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  1. Fulfilling

    Maybe they'll invent a new alloy to 'improve' metal production. I think I only have Asharah on Pegasus left from this clown show. And just to reiterate, it makes me angry not just because of the money spent (that's spilled milk), but because the renders were SO GOOD. These should be sitting in my top drawer, rather than in a box next to my Bones on the 'I should really get off my butt and sell these' pile.
  2. Live

    I've got almost all my stuff from them at this point. Not interested in these dudes, though. Probably be able to make another will save due to the whole not painting minis right now thing.
  3. Woah, blast from the past - I just got the survey for this (Queen Level). I just sent it along with a note that I'd sold the pledge, since they didn't include a place to do that or even mention what to do if you sold your pledge off...
  4. Pre-launch

    They've been pretty good about expanding gameplay with each KS project. And sure to be a slew of new tributes that will be awesome.
  5. Fulfilling

    Ditto. Maybe if they offer a hand-poured resin option through a legit caster like GRX, I'll reconsider.
  6. Further development of Loomis’ mannikin frame, adding simplified muscle masses. Graphite 9×12.
  7. Check here for my first year of drawing and painting, 2016: Onward with year two! First up is a sketchbook piece, 5.5x8.5 graphite. I'll probably keep posting stuff as digest, I dunno. Just winging it! And a study from the studio today, 18x24 charcoal on newsprint (my usual):
  8. Yeah, they do. I put small images on the web, but it is what it is. That's why I am trying to be more independent. I still post most stuff to FB, because that gets the most eyeballs and sharing is fun. I'm still putting in pages, but it's kinda boring proportional abstraction stuff... Just finished the next iteration but no pics yet...
  9. Live

    Game and solo booklet as well. I hope the solo rules are popular and foster more content.
  10. Still in my drawing process - Gesture, Structure, Anatomy. So much to learn, but it helps breaking it down into chunks from different methods and rotating through the phases to keep it fresh. Also still having a focus on proportions, working on Loomis' abstractions because he usually includes a proportional scale on each page to work from. I do need to get canvas painting some more, I'd like to paint something over the summer before the next portrait class... Studio has been set up for still life and I've done some basic geometric practice in there. Started to organize the mini painting desk, so hopefully the workbench will be fired up soon!
  11. You can, it just takes study and practice.
  12. Fulfilling

    Boggles that they just cut a vent from the sword blade to a breast. That's an utter disregard for the end product to make things cast easier. Blah. Well, nobody looks at a sword or female's breast on a painted mini.
  13. Ok! Back to updating the blog with actual art. Let's see how the last couple sketchbook images work externally with the new setup...still not perfect, but it's working for the blog, so meh... Here's the finished page of upper arm stuff, forgot the posterior view in the last img! And here's a fun little drawing I did for May the 4th, Darth Malgus. I used a statue for reference, so it's not a copy! Both of these are graphite, 9x12 (my primary sketchbook). Trying to learn Photoshop, so I'm dabbling with coloring the Malgus pic...
  14. Still working behind the scenes. Blah. Here's another sketchbook page.
  15. Pre-launch

    Orc heroes against human zombies would be cool, too.
  16. Slowly uploading some content, regular updates should start again once I get caught up with the backlog! Here's a couple from this past week.
  17. I did WIPs and Show Offs of my entries, because I didn't know they were entries at the time. I just paint :)
  18. Live

    My favorite game is Kingdom Death (makes the entire discussion of cost quite silly) and my next favorite is Cave Evil (which was exceedingly limited print). So I might not be the best opinion on buying games sensibly :D
  19. Paint the eye that's tougher to reach, first. Then paint the easier one to match. Cyradis has a good method posted....but don't be discouraged if you have to repeat it 20 or 50 times on the same mini. You'll get better but it takes time. Or learn to sculpt and put sunglasses on everyone. :D
  20. Live

    Makes good sense to me, since I don't have good FLGS options without driving an hour to a store that's mostly GW/MtG and might stock one copy of Gloomhaven. I simply don't want to give them money, I don't like their business model (though I understand it). I'd be happier if I could use the power of the Internet to buy directly from the manufacturers without paying a 'we daren't oppress the FLGS' tax, that's punitive to everyone not lucky enough to have a nearby FLGS worth patronizing. We did have a gaming shop open in the next city over recently, but it's a couple folding tables and a couple boxes of MtG on a shelf. I won't even walk through the doors, because the last outfit that tried that were disgusting, with an unclean carpet of crumbs, soda stains and bags of garbage in the corner.
  21. Live

    You do realize that Andy hasn't fulfilled this KS yet? And unlike Jody, he's not the sculptor, so he's got to pay someone to do the work. And that's been problematic. He's been through at least three sculptors so far. And his last casting foundry seems to have screwed him over. It's been in limbo for a looong time now. Last we heard from him was middle of Feb, and it's a non-update about minis that have been sculpted since at least the middle of last year. And those are just another batch with many more to go. So it's really all a matter of perspective. I could act like a lot of people and get upset. Honestly I'm less confident in Andy's ability to fulfill because he's only the concept artist. But like with Jody, I'm all in on that ancient KS, and I'm still holding faith with both of them to make things right. The money for both is long gone, but both guys are still trying to push through to see the project completed, which is pretty amazing after all these years and the money being gone. They could each do just like a lot of other old, unfulfilled KS projects and just give up. That's the breaks of backing KS. But neither one is.
  22. Delayed

    The new KS is good for the fulfillment of this KS. Those minis are most of the death set. The shadow didn't end up working in reality compared to the concept and the bar Jody has set for casting cool stuff. So I think he's going to offer the bat demon in place of the shadow. The shadow is one of my favorite concepts and I nagged him HARD for months to consider making it. I know it's easy to get pissed at KS project creators, but sometimes in the excitement of early KS things got nuts. After 4 years, some ideas won't work, and he definitely over-promised. Also, he's learning what will sell for his brand and what won't. The new KS is part of that. He's trying to get the brand awareness up and market his (awesome) stuff. Taking part in sculpting groups on FB has been helping some, but it's tough for indie companies (ask Tre, who continually goes back to KS because his store is otherwise anemic despite being filled with amazing stuff). So I'm still firmly in the camp of sitting it out until the end. But I'm also aware that what was exactly promised isn't what I'll receive. I do think Jody will do what he can to make it right, and given the reality that the money from the first KS is long gone, everything he delivers from here on out is a testament to him trying to be a stand-up guy. And I respect the heck out of that.
  23. Live

    This KS isn't for backers of the first one. He's kickstarting production that will BENEFIT backers of the first KS, because this will get the resin production funded of minis already sculpted that are intended to fulfill the first KS. Then he'll also have some dough to get them cast in metal. If you paid extra for shipping, I'd send him a message. Politeness goes a long way, too. Like it or not, Jody is a punk rock sumgun and doesn't respond to the slightest level of disrespect. I came up with people like him, so I get it. He's been nothing but forthright and awesome with me. Would I like all the minis promised on my doorstep in resin tomorrow? Sure, but I live in the real world and things don't always work out the way we want them to. Jody is still sculpting some of the best minis in the world. Aaaanyway. The minis for this one are sculpted, and I fully intend to give him a lot of crap if he starts promising stretch goals.
  24. Live

    Try reading updates and communicating with Jody. He's been responsive and awesome. I paid for extra shipping to get some minis early, because I don't expect him to pay for it out of pocket.