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  1. Me too, but I have to wait for retail as I just ordered a few things over the last couple of weeks and can't really justify doing another Kickstarter right now.
  2. An idea occurred last night while talking to Thrym about my project plans. I am going to cut the demon in half at the waist and have him half-formed coming up from the 9 hells in the summoning circle with flames and smoke issuing forth and surrounding him. Giving it more a feel of motion, danger, dynamics, and drama. I'm also trying to decide on the layout so it's compact but not crowded and not so large that things get lost or it's too big to fit in my painted figs carry case.
  3. Off to a great start!
  4. Cool! In 2 recent conversions, both metal and both using tiny pins and bits from my bits box. Swapped weapon and shield and handedness on this one: Swapped weapon in left hand (dagger) for a bow. Added quiver in place of tail. Removed polearm weapon in right hand, opened hand and repositioned arm to grab at arrows. Turning Huntress into a true ranger!
  5. You're welcome Yeah, I figured, I do the same thing with hair.
  6. Can never go wrong trying to copy the actress' eyes Katheryn Winnick has nice blue eyes -
  7. No problem, I knew you weren't very close to being done with them, but figured I'd pipe up and give you the feedback before you went too deep and spent much longer on them. I'd go with either bright sky blue or a deep green or a mix of them like do them in darker blue with green/blue highlights.
  8. Go back and look and do some clean-ups on those things, spend a few hours on a few things and see where that takes you. Looking at things with fresh eyes after a couple weeks or months can lead to some nice improvements.
  9. Looks great Argentee! @Chaoswolf Is this thread only for plastic mods/conversions or do you welcome metal ones too?
  10. I see the brain in the jar! Maybe you need to reboot or use a different browser?
  11. She's looking gooooood! I'm going to give you some constructive feedback here: I'm not sold on those eyes yet. You have the right eye (true right not right as we look at it in pics) looking towards the right and the left eye looking more straight on giving her a bit of a lazy eyed look. My suggestion is to move the left eye over to the right a bit or move the right over to the left so they are "pointed" in the right direction and then clean up the whites and the irises to make sure they are evened up.
  12. Hmm look at that... got a glob of green stuff on my thumb still. Was using it for filling gaps and doing some minor modifications to my Keeper's Sanctum diorama project and now I'm not sure what to do with it. Maybe I need to start up a putty monster?
  13. Assembled and gap filled and modified! I'm about 12 hours into this project now. Next up is to allow everything to cure and then wash off with warm soapy water to remove mold releases and finger oils. Then I'll prime everything at the same time. The Heroines! Yay!!! The Villains! Booo! Hssss! The whole cast! Woohoo!!
  14. Gold for painters is much harder to get, they judge much more strongly on the paint-job than they do in something like the open or diorama. This is why I've been trying very hard to up my skills on painting and blending and hoping I can make that leap up. I take it as a personal challenge as someday I hope to obtain a Sophie.
  15. Jay, I haven't been around very much since switching jobs last year, but I did notice you hadn't been around much recently either. Do you mind if I ask why? If it's too personal, please ignore the question. I'm just curious.