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  1. We have a wardrobe. It has the date "1872" on it picked out in brass nails. It is actually about 60 years older than that, but was repurposed as a wedding gift. There are little engravings of a man and a woman from 1872 stamped into the original brass hardware that closes the doors. We've never had the key to the lock.
  2. Over lunch high school kid talked about a buddy during the school year amusing thimself on lunch breaks by finding flat earthers and other crackpot groups on Facebook and posting questions and links to counter-argument research. College kid: You are such nerds. "Let's troll this Facebook group with peer-reviewed papers!"
  3. Oh poot, no, I meant the bone one. No criticism was intended, although now I look I see how unclear my post was. Sorry. Nah, this is all looking great!
  4. May you have a happy birthday!
  5. He's a geologist, wrote his thesis on graptolites if I recall correctly. (I'm merely an art major with an inquiring mind.) (I've mentioned my eldest went on a dinosaur dig in Wyoming last month. Most exciting.)
  6. That is definitely a dude pelvis. Have you ever seen a male and female pelvis side by side? Way interesting!
  7. This is one reason I like to delve into older areas on the forum.
  8. Congratulations! This is one reason I delve into older areas of the forum.

    Wait, how long is it running for?
  10. I saw a spider eating another spider ... I am pretty sure this was not one of those "devour its mate" things. The eater was one of those hard round little black orb spiders with sharp thin legs and the eatee was one of those red crablike spiders, although its abdomen was kind of yellow and crumpled up like a raisin by now.
  11. I noticed. Thank you. I noticed the misspelling at the start and figured I'd not make a fuss about it, and apparently a good thing too (although now I can't find the post from - I think it was Last Knight - about never being able to unsee it now). It happened to me for a spell a couple of weeks ago, but then it subsided again. Don't know what's up.
  12. Grayfax just repped something of mine from three years ago on the "Department of A(c)quisitions" thread. If he's reading that whole thread it's going to be a long slog.
  13. I have a shot of homemade decaf espresso in hot milk. What?
  14. You can thank Dolly Parton for that. She owns the production company that made both.
  15. It was in the Bush (senior) years, the nadir of the dry desert of cultural neglect and nothingness as far as sci fi TV shows were concerned. "Alien Nation" and "Red Dwarf" were about all I watched at the time. As with many TV shows, the movie that spawned it was not nearly as good as the show.