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  1. I have to try really hard to not buy Kev's Skyclads across the board. His constant improvement at sculpting anatomy is impressive. He's always been a good sculptor, but the last couple years he has really elevated his game. If he sculpted a bit larger, I'd be in trouble (I do own all his larger nudes already). When I say I'm not really buying minis anymore...I keep a running list of stuff he's working on and buy once a year. It's tough because of the lag between when he finishes the sculpt and when it pops up on the store, but he is constantly putting out stunning stuff.


    Anyway....just got this email:


    "Looks like Kev White does Matt Dixon - Female Fantasy Miniatures is about to ship your rewards soon!

    If you do not need to update your shipping address, you do not need to take any further actions. You're all set!"




    edited to add: I may be the only person in the world excited for his first graveclad, too! :D Hmm..second if you count the Ghast he did (which I of course own, heh)

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  2. Glory, Sole Survivor
    Glory Skyclad
    Winter Glory
    Aenglish Glory, Patriot
    Katarina, Dark Soul
    Katarina Skyclad
    Ksenia Graveclad
    Ksenia the Unlawful, Accursed Queen
    Living Ksenia, Accursed Queen
    Jaguar Shaman Boudi
    Mythic Helen
    Dawn, Stone Age Warrior
    Helen Skyclad


    Plus the kitties, dino and Glory base. Stuck exactly to my pledge, since I'm not really buying minis until I start painting them more regularly...

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  3. The kill and processing of game meat has a lot to do with flavor, too. You don't want something that wasn't cleanly killed (ie chased and pumped full of adrenaline) and then dragged through the woods, tossed in the back of a pickup and butchered in Jethro's garage. I knew a lot of hunters growing up, you learn who kills and processes well and buy meat from them, avoid the others even for freebies. Roast elk is divine.


    Anyway. Question.


    What are your favorite things to make in a food processor? I bought one last year and like to grind burgers, fish cakes, etc and do sauces/mayo type stuff, but looking to get more use out of it.

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  4. I'm trying not to bore everyone with my traditional art purchases, since that's mostly what I buy these days. Ooo...an Italian green ochre....maybe not so exciting or relevant :D

    But here's a good one: Rhonda Bender recommended some pre-stretched canvases after attending a workshop by the manufacturer. I've just been using cheap hobby store stuff to learn on, but I do have a commission coming up (!!) so I was poking around my wishlist on Amazon and noticed that some of them were marked way down...Like $14 instead of the $50 they usually cost! 3 left in stock, bought 'em all, excited to try a real canvas!

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  5. I'm happy to have survived the prologue. I realized a couple rules I got wrong last time, so we barely scraped by because it was a grabfest. Not only did he draw grab early (putting him out of range), he grabbed as a reaction. Twice (thanks to trap reshuffle). Then grab was his last AI card, I was humming yakety sax as we chased him around.


    I was amazed to have escaped any rolls on the serious injury table, including one near brain injury. I named the settlement after the survivor who was the main grab target (cue Tom Petty stop draggin' my survivor around), who ended up with a wounded brain and heavy injuries to the chest, legs and feet. Such lucky hit location dice!

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  6. For November, I'm dropping figure drawing class in order to focus more on...figure drawing. The instruction was weak and the school has been having trouble booking good models, so I'm going to sharpen up my skills at home with New Masters' Academy and Croquis Cafe.


    I have a nice skull study up on the still life table, I want to do a grisaille in oils. Still working on the schematic for it, trying to get the angle right.


    I wouldn't mind painting up the remaining KDM starting survivors, either...

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  7. Continuing with the variation on the theme for doing more refined work at the early stages, the local color lay-in this time is much more vibrant than the usual dead color we use. Part of this is the desire to get to later painting stage instruction, despite the time limitations of the class.


    Model was running late, so only had around an hour and a half of sitting time, at least a half hour of which was mixing paint. So lots left unfinished, because of both less brush time and less mixing time (didn’t have time to whip up mixes for the hair or lips).




    As always, we lose a bit of the drawing at this phase. Getting a little better at not completely wrecking it, though!

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  8. I like the new gold triad, you can see what I did with them here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76774-massive-darkness-agents/



    As with most triads, it's generally better if you add another lighter value on top and darker value under. But for a quick tabletop job, it's perfect.


    For steel, I generally just use any grey or desaturated blue with black and white. 


    NMM is more about the contrast and placement of light and shadow than the colors used.

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  9. And that one is a good demonstration of why the Munsell color solid has an oblong shape, rather than the sphere it began as. Colors like yellow are inherently higher value and some like purple are inherently lower value. Actually, looks like you need to shift the lower right bottles, since there's a low chrome/higher value section there :D

    I will be fully unbearable once I actually study Munsell seriously!


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  10. This is a nice demonstration of how browns and most bottled flesh tones are really oranges of varying saturation. I'd probably put that last row of violets over on the red end of the spectrum.


    Also, the whites/greys would go better on top, since they are just high value, desaturated versions of other hues, not their own thing (except in the case of the neutral greys, pure white and black...and even those probably have some chromatic aberrations. 

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  11. I'm using the KDM sleeves. They nice. I think I need more. This is not fast, but at least I only have to do it once. I've not been a fan of sleeves, but I do like how it's easier to look through a deck now.


    Dark Mediator confirmed the new trays will be made available at some point for the cost of shipping to backers interested.


    Sleeved up and ready to play! Looking forward to it, I should paint up some survivors and the monsters...I just don't want to hack such lovely models and I'm way out of practice.

    Also, there is a resource for upgrading from 1.0 to 1.5, but it's on the KD site, which would fall under the commerce rules of this forum. And it's not linked from their site, it's only shareable as a naked link. So I can't provide the link here. Yay.


    Try appending wp/upgrade-to-1-5-edition/ to the URL of Death.

  12. I'm actually pretty upset about it, as these things go (I don't get too upset over luxury stuff). Hopefully there is an option to get one for the cost of shipping for each upgrade pack, not sure how many want it. If there is too big or too small demand, it might not happen.

    Either way, I've got most of the core box gear cards sleeved now....

  13. 22 hours ago, Talae said:

    I see that some people chose to pin minis to the bases and some just went with plastic glue. Is plastic glue sufficient for the prologue minis?

    Yup. It bonds physically, so as long as the weight of the mini isn't too much for the size of the joint, it's fine.


    I bought a ton of the small face bases in the first KS, PM me your address. I'll get you started.

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  14. 1 hour ago, Evilhalfling said:

     There is a big box on my doorstep.  


    Its Stupendous! 


    it is slightly dinged but I can live with. 

    the book is cool and the sprues are nearly overwhelming! 

    I found the starting survivors and the lion sprue, but had a hard time getting the rest back into the box. 

    also no idea where I am going to store this.




    (knight Justin forscale)

    I did the same when I got mine from the first KS!



    And let's not talk about sprues. 2 original core games, all expansions, plus the survivor KS reward box...I don't even want to think about how much more is incoming. Heck, my 2nd core box is still shrink-wrapped!

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