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  1. *ambles in during his lunch break at home* Good afternoon everyone! Sorry, haven't been around much, hope everyone is doing well. Gotta get back to painting over a long weekend, off work Saturday - Wednesday (took an added 2 days off for an extended weekend).
  2. Yeah, I remember that as well. That was like 2 years ago now tho.
  3. oooooOooOoOOoOooOO!!! I'll have to get CBS All Access this fall, this looks good to me. Loved all of the Star Trek tv shows.
  4. I'd just try to wash the gunk off instead of going through all of that, put them in a big 5 gallon bucket of warm water with probably about 2 cups of simple green cleaner mixed in. Then let sit for a few days to remove the gunk, remove with gloves on so you don't get the dirty water all over yourself, rinse off. After that, I'd put them all in a pillow case or a delicates net and stick them in the washing machine with a mild detergent and wash at warm or cold water (not hot as too hot of water will allow the weapons and little bits to bend too easily and stay bent) to double-wash them and make sure they are santized.
  5. Very cool! Good job!
  6. Looking good!
  7. You did. Our cars that's how much EACH tire is...
  8. Shop around, seriously. Get insurance quotes from 2-3 other places and switch if they offer better rates. A lot of places will give you steep discounts if you switch all your insurances over to get you as a customer. You need to play the game. I shop around for insurance, cable/satellite service, etc all the time. You need to be proactive to save your hard earned cash. Don't just take it from them without a fight and throughly doing your own due diligence. ETA - also if you graduated from a school or are a AAA member or are a state employee or whatever, there are additional discounts out there for being a member of so many things.
  9. There's a little of every house in each of us, you just need to figure out which speaks to you the most. We play some little recruitment games around here, but in the end we are all a big family and enjoy the camaraderie. I've posted a few times in each of the other house threads when I paint up things for tabletop use or haven't painted in a while or convert/modify things.
  10. Cover it up with some freehand designs!
  11. Stayed home from work today, yesterday and this morning I was dealing with a pretty bad migraine. Called in, took some more advil and then went back to sleep. Finally feeling better now, thinking I may even go see GotG vol 2 this afternoon.
  12. I love bones for big monsters and the mooks as others have stated. The normal sized ones I hate the floppy weapons and lack of details. I paint mostly for display and competition so I much prefer resin or metal for these types of things. Bones are good for tabletop and you can do good paintjobs with the material. It's just my personal preference I'd rather use the better materials for the better pieces I paint.
  13. Recorded for use as blackmail later.
  14. Just because I'm selective or picky does not mean the mini gods are! Silly underwater kraken lover!
  15. If flipped on its edge, would a lillypad cause a disruption in space-time?