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  1. Paint brushes

    I don't remember what they were, but he told me they were pretty cheap.
  2. Banana bread is lovely toasted and spread with almond butter. I suspect it would be good with applesauce, too, if messy.
  3. I do not wish to see anyone’s common areas, thank you very much.
  4. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Oranges are an infertile complex crossbreed of the mandarin and pomelo which reproduce asexually. All varieties arise through mutations.
  5. Boy, I sure hope that’s okay ...
  6. I’m fine. Nothing is missing. All is well. We’re all fine. Come join us. We have bananas.
  7. That’s funny. One of my flying monkeys has gone miss—
  8. RIP Harry Anderson

    65 is way young, I’m sorry he’s gone. In recent photos he looked in ill health. He had always been thin as a whippet, and something had changed. My husband and I adored “Night Court”, although parts of it have aged very badly. We were never comfortable with John Larroquette’s character, who has just looked worse and worse in light of more recent understanding. Harry Anderson was a delight in that show, as was Richard Moll, able to play something as far removed from the grimdark villains he was usually cast as as possible. There was a lot of fun in the show, but unfortunately it is plagued with blind spots of the time.
  9. Okay, why was the first hit on my Google search for “Chordata” the Wikipedia page in Tagalog? (I think this is Tagalog.) https://war.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chordata
  10. Me: “How’s my eye look?” Eldest: “Patient Zero.”
  11. Every once in a while I am reminded that this Internet of the Future is an excellent resource for looking up obscure old childhood memories and favorites. So without further ado, here is a favorite song of my childhood (which might explain a lot), “Twisted” by the jazz trio Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross:
  12. ♪ Jeepers creepers, Nosferatu peepers ...♩
  13. Sleep well, wolf, and good luck.