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  1. Darklands: Savage Hordes IV

    Anyone have the Jute undead in metal and resin for comparison? Thinking of getting the metal Norse host, since that nets me the resculpted Hrafnen in metal, basically free (about the cost of the hero mounted and on foot in resin). Which got me thinking, maybe getting the Ghuls in metal might defray the cost a bit... The resin is so good, though. I'm also likely to get the female demiligionarii...if they don't continue to sculpt cartoonish bubble boobs, like the Melusine. Definitely waiting to see the sculpts first there.
  2. Photo hosting sites

    I'd say Imgur for now. I was on Dropbox, but they pulled out embedding images. I finally bit the bullet and just leased my own host. Really not all that expensive and wicked easy to setup (I just use godaddy's economy hosting, decent cpanel interface).
  3. Darklands: Savage Hordes IV

    Got me with the mailshot, hit some nice stretches. I'm pretty confident in the Jute sculpting these days, so I went in for the first Ghul host. Will likely add the mounted and foot Steinn, hopefully Rob bundles them for a discount, since I have the Hrafnen crew.
  4. Massive Darkness

    Nice, thanks Grayfax! I've found the rules surprisingly clear and understandable. Though I've been thinking of another house rule: roaming monsters get a gear card of the highest level gear the players have. Not sure if that would be worth the power creep of players getting more +1 level items, though. Seeing some good crossover stuff using Z:BP tiles etc, going to have to dig out my BP box... I did have to put MD away so I'd stop playing :) That's a good sign!
  5. Massive Darkness

    I can see where people are getting that it's a bit OP, I might house rule transmute a bit, though sometime you end up completely boned on gear (I got armor for my mage with 2 turns left in the game just now, and only found 1 decent weapon for my tank 3 turns from the end...of a level 4 scenario). I'm a bit befuddled by the mob AI rules, seems easy in some cases to funnel them to the hero spawn point and just ignore them. At the end of the aforementioned game, I had 3 roaming monsters and 2 mobs parked there, moving towards us every now and again as we came into the light and then back into the start zone because we spent most of the time in shadow. I'm thinking a house rule where they spend X turns at the entrance and then wander to a current level token, or patrol back and forth. Slippery can be super OP, as can stun...but not in every scenario, so not ready to house rule on them yet. Stun I only notice because of class choice and a lucky weapon draw early on, I was basically chain stunning the roaming monsters. And abusing slippery to snag chests with a character that had +1 movement action and the gloves with +1 free trade? Yikes. But that was kinda fun and balanced because of the mobs he kept spawning (though see the last paragraph for how that was abusable). My only big problem was that it was a scenario where The Chosen one had to escape out an exit, and he slipped past the last mob and monster to sneak out of what should've been a decent end battle, kinda anti-climactic (I was tempted to just fight it out, but wanted to go do some errands, heh). But these are picking nits, things can be tweaked. I like Zombicide, but I really like Massive Darkness. I was pretty surprised with how much it sucked me in. I've had it on the kitchen table all weekend and I've played a solo game (not in story mode) up to the 3rd scenario (plus tutorial). I did the tutorial with a single hero, then 1st scenario with two different classed heroes, and the 2nd scenario with three differently classed heroes (to try each out). I ran the 3rd with the KS pack, using a Bonecrusher, mage and assassin included (though ran the assassin as a nightstalker because I don't have the assassin pack). Having the bigger roaming monster deck and added mob bosses and agents definitely improves the game a lot. I like the rpg-lite stuff, it adds so much to the Zombicide formula, this game is in pretty much every way superior and now I'm kinda bummed for Green Horde (except the crossover, hah). Now my 2nd favorite game KS I've backed, after KD:M. Note: I like dice and random chance, unlike a lot of board gamers. And the bam/diamond dice take me right back to Blood Bowl. Genius! And gear-using mobs, getting a defender with a magic shield or a demon with a fire sword? Ye gods. Keeps you on your feet, and Events are always interesting. Even having the agents keeps normal guard spawns spicy. I also like the promise in the mechanics of the 2nd scenario, where you have to chase down a giant spider that flees every round toward the exit, dragging webbed heroes with it. Shades of KD:M type AI that you could build in. Nice!
  6. Massive Darkness

