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  1. pcktlnt

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I'm not ready. I'm not ready. I haven't even started painting yet. =P
  2. 1 more day! I found another box of minis that I have forgotten about. I think it's the box when I first switched to baggies.
  3. pcktlnt

    Myth: Journeyman

    My stuff came in, but my enthusiasm for this company is zilch. I can't bring myself to inventory the product.
  4. Woo. Give me some time to send the box (most likely midweek), but I would like some input on what people want to see in the box. I cannot promise that it will end up with you, but I will do my best to seed the starting selection. I believe I am lacking in lead material, so apologies for those that are looking for that. @haldir @Crowley @Smokestack @Sylverthorne @SamuraiJack @SGHawkins09
  5. pcktlnt

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Yea. This. I saw a few people rush out of the restroom after doing a number 2 and I'm like wtf? I didn't even have time to shout wash your hands as they beelined out the door. I was only able to stop a kid who washed his hands. =/
  6. pcktlnt

    I MADE IT!!!!!!

    Welcome to the forums! Was wonderful to meet and speak with ya, let's see what madness or glory your reign shall bring.
  7. pcktlnt

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I survived unscathed. Muahahha.
  8. The damage... 2017 Core Set ($100) x2 Darkreach Expansion ($50) x2 Dreadmere Expansion ($50) x1 Fan Favorites ($50) x1 Lost Valley Expansion ($50) x1 Argent ($20) x1 Baba Yaga's Hut ($20) x1 Blacksting, Wyvern ($18) x3 Blacktooth Terror ($12) x2 Dance of Death ($30) x1 Dire Beasts ($4) x1 Dragon Turtle ($15) x1 Fire Giant Huntsman ($10) x2 Frost Giant Raiders ($15) x2 Ghost Pirates ($5) x1 Goblins ($6) x2 Hill Giants ($10) x1 Hill Giant Huntsman ($10) x1 King Cobra ($15) x2 King of the Jungle ($10) x1 Kobolds ($9) x1 Living Statue Amazon ($5) x2 Living Statue Spartan ($5) x2 Monsters ($7) x1 Mossbeard, Treeman ($18) x1 Nyarlathotep ($20) x1 Rocky ($12) x1 Rulers of Hell ($15) x2 Snake Cultists ($6) x1 Skeletal Dragon ($18) x2 Skeletal Monsters ($12) x1 Stygian Barge ($30) x2 Thunderfoot Behemoth ($8) x1 Tree of Despair ($12) x2 Trolls ($12) x2 We Will Roc You! ($15) x2 Wraiths ($10) x3 Zombie Dragon ($10) x1 Paint Set B ($18) x2 Didn't realize I hit 4 digits. XD
  9. pcktlnt

    House Figmentius Common Room, All Are Welcome

    If you're on the mobile, the font color of your username should be the same color as your selected house, if it went through.
  10. pcktlnt

    Ribbon Collector!

    I wonder how many rocks are going to disappear from the hotel grounds. =P
  11. pcktlnt

    77342 Zombies! (5)

    Do I spy a Fallout reference?
  12. pcktlnt

    Welcome, new forum friends!

    Hello new people!
  13. Mad jack does not rest when identifying minis. Was going to create a identify mini thread when I finished bagging several of them. Thanks. For those ones. Haha
  14. pcktlnt

    Maiden Bust Exclusive?

    Wait... what? I need to look through my book when I get home.
  15. pcktlnt

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    They posted that they are making more bags and will put them in store at 10 am. edit for correct time. They had it as 12 am last time.
  16. pcktlnt

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    This sounds so delicious right now.
  17. pcktlnt

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    Thousand island on steamed rice. Sometimes I garnish with relish.
  18. pcktlnt

    Hobby Hijinks Events Post Con Thoughts

    I'm always happy to help out if I'm around. Y'all can pull me away from the melt table when needed... I can leave that table at any time... I swear.
  19. pcktlnt

    Aeon Trespass: Eschaton

    I don't doubt the size and cost of resources. I like it but I can't justify the cost for one ^.^ *crosses fingers for more 75mm nymphs*
  20. pcktlnt

    Cone Killer Dragon Diorama

    The price point pushes me out of this project.
  21. pcktlnt

    Aeon Trespass: Eschaton

    I want the worm, but it's out of my price point at the moment. But that solitude 75mm isnt. ^.^ More 75mm please.
  22. pcktlnt

    XCase Enhanced and Insert - Active Minds Games

    I like the cases as well. They stand up to abuse. I sent my case packed in the luggage and through the TSA hands. Arrived back home wiwitwiwith no cracks or dents. I know for this project, they are making the plastic sturdier for the clear versions.
  23. pcktlnt

    Reaper Con 2018 photo thread

    All the textures were painted on. On the back side there is freehand and more textures. Tag said it was not based, so didn't want to turn it around. I believe this one was Michael proctor's Puppets? Pretty awesome. Forgot to take a picture of the description paperwork
  24. pcktlnt

    Hobby Hijinks Events Post Con Thoughts

    I second the microphone comment. Some of the farther tables had a difficult time hearing sophie. I think for sophie says, you should consider removing the supergluing aspect. Some of the glue ended on people and brushes. Lol. Speed paint was fun. Sophie says was hilarious. Didn't try out convert and paint. Paint and take was good. Nice little selection. Paint by die roll surprisingly ends up with normalish colors other than pink rock pink for metal. --- edit --- We need to get you drinks and food next time. Bathroom breaks.... you're on your own.=P