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    Cash's 2019 Art

    Friday night figure 55 minute pose Charcoal 18x24 40 min pose Charcoal on newsprint 18x24
  2. So I'm not dead, but the end of 2018, early 2019 was a bit of a lull. I didn't really do anything except host figure drawing since September of 2018. Getting back into the swing of things, slowly. This year I want to focus on learning more about figure drawing, but that's been a brick wall thus far. I've also begun a color course, this week's studio session was the first assignment, creating value strips and chips. Trains the eye to be more sensitive to values and will be useful reference. Here's my 2018 post: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79954-cashs-2018-art/ Here are a few selected sketches from figure drawing. Can't share the figurative stuff, since it's nudity :|
  3. Education and responsibility? There's basically no reason for war any more, but our systems haven't caught up with the looming facts of the end of scarcity. I'm at the point in life where just hearing people stuck in old and destructive behavior and beliefs really bums me the eff out.,
  4. CashWiley

    Good place at Amazon for Reaper

    Short-term thinking. A vortex mixer protects your investment in paint, the savings over years is substantial. I tend to play the long game, though.
  5. CashWiley

    Good place at Amazon for Reaper

    Go for the Hamilton Beach egg muffin maker. I have the dual version and it's great.
  6. Ohh, good one. I'll also add Fred Sanford as Palpatine and Lamont as Vader :D
  7. Fred Sanford (Redd Foxx) and Dr Who (Tom Baker)
  8. No, they need to die. It's mostly governmental agencies keeping them alive. We have lines daily at our fax machine at the library. It takes so long vs just scanning to email directly.
  9. Can we not have fax machines anymore? Whyyyyy
  10. CashWiley

    Cash's 2019 Art

    Thanks! Just trying to get a little better every week. Thank Odin for figure drawing, it's the only art I've been doing for months now.
  11. CashWiley

    Cash's 2019 Art

    50 minute pose. Charcoal 18x64. 30ish minute pose. Charcoal 12x18.
  12. No. Too many commoners and boors.
  13. Well, it's been proven as a ploy in at least one case (Apple). In fact, Apple aggressively sunsets their products to the point where after 20 years of being a primarily Mac network at the library, we're discontinuing their products going forward. It's too bad, they've traditionally been easier to support, at least since Mac OSX debuted. I have a Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge, I've been eligible to upgrade for almost a year now (I've had it almost 3 years), but I struggle to find a compelling reason to spend that much money for such an incremental upgrade. My old s5 was a bit sluggish, but my s7 is still plenty snappy. Camera is fine, and I've had a 128GB card in it since I got it. So....basically I'm keeping it until the battery dies, and I've been practicing better charging habits in hopes it's a few more years from now (top off charge regularly, try not to charge it over 90%, basically).
  14. Grammar. :D The main thing I miss isn't a gadget (I hate gadgets in general), it's that things are no longer designed to be repaired and maintained. Disposable culture is a blight, and one of many horrific effects of capitalism that everyone seems to ignore. The thing I currently like best about the phone gadget is Google Translate, being able to read something written in another language in near-real or real time is still pretty astounding. Also having a minimap at all times is helpful, though just because I like minimaps, not because I had a need for one (I've always been good with navigation without technology, though a compass helps when it's overcast).
  15. That was the inspiration to convert DKS's sculpt of Damien to a gunslinger. Schubert was supposed to judge it in MSP Open that year, but recused himself because we had discussed the projects online. And then the stumblebum sets his masterpiece RIGHT NEXT TO MINE on the table. The judges were being very kind with their votes that day, having such a direct comparison! Legos (save your pedantry) or Star Wars dolls.
  16. CashWiley

    Cash's 2019 Art

    45 minute pose, charcoal 18x24.
  17. I mean, it's nice to have the only full-scale copy of the Night Watch just down the road (in addition to a decent collection of originals, including Sargent).
  18. If you're making your own, watch the tendency of grey mixed from white and black, as it's usually slightly too blue to work as a neutral for accurate color balancing.
  19. Forgot to mention I put in a 50% grey photo card off to the side to use as a white balance. A good camera helps deliver better pictures, as does a good software. I use Adobe Lightroom, which is quick and easy to use. My absolute pet peeve from when I was developing my method was seeing shadows from the physical lights. I once won a mini from a famous European painter (charity auction), and was shocked at how poor the paint job was. Most of what looked like immaculately painted shadows was just the lighting from the photo shoot. Never trust photos you see on the Internet! And another piece of the puzzle that led me to traditional art: I was never satisfied with painting shadows on minis, not enough control over the entire scene (and I hadn't yet learned the concept of letting detail disappear in shadow). I forgot to post this one in the custom base answer post, but it was one of my last mad attempts to develop better lighting on a mini (Zachary in my last pose was another, quicker and looser attempt).
  20. After experimenting for a couple years with a bunch of different methods, I settled on a black t-shirt. Simple, doesn't distract and keeps the focus on the mini.
  21. C) Hate basing so much you decide it's better to just learn to draw and paint traditionally :D I've made a couple crappy ones, I've used a couple pre-mades. I prefer pre-mades, since it means less time messing around with it, usually. Here are a few examples, starting with my RCon Open gold winner, a conversion of Damien the caster into a gunslinger. Also my last two 'serious' paint jobs, which are 4 or 5 years old now! I think Noreth has his integral base plus some rocks I sculpted in GS after taking Schubert's class. Rollo is on a pre-made that I added the shrubs to. @Morihalda :D
  22. CashWiley

    Cash's 2019 Art

    Here's a 45 minute pose (same pose as the previous pic above, which was 30 min). Charcoal on newsprint, 18x24.
  23. CashWiley

    Cash's 2018 Art

    Moving on to a new year: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/85220-cashs-2019-art/
  24. So I've been slacking on both updating here and on my blog. Here it feels odd because I don't really paint minis these days (though I want to!) and the blog kinda died when I switched hosting away from wordpress.com, my views basically dried up. I'm active on FB but I keep my friends list very tight (no offense to anyone intended), I should open up my image folders to the public, but I hesitate to do that on FB. Here's a link to my thread from last year: Anyway, I'll try to catch up a bit for year 3 (what!?!). Here's the YTD WIPs from oil portraiture class. Same model, same painting. Getting into some more advanced stuff with glazes, trying to add physical depth to the painting. At this point it's starting to get pretty luminous in some areas. The physical light on the painting can pass through some of the oil-heavy layers and pick up color from pigments along the way, hit the underlayers and shine or dull for the return journey. Cool stuff, I begin to understand the reason people say you can't appreciate an old master oil painting in a photo, you miss all the complex stuff the physical light does interacting with the layers. Each of these represents a 3 hour session, or about 2 hours of painting time. I've also narrowed my focus in drawing to portraiture, so I can bring up my skills for heads. Since I want to pursue figurative works, having solid portrait skills is going to be crucial, and it helps me stay focused in my studies and hopefully avoid lulls between studies. I'm taking Stan Prokopenko's portrait lessons as a premium member, but he makes most of these lessons free on his Proko youtube channel. I like to make study sheets while I watch the videos, and draw as many examples as I can. I picked up this amazing habit from Patrick Jones, it's really helpful for learning and later reference. Each sheet is 18x24 charcoal on newsprint. The final two lessons are charcoal portrait copies, where the reference photo is on one side of the screen and Stan draws on the other side, explaining his process as he draws. Here I've just about wrapped up the lay-in step. Charcoal on newsprint approx 11x14.