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  1. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Psst. China Miéville is a fella.
  2. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    So here’s a thing. I’ve mentioned, now and again, that I’m playing in a fairly involved and pretty wild mix-up campaign of Vampire: The Masquerade (and a number of other Oddity: The Whatevering games) and Exalted. I’ve also mentioned that I am learning to write and have been working on various bits of character background. I’ve occasionally posted bits and bobs of my efforts, though not (much) of the latest. So, as it turns out I spent a good chunk of the spring writing what amounts to a novella’s worth of character background, approximately 30,000 words of … stuff. My writing tutor said it was actually good enough to show people, but both tutor and GM asked that I not post the entire story directly online, for Reasons. I can talk about it, though. So … If people are interested in reading my character background, please PM me with an email address I can send an .rtf file to (“rich text”, so should not have word processor issues). I have already shown the story to Glitterwolf. I tried PMing it, but since attachments aren’t a thing, it wound up being a gigantic post, and some of the words got changed to “broccoli”. So just actual emails, please, if you don’t mind. I do reserve the right to say “Wait, who are you, internet stranger who has stumbled on this post” and not send the dang thing. I probably only will be doing this for a little while after this post anyway, so no necroing this at some mysterious future time, please. Also it might take me a little time to get back to you. I keep odd hours. Some information: It is a vampire story. The MC is not a vampire, but several appear as characters. It is game character background. Much of the ethos is White Wolf’s World of Darkness, but it has a lot of homebrewed elements. I changed a bunch of the terminology because some of it was kind of dippy, but I tried to use logical, linguistically reasonable choices. It should be clear from context what is meant. Yes, there are cusswords strong enough to need broccoliing. At least one of the characters has a real mouth on her – it’s an important part of the character, I promise. And it’s international. I learned a whole bunch of fascinating new words for this story. Now you can too. There is no overt violence, gore, sexual situations or pseudo-sexual situations. There is some strong language, some threatened violence, some uncomfortable body stuff and some tension. I like to think there is also depth, humanity, perspective and interest. It’s basically a detective story. Glitterwolf says he enjoyed reading it (quotes used with permission): “There is a nice flow to it and enough mystery to keep wanting to know more.” “I find the description of the characters, their surroundings awesome. The references to real places, food, rituals, languages, history, they help build the story.” “I love vampire stories, so I might be a bit biased. But on the other hand, I can see the difference between a good one and a bad one. I really think you got something here.” So, that’s a thing.
  3. Pingo

    Happy birthday, Froggy The Great!

    Happy birthday!!
  4. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Whoo, it is as hot as the dickens outside. So naturally we went out for Father's Day. To a tiny hole-in-the-wall dim sum place college kid recommended. (We were originally planning somewhere swankier but it would have involved a one-hour wait in a crowded, steaming hot lobby.) (Thank you, Google Maps!) The menu did not have portion sizes listed and the prices were so reasonable we assumed they meant the price for one bun for one person, sort of thing. When the first two plates of bbq pork steamed buns arrived we realized our error. Those were very reasonable prices. So anyway we have leftovers for maybe three more meals. Yum!
  5. I mixed a dull buff brown from Burnt Umber and Titanium White and painted her sleeveless coat and staff and stuff. Then I mixed a cream yellow from Titanium White ans Yellow Ochre and mixed it with the buff color for highlights.
  6. Pingo

    Minis we would like to see

    Reaper already has a set of three:
  7. Oh, okay. I thought a site that explained the news counted as a news site. Anyhow, I identified them as such because I wanted to make sure people knew it was them, not any other "Vox".
  8. All my Star Wars figures are four inches. Isn’t that the standard?
  9. This is really sweet and a great introduction to Dungeons and Dragons. I’m kind of astonished — and delighted — that the news site Vox put it up. .
  10. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    My condolences for your loss.
  11. I would highlight the purple with hot pink. I'd mix Quinacridone Magenta with Titanium White, but basically any eye-watering bubblegum type pink will do.
  12. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    At noon today we had an impassable chasm at the end of the driveway. Presently it is filled with (probably literally) tons of fine gravel.
  13. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Loud thumpy noises and shouting out front. The neighbors' trees had been growing a little wild over the sidewalk and street, but between a tree branch and a very large excavator there is little competition, so there were some odd crunching noises this morning and there are assorted branches laid down on the sidewalk. (To be clear, this was not deliberate, except insofar as if there is a branch in an excavator's path generally the branch ceases to be in the excavator's path.) They did kind of accidentally shut down our water without warning, but they tell me they can get it back on soon, which is good because we have to clean house and cook stuff for our daughter's birthday today (and celebration tomorrow). The excavator was also blocking our driveway but they very kindly moved it for me, especially since I said we would not need the car again until tonight. Aha. I hear a rising note of gurgles under my feet. I bet that's the water. (We have the side hose outlet on, since they told us crud would need to be cleared out of the lines.)
  14. Pingo

    Faces are hard

    Here’s a thread about practicing painting eyes: