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  1. Time for....ZZZZzzzzzzz
  2. I thought @Reaperbryan said they are or will be online.
  3. In the HGI lobby with Grayfax!
  4. Ub3r has arrived in Dallas, en route with Grayfax to Lewisville!
  5. ama

    Yes! I paid an evil wizard 20 whole platinum to cast invisibility on the ole axe. I keep knocking people over with it and blame the old lady in front of me. Bwahahaha!!
  6. At the gate waiting to board for REEEEEEAAAAAPPPPPEEEEERRRRCCCCOOOOOOONNNN!!!! Eh? Never heard that rule and I travel pretty often. No one has ever said anything to me about my headphones that are Bluetooth.
  7. Okay all packed up now, did the touch-ups that I needed and I think it looks a lot better, hopefully the judges think so as well! I got some new wireless earbuds for the trip, so I'm going to set those up and pair the bluetooth with my phone real quick here. Then I can get ready for bed and get some sleep before waking up early in the morning. This time tomorrow night I'll be running a 5E game for people to have some fun!
  8. ama

    My wife is an excellent baker! She's Figmentian by association. Yes, please!
  9. It's hard to tell a lot of the time if someone is selling a re-cast or if they are selling part of their collection. You can't really tell until you actually have it in hand to see what it looks like as most of the time they like to use box art or pictures taken from the actual manufacturer. You shouldn't feel bad as you didn't know when you were purchasing it what you were getting. You did the right thing in the end by reporting it.
  10. I would and I would probably be very tempted to charge it back to them for a crappy figure they sold you which is not what you thought you were paying for.
  11. Going to do the touch-ups on my Edge of Oblivion vignette now. Utilizing feedback I got from a couple of amazing artists who were nice enough to give me some great advice. Everything is already packed or ready to be put into the luggage now, I'll get everything into luggage tonight before going to bed and then in the morning I'll be ready to go.