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  1. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    Fun fact: when I looked at my house originally, I had a tape measure. First thing I did was measure the garage door dimensions. See, my old Ford Ranger was dying and I really wanted one of those spiffy new FJ Cruisers. But the apartment I was living in had a minuscule garage, and it was in a rough neighborhood so street parking was out. Luckily, the door measured correctly, bought the house and 6 months later bought the truck, too. Man, I was so broke back then.
  2. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    And to further my already long garage-based spiel, if I can ever manage it financially, I'd like to build a large barn on the empty lot next to mine (which I own). Two (real) stall garage downstairs, with a kitchenette and half bath (kind of a pool house for the pool I don't have) and a general workshop. Upstairs, full bath and studio space (art and music). Then my fiancee can basically have my house :D
  3. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    Of course, that's what it's for :D More seriously, I park in the garage for the winter, with a weather mat and little soaky tube things, to keep the melting snow from running all over. It's pretty big, so even with my FJ parked in there, I still have room for tools, storage about a cord and a half of wood (real cord, not the face cords the kids today call a cord) In the summer, I use it as a workshop. It's part of the seasonal way of life I love. It has the traditional roll-up door to the driveway and a large barn slider in the back. So I like opening both and it's like being in a pavilion, great breeze. edited to add: When I mention winter, see my location :) We get decent snow, so it's nice to hop in the car and just drive to work without brushing off the car, walking through snow, etc. I've been lobbying for some garage stalls to be built (to rent to employees), so I don't have to park in an open lot at work. Interestingly (to me), my garage was built before the bulk of my home. As best I can tell from looking at how rooflines were connected, there was a garage and small commercial building (now my kitchen and studio, the slab part of the home) built in 1930 that was connected by the rest of the house (with basement) circa 1950 in the post war boom. It was outside the city in the 30s, in pasture/field country, so my thought is that it was some kind of tractor repair shop. There was only one other house on the road (now a street) until that post-war boom, the last of the late 1800's industrial boom. It's fun working at the library and having access to old maps and city directories :)
  4. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    No contest whatsoever, Bugs. The animation and voice work coming out of WB in the early era was stunningly good and still my favorite by far. HB would have a few quality pieces, notably the Chuck Jones era Tom & Jerry...and Chuck was one of the WB greats. HB overall was a lot lazier in the writing, animation and even the VO (though how does one compete with Mel Blanc?). While I like some very (VERY) early Disney, for the most part their style, while at a high quality level, just didn't work for me. The quality of animation hit a dark age when things started getting farmed to Japan, the GI Joe/Transformers/He-Man era when it became less about gags and more like a poorly-animated soap opera. Solid animation returned when Ren & Stimpy came out, because the dude was a huge Chuck Jones nerd. edited to add: yes, I've been an art nerd/elitist since I was a toddler.
  5. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    Of course. Edited to add: going back and reading some replies, it's odd that a pocket knife is frowned-upon-to-illegal and yet I can easily put my hands on far more effective weapons in just about any situation. The world has become insane.
  6. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    Football is my favorite tactical war game. I play a ton of Madden, too, which adds an rpg layer nicely. Been getting into Rugby, but it's tougher to find on tv. Hartnell will always be my favorite, Matt Smith is probably my second favorite as he embodied both sides of the character so well (zany/gravitas). For companions, I'm a fan of the wee Scots lass for reasons I'm not entirely proud of.
  7. CashWiley

    Cash's 2019 Art

    There are easier ways. For me, at least :D Also, you DO NOT want a lot of the other stuff you'd end up with, from my brain. It's not very nice in the back sections, behind the vault doors.
  8. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    Sure. Not for me nowadays, though. Back in the day we had a reptile room in the band house. 10' red tailed boa and a couple monitors, a water and a nile. The boa didn't do a whole lot, I think he was pretty old (but still ate a lot of bunnies!). The water monitor was pretty laid back but the nile was an alpha predator. We had the 2 monitors in a big terrarium with a pond. Really cool releasing some small mice and watching them hunt. The water was more like a croc, he'd hang out in the pond and wait for a mouse to come near. The nile used to hunt anything moving.
  9. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    The Academy of Realist Art in Toronto. Imagine being alive in the dark ages and walking into a modern library with Internet and skilled staff. For a week. And then going back into the dark ages.
  10. CashWiley

    Do any of you have a youtube channel?

    Yep but I don't use it :D I've done a FB livestream from my studio, but I don't think watching me shade a cheek for two hours is interesting to anyone. At some point I'd like to start developing content, and probably should just for my own reference in the future. https://www.youtube.com/user/CashWiley There are a couple ancient music things on there, plus Bart drinking beer and a couple hawks that grew up in my yard. Uhh...eclectic.
  11. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    I do steaks in my cast iron pan over gas flame, too. Get the pan smoking hot, sear one side, flip, sear the other. Heat to low, flip once more to keep heat even. Also: rest the steak for 5 minutes on a warmed plate, loosely tented with foil. This lets the proteins uncoil so the cells can re-absorb some of the liquid.
  12. CashWiley

    Cash's 2019 Art

    50 minute pose charcoal 18 x 24
  13. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    Rare to Medium-rare. I've become pretty good at winging steaks with 2-level heat. Hot sear, then slow and low. Unfortunately, I've ruined steak (not prepared by me) for everyone who's eaten at my house. Even my roast beef is wall-to-wall perfection (fast sear, then slow and low, may be a pattern, heh). If it's too rare, the texture is too rubbery. I like it red-pink but firm. Ideally, less than 2-3mm of grey (some is inevitable from the sear). Also - cut matters. My favorite cuts to grill are flank and flat iron, rib for mom (she loves fat), sirloin for the fiancee.
  14. CashWiley

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    Did we do this one a couple months ago? I play guitar, bass and drums. At one point it was my job.