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  1. It's all good. i'm too lazy to switch over. :P
  2. I like flying creatures and still waiting for a large affordable bird. This one has my interest, but $70 is out of my range for the time being.
  3. I click on your spoiler, but nothing happens. =(
  4. I want to get out of bronze, but with the time that I get to paint, it's going to be several years before that happens. Planned a diorama and have it all drawn out. Now if I could only find the time to start construction. @Heisler For open, does terrain count or does it have to be a figure?
  5. *looks at miniatures* I have enough to start another 20.
  6. Pre-launch

    That information does not show up on the kickstarter page.
  7. Live

    Person? Animal? Monster? Thing?
  8. Hugs Argentee. Always a sad loss for young critters. =(
  9. Aw Guindyloo, my condolences.
  10. *sprays colorful one with glitter*
  11. Going to add shelving to the top for paints and miniature projects. Depends...are you going to steal my paints? :P
  12. Live

    Went through the pledge manager. I'm 150 over my budget. I foresee piece meal purchases after the project ends. Whee
  13. Table completed. Metal framework = 15 minutes. Cursing while attempting to attach tabletop = 30 minutes. Eat cake = 5 minutes. Stare at table = 10 minutes. Continue cursing and attaching tabletop = 10 minutes. I now have a painting surface again! Woohoo! --- edit --- Not my picture, but this is what the desk looks like, but black.
  14. I have acquired a table! I have attempted to put together said table. I have been cursing the manufacturer of said table. I have given up on attaching the tops to the frame for the time being.