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  1. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    My daughter’s schoolmate and best friend when she was eight was a sweet young girl who is now a sweet young man and I want to find him and give him a huge hug, if I can do it without crying or upsetting him.
  2. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I'm sorry. Is there something nicer we can talk about?
  3. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Has no one here tried duck bacon? OMG, it is amaaaaazing ...
  4. Pingo

    03311 Rhaine: Two versions?

    I literally just got a copy of her two days ago as part of an assortment of lady swashbucklers. Her arm is cast separately. You would have to glue it on anyway. You can attach it at any angle you like, including the angle of the green. So go for it!
  5. Funny you should mention. While you were posting I was processing this group photo of the project. Without further ado, Here's JADE GREEN AND SEVEN DWARFS (click for a larger image - if I've figured out how to make that work):
  6. Pingo

    77497: we have to go smaller!!

    The wee little buggers look wonderful. Nice use of unhealthy orange.
  7. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Been there. It’s okay. Nice to hear from you.
  8. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    PingosHusband is being merciless to an evangelist at the door. Normally I feel a bit of sympathy for the evangelists under these curcumstnces, but this dude is WAY confident. My biggest gripe is it’s delaying lunch. Elf needs food, badly! PH: ”Are you telling me Amos, Jeremiah, Ezekiel spoke with the same voice?” oh lordy, the dude just called them “minor” prophets.
  9. This is RAFM's "Paige Fox, Reporter," which I looked at and immediately thought "Lois Lane". She's a little cartoony, maybe a little satirical, but I painted her up with all seriousness. WIP thread here. And a couple of Superman's-eye views (aka how she looks on the table):
  10. Pingo

    Skadi, Dwarven Goddess

    She's wonderful. Got a real Jack Kirby vibe going.
  11. Pingo

    The King in Yellow

    Delightfully foul and colorful.
  12. I'm back! I left out some intermediate steps because I wasn't sure how much people were interested in minutely detailed descriptions of how I fiddled with a blue suit. Here's where I had gotten her to by the end of summer: And then some glazes and stuff: I fixed up her skin tones and finished her camera. Unfortunately I got a row of splodges on the front of her skirt which needed fixing before I took the Show Off pix. I think I also did a little more cleaning up around her shoes, but basically she's done. Show Off thread here.
  13. Huh. It appears my computer is fine, it's Comcast and the wi-fi that's wonking out. [Enraged Captain Kirk voice]: Comcasssssst!!! And here's Reaper's own 14143, Kara Foehunter: Dwarf Hero sculpted by Werner "Buckles" Klocke. I love the figure, but I've felt like my painting of her has been unfocused and chaotic. So here's some more chaos: And then this sort of happened: I feel like, ehh, it's close enough, and she's the last of the seven dwarfs, and when I squint at her life size she looks pretty okay on the table: So it might be this project is done. Whew!
  14. So this is more or less what I did over the summer, part 1. My computer is acting wonky so updates will come over several posts. I added some highlights to the Stonehaven Dwarf. Added some browns and metallics. I think I might have lost some of the glowing orb effect. Did a good bit of fiddling with Jade Green (60184 Meyanda, Android Priestess) with natural foliage colors, more olive and organic, and some Phthalo Blue and Titanium White on her gauntlet. Added some reds. I think these were straight Red Oxide. I painted the Red Box Dwarf's quilted overtunic red and added some browns and metallics.