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  1. I believe this is due to the unmarried status of some guy named Murphy's parents.
  2. How many cats do you have? Surely, they'd just nibble off a few toes or something? I don't know, 'Claw Maidens' kind of make it sound like he's running some kind of were-cat sanctuary.
  3. Looks like I need to repost this.
  4. Pelts Pezler with Pickles.
  5. A small price to pay for theatrical greatness!
  6. Cautiously optimistic.
  7. You appear to be making some rather large assumptions there.
  8. I was attempting to add a small amount of Italian dressing to some pasta and inadvertently put about a fifth of the bottle in it. I'm not even mad. This is the best spaghetti I've ever tasted.
  9. Is the recitation of Vogon poetry a higher crime and misdemeanor than glitteration?
  10. Why do I have the song 'The Tears of a Clown' running thru my head now?
  11. Though it should be noted that this is only at a country to country level of relations. I've known many lovely people from those countries.
  12. Payloads outbound. Targets down range will be hit at various intervals.
  13. Magic. Duh. (doesn't actually know) Click your name in upper right. Two choices under 'Content' are 'Profile' and 'My Attachments'. Choose the second.
  14. What is the answer?