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  1. Link: Live Game: Village Attacks Publisher: Grimlord Games Previous experience: Endure the Stars Platform: Kickstarter Synopsis: Village Attacks is a cooperative castle defence game where players take on the roles of the most infamous creatures of folklore and legend from around the world! Deep in a remote part of the world, you and your monstrous associates have taken up residence in an immense castle. But the local village has had enough of the evil that lies at its door and has decided to lay siege to the castle in an effort to exorcise your wicked taint from the world. The villagers may be weak, but they are not alone! News of your malevolent presence has spread far and wide; hunters and heroes have come from all corners of the globe to vanquish you! Some have come for the fame, others for the glory, and some even for the reward. But they share a single goal; your doom!
  2. Oh. I like impact. They have been courteous, professional, and great to work with. I couldn't remember if the spincast was a problem or not. Ah well. A few of those sets are cheap enough to justify the risk.
  3. Splintered stories. 7 for $14 or 1 for $7... [p]such a difficult choice[/p] Or was there something wrong with spincast. Cannot remember.
  4. *raises paw* I would like to participate.
  5. Oops. Didn't realize it ended that soon. I was deciding on Gorgon + that unlocked angel.
  6. pcktlnt

    Village Attacks from Grimlord Games

    It's on it's way!!!!! WOooooooo! Should arrive on Thursday.
  7. pcktlnt


    Yeesh... that's a messy project page. I'm interested in two pads, but not at that cost. And from what I gather, there's nothing new about this project. Anyone hear different?
  8. pcktlnt

    Village Attacks from Grimlord Games

    Did y'all order expansions?
  9. pcktlnt

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    A sloped hallway where it is completely filled with gelatin. Now eat/claw your way to the top.
  10. pcktlnt

    Pokemon Go

    That's what San Francisco looked like 24 7 before. Not sure about it now.
  11. pcktlnt

    Paint bottle issues

    I use T-Pins to poke paint droppers.
  12. pcktlnt

    ReaperCon 2018 Review

    That's why I thought giving River Widows a pet was unfair and unnecessary. Since they had gone that route, should have given all four factions a pet along side the mains. Some people I had interactions with were more interested in the pet.
  13. pcktlnt

    Siri Tries to Sculpt

    Cannot decide to like or sad your previous post. Hopefully the cut wasn't too bad.
  14. I forgot the box on the floor at my office. On the plus side, 2 extra days to clean up my stuff and populate the box some more. :D
  15. pcktlnt

    ReaperCon 2019 -- Classes I Would Take

    I agree with Doug. I have zero sculpting experience and I came out of the class knowing how to sculpt a belt + pouch combo and a skeleton with a mohawk. Wish they ran a 4 hour boot camp. They have so much knowledge combined and the way they teach is relaxing and learning conducive. On suggestions for classes, I wouldn't mind seeing classes on: 1. Highlighting small surfaces. Most of what we learn are blends on large surfaces, but how do we translate that to smaller surfaces. I think that could go along with the above suggestion of painting dangly parts. 2. Sculpting tips for unnatural creatures that seem more natural. I have read through @TaleSpinner's thread on some of the creature creations he has created, like the turtles, the basilisk, etc. and it's fascinating how something that isn't normally found in our world, can be created in 3D and seem natural. I'm hoping you offer to teach it next year. I attempted to get into your class and GrowTix was having a hissy fit. And it was also sold out. T__T
  16. pcktlnt

    Miremarsh by Room 17 Games [Kickstarter]

    Rock goblins aren't in the pledge manager?
  17. About Enter the Miremarsh at your own peril... Starting from your home in the Warrens, you and the other Bog Goblins set out to prove yourselves worthy of becoming the next Goblin King. However, the deadly swamp of Miremarsh stands in your way. Now you must defeat adventurers, slay monsters, slaughter a unicorn, steal a baby or do something equally evil to prove you are worthy of ascending to the throne. This is your chance to win power and glory … or die. Again. Miremarsh is a 40–60 minute game of adventure, strategy, skill, resource management and card buying for 1–5 players. Players collect equipment items, gold and old bones to buy pets, items or spells which will bring them closer to victory ... or death. Will you survive? Miniatures Our Goblins are 28mm scale (20mm base) with the monsters around 40mm. And compared to other games' goblins: Pledge Levels: £35 = Resin Pledge = 12 Goblins, no game £45 = Boardgame pledge £75 = Monster Pledge = Boardgame + Fenlord + Monster Expansion £75 = Undermire Pledge = Boardgame + Fenlord + Undermire Expansion £100 = Goblin Chief = Boardgame + Fenlord + Monster Expansion + Undermire Expansion £1500 = Angel Giraldez (Limit 1 of 1) = Boardgame + Fenlord + Monster Expansion + Undermire Expansion + 12 goblins and Swamp creature painted by Studio Giraldez
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    Happy Birthday, Tripleh5133!

    Happy birthday! Wooo.
  19. pcktlnt

    Happy Birthday Celianailo

    Happy birthday!wooo
  20. Forgot the box at home as I headed to work. So box is going out tomorrow instead.
  21. pcktlnt

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

  22. pcktlnt

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Didn't know you can minimize quotes text in people's posts. O__o
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    Miremarsh by Room 17 Games [Kickstarter]

    Did anyone else join in on this? Just wondering if it's worth picking up the resin goblins for painting. 35 pounds for 15 goblin sized figures. *rubs chin thoughtfully*
  24. pcktlnt

    Village Attacks from Grimlord Games

    Jealous...No tracking. T__T
  25. pcktlnt

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    This is what we have for an earthquake, my parents and myself. One backpack in the house near the door: 1. First aid kit with bandaid, adhesive roll, gauze pads, burn cream, alcohol wipes, antibiotic cream, over the counter pain relieve, anti diarrhea medicine, flu medicine, tweezers, gloves, needles, ice pack. (Checked every 3 months) 2. 3 large zip hoodies jackets 3. Several pairs of socks (wet socks = bleh) 4. Toilet paper. 5. Wet wipes. 6. Granola bars, trail mix, chewing gum (checked every 3 months) 7. 2 gallon jug (I think it is) rotated every month (not in the backpack) 8. Some canned beans and chili (rotated every 3 months) 9. Lighter and waterproof matches. 10. Wind up led flaslights Metal container outside. 1. Thermal blankets in plastic bags. 2. 3 pairs of old walking shoes (cleaned and sealed) (not in backpack) 3. Paper towel from dollar store. 4. Tent. 5. Old shirts and sweat pants and shorts. 6. Crowbar... I don't know why I threw it in there. 7. Camping electric lantern with solar panel attachment (I dont think the quality is the best) 8. Knife 9. Cooking pot. I think that's most of it.