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  1. Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    C'mon, man. Timestamp here says you posted that an hour ago and 4 hours ago Damien posted this on KS: Hasslefree Miniatures Creator about 4 hours ago Post show update this weekend. I was dead after the show but pledges (and backlogged hf orders) have gone out every day since wednesday and more tomorrow then I'll do an update probably Sunday along with the HF newsletter.
  2. So I've been slacking on both updating here and on my blog. Here it feels odd because I don't really paint minis these days (though I want to!) and the blog kinda died when I switched hosting away from wordpress.com, my views basically dried up. I'm active on FB but I keep my friends list very tight (no offense to anyone intended), I should open up my image folders to the public, but I hesitate to do that on FB. Here's a link to my thread from last year: Anyway, I'll try to catch up a bit for year 3 (what!?!). Here's the YTD WIPs from oil portraiture class. Same model, same painting. Getting into some more advanced stuff with glazes, trying to add physical depth to the painting. At this point it's starting to get pretty luminous in some areas. The physical light on the painting can pass through some of the oil-heavy layers and pick up color from pigments along the way, hit the underlayers and shine or dull for the return journey. Cool stuff, I begin to understand the reason people say you can't appreciate an old master oil painting in a photo, you miss all the complex stuff the physical light does interacting with the layers. Each of these represents a 3 hour session, or about 2 hours of painting time. I've also narrowed my focus in drawing to portraiture, so I can bring up my skills for heads. Since I want to pursue figurative works, having solid portrait skills is going to be crucial, and it helps me stay focused in my studies and hopefully avoid lulls between studies. I'm taking Stan Prokopenko's portrait lessons as a premium member, but he makes most of these lessons free on his Proko youtube channel. I like to make study sheets while I watch the videos, and draw as many examples as I can. I picked up this amazing habit from Patrick Jones, it's really helpful for learning and later reference. Each sheet is 18x24 charcoal on newsprint. The final two lessons are charcoal portrait copies, where the reference photo is on one side of the screen and Stan draws on the other side, explaining his process as he draws. Here I've just about wrapped up the lay-in step. Charcoal on newsprint approx 11x14.
  3. Cash's 2018 Art

    Final portrait from the Prokopenko course. It was a slog with the hair and costume! Charcoal on newsprint, 18x24.
  4. Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

    I've convinced myself not to buy by using the money to buy a bunch of art books :) I have several games that barely get played as it is. And this one is tempting because I like the basic formula and they keep making better rules iterations every year. I watched a rules overview from Watch It Played on YouTube, go check it out if you want to get a feel for it (not sure if they linked it on the campaign page yet). I like a LOT of the mechanics and the sci-fi setting. It was an easy pass until the video :)
  5. Cash's 2018 Art

    Scratch that, I have studied one of his paintings quite a bit, from before I was even a painter. I just didn't realize until tonight that it was an Henri! :O We were at a Bach/Chopin performance at the museum connected to my school and I always go look at this painting there in intermissions:
  6. Cash's 2018 Art

    Return of the regular model. Head is basically done, one more session (which is usually food and wine more than painting). Really happy with how the hair came out, since loose and gestural has been a struggle for me.
  7. Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

    I like a few of the alien heroes, but yeah. Most of the sculpts are underwhelming here. It's especially bad when the mobs are not great, because there are so many of them. Kinda sucks because the rules look like a nice evolution of the formula.
  8. Cash's 2018 Art

    I thumb through the Art Spirit now and again, but I do need to study his work more.
  9. Cash's 2018 Art

    Portrait model couldn't make it again this week, so we had a sub. Really great model. I got kinda carried away with the layin, decided to just keep working it in monochrome. One brush for paint, one for turps. 2 hours. Oil on canvas board, 8 x 10.
  10. Djinn's Studio & Workshop 2018

    My most-liked drawing is a portrait of K2SO from Rogue One. I feel your pain! Makes sense, though. People who already like the IP plus people who like your work.
  11. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Ann Arbor has been dealing with their Lion Knight overpopulation issue for a while now. :D
  12. Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    Mine haven't shown up almost a month after getting a despatch notice. Not worried, finding plenty to fill the painting time. Looking forward to getting them and painting a mini this year, though!
  13. Cash's 2018 Art

    The model had to work his normal job last night, so after some chit-chat, we decided to have a selfie night. And actually it's an idea for a new class at the school! Old school selfies! Anyway, I was pretty happy this happened, as I've wanted to start doing self-portraits for practice (cheap model!), and this was a nice jumpstart for that! Only had about an hour and a half to paint it, so it was really difficult to produce anything close to a finished product, though the goal was just a simple study, not a finished painting. I was very happy that my practice with heads over the last few months has really put me in the zone. I jumped right into it, the rest of the class kind of eased in with fits and starts. But I know how I like to light things and have been abstracting a lot of heads, so I was able to make full use of the time, though only a couple finishing touches after spending way too long messing around with the right eye (I was going to paint in my glasses but ran out of time and had to rework the lighting to remove the shadows I had put in. Normally I'm reworking dried areas, so working alla prima I ended up killing the chroma, but that's why we do studies!
  14. We go a bit thicker in the highlights, a bit thinner in the shadows; tricks for using light in the room when looking at the finished painting.
  15. Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

    I was getting a Chet from Weird Science vibe from it.
  16. Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

    That one seems to have lost a lot in translation from concept.
  17. Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

    Someone tell Kuro about the Solomon game! He will crush the paint jobs on those!
  18. Cash's 2018 Art

    Continuing the oil portrait, refining the low values in the shadowlands. In particular reshaping the eye socket and revamping the eye, so it no longer glows (compare it to the eye on the last WIP pic above). The dark area is where I prepared the canvas to work on by oiling in with some linseed oil cut slightly with solvent (I use gamsol odorless mineral spirits or OMS) and wiped back. This helps me see the values correctly, as the dark stuff lightens considerably, especially the quick drying earth pigments. That's why the hair looks so light here. The final painting will be varnished, which brings back those luminous darks (if that's not too much of an oxymoron!). It also allows me to work into a slipperier surface than the dried pigments.
  19. Cash's 2018 Art

    Thanks! Though he had even more character than that, I just couldn't capture his Eastern European mix of gruffness and humor....YET
  20. Cash's 2018 Art

    Here's the first of two portraits at the end of Stan Prokopenko's portrait course. Highly recommend it, Mori did it too! Charcoal on newsprint, approx. 11x14.
  21. Interesting angle on drying. I've been applying it to mediums but didn't think much about it with tube paint itself. the cads take forever to dry, I paint once a week in class and can usually just keep using my cads, all the earth pigments get refreshed on the palette each week. Also, I do use a soft brush quite a bit, the bristles add too much texture for anything but rough early painting. For mid-painting, I've been trying some mixed brushes, real and synthetic, that purport to be a blend of stiff and smooth. Not good enough for smooth work, but less textured and destructive than straight bristles.
  22. Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

    Really wish they had done better work with the character/monster design and minis. Some card previews popped up on FB and it looks like a nice twist on the theme.
  23. Cash's 2017 Art

    On to year 3:
  24. Check here for my first year of drawing and painting, 2016: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/66657-cashs-2016-art/ Onward with year two! First up is a sketchbook piece, 5.5x8.5 graphite. I'll probably keep posting stuff as digest, I dunno. Just winging it! And a study from the studio today, 18x24 charcoal on newsprint (my usual):