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  1. Live

    Makes good sense to me, since I don't have good FLGS options without driving an hour to a store that's mostly GW/MtG and might stock one copy of Gloomhaven. I simply don't want to give them money, I don't like their business model (though I understand it). I'd be happier if I could use the power of the Internet to buy directly from the manufacturers without paying a 'we daren't oppress the FLGS' tax, that's punitive to everyone not lucky enough to have a nearby FLGS worth patronizing. We did have a gaming shop open in the next city over recently, but it's a couple folding tables and a couple boxes of MtG on a shelf. I won't even walk through the doors, because the last outfit that tried that were disgusting, with an unclean carpet of crumbs, soda stains and bags of garbage in the corner.
  2. Live

    You do realize that Andy hasn't fulfilled this KS yet? And unlike Jody, he's not the sculptor, so he's got to pay someone to do the work. And that's been problematic. He's been through at least three sculptors so far. And his last casting foundry seems to have screwed him over. It's been in limbo for a looong time now. Last we heard from him was middle of Feb, and it's a non-update about minis that have been sculpted since at least the middle of last year. And those are just another batch with many more to go. So it's really all a matter of perspective. I could act like a lot of people and get upset. Honestly I'm less confident in Andy's ability to fulfill because he's only the concept artist. But like with Jody, I'm all in on that ancient KS, and I'm still holding faith with both of them to make things right. The money for both is long gone, but both guys are still trying to push through to see the project completed, which is pretty amazing after all these years and the money being gone. They could each do just like a lot of other old, unfulfilled KS projects and just give up. That's the breaks of backing KS. But neither one is.
  3. Delayed

    The new KS is good for the fulfillment of this KS. Those minis are most of the death set. The shadow didn't end up working in reality compared to the concept and the bar Jody has set for casting cool stuff. So I think he's going to offer the bat demon in place of the shadow. The shadow is one of my favorite concepts and I nagged him HARD for months to consider making it. I know it's easy to get pissed at KS project creators, but sometimes in the excitement of early KS things got nuts. After 4 years, some ideas won't work, and he definitely over-promised. Also, he's learning what will sell for his brand and what won't. The new KS is part of that. He's trying to get the brand awareness up and market his (awesome) stuff. Taking part in sculpting groups on FB has been helping some, but it's tough for indie companies (ask Tre, who continually goes back to KS because his store is otherwise anemic despite being filled with amazing stuff). So I'm still firmly in the camp of sitting it out until the end. But I'm also aware that what was exactly promised isn't what I'll receive. I do think Jody will do what he can to make it right, and given the reality that the money from the first KS is long gone, everything he delivers from here on out is a testament to him trying to be a stand-up guy. And I respect the heck out of that.
  4. Live

    This KS isn't for backers of the first one. He's kickstarting production that will BENEFIT backers of the first KS, because this will get the resin production funded of minis already sculpted that are intended to fulfill the first KS. Then he'll also have some dough to get them cast in metal. If you paid extra for shipping, I'd send him a message. Politeness goes a long way, too. Like it or not, Jody is a punk rock sumgun and doesn't respond to the slightest level of disrespect. I came up with people like him, so I get it. He's been nothing but forthright and awesome with me. Would I like all the minis promised on my doorstep in resin tomorrow? Sure, but I live in the real world and things don't always work out the way we want them to. Jody is still sculpting some of the best minis in the world. Aaaanyway. The minis for this one are sculpted, and I fully intend to give him a lot of crap if he starts promising stretch goals.
  5. Live

    Try reading updates and communicating with Jody. He's been responsive and awesome. I paid for extra shipping to get some minis early, because I don't expect him to pay for it out of pocket.
  6. Delayed

    That is not the case at all.
  7. Indeed. I live in a dumpster. (We call junky unplanned base sprawl a dumpster base)
  8. Live

    Grefven has the gist from what I've gleaned from Jody over the years talking to him on FB. He's been pretty open with me about a lot of this stuff, and is honestly trying to make the best of things and make things as right as possible for backers of the first KS. Stuff like this is how he can get there, bringing new life into the product line. I have all but the death knight from this batch and they're AMAZING. I mean, I bought a second lich.
  9. Have you checked the version from Looks like it's been tweaked to run on modern systems, that's kinda their gig. And currently on sale...
  10. Minecraft. Exploration, building, modding. It's everything from fantasy rpg to space exploration. Played a bit before lunch today, working on building some automation into my farm after setting up my first reactor last night before bed. Once that's set up, I'll need to crank out some more drives for my storage array (to hold all the new stuff from the farm's output). Then I'll be ready to start building my armor set so I can fight the next dragon...or maybe just take some time exploring some alternate dimensions. Or start building my spaceport and space station. For board games, Kingdom Death: Monster. Challenging, diverse, amazing atmosphere and minis.
  11. Blog is back up on the new host. Still sparse, but it's a start!
  12. Check here for my first year of drawing and painting, 2016: Onward with year two! First up is a sketchbook piece, 5.5x8.5 graphite. I'll probably keep posting stuff as digest, I dunno. Just winging it! And a study from the studio today, 18x24 charcoal on newsprint (my usual):
  13. I've been dragging my feet on transferring all my stuff over to the new host and setting up my WP install there. Should get better next week, semester is over and I hope to be wrapping up the RFID project at work... For those not following me on FB (my temp refuge), I'm finally making some good gains on figure drawing. And I'm getting close to launching a figure drawing weekly session in my city. So lots going on! Stay tuned!
  14. Live