    Played the tutorial and started the first mission today, really digging it. First mission I'm playing as the barbarian and paladin, super tanky but tough to get damage out (I've been getting boned on weapon draws, plus I tend to play tanky anyway). Mobs aren't too bad yet but the wandering monsters and agents can get rough. When we were level one, drew a demon with a fire sword (he was shredding our defenses) and then at level 2 we got an ogre with a shield (we could barely damage him, and that mostly with bonus damage from skills).
  7. Massive Darkness

    Some sloppy assembly and lots of slopped glue on some of mine, but I figure that's pretty usual for Chinese assembly these days. I was surprised by the size of the tray of big'uns.
  8. Massive Darkness

    There are some really nicely characterful sculpts in the box.
  9. Cash's 2017 Art

    Been a while. Most of the sketchbook stuff is general figure structural stuff that I've posted before, since I'm reviewing Steve Huston's book again. I find it important to draw my way through my instructional books. As I read a page, I replicate all the drawings on it. Also taking a lot of time working on a proper method Bargue drawing (I'm 20 hours in and not half done). I just updated the blog with more info so head over there if you want to read about it, but here's the sexy:
  10. September Hobby Gooooooooals!!!!!

    Didn't set goals over the summer, just played around a lot with different things. School is about to start up again, so I'm back into goals mode. - Practice figure drawing: gesture/structure/anatomy - Bargue plate 49 (Just updated the blog on this one, updating my drawing post here after I finish this post!) - School starts, so new portrait and lots of figure drawing! - Also beginning to explore the Munsell color system - Bonus round: paint some game plastic, Zombicide or Massive Darkness
  11. Darklands: Savage Hordes IV

    Doubtful, since people were already dubious of the high ask (that they were well under, thus the cancel) and adding more steel molds to the equation only drives up the cost.
  12. Darklands: Savage Hordes IV

    So I'll get the Ghul host in Savage Hordes V, probably :D
  13. Darklands: Savage Hordes IV

    Darnit. I want to know sculptor, but if it's the dude who's been doing the Jute undead, those are going to be great.
  14. Massive Darkness

    Looks like my box glitched out in Ohio all day Sunday, so probably getting it tomorrow. I did get an email from CKPM today, though.
  15. Zombicide: Green Horde

    Pledge manager is out. I ended up adding the Rat King box to my original pledge of base + MD xover + Ultimate Survivors.
  16. Massive Darkness

    I'm considering dusting off the bench to paint up a couple heroes from this like I usually do with new CMoN games, but timing is pretty bad with the new semester a couple weeks away, I'm cramming lessons to get ready for it...
  17. Massive Darkness

    Fedex email.
  18. Massive Darkness

    Mine shipped yesterday from Alpharetta via FedEx, eta 8/29 to NY.
  19. Randomness XII: Eighteen! Purple! Squirrels!

    Hey, I got tagged! Hi there! I'm so happy Patrick named her after you, Mori! In randomness, I stripped the trim on my house today, in advance of caulking and priming. Been 9 years since I did it, and I think I'm over it. I stripped and painted the house I grew up in twice (by hand, alone...I was basically my stepdad's slave labor, which wasn't all bad), my gramp's camp (hey, gramp used to lean on my pretty hard, too...hmm), and several more for pay with my buddy. Neighbor asked what color I was going to paint it, I said 'vinyl'. Going to take a heroic effort to get anything done on the Bargue plate tonight, too much sun and scraping.
  20. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    I just said that on FB.
  21. 80s nostalgia thread.

    Born in '70. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest (well, the early 80s...), Slayer, Metallica, Mercyful Fate. Long summer days at the swimming hole with cold beer and country girls. Riding my bike 10 miles to my friend's house...and then riding bikes for the rest of the day. Otherwise, I'm not big into nostalgia, I spent most of the 80s in an underground progressive/thrash metal band (formed in 84), so mainstream culture was something I actively avoided. I mostly miss the lack of social media and media saturation in general.
  22. Artists Trading Cards?

    Oops, missed this, as I've been light on the forum lately. If you still need someone to even up, I'd draw something up. I bought the cards last time, at least!
  23. Cash's 2017 Art

    Tried this one on newsprint, it was pretty difficult to shade. Graphite on newsprint, 9x12. Some WIPs:
  24. TGPs 2017 Art Thread

    Lick it before it's dry?
  25. Cash's 2017 Art

    Informal copy of Bargue plate 9. Graphite on smooth bristol.