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  1. Gaslands

    Had a friend laser engrave some custom skid dice for this and just painted them. I love them!
  2. Gaslands

    Gaslands by Osprey Publishing. So, I have been curious about this title for some time and still don't actually have it but have finally gotten some details. Turns out it is a Car Wars style game using Wings of War style template movement! I am so pumped up to buy a bunch of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars and convert the elf out of them! Cannot wait for this to reach the store!
  3. Siri could use thoughts/prayers

    sending love and sympathy
  4. Straightening Bent Resin

    This. Also the thickness of the piece is important. The thicker the piece, the longer you need to have it in the boiling water. But generally speaking resin is just a plastic, so heat will let you correct it's shape.
  5. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    It's always mind-boggling the depths to which people will descend in their attempts to disprove the existence of intelligent life.
  6. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I haz personalized kittythulhu dice bag. Wanna see? Trick question, of course you do!
  7. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    puts out salted licorice wolf bait. will it attract WOOF members? let's see!
  8. Gaslands

    Just went to Target and bought $20 of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars for this. Probably not even going to repaint them as the ones I chose fit the theme pretty well as is. Might look into scavenging weapons from Bones CAVs but I still need to pick up the rules before any conversions.
  9. Ghosts of Mars is vastly improved if you watch it as a Chaos cult in the Warhammer 40k universe taking over a planet. Ok, maybe not vastly improved, but it does make more sense that way.
  10. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I don’t understand. I mean all the words are in English and individually make sense but clearly ‘didn’t eat’ and ‘the pie’ is a nonsense construct.
  11. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I read that as a much more drastic result than it was intended to convey.
  12. Rank the Star Wars movies

    The Empire Strikes Back Rogue One A New Hope here endeth the top tier movies Return of the Jedi The Last Jedi here endeth the second tier movies here begins the filler movies The Force Awakens The Prequels (which I can’t be bothered to list)
  13. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Conga Rats! Also, how long are those?
  14. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Ub3r! tackle-hugs the barbarian
  15. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    So I never played The Fantasy Trip back in the day but in reading up on it after hearing about Steve Jackson getting the rights back I have discovered two things. One, it sounds interesting and I would like to try it. Second, and far more inportant, one of the playable races is a walking land squid. :cthulhu:
  16. Star Wars: What's going on? (SPOILERS)

    Yeah I thought they were weird as well. Also found their choice to attack after Snoke was dead a bit odd given that it was pretty obvious who was going to be in charge from that point on. One thing that I liked a lot was the trick Luke played on Kylo at the end. Totally fooled me too. I was so busy thinking about how powerful Luke had gotten that I didn't figure it out till Kylo did.
  17. Star Wars: What's going on? (SPOILERS)

    I didn't hate it but thought they made some downright weird choices and didn't have good focus. Also, they tried to force too much humor with Luke being downright slapstick at times. I don't mind humor in my Star Wars but I prefer it to arise more naturally. One thing that bugged the stuff out of me is the bombers at the beginning. I don't expect Star Wars to be particularly realistic but come on at least show them being launched rather than dropped. I can ignore the open bomb bay not suffocating everybody since they have those force fields on all the hanger doors anyway but ignoring the lack of gravity just took me out of the moment. Also, I hope they aren't building up Poe to run the Rebellion cause he's terrible at tactics. Terrible use of villains is pretty typical of Star Wars but yeah that bugged me as well.
  18. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Frankly the more terrifying fae are the ones that look all sweet, glowie, and nice. With the ugly terrifying ones you kind of automatically know to have your guard up. The good looking ones make it too easy to forget that ALL fae are twisted, alien creatures who just don't think like us. That having been said, I would not object to more minis of the twisted, visually terrifying fae.
  19. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Unless you add a couple of bottles of Everclear to it. She's not evil, she's just drawn that way!
  20. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog as besties is one of the best oddball friendships I've ever seen.
  21. Well if it makes you feel any better, none of the reward levels included the actual movie. This was a pure funding drive where any backers were putting in money purely to see the movie made. So those that backed and those that didn't will get to see it at the same time!
  22. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Back from Mom's. Good time had by all. Nieceling only gets cuter. She has discovered Star Wars and thinks Yoda is the best. Also had a Tooth Fairy event while I was there. Tried to capture her but as with most fae, a most slippery target. Rewatched Bright tonight after getting home. Liked it even more on second viewing. Glad they are doing a sequel. ..
  23. Got my postcard for supporting the Miss Fisher Mysteries movie on Kickstarter.
  24. A bones version of the Stitch Golem

    Nice paint job! I'm looking forward to getting some Bones versions myself to do some weapon swaps.