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  1. Cash's 2017 Art

    Figure drawing, had the model from portrait class sitting last night. 20 minute pose. Vine charcoal on drawing paper, 18×24 NSFW (nudity) https://i1.wp.com/cashwiley.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Lyf_3.jpg 30 minute pose. Vine and compressed charcoal on newsprint, 18×24.
  2. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    My estimate bumped from Saturday to Monday. I'm extremely spoiled by Amazon Prime, especially now with Sunday and holiday delivery. Kinda freaked me out to see a USPS truck pull up when I was in the driveway working on the truck on Indigenous Peoples Day! I'm not fussed about the wait, never am with KD. Always worth it. Looking forward to starting up my old game, I've been waiting for the revision to restart. Should probably paint the other three survivors :D In the meantime, Elex just came out and is awesome, so I'm all good. I should also build the Butcher since he's up soon. And the antelope...yeah time to get the glue out...
  3. Modern US Army Infantry

    Hasslefree, Kev has some really amazing pieces. Depending on accuracy needed, USAriadna forces from Infinity have some cool models.
  4. Cash's 2017 Art

    Starting the next portrait:
  5. Massive Darkness Agents

    Goblin Agent 1 Goblin Agent 2 Dwarf Agent 1 Dwarf Agent 2 Orc Agent 1 Orc Agent 2 WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76692-massive-darkness-agents/
  6. Massive Darkness Agents

    Thanks, Shogun! Unfortunately minis are going to be few and far between for a while as I focus on traditional arts (I'm actually selling off a lot of my collection on FB). But I don't plan on giving it up entirely and will try to make time to sneak a few in, especially for games I actually play!
  7. Darklands: Savage Hordes IV

    Just got in my shipment, 3 tomb spiders, dragonshield Angedern, replacement Aetulla and 5 of the drinking companions. So amazing, but I'm winding down mini purchases to focus on education. Going to clear out non-collectibles sometime soon, though a lot of Mierce stuff is stay right where the heck it is, since one assumes the exchange rate might recover for the Imperials at some point.
  8. Massive Darkness Agents

    Thanks, everyone! Like the Zombicide stuff, these are fun sculpts to paint. Though I may get a bit tired of the metal bosses on every model at some point! Mattnuke, highly probably! Some really characterful big guys (and gals) in there!
  9. Cash's 2017 Art

    I've updated the blog with a couple figure drawing posts, which I'll link due to the forum's policy on nudity. http://cashwiley.com/2017/09/croquis-cafe-figure-drawing/ http://cashwiley.com/2017/09/figure-drawing-3/
  10. Massive Darkness

    There's a reason the first guys I painted were the agents...devious mechanic!
  11. Massive Darkness Agents

    Well, I like the game a lot, so I figured I may as well start painting it up. Been a while since I've painted minis, and I had a few days off and just kinda got sucked into it. Mostly quick tabletop stuff here, though it took me longer than it should've because I was struggling to remember how to paint! Consistencies were all over the place, and when it came time to do the NMM, I drew a blank. I remembered some of the tricks, and spent a little extra time blending the blades (which turned out pretty decent for TT if I do say so). Glad you guys like them, pretty primitive but it was fun and I really would like to get the set painted up at some point! Additional color notes: neutral grey triad for steel, gold nmm triad for the gold. My first time using the nmm triad, and for a real paintjob I'd definitely go above and below it, but that's the case for every triad. For a quick n dirty, it's a great triad!
  12. Massive Darkness Agents

    Tried zenithal priming these guys with an airbrush…results about the same as a rattle can, with way more cleanup. Don’t really want to spend any time learning airbrush skills, so be it. Massive Darkness Agents WIP 1 I then base coated the skin for each as follows: Orc, Twilight Blue; Dwarf, Dark Skin; Goblin, mix of Ghoul Skin and Black Green. Leather, skirts and misc were base coated in Dusky Skin Shadow. Massive Darkness Agents WIP 2
  13. Massive Darkness Agents

