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  1. Godspeed Sir Roger. He was definitely the nicest actor to play Bond.
  2. My Fire Demon was missing his lower jaw so I liberated Goroloth's head to replace it. At that point his wings weren't impressive enough and he some new ones from Rauthuros. The whole conversion took an hour and a half. Due to the nature of the wing conversion and needing everything stable while I figured out how to attach them I had to glue everything but the shoulder pads, hands, and base together. Those pieces will not be glued till at least base coating. Also have to do some minor greenstuff blending around the wing joins and between the head and neck. I may potentially swap out the sword for something else, trident maybe. At any rate, here's the pictures!
  3. Not to cast aspersions but that salad looks a bit off to me.
  4. I love it! Great work!
  5. Found him. He's a Grenadier from 1984.
  6. Somewhere I have an old nosferatu Miniature from I think the 80's. Probably Ral Partha or Grenadier at a guess. For such an old figure it is actually quite good.
  7. Am I the only one who actually likes Zima? Or Smirnoff Ice? Am I really that lame? I would never imply lameness from someone else's choice of libation. Watch in horror as you consume them yes, but silently.
  8. Generally I approve of this rule but I suspended it when offered a free Zima. For that matter it was all I could do not to consider the offer an attempt at assassination.
  9. Will you be showing that to us? I for one would be interested.
  10. Fun Fact: I've been there. So what was Emrikol like in person?
  11. I found myself to be the senior member of my division that was still at work about 3:30. I promptly did what any right thinking management type should do in that situation on a Friday afternoon and told those still there to head out and have a nice weekend.
  12. Ah. In this case, no. It's a stylized letter "I" for Inquisition.
  13. I know but I'm more by amused by the image of a Gun Whale.
  14. Fulfilling

    Eh, I'll be glad to get the Bones but I'm used to the wait at this point. Reaper will get them to me as fast as they can I'm confident and that's good enough for me.
  15. Codfather's Cauldron
  16. Personally I have a hate/hate relationship with the Eye. I don't like it glaring down at me making me sweaty and it does its best to roast me on sight for blinding it with my beautiful, cave-dwelling complexion.
  17. The whole wheat pasta is a lie. Fortunately I only accidentally bought one box of it.
  18. This cost me far more than I'm usually willing to spend for a novel, but I'm a sucker for a pretty book and the excerpt on the order page scratched my 40K Inquisition itch. Also, and unrelated, it occurs to me that unlike with history and Monty Python, in the 40K universe everyone expects the Inquisition. Frankly it's usually best to just assume they are already there and watching you.
  19. peeks around the thread edge
  20. Watched 'Only Lovers Left Alive' and enjoyed it. Definitely one you have to be in the mood for.
  21. I am definitely not awake yet. I read that as 'Liberace Day' and was going to say I didn't realize he was so well liked in the Netherlands.
  22. Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 was better than volume 1! And I loved volume 1! Also, there are a LOT of scenes during the credit.
  23. So he incorporated the whole home structure into his frogcident? Ambitious.
  24. It pretty much sums up the day when you are ecstatic to leave early for a dental appointment.