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  1. pcktlnt

    RC2018 rides thread

    I seem to arrive the earliest barring any delays for flight. 3 hour wait. T__T but I'll do it. The sacrifices I give for reapercon. =P
  2. pcktlnt

    Sunshine Figures

    Why are the cave girls the only ones missing arms? :(
  3. It was a lot of anniversary minis. Dain popped out of the blister so I took him. Was meant to be.
  4. A request a request, I will do my best. From the box, alas there was no fox, But I have obtained, some minis and a chain, Some bits, a chest, Lysette and some terrain. I seemed to have changed the rhyming pattern. Oops. Apologies for the sideways pic.
  5. A box from a mouse has arrived at me house.
  6. Box arrived at the platypus residence yesterday. Didn't get a chance to look through. ^.^
  7. pcktlnt

    Myth: Journeyman

    But reaper has been open about problems, so ive been comfortable with delays and whatnot. But megacon games has been different. When nikita was handling communications I felt comfortable with the delays. But when they let her go (I think she's back) and started being quiet and hiding behind NDAs, I started losing faith in the company. I still have little faith with this company. I used to be an advocate and promoted their myth stuff and their mercs campaign. Now I'm just like.. where is my stuff, I dont think I'm getting my stuff. What did my shipping pay for earlier? Why do I have to pay shipping again for their delays, their lack of caring for their customers, and their lack of communication. How come I didn't get or how come I'm not getting items that I added on that I can pick up from retail. Yea. They have lost me as a continuing customer and I will warn others that I know about purchasing their material or any future kickstarter from them. Do I want them to go away? Elf no. We have such little companies that it sucks when you lose one. Can they change and bring back the confidence in their brand, who knows for myself, maybe others will be willing to have faith in them. Would the actions they made for gencon of not getting printed material to the person hurt future relations? Who knows. This announcement has been pushed to future dates way too many times.
  8. pcktlnt

    Happy Birthday Citrine!

    Wooo!Woo! happy birthday! Tosses glitter everywhere.
  9. pcktlnt

    Myth: Journeyman

    I hope it's not creators handing books to their friends and asking them to post photos.
  10. pcktlnt

    Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?

    I am avoiding any kickstarters from the following two companies: Megacon games and Soda Pop Miniatures/Ninja Division. Both for the same reasons. - poor communications especially from owners/higher up - secretive - no one knows what they did with the funding - extremely late (I have another project I backed that's more late, but the people are communicating and providing pictures of product being made) - megacon still hiding behind NDA. Where are the cardboard stuff they charged us shipping for? - Soda pop minis sounds like they are heading towards bankruptcy (I sure hope not) I'm usually non vocal or not worried about projects, but these two irritate me every time i scroll through my list to see what's up.
  11. I'd like to continue being a box starter, but I have to wait for a box to return. ^.^
  12. pcktlnt

    Getting To Know You August

    Currently. Playing with animals. Some of the ones I'm interacting with do stupid things to get attention. Friends cat, ran up the furniture to head butt me into petting her. She didn't leave me alone until i pat her head. Friends rabbit (miss mine) hyper running around the room and hopping on things. Snuggles in my lap. ^.^ Rolled a die for lunch decision. It landed on 11. We had Greek food.
  13. pcktlnt

    Roll Call for Con

    Wednesday through Monday morning for me. ^.^
  14. pcktlnt

    Anyone basing?

    I'd be happily to join in and learn. I picked up a lot of basing material, but could never compose a scene well enough. Always been curious and blown away when people combine random things together that dont look like much individually and them all of a sudden... display base! O__o
  15. Mine shows classes I am interested in. Apparently I was interested in bones conversion 5 times...