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  1. So apparently the Icelandic word for computer is tölva which is a portmanteau of the words for number (tala) and prophetess (völva). Which if you think about it means that Icelandic computers are number witches.
  2. I have built a massive power plant terrain piece for use in various science fiction wargames such as 40K, Shadowar Armageddon, Necromunda, Rogue Stars, etc. I used a good portion of three Pegasus Hobbies 4909 - Power Plant Construction Set. This kit has a ridiculous number of parts that can be assembled in a huge number of variations almost as easily as Lego. I have a large number of pipes left over but no more generators and wall panels. I do have some floor panels left over and can remove the generators and stand them on those if I need freestanding smaller pieces or more room in the main piece. Indeed, with a bit of effort I could disassemble the entire thing and reassemble it differently (though I don't see that happening). I intend to mount this to a piece of thin MDF for ease of transport. May eventually paint it but frankly it looks pretty good as it is. Here are photos of the plant from above and from each side. Also included are two of the generators popped out and placed on extra floor panels and a shot of one of them by itself.
  3. I'm pretty sure my brain is going to murder me in my sleep but this was kinda awesome in a very disturbing way.
  4. Well technically only one of us is Left Krill at any given time. Though oddly, whichever one of us is on the left can never seem to dance. Just part of the oddities of the hive mind we suppose. Or maybe that's hive party. We'll have to think on that. But first, this is the time on Sprockets when we dance! the lights dim and the disco ball sends fractured bits of the Colour Out of Space around the room as techno music pounds away at high volume and the TPK swarm starts dancing
  5. For nostalgia I prefer BECMI but for ease of use I prefer Cyclopedia. Just more convenient to haul one book around. Of course I would probably just play 5th ed at this point if I were to run a D&D game again.
  6. I had noticed that krill were back in style and have returned to my Totally Partying Krill avatar to honor the occasion. Note that Left Krill still can't dance without seeming drunk. He's such a space case.
  7. Having missed a few pages of the thread (110 of them to be exact), I will assume that baconated coffee has been invented and consumed in mass quantities while deep philosophical discussions on the ramifications of allowing time travel by marmosets raged. I hope everyone is doing well.
  8. 613 days. Hoping they'll hurry up with the Swedish tree 2.0.
  9. Winter Soldier is soooooo good!
  10. Depends on whether you have enough food in hand to keep the girls from deciding that you have switched from 'beloved father' to 'delicious meal'.
  11. Is that a challenge? @ub3r_n3rd get in on this while there's still time! You have to do summonings like this right. @ub3r_n3rd @ub3r_n3rd @ub3r_n3rd
  12. I prefer 'Admiral Akbar' myself.
  13. Scabs has an adorable face. Very photogenic.
  14. Midnight snack: andouille sausage wrapped in Canadian bacon and sprinkled with cheddar and mustard wrapped in a tortilla. I think i either created world peace through food fusion or a new world war is about to break out.
  15. Just finished Rich People's Problems by Kevin Kwan, the third book in the series. I can't really explain why I like these books so much but I have thoroughly enjoyed the books and genuinely look forward to seeing what crazy antics all the characters get up to. I see that the original book, 'Crazy Rich Asians', is being made into a movie. I'm pretty pumped about that.
  16. We have very different definitions of what makes a place great to live in. I refer to the middle part of the year as "The Burninating" I did. Basically hard clear plastic. Good detail.
  17. Methinks you underestimate my capacity for bean consumption.
  18. Black Panther Teaser Trailer. Can. Not. Wait.
  19. I am going to be inconsolable when these go out of production.
  20. Soooo...any progress on getting this department up and running? Asking for a friend.
  21. I have proof that @OneBoot is a Timelord! I have been Likestomped™ some 500+ pages in the misty past of the thread.
  22. I vote that Gwindyloo's next boss be named Dwarfhowler.