    Here's a video of the vinyl stickers, with retail info in the description.
  15. Fulfilling

    I've decided I can't really post in this thread lately, I'm just to upset about the whole thing and it gets far nastier than I care to post. I've deleted at least 5 drafts over the last couple weeks.
  16. Live

    Here's what a friend on another board said on the legacy thing: There are legacy elements, but it is very easy to ignore most of them if you want, or work around them. I'll go through the list.1) There's a board that you put stickers on to permanently track your campaign progress. What scenarios you've unlocked, certain global achievements, the prosperity level of the town, etc. But it's easy to ignore this entirely. You literally only open this up in between games. Personally, I like the way it looks as you slowly unlock the world, and it's a nice visceral record of your adventures, but we've been tracking everything in a spreadsheet anyway, which is arguably more useful. Also, there's apparently a third party set of "resettable" stickers that just peel right of again if you want to do things that way. Haven't used them, so can't comment, but here they are [redacted, see following post]2) There's a road and city event deck that changes as you play the game. Some of those are "destroyed", but you can just toss them out of the way instead and that solves that problem. Everything is numbered, so you just need to find cards 1-30 to reset back to the vanilla version of the game.3) You theoretically start with 6 of the 17 characters and slowly unlock the remaining ones over time via personal quests. The "advanced" characters are in sealed envelopes, but you can either just ignore this entire concept and play with everything unlocked from the start, or just reset it by retaping the sealed envelopes (or just never breaking the seal and instead opening the envelopes from the bottom). There's also a sealed town records book that you're only meant to open once you've finished the personal quest of one of the characters.4) The only thing that's actually difficult to reset is enhancements. At a certain point through the campaign you unlock the ability to "enhance" your ability cards for every member of that class. These are represented by stickers you permanently place on the card improving some aspect of them. You could theoretically track this on paper, but considering these are things actually used during the game, that would probably add a certain amount of irksome tedium and note keeping. Best option here if you're desperate to reset entirely is that third party sticker set I linked above, but another mitigating factor is that enhancements are really, really expensive. This will probably change as we move into the end game, but my groups haven't enhanced at all, because by the time you've got enough money to do so and have gotten a hang of the playstyle and know what cards you'd most want to enhance, that character is probably pretty close to retiring anyway, and we're always more interested in creating a new character of the unlocked class than starting a new one of the same class to take advantage of any purchased enhancements. You could probably ignore this mechanic entirely without breaking the game.Everyone's got their own threshold for this sort of thing, and peronally I'm just buying a second copy of this to stick in a closet until my daughter might be old enough to want to play with me down the line, but if I were starting fresh with the intent to reset a single copy, I'd just not use the fold out "campaign status" map at all, not destroy cards, but not worry about trying to work around the enhancement system. It would mean that characters in subsequent games might start a little bit more powerful if the previous groups enhanced their cards, but the game has difficulty levels, so you could still tune it so that it's balanced.
  17. I'm still in a repetition phase working through various avenues of learning figure drawing. Gesture, structure, anatomy, repeat. This month I'm continuing my focus on proportions, which has been paying pretty good dividends already. I also want to do some spotlight work on hands, I'm sorely in need of learning them. Since I won't finish my oil portrait in class, I want to finish it at home. Previously I just called it done with a rushed finish. This time I'm too far to rush it, so it's a good excuse to learn how to finish without the model, using photo reference. I also have reset my studio from painting setup to drawing, and reset my still life table. Need to get back to regularly studying still life in charcoal. I really do want to paint some minis, and have several on the desk. Just can't find the time with my focus on drawing, and with the summer comes chores, chores and projects. The shed needs a whole new exterior, so it's siding, windows and roof for me. Plus the garden, basement, repairing the stucco siding, it never ends as my homeowner peeps know!
  18. Live

    I really wanted fishbowl, but finances dictated picking two, and I know the two I want most :)
  19. Live

    Finally! I'm so happy at least the first bunch are going into production.
  20. Funded

    Glory & Base Look at it! Just Look at it! :) (The base (only the base, the mini will be available in both resin and metal) will likely be resin only and an optional add-on, Kev only just decided to make the base so we haven't exactly got a plan for it yet :) ). Arty. Might be my favorite mini now (The Trooper is a very special song for me).
  21. Fulfilling

    Even RH is starting to throw the foundry under the bus (from an email quoted in the current update): "The foundry has been disappointingly slow on supplying our models in sufficient quantities, hence the delay." Not feeling very charitable about the never-ending experimentation this foundry does on products I've paid for. If, after all these years, they haven't figured out a solid workable solution to sell their clients, time to call it a fail. If there was a good workable solution that didn't have the inconsistent mixes, poor release agent, rampant miscasts and poor mold cuts, etc. Then experiment on the side with test batches, not with paying customer's products. I'm sticking to hand-poured resin from companies that know what the heck they're doing.
  22. Pre-launch

    I'd rather see the sword in his bear hand, since that would give him a back up/alternate melee attack. Waste of a perfectly good bear hand to just tote a shield. Odd artistic choice.
  23. Live

    We have been and they have been, and we have some pretty wide FB reach between fans and sculptors. Probably couldn't hurt to add a few 'pledge levels for dummies', ie for 1 mini, for 2 minis, for 4 minis. Make it easy for people to pick a pledge without making things complicated for you.
  24. Funded

    You guys should follow Hasslefresian on FB if you aren't, Kev posts so much great stuff. I don't think I got this one...but I wants it now:
  25. Funded

    So many decisions saved by the Gambler's Lantern :)