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  1. It was apparently so vital to my weird psychedelic noir dream’s plot that I had to wake up and google the recipe to a Harvey Wallbanger because I didn’t know it and obviously the dream couldn’t just fudge it and move on. Bah! Going back to sleep now. I hope the movie director in my subconscious doesn’t need anymore recipes for crappy cocktails.
  2. Mmmmm, bee spit.
  3. If you slip while shredding cheese do you become Froggy the Grated?
  4. Had my head shaved when I joined the army. Feel no need to experience it again. Currently my hair reaches my belt.
  5. I really need to reread my Elfquest stuff, it's been a few years. Still one of my favorite comics and takes on how elves/fae work.
  6. I wonder why @ub3r_n3rd's AMA has the fancy schmancy AMA tag and none of the others do. Maybe @Froggy the Great can splain?
  7. Sure the super tornado thing is impressive but her real superpower is having hair that long that isn’t irredeemably tangled given that she flies by being carried on the winds. I walk outside on a windy day and am usually immediately smacked in the face by my hair.
  8. Obsidian or flint for your blades? And why?
  9. Well I meant that part more in general rather than referencing the comic panel.
  10. Topless in this case doesn't have anything to do with being freaky though, it's just common dress for the area. You can be perfectly dignified and classy and be topless at the same time. ETA: Just observations btw, not trying to pull a 'someone on the internet is holding the wrong opinion!'
  11. What is your favorite mineral? Mine is ice.
  12. What makes that particularly out of character for Storm? By that I mean, she never struck me as particularly conventional or prudish and it seemed to make sense for the culture she was in at the time.
  13. Despite not actually technically having the power to do so, I fired someone today. Elfhat didn't show up for work last night at the hobby store and didn't call in, fortunately someone was able to stay and cover the shift. Anticipating, I went in this morning just in case and ended up covering the opening shift that he didn't bother to call in and say he wasn't going to make either. In a few minutes of down time I rewrote next week's schedule and redistributed his hours to the rest of us. If we're going to have to cover his shifts anyway, I'ld rather know in advance. Texted the owner to let him know (he's out of town for a family emergency and we're keeping things running for him).
  14. Which came first, the mouse or the paradox?
  15. If you could have any FrogcidentTM mass produced, what would it be?
  16. ama

    Do barbarians approach conventions more as a raid or as a trade expedition?
  17. Cannot like. Sympathies.
  18. Yes. Reprint of a very limited run figure from years ago that I happened to need more of. The bottomless pit part refers to the amount of money I’ve poured into this particular part of my miniatures hobby over the years.
  19. I can order Bonesingers again?! Wait, it's just for one week? sonic boom as Erifnogard teleports elsewhere on the web . . . . . . Ok, I'm back. Had to go throw money into a bottomless pit real quick. My Eldar will thank me though.
  20. ama

    Point of order, he’s a barbarian. It’s actually impossible for him to drink too much. Pass out yes, but that’s just how barbarians go to sleep. Though I am curious if ‘clicks’ read in hours and minutes like clocks do.
  21. Personally I have found the dulcet sound of Ozzy’s voice on ‘Iron Man’ kills any ear worm dead on one play through.
  22. You forgot to put “and ship it to Erifnogard” on the end of that.
  23. ama

    How do you go about collecting a flumph’s skull and what are its uses?