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  1. ratsmitglied


    Project cancelled/failed to fund, they've gone for pre-orders on their website instead - look at the latest update for details. This includes the fae archer, which apparently is a 70mm model...
  2. ratsmitglied

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    I can, and do to a small degree, Malifaux voodoo doll plushie sitting on my desk, a few model aircraft, anything i can use inn a game though isn't there, cause I'll actually use it...
  3. ratsmitglied

    What makes a good war game ?

    In my opinion, unless you're playing tournaments, any rule set can be model independent, but that may just be me looking for excuses to use the models i have
  4. ratsmitglied


    They've posted a couple of options for if they don't fund in their latest update, basically the minis will be available at Simms point, either through a lower goal kickstarter or through preorder direct. I thought that they'd struggle with the goal considering other projects going on at the same time, which is a pity as they do good figures, and the rules are too shabby either. I also couldn't pledge this time around, due to other bills
  5. ratsmitglied

    Limbo Miniatures Metal Head

    Shipping overseas from Australia is expensive, the absolute cheapest you can send a parcel for is $15 Australian
  6. ratsmitglied

    Complaints Department

    And for everyone else you can add vinegar (diluted about 10:1)
  7. ratsmitglied

    Raging Heroes: Dark Elves and Sisters

    And make that 4
  8. ratsmitglied

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    Hmm... generally I'll paint anything, but some of the infamy figures i just don't think I'll do them justice
  9. My figures arrived, next step is to do inventory.. A brief look suggests most is ok, but someone did mess up the paints, 2 x Adon sets rather than one of each.. Email won't be sent until I've checked everything
  10. Got my notification in Australia last night, so should have them sometime this coming week (if lucky... Australian postal services have gone to the pits lately)
  11. ratsmitglied


    It will be available retail, they're going with the packages to reduce chances of stuff ups in fulfillment. This is a kickstarter to fund the second wave of products/two player box, all models listed in the original rulebook are released iirc. I backed their previous kickstarter and apart from a few delays it was reasonably well run and i did get everything (there were a couple of mistakes that were fixed with an email). It also appears they've split the rulebook into three books rather than the original two, with the model stats pulled into the codex when they were originally in the main book. The models are nice, although some of the spears are a bit finer than i would like. My guess is the fairy archer is a planned stretch goal...
  12. ratsmitglied

    Printable Terrain for your 3D Printer Japan / China

    Having backed some of this creator's other projects I have nothing but good things to say about his work ethic. Links to download the figures were sent out within a week of the Kickstarter finishing, and he has been very responsive on the Facebook group to fix issues that are discovered in the files and getting them fixed. The final results also look good.
  13. ratsmitglied

    Kickstarter alert from LifeLock

    Very true - I had missed the announcement on Two-Factor Authentication as well. Luckily for me it can work through a data connection (as I don't have reliable mobile/cell phone reception at home)
  14. ratsmitglied

    Kickstarter alert from LifeLock

    I know that I received a notification from Kickstarter in Feb 2014 advising of a security breach then...so not sure if this is the same breach. In which case I'm pretty sure Kickstarter was using Amazon payments at the time of the breach...