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  1. Funded

    Thanks Bryan Although I'm pretty sure AusPost doesn't respond to sacrifice, that would involve them actually caring...
  2. Funded

    Yep, reaper responded and the AusPost api wasn't responding so they've put in a fix for smaller packages when this is happening. Not completely sure if the rate tables are responding yet, but the costs are more in line with my expectations and what i saw during the campaign
  3. Funded

    I've emailed reaper directly. Will report back when i get a response I'm just not a fan of people telling me that there isn't a problem, or trying to justify the result, when there has been a significant change, which matches what i saw when reaper was using UPS tables for base boss shipping.
  4. Funded

    During t9he campaign the rates were reasonable, now they are not. It is as simple as that. For comparison, my secret weapon order included the core set and was under $10 in postage
  5. Funded

    20 in postage is for a pretty big package, as in 10kg/22lb worth, so again, not adding up.
  6. Funded

    I'm not planning on getting the core set, if i was then it would make sense, but even when i drop everything out except for a $3 pack of bases it is giving me $20 postage with just the core or is the same, core plus the add ons i want, no change in postage. So considering that the minimum being charged is $20 it's broken
  7. Funded

    Au shipping still broken, minimum is over $20, compared to the 10 i was getting for what I want during the campaign
  8. Funded

    then put it in a spoiler tag I won't be putting my first lock in in place until AusPost fixes it's servers, I'm guessing they run updates on Sunday nights...
  9. Funded

    Nope, our internet still sucks. Speeds may be marginally better, but nothing like what it should be...and that is before we take into account ridiculously low download limits. On topic, my pledge is currently relatively small....Baba Yaga's hut and 2 lots of rocky (one set for each child....)
  10. Funded

    Unless, of course, someone left that blank...
  11. Funded

    With the Aussie cities, those are the two largest in Australia, but also, my guess is that kickstarter is reporting based on IP address, and here in oz we're often reported as somewhere different to where we are. E.g I'm currently reported as over 500km from my actual location. People on mobile devices are typically reported as being in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane regardless odd actual location.
  12. Live

    Definitely too expensive for printed cardboard. I still think it'll be late and they'll reformulate the printing somehow
  13. Delayed

    First option usually
  14. Fulfilling

    Mine have all arrived now, haven't really had a chance to do a thing with them due to other time pressures. At this point, however, regardless of how nice the offering is i would be avoiding anything further from this company
  15. Complete all zones,

    Prices charged for shipping to Australia in bones 3 were comparable to bones 2, which was shipped directly from reaper. Shipping for tablescapes and Cav2 was significantly cheaper, and these were flagged as being shipped from an Australian distributor. I think that it is a valid assumption that with shipping costs being charged for bones 3 that the shipping method would be the same as bones 2. We also didn't hear anything about an Australian distributor for shipping until it started, as this was not part of the original plan.