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  1. Flexor group of the lower arm, graphite 9x12.
  2. Check here for my first year of drawing and painting, 2016: Onward with year two! First up is a sketchbook piece, 5.5x8.5 graphite. I'll probably keep posting stuff as digest, I dunno. Just winging it! And a study from the studio today, 18x24 charcoal on newsprint (my usual):
  3. Live

    Eh, I'm probably going to grab the ultimates.
  4. Live

    KInda happy about the small amount of artist boxes, that cost a lot last time. I'd like the expansions, but holding down costs I'm just in for the core set + MD cards.
  5. Printed up a card from my Da Vinci copy. And noodled around with some new software:
  6. Cut my first mat today!
  7. Fulfilling

    I only got paints this time around...
  8. Absolutely. Caravaggio is probably my favorite painter. There's a great large format book available on Amazon. I have a WIP canvas with a copy of Judith...
  9. Erp...I meant Da Vinci. My brain kept telling my fingers MIchelangelo :D Anyway, my DA VINCI copy is done, 5" or 6" graphite (super tiny for me). Going to be a thank you card for the friend who bought me the book.
  10. Live

    I do really like him!
  11. Live

    I like the idea of familiars, though the sculpts aren't doing much for me. Why not a normal cat or two? Exploding toxic zombies, welp I really don't like rotfiends in Witcher 3, so....blah. And the survivors are just kinda generic. I don't mind a few new sculpts in the mix, but those aren't compelling for ponying up $50, imo. More tiles and missions is cool, but overall (for me) the package just isn't compelling (and I'm penciled in for the Bonner box despite only liking the necro model).
  12. Live

    I'm mostly ok with the SGs in this one. The early box for the next game they're pushing are actually pretty nice. The modern cameos are kinda weird, but I like them (I will definitely be playing Prince a lot). I do wish they'd mine the fantasy cameo vein harder, there's so much gold in there. Reason #1 I was excited for the 1st BP was the Python Kinghts.
  13. Live

    I'm diggin Prince and Ali, for sure. The Vikings folks are decent, but Kev already sculpted them so well that it's not as impressive for me. I like the idea of dwarf Logan, but the sculpt is a bit underwhelming.
  14. Fulfilling

    I would wait for metal if I had the choice.
  15. Working on some Michelangelo anatomy from a book a friend bought me recently.
  16. Fulfilling

  17. Live

    Really digging the Bonner necromancer, but the survivors aren't as good as his last box imo.
  18. I do want to clear off a few that are building up on the workbench. I've got Zombicide Gordon Ramsay half-painted, another KDM survivor base-coated, and a handful of things I've assembled over the last year or so. The change of pace was a welcome shake-up to the drawing routine. Need to work on alternating media more.
  19. Thanks! I should finish it some day...
  20. The King's Man is a nemesis encounter from Monster. He'll show up and ruin your day at the ol' settlement. Mostly assembled (left off the scabbard and plume for now, experiment in painting a disassmbled model!), pinned and primed.
  21. Hmm, I thought this WIP was older than this! Not even a year, heh! Anyway.... Dusted off this fine plastic model (ok, he was under a cover and not dusty). Spent an hour messing around trying to remember how brushes work. Some base coats and messing with how nmm works again… (For those who don't hang out down in the basement here, I've been mostly doing graphite/charcoal drawing and oil painting for the last year and a half, I used to paint minis pretty regularly here, albeit slowly :))
  22. Been so long since I posted a mini WIP, I forgot where to post it, haha! Silly rabbit, this is the 2d art thread!
  23. Fulfilling

    Got mine, looks amazing as usual. Need mohawk lady!
  24. What the what!? What’s a couple years between WIP updates between friends? Dusted off this fine plastic model (ok, he was under a cover and not dusty). Spent an hour messing around trying to remember how brushes work. Some base coats and messing with how nmm works again…
  25. Live

    I like the ballista rules, and how that promises a way to integrate larger weapons. Dragon - awesome. If it's not in, I'll houserule that his breath weapon affects everything in a tile :) Friendly fire! I was out helping someone, came in a couple minutes late and was backer 1400ish...always get a kick out of the CMoN KSs.