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  1. We do Thanksgiving tomorrow. Today was pie-baking day. Chocolate mousse (with chocolate wafer crust), raspberry-lemon mousse, double apple, and pumpkin pies all done.
  2. Iridescence Ideas

    WIP thread of howidunnit:
  3. It was connected, yeah. Sleeping was so uncomfortable that my husband got up to get me an ice pack, and while he was downstairs I felt like I was going to throw up and got up to go the bathroom and got as far as the hall before I fainted pretty hard. I think there may be a pinched nerve, because when my shoulder flares up my forearm gets a pain across its top and my first two fingers go a little numb. It is, however, improving. And I am seeing a doctor about it in a little over a week. Oh, they are awesome! They are upstairs at this very minute. Blue from Overly Sarcastic Productions is in town for Thanksgiving break and they are filming a Let’s Play Christmas special in our loft, with High School Kid as cameraman and tertiary voice. Sounds like they are having a pretty good time of it.
  4. Steampunk People Part 1

    Those are fantastic eyes. I love how natural and unmade-up they look.
  5. Quoting for aptness and also because it’s the last page I was on. Hiya. My shoulder injury makes sitting at a desktop computer kinda excruciating, so I’ve been doing other stuff. In good news, my kids make fabulous kitchen minions sous-chefs when Momma can’t do much heavy lifting. Been admiring the amazing buglips and Guindyloo projects. Hope everyone’s been okay.
  6. Reapercon BoGW?

    I have PMed Chaoswolf my addess and requested RedAmbrosia’s from her.
  7. I hear Gal Gadot is fun, for the time she’s actually onscreen. This movie was in the pipeline long before WW released, so it’s not like they had time to learn all the lessons.
  8. I knew a fella who was big into the boiled beeswax armor. Unfortunately he also thought it was brilliant to cover his tent with beeswax for waterproofing. No word that he ever died in a horrific inferno, so I guess he was really lucky camping.
  9. I have received a heavy little package from Thunderbolt Mountain containing lovely wood elves and exquisite horsies and doggies and giant wolfies. THUNDERBOLT MOUNTAIN IS CLOSING UP SHOP DEC. 25TH SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TOM MEIER'S COOL STUFF GO THERE NOW!! Some of these I already have:
  10. Uh. I am sorry, but that ... does not look enticing. I am flashing back to an unfortunate incident this weekend, when a tub of what I thought was hummus next to a vegetable platter turned out to be sweetened pumpkin spice cream cheese for bagels.