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  1. Fulfilling

    Y'all more civil than the kickstarter comments. I'm going back over there for fun.
  2. live

    Goal reached. Two spitters add-on for £10.00. This one is up next.
  3. I sat down at a handicap table and it wobbles. I made a comment that the person who built it took the handicap table statement literally. I was then promptly reprimanded by someone for being insensitive and that typical foreigners not understanding how to use the English language and that it's figuratively, not literally. Could not argue with them cause my IQ would drop. -__-
  4. Fulfilling

    I don't have tracking or notification. =(
  5. Tasted sweet but reminded me of milk that had captain crunch become too soggy. And then the blue stuff mixed in and it became sour. And then just tasting the blue stuff itself, reminded me of vomit from an empty stomach.
  6. Unicorn frappuccino from starbucks... DON'T DO IT!! DISGUSTING AS I HAVE NO CLUE. (Parked in parking lot for those curious as to why my car is in drive)
  7. Happy birthday! Wooo
  8. Live

    That was the main thing I saw. Didn't notice the sheep. HMm
  9. Stupid wireless printer. Three days and still cannot get it to work. -__-

    1. Pezler the Polychromatic

      Pezler the Polychromatic

      On an unrelated note, today is a good day for hammer purchases.

  10. Link About this project I've been making miniatures for about three years now, during that time I've made sculpts for various miniature companies as a freelancer sculptor. Now I've decide do to take the plunge and produce some of my own miniatures. That aspiration led me to Kickstarter. I've been busy sculpting the range of undead miniatures presented here over the last few months. They're predominantly 28mm sculpts, the Undead Heroes are larger at 32mm scale, to fit their powerful status. I consciously made them an eclectic bunch, including animals. My vision of the undead force is a terrifying mix of all forms of life, bent to the will of their masters. During the course of this campaign, I'll continue to sculpt miniatures to add to the range. I have a Facebook Group - March of the Dead, where I'm working on suggestions offered by the groups members. The more popular ones will be joining the miniatures here. The objectives of this project are to firstly see the miniatures produced in white metal by Macrocosm Miniatures and in your possession In a timely manner. If things go really well, then hopefully I can also get a shiny website made, so I can continue producing miniatures and offer them online. Anyway. I think that covers the background. Time to show you the miniatures on offer..... To select multiple rewards, pick one of your choices, then amend the total to include the grand total. I'll then collect the details of your order with the Pledge Manager.
  11. live

    They have been unlocked. £8.5 for two.
  12. If you're watching YouTube videos, be careful, unless you have programmed it to recognize certain voices, videos can activate the dot.
  13. Quoting Rihanna, "Work, work, work, work, work, ..." It's drinkable. I like the jelly like pulp kept in the drinks. No clue if bottled versions from grocery stores are healthy or not.