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  1. Aaand...Fedex continues to be the worst courier service. Delivery date changed enroute, to Tuesday, without explanation or notification.


    I imagine it will be a signed for and they won't deliver it while I'm home, because if it can be done poorly, Fedex does so, unapologetically. In fact, probably my fault.


    USPS has long been the best, and UPS stumbles but has great customer service to make things right.

  2. I'm currently debating whether I should get a replacement or ask for a refund for the entire KS.

    I really do like the grindhouse nuns and lust elves, but my feelings about the casting are pretty well known by this point :) And afaik, troops/command aren't available in resin, soo...

    I'll probably just go through and try to make sense of the millions of pieces so I can figure out what to ask to be replaced (in addition to this entire set). The resin is so brittle that I end up breaking thin parts constantly, but is that something that can be replaced, since I did it? 

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  3. So I got what I think is the last of my crap from these clowns.


    Ladies and Gentlemen, we have hit yet another low in quality control from Raging Heroes/Trollforge. How does something like that make it out of the foundry, let alone the developer? I mean, at least two people had to have looked at that and went, "Yep, looks good to me!"

    I guess I'm happy that it's finally over and I can safely avoid these two companies forever. I wouldn't even resell this garbage, because I wouldn't do that to a fellow hobbyist.

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  4. I like both methods, for me it's more what suits the model the best. The thing about TMM is that you should learn NMM to learn the rules of both lighting metallic objects and how to exaggerate it for mini scale. If you look at the barbarian's sword, it's exaggerated way beyond what you would do with normally painted metallics, because I treated it with NMM-style rules.


    Desaturating for minis is a bit easier, because you can pick colors that are suited to that palette right out of the bottle. Just choose a muted red (I like Reaper's redstone triad A LOT) instead of a bright red like fire red. Something like a twilight blue instead of dragon blue, etc.

  5. I survived my first Butcher, barely. No deaths, though I did have a sacrificial goat out for him (bad things happen to the character in the #2 slot at the table). I used the cat eye circlet to snoop the HL deck and his one crit location was on top, founding stone to knock him down. Then he (of course) traps and messes everyone up. But his mechanic of shuffling the HL deck every turn worked against him as I ended up drawing that crit location twice more, the second time as a hit for my crit specialist. And even though he trapped AGAIN on that round (he also rolls 5 dice to hit...) it was enough to wound him to the point where we could take him out before anyone bled out.


    Brutal encounter, and it was mostly luck that saved us. Awesome game! Also came close to getting the showdown reward that can be used to regrow a limb...would've been awesome to use on my settlement's leader who lost her left arm to the lion...

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  6. I have to try really hard to not buy Kev's Skyclads across the board. His constant improvement at sculpting anatomy is impressive. He's always been a good sculptor, but the last couple years he has really elevated his game. If he sculpted a bit larger, I'd be in trouble (I do own all his larger nudes already). When I say I'm not really buying minis anymore...I keep a running list of stuff he's working on and buy once a year. It's tough because of the lag between when he finishes the sculpt and when it pops up on the store, but he is constantly putting out stunning stuff.


    Anyway....just got this email:


    "Looks like Kev White does Matt Dixon - Female Fantasy Miniatures is about to ship your rewards soon!

    If you do not need to update your shipping address, you do not need to take any further actions. You're all set!"




    edited to add: I may be the only person in the world excited for his first graveclad, too! :D Hmm..second if you count the Ghast he did (which I of course own, heh)

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