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  1. Happy...uh...way belated birthday. XD May you continue to breathe life into your creations and make our jaws drop in awe!
  2. Niantic is having a Pokemon Go event in Chicago. It sold out within minutes. O.o lol, beatboxing babies. XD
  3. Sympathies Sylverthorne. *hugs *
  4. Location: Bay Area, California International: Maybe Starter: Yes
  5. Man.... It's been a depressing 3 weeks. So much bleep hitting at once.
  6. Glitter?? *goes under the carpet*
  7. Live

    What's the difference between deep wars and shadow sea?
  8. Hoppy Birthday! Wwwoooooo
  9. Sorry Vulture you have to deal with this. Being robbed leaves a distaste that can not really abate.
  10. Pre-launch

    Resin Ma'aldrakar was $500.
  11. Wait? We're closing in on thread 12? O.o Where was thread 10? I've barely seen thread 11. T.T
  12. Bug < spider < bird < cat < dog < goat < cow < horse < dead grandma Mmm! Cow!
  13. Bird < cat < dog < what ate the dog?