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  1. Pre-launch

    That's going to be a lot of spit to clean your brush...ewww
  2. Pre-launch

    Your paints and brushes would need water. =P
  3. Strange, I thought I posted the continuation of last night's session. I decided to flip the two colors and I'm liking how the green appears over the red skin. Went over some upper portions with 09297: Adonese Green. I'll have to dig through my paints for brighter greens for highlighting.
  4. Amonkhet block 2 will be coming out in July. ^.^
  5. Someone broke the forums. =P Edit Don't think I can handle double the randomness. Can barely keep up with one.
  6. Fulfilling

    Yea, my two copies arrived in a giant box with lots of dunnage. I played around with layout and I could fit 4 games in the box easily. I have some concerns about how much shipping is costing them.
  7. Could only find my Reaper Grey Primer, so let's see how that goes. I thinned mine 5 drops to 1 drop water and looks to have covered the miniature just fine. Applied 09401: Dragon Red to body for shading and 09082: Jungle Moss to the skirt.
  8. Fulfilling

    Request, 5 second drawn platypus on my box please. Haha
  9. Fulfilling

    They should go home.
  10. Fulfilling

    No email yet. Sadness
  11. I'm frugal with my primer and wanted a cheap alternative for miniatures I'm not afraid of damaging or losing. After reading on message boards that they had success with black Gesso from Liquitex, I used the 50% coupon from craft stores and purchased a large bottle. Best purchase. I also use it for terrain.
  12. I use Gesso on prepaints and Bones miniature with no problems. I have watered mine down (2:1) and applied heavily. When it dries, the Gesso shrinks.
  13. I water down my primer, 5:1. I'll find out tonight giw that looks when I return to my orc.
  14. Pre-launch

    Yes. Spend what you can comfortably pledge. Don't overdo it just for the sake of unlocking or obtaining new shinies. We're all here for the fun of the hobby. ^.^