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  1. RAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa!!!! *rages thru the thread breaking things, collecting skullz, and gulping down his coffee*
  2. *rages thru the thread to break it in* RAAAAAAAAA!!!!
  3. Umm.. been in a bit of a slump. So just try to finish 1 thing.
  4. I'd like to see the Virtue as well, but I'd like to see it weeping blood.
  5. Hmm maybe...
  6. Breaking records as well. 114-117 all week. Yesterday tied hottest "official" day on record of 117, some areas were 120-123.
  7. Almost as hot here in Vegas, but I do have AC in the whole house. Haven't painted anything in a while tho. Going thru a small slump.
  8. Guess what? im in!!! Location: Las Vegas, NV International: Not this time Box starter: Nope, I've started a couple boxes previously.
  9. Recently received/acquired: Bones III kickstarter order - quite a few giants, no core, paints, weapons, cemetery fences, and goremaw Black Sun Miniatures 75mm Barbarian Male on Warcat "Rozok the Beastmaster" (was pre-ordered) - of course I ordered a BIG barbarian! Green Monkey Models - Nosferatu Bust will allow me to test out some new undead skin tones I've been wanting to try, plus he's just super cool and creepy! White Wolf Miniatures - Sana female samurai (can't remember if I posted this one before or not, but I'm going to paint her up to look like a Sith Lord).
  10. Raaaaaa! *runs thru the thread while on his lunch break* Hi! Bye!
  11. Doing an Avengers marathon. Just watched Avengers, watching Winter Soldier now, then into Age of Ultron and finish it off with Civil War.
  12. They are doing the wanna get away fares as low as $49 each way depending on the airports flying to/from.
  13. Southwest Airlines (which flies into Love Field) is running a big 72 hour sale! I just booked my flights for $99 each way a few minutes ago and thought I'd share the news if others haven't booked yet and are looking to save some cash!
  14. *strolls in gulping down a frappacino* Wut?