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  1. Live

    Btw, I seriously undercalculated the size of the murderbear. He's huuuuge. I still kinda want to use him in a diorama with Tom Meier's elves...something about the shocking difference in size appeals to me...
  2. Fulfilling

    Maybe they'll invent a new alloy to 'improve' metal production. I think I only have Asharah on Pegasus left from this clown show. And just to reiterate, it makes me angry not just because of the money spent (that's spilled milk), but because the renders were SO GOOD. These should be sitting in my top drawer, rather than in a box next to my Bones on the 'I should really get off my butt and sell these' pile.
  3. Live

    I've got almost all my stuff from them at this point. Not interested in these dudes, though. Probably be able to make another will save due to the whole not painting minis right now thing.
  4. Woah, blast from the past - I just got the survey for this (Queen Level). I just sent it along with a note that I'd sold the pledge, since they didn't include a place to do that or even mention what to do if you sold your pledge off...
  5. Pre-launch

    They've been pretty good about expanding gameplay with each KS project. And sure to be a slew of new tributes that will be awesome.
  6. Fulfilling

    Ditto. Maybe if they offer a hand-poured resin option through a legit caster like GRX, I'll reconsider.
  7. Further development of Loomis’ mannikin frame, adding simplified muscle masses. Graphite 9×12.
  8. Yeah, they do. I put small images on the web, but it is what it is. That's why I am trying to be more independent. I still post most stuff to FB, because that gets the most eyeballs and sharing is fun. I'm still putting in pages, but it's kinda boring proportional abstraction stuff... Just finished the next iteration but no pics yet...
  9. Live

    Game and solo booklet as well. I hope the solo rules are popular and foster more content.
  10. Still in my drawing process - Gesture, Structure, Anatomy. So much to learn, but it helps breaking it down into chunks from different methods and rotating through the phases to keep it fresh. Also still having a focus on proportions, working on Loomis' abstractions because he usually includes a proportional scale on each page to work from. I do need to get canvas painting some more, I'd like to paint something over the summer before the next portrait class... Studio has been set up for still life and I've done some basic geometric practice in there. Started to organize the mini painting desk, so hopefully the workbench will be fired up soon!
  11. You can, it just takes study and practice.
  12. Fulfilling

    Boggles that they just cut a vent from the sword blade to a breast. That's an utter disregard for the end product to make things cast easier. Blah. Well, nobody looks at a sword or female's breast on a painted mini.
  13. Ok! Back to updating the blog with actual art. Let's see how the last couple sketchbook images work externally with the new setup...still not perfect, but it's working for the blog, so meh... Here's the finished page of upper arm stuff, forgot the posterior view in the last img! And here's a fun little drawing I did for May the 4th, Darth Malgus. I used a statue for reference, so it's not a copy! Both of these are graphite, 9x12 (my primary sketchbook). Trying to learn Photoshop, so I'm dabbling with coloring the Malgus pic...
  14. Still working behind the scenes. Blah. Here's another sketchbook page.