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  1. @Corporea - not pushy at all. I appreciate the feedback and I asked for everyone to give me honesty and help me get better here. She's for a contest and I want to challenge myself and do things I've not done before. Thank you, I'll definitely be applying your valued advice!!
  2. Merry Birthday, Mel!!!
  3. So you think I need to add a few more glazes for the skin tone on the stockings and clean up brush strokes a bit?
  4. Honestly, I keep going back and forth with it and am pretty happy with how it is right now, but if everyone thinks I need to add more skin tone, I'll re-work it a bit more tomorrow.
  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHH! You will live forever if you buy more minis than you can paint, it's the trooth as spoke by the Goblin Emperor of the Moon!
  6. Fantastic job, especially for being a new painter! That's a great tabletop figure most other painters would really be happy with. Welcome to the forum!!
  7. Been working on the sheer stockings here, I think for the very first time I've done it that it came out looking pretty realistic. Thoughts? Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 I got a bit of black paint spatter on her shoulders from doing her hair's basecoat, I've already fixed that. Awesome, glad I could point you towards her blog site, it's very informational
  8. After a bit over 2 hours of working and reworking and doing a bit of research on how other artists do skin tones, I settled on this - Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 I know it'll need some more contrast for highlights and whatnot, but this is pretty much what I was aiming for. The skin tone recipe I grabbed from MaGie Miniatures, she's on here too as MGM Painting and does some really stellar female skin tones! Never thought to add ORANGE to the skin tones to warm them up and get the look I was going for.
  9. I figured we'd all have a differing opinions on the wine glass, some will like it, some won't care for it, but it's the offhand distracted nature I'm trying to portray that she is sipping her glass of wine, practicing her spells after a long day at the school, she's just comfy and took off most of her clothes and got distracted by the book in her lap before finishing her undressing. I'm currently painting the skin tones, not loving them yet as I try to get it just right, I also need to get the right base color for them before I do the tats and the stockings. Trying for the hispanic / native american type of skin tone, which isn't easy. Resin bits - I'm pretty sure I picked them up from Fantization, they used to have a few packs of resin books/scrolls/goblets from enigma I believe.
  10. Hmm, I got it glued touching 2-3 fingers actually. Here's some super duper close-ups of her hand and goblet, looks really good in person. The cylindrical object is a tiny lantern, I'll do a little bit of OSL from it leading outwards to give her some light, but nothing too drastic.
  11. Here we go, where I'm at right now - Primed black and then some zenithal priming with grey. The goblet is now glued in place, the book on her lap is just held there with blue tack for the pics. That'll get glued on after I've painted her and the book separately. A few pics are SFW as they are from behind and you can't see any naughty bits, took pics going all around her so you can all see all the angles. Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 Pic 6 Goblet look better? Should I do more zenithal priming with white on a few areas?
  12. Hah, nope, that'll be one of the last things done for this piece. Just got the priming done, it's dry enough to the touch and I'll go ahead and snap some quick picks and post them up in a moment.
  13. Good idea! Today's progress thus far: I just sanded down the rough-cut plinth I had so I can now stain prime and paint it or stain it black. I decided to keep the goblet in her hand after thinking about it for the last day, but I adjusted the angle so that it's upright and not "spilling" over the top. I also used my hobby knife to carve into the goblet some more and actually allow for a tiny pour of realistic water tinted dark red for her wine. I'll show some pics in a little bit after I get done priming everything with the airbrush.