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  1. Please note, no pressure on people to produce the pictures, I only meant it as a joking jab. I understand difficulties will occur when least expected.
  2. Such a lack of pictures in this thread. XD
  3. pcktlnt

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    You could eat it out of the package, sip some hit water, and snort the powder. https://youtu.be/YHQXBAjkmOQ Excuse if this has been replied to. I'm a few weeks behind. XD
  4. *uses force mind trick* Take moreeeeee* /hand wave
  5. Ordered early morning ish. My order says the correct dungeon dweller, but didn't mention the ghoulish bag. We will see what arrives. XD
  6. pcktlnt

    Corvus Corax Miniatures - Onwards

    Hate you all. *takes a look*
  7. Someone has posted the information on the front page of reapermini.com. ^.^ Im so excited!
  8. I know what store you ordered from. was eyeing a few things, but never pulled the trigger.
  9. pcktlnt

    03433: Corim the Kestrel, Gnome Sorcerer Showoff

    Welcome back! Hope to see more of your painted minis again. ^.^
  10. pcktlnt

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Don't want to work today. T__T My wrist hurt from playing a few minutes on my ps4. Never experienced it while playing, but my right wrist became painful and shaky. I guess I'm going to have to avoid gaming for a while. Hopefully it doesn't prevent me from painting.
  11. Haven't posted any of my pick ups in a while. Some minis to start off. The wizard items were for a diorama that's on the back burner. And who could resist those owlbears and slaads (they didn't have anymore for me to pick up). The Kings of War was 50% off, I'm guessing the newest kickstarter has new rules (?) Also picked up the paint kits from D&D line. The paints come in tiny dropper bottles. I can pack more colors for my travel kit, but will have to adjust to the paints. Says gale force 9, but it's from army painter. Also, the exclusive owlbear was what I really wanted. stupid exclusive stuff...
  12. pcktlnt

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Wait... what's wrong with sweet potato fries?
  13. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Bones/latest/77512 77512: Flesh Golem
  14. pcktlnt

    Happy Birthday Chaoswolf

    Happy belated! Woooo!
  15. pcktlnt

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    I have not been able to watch slow mo videos. I tend to speed them up. I normally watch YouTube videos at 2x speed. Movies too. It's nice to watch a 90 minute in 45.
  16. pcktlnt

    Forgotten World by Fireforge Games

    For myself, I have low interest in the beginning material. Yay... generic humans versus generic undead. I pledged for the early bird, but I'm only interested in the undead peasants, which means I may not stay in this project long if nothing interesting opens up.
  17. That's what the Reapercon conversion classes were for. >:D
  18. Tis a shame that most of the saurians have the same pose. --edit-- Guess I never noticed in the expansion banner.
  19. pcktlnt

    Forgotten World by Fireforge Games

    350k to unlock the orcs. T__T
  20. I feel better seeing that a lot of people have sent their boxes today. I'm not super late! Curses! The time thing threw me off... I am late. T__T
  21. pcktlnt

    The 5 Word Story

    Hypnotic hook, that would become
  22. pcktlnt

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    Real pirates: Parents were refugees from Vietnam due to the war. They had giving all their money to the captain of the ship and so they only had the clothes on their backsand whatever food/water the ship crew provided. Lots of people died from malnourishment. They were with the group that was closest to the back of the hold. Pirates had boarded and started taking people prisoners. I dont know what they were thinking or why they wanted hundreds of malnourished refugees with no money. My family was close to the door when the pirates told the less than 100 to go back because their ship was full. Luck(?) Was on my parents side. If not, I would not exist. I hope those people are safe or met a clean end. As for the pirates, I hope they died horrible and extremely painful deaths. Maybe there was a profit to hunt down refugees or they followed in steps of the thai pirates or the nanking incident, either way. Burn in the extreme pits of hell for targeting people that were already at the pits of despair. Fantastical pirates: Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean 1. Who would have thunk a movie could be made from a ride.
  23. Apologies. Work got hectic, but the box will be heading out tomorrow afternoon for my circuit. :)