    Off to Show Off:
  14. Corporea, are you familiar with the Munsell notation? I'm still mostly working in graphite and charcoal, so I haven't dug too deeply into color. But it's set up to account for the relative values of different color, and there's some good lessons out there on using it for bracketing and mixing colors to control all three axes. http://munsell.com/about-munsell-color/how-color-notation-works/
  15. To shade the secondary and tertiary colors. And possibly to add some depth to that much unrelenting black. I'm thinking of my go-to Nightshade Purple, which would work well as an all-around shader and enhancer. Hypothetically speaking.
  16. Hypothetically speaking, if one had black as a primary color, would one be able to choose a new shading tone?
  17. Massive Darkness Agents

    Continuing with the skirts, I finished out the Dusky Skin triad, to keep things simple. Similarly, I did the same using Clotted and Carnage Reds to finish the hood/sashes. Massive Darkness Agents WIP 5
  18. Massive Darkness Agents

    On to the flesh tones. For the dwarf, I used Muddy Soil, Dark Skin, Redstone Highlight, Tanned Skin and VMC Ivory. For the goblin, it was Black Green, Ghoul Skin, Moldy Skin and VMC Ivory. For the orc, Midnight Blue, Twilight Blue, Snow Shadow and Ghost White. Massive Darkness Agents WIP 4
  19. Massive Darkness Agents

    Finishing up the basecoats. Metals based in Dusky Skin Shadow or Stormy Grey. Hood/scarf in Bloodstain Red, dwarf’s beard in Shadowed Stone. Massive Darkness Agents WIP 3
  20. Massive Darkness Agents

    I think I will also color code the base rims. It can definitely get chaotic quickly!
  21. Massive Darkness

    It even got me painting minis again, hah!
  22. Massive Darkness Agents

    Thanks, folks! KB, the bluish orc is canon for the game. The gob is only slightly green in artwork, so I decided to go a bit greener for readability on the table. Funny thing is, as I was looking at the sculpts when I first got in the game and was playing, I figured I could set apart the agents apart with red hoods and sashes...and looking at the art this morning to plot out my colors, bam...red hood/scarf. Fun plastic, like all GG sets. The characterful sculpts make up for the issues with casting (and these are better than 1st season Zombicide I've been painting).
  23. Zombicide Season 1 Walker

    Been wanting to get back into painting a mini now and again, probably nothing more than tabletop for a while. So I took a couple hours to slap some paint on this guy I had sitting on the shelf, already primed. Zombicide Season One Walker 2 Zombicide Season One Walker 2 So I think I’ve mostly forgotten how to paint minis. Didn’t help that I snagged the wrong paper for my wet palette, it was a square of tracing paper, so it was a total mess!
  24. Zombicide Season 1 Walker

    Thanks, everyone. The toughest part about painting with acrylics is the blending. So simply and lovely with oils :) It was a decent project for reacquainting with the medium. While having the wrong paper on the palette meant I couldn't do much for mixing blends, I was able to cobble together a couple and kinda remember how it goes. And the pants were an exercise in saving an utter mess. I had been sticking to a somewhat limited palette of undead skin and blood triads (red/green), the undead highlight is heavily white and this went chalky and pastel really quickly. So I started glazing over, which gave him pink pants. I pulled out sepia wash because it was on the desk (the KS3 paint set), which skewed it too yellow. I was shooting down the middle for a brown (which is an orange), so I went back and forth until the stark highlights had been dialed down and fixed for hue. Then I (lazily) added black to add depth back to the shadows. I painted the flesh with the dark red before going into undead skin, mixing the red in a bit as I went. I'm a bit better about controlling colors, but it's tough when you don't see the constituent elements of the paint, and I'm really not too focused on color theory at this point (I work mostly in graphite and charcoal). I've just cobbled a few things together in portrait class. Once I get serious and learn Munsell bracketing, dialing in the colors should be a lot easier.
  25. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    That's a great idea, Bryan.