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  1. ReaperCon 2018 Diorama????

    Cheerleaders KILT!
  2. Prop :: Ye Old Badge for Play

    Very cool!
  3. ReaperCon 2018 Diorama????

    With Pom Poms!
  4. Yeah. Lurking sometimes as I’ve been busy with other stuff and haven’t been hobbying. Thanks! I’m looking forward to this table. All the reviews of the prototypes were great and they seem to really be wanting to provide a great product with great customer service. I was actually contacted by them last night right after ordering the above. I had missed that the table already comes with a black mat and they wanted to know if I wanted a 2nd one or if I wanted to cancel it and get the mat cost refunded. I opted to get refunded for the mat and not 30 minutes later got an email saying it had been done. Good omen for me the looking out for customers and being proactive!
  5. Kubikajiri Demoness from Kensei By Glitterwolf

    Spectacularly spooky!
  6. 77494 Bones Dire Bear by Glitterwolf

    RAWR!!! Good job!
  7. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    Today is the final day of my CMON saga. Finally received the Child Thief after having to send back the Ninja Lady (on their dime). So I got 3/4 things I ordered, the one that wasn't included was refunded and now my order is closed. It's been a LONG road, but I've been patient and it paid off with me finally getting what I wanted most in the original order.
  8. Since my birthday (big 40) is this month. I told my wife I wanted the Ultimate Gaming Table, gave her the link and she looked it over. Said to just order it myself so that it was exactly what I wanted with the accessories I need. So I just ordered a 3.5x5 ft table, felt pad, 5x cup holders, and tabletop cover. It's all in birch/white, will be shipping in May as it was a pre-order. Table Mat - Elite Series - 3'x5' / Black x 1 Cup Holder with Dice Tray - Elite Series - Birch x 5 3.5 Table Top Covers - Elite Series - white x 1 Table of Ultimate Gaming 3.5 ELITE Series - Standard Table Height - Birch x 1
  9. Help with first display base

  10. Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    Got mine this week. Look great!
  11. 03531 - Nalani, Dancing Girl

    Nice work! Glad to see you get outta the funk! I'm still kinda in that same funk, but I also have had very little time in the evenings and weekends lately to do anything. I've been puttering around with making some terrain for my D&D game lately using pink insulation foam.
  12. Ysera Dragon Bust

    Great job!!