
  11. CashWiley

    Getting To Know You August

    I'm best in front of an audience.
  12. CashWiley

    Getting To Know You August

    I'll be naming my next cat Gbajabiamila. I was heavily downvoted when I named Bartolomeus, because I want to name him Lamont. Because he was a big dummy.
  13. CashWiley

    Getting To Know You August

    I make my own soup. Years ago I used the chunky soup canned stuff, but I ended up putting in so much of my own ingredients I figured I could just skip the can and end up with better soup.