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  1. CashWiley

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    The Oneida Nation is my favorite as an adult, though I identify with the Nordic tribes, personally. Check out Robert Griffing's work, it's stunning and inspires me greatly. Here's my favorite, sums up so much, so well.
  2. CashWiley

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Every day, since I work with the public. I talk to just about everyone I meet, though, so I'm constantly meeting people everywhere I go. Stems from my worldview, I consider everyone friends until I have a reason not to. So I'll joke around and help out and whatnot. It just makes life better when the world is full of acquaintences and it helps bring out the best in people around me, focusing on commonalities rather than differences. The last person I met that will likely progress beyond casual conversation was an artist at figure drawing last week. Been wanting to meet him for a few months now, as I've seen his work in a number of exhibits I've been in and he's consistently one of the better artists. His sketchbook is insane, filled with amazing pen and ink work.
  3. CashWiley

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Life always goes better when I have a plan. I'm an improviser, but I like to have a solid plan (or three) in place for just about everything I do. Schedules, not so much. I always sketch out schedules but I'm usually too in-the-moment for them to stick long. And I am naturally resistant to restrictive scheduling, which goes back to my being an improviser.
  4. CashWiley

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    A world where TGP doesn't put big, bossy restrictions on stuff like that! :D
  5. CashWiley

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Don't dwell on the negative stuff. It's always there to one degree or another. Don't listen to biased news sources and get off facebook. There is as much wonder and beauty in the world as there ever has been, and there is a great deal of interest in convincing you there isn't. I don't have to post something to make you smile, your life is full to bursting with it. If you look.
  6. Holy carp that's great stuff, Pingo! Good timing, as I just started my underpainting in burnt umber and titanium white this evening. At the risk of being cliche, I think the 1st painting could be framed as-is.
  7. CashWiley

    Cash's 2018 Art

    Sorry for lack of updates. Three classes into this semester (model was out the past two weeks). Oil on canvas, 16x20.
  8. CashWiley

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Thanks, Mori! Your art is off to the left of the hobby desk, out of frame (along with one of Jess's prints). I've got to frame them soon and get them up on the wall, proper! Go get out those lights and be awesome! BASK IN IT! :D Anyway, the Internet is deceiving, as you know. I'd a really terrible room, gross carpet (I use throw rugs so my feet don't get mildewy) and an acoustic tile drop ceiling that's caving in from lack of support. That's why I was going to remodel it over the summer before I spent that money going to the ARA (worth it, heh). I'm trying to make it a more creative space but the floor and ceiling, plus the tight space, makes it tough. And if I want to work on different stuff, I need to move everything around first. Just for my graphite, charcoal and oils I have around five or six configurations depending on reference/subject (still life, video, books, flats, etc). Sucks some motivation out when I have to spend time rearranging everything, putting away the previous stuff and getting out the relevant stuff, just to switch to a different project. It does tend to keep me focused on one project, I guess. Until I stall like I have with my charcoal selfie.... But I love it in spite of all that. Nothing in the world is perfect, and the ability to have the space and time to create is a massive blessing in our lives.
  9. CashWiley

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    My current workspace usually centers on my drafting desk or easel. My hobby desk is out of frame to the left in the first pic. Not by much, it's a tiny space!
  10. CashWiley

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Algebra, sure. The way they taught math when I was a kid, I never really learned trig or calc. Stunted my science classes like crazy, so I dropped out of biochemistry when I got to college.
  11. CashWiley

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    When you finally make it to the detail phase of painting, to be specific. In general, I like painting minis but dislike every other part of the hobby (prep/prime/basing/painting bases...even base-coating is suspect imo). I've mentioned before, basing is why I ended up trying to learn to paint in 2d :D
  12. CashWiley

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    I've tried twice to get into the series and it just doesn't grab me. And I generally love open world games. Not sure why, things just never gel for me while playing and I immediately jump to something else. This made me risk averse to the series, which means I don't buy them on release and then forget about them by the time they're at a reasonable price.
  13. CashWiley

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    I still own the first miniature I bought, my best guess is 1979ish (probably 4th or 5th grade). It was a Tom Meier elf for Partha. It's...see better days. At some point I want to paint the new cast from the KS... As far as rare minis, I have a few artist-cast or small run minis from a few people. My KD metal white speaker is fairly rare. I have some cool McVey minis from their unfortunately short run, some that never made it into production that I got as a prize for their only painting contest. Also I have a few non-commercial minis from KD:M in resin. Most valuable, not sure. Probably an older KD mini, the Scribe or something.
  14. CashWiley

    The 5 Word Story

    a rutabaga rumble of epic
  15. CashWiley

    The 5 Word Story

    club owner jumped to his feet