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  1. fulfilling

    Auspost.com.au/track for auspost orders, they'll at least let you know when it leaves the country... It can take a few days for things to turn up in their tracking though
  2. Pre-launch

    Battle system exists, and won't take 2 years to ship after 1500 'reformulations' of the material...
  3. fulfilling

    Something else to remember with the Australian shipment/shipping costs is that at the time the project was running the plan was for Bones 3 to ship from the US, hence the shipping costs. It wasn't until CAV2, BaseBoss and Secret Weapon projects were running that the change was actually made. When shipping of Bones 3 started it was the stated aim of the AU government that pretty much everything coming into the country would be liable for GST (aka VAT) and duties, regardless of value, and that these would have to be collected by the company sending the items (who would have to register as an entity for Australian tax), starting as of 1 July 2017. After the AU product was on the water this was pushed back to 1 July 2018. It is possible that this was taken into account when the decision was made to send Bones 3 this way rather than the originally planned direct shipment. That there was no communication that the shipping method was changing until it was actually on the water is a separate issue.
  4. fulfilling

    Basically with Australian orders vey few, if any, of these individual orders would have paid duty, however, with the bulk shipment duty would have to be paid on the entire amount.
  5. Pre-launch

    I let my now 3 and 4 year olds play with them, and have done so since they were 2 and three (the older one has been playing with them since she was 2), although I did initially restrict them to larger figures. Only things that have broken have been things that I've glued together using cheap superglue (so big things, like dragons and griffons, but they've broken even without the kids involvement.
  6. Fulfilling

    Exactly the same for me, I'm not waiting another 3+ months for a whole 2 miniatures, and I'm also not paying anything more for a second shipment!
  7. Delayed

    They're still nice models, but it's been so long, and I've had other things happening, that i can't remember what i was going to use them for!
  8. Delayed

    Well, i finally received the last items from my pledge on this project, not sure how others are tracking
  9. Fulfilling

    I think it depends a lot on the primer used I've had no problems using a rustoleum primer, but using other brands and the paint hasn't stuck, which appears as bubbling after the primer has set properly (2-3 days in my experience). I've seen exactly the same thing on car repairs when they haven't prepared the surface properly. I do tend to have a few days between priming and painting as well, so any primer issues do come up before I paint
  10. Fulfilling

    project is currently fulfilling. I received mine a few weeks ago, not sure if anyone else here is waiting.
  11. by the looks of it the metal pieces on sprue include the commanders hatch and cupola, as well as the drive cogs for the tracks - so the cogs on sprue will need to be added to the tracks. The schurzen (side skirts) obviously go on the sides of the tank, but I would recommend painting everything else before adding them, as they will make it difficult to paint anything behind them. If you do a google image search for Panzer IVH you will see lots of pictures that you could use for inspiration on colours and paint scheme - but as a general rule the colours will be Dunkelgelb ('dark yellow', but depending on who you read the colour ranges from yellow to a light greenish colour), Green and Brown, painted over a red primer, which the tracks were also painted in. If you have a look at West Wind's Website they have a photo of it assembled, so that should help you out a bit in working things out - but if you want more help on specific parts please take a close up of the sprues and I'll see what I can do...I normally work in 15mm for tanks, so they are a little different in some ways (in fact, I built 5 Panzer IVF1s this morning)
  12. Fulfilling

    Same for me - except that it is 3 rather than 2 metal minis.
  13. And an update to the post
  14. Chicken Little was right...
  15. complete

    I've just tested that on my account and it appears that shipping is only added if your total order will move you into another shipping tier. And that is only the difference between what you've already paid for shipping and what you now need to pay for shipping.