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  1. Pre-launch

    To my eye the brown, blue and grey liners are all pretty close to the same dark. In fact, they all seem pretty much dark grey. "Brown" Liner, I find, is a warm dark grey and "Blue" Liner a cold dark grey. Very useful, and good for different purposes, but not intensely colored.
  2. Whoa. This was news to me. Thanks.
  3. I painted her base. A simple wash of a soft transparent purplish-black mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna turned the plain brown base intensely black. (First layer shown here. I added another one before the next step.) Then I mixed some soft greys by adding Titanium White to the same mix and sloshed them around wetly until she had a ground and shadows under her.
  4. As a sort of a liner and to give cold shadows to her dress, I washed over her bodice and skirt with a mix of Phthalocyanine Blue and Burnt Umber. Phthalo Blue is a cold, greenish blue and Burnt Umber is a very dark, warm brown. Between the two of them they make some intense cold darks with almost metallic undertones. I also washed some over her big S gun. I also had a bit of a turquoise mix from Phthalo Blue, a dab of Hansa Yellow (a very bright lemon yellow) and some Titanium White which I scumbled onto her underskirt and hat, very roughly. I mixed up a transparent dark violet from Ultramarine Blue and Quinacridone Magenta, then make it lighter, brighter, and more opaque with Titanium White. I laid a very dark version of it thinly over her bodice and skirt, allowing the brown underneath to show through, and brushed lighter violet over it, partly when it was still wet. I also added a little band on her hat. I glazed the transparent purple over the dress to intensify the color and smooth the shading. Yesterday I painted her base a bit. I wanted the classic black edge and a grey floor. But straight black is a dull, lifeless color. So I mixed my favorite near-black from an even balance of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna. It looks brighter when wet, but dries to a rich near-black with a matte surface (a natural trait of Ultramarine Blue pigment). Here the figure is with a single layer (more tilted towards blue) on her base. Notice that you can see the actual blue-grey color on the edge, which was a mottled white before, but over the plain brown of the ground under her feet it turns into deepest black. I added one more layer of the mix, tilted a little more towards brown (not shown). Then I mixed up some shades of grey by adding Titanium White to the mix and slopping it onto the ground under her feet to give a foggy, shadowy effect.
  5. I have two of the one on the far left, standing on one long strip of lead. I am half tempted to paint them up as Brian from "Knights of the Dinner Table".
  6. Pre-launch

    Straight Brown Liner I find too dark, but I find it still seems to work well on Bones even when rather severely thinned. I generally get it down to a pale bronze color on my Bones, with the nooks and crannies well picked out.
  7. That is exactly what I was thinking. My maternal grandmother travelled to the Netherlands whean I was around ten and brought back an armload of the most clichéd souvenirs, wooden shoes and starched lace bonnets and pix of windmills and tulips. The wooden shoes gave us blisters, but we wore the bonnets until they fell apart.
  8. And now a classic torch song from the febrile imagination of Walt Kelly:
  9. That's no reason to let sharks off the hook.
  10. Oh, don't worry about me. I'll just sit here, alone, forgotten, in the dark, in my little corner of the crypt.
  11. It's been relatively cold and wet here for most of the spring. That's my favorite kind of spring, actually.
  12. Maybe in the weird world of eBayland "Dungeons and Dragons" has come to mean "lead soldiers"? I dunno. I've noticed that a lot of eBay sellers include a kitchen sink of descriptive words. (I know little about it, but I assume it's to game search algorithms.) So a black lace dress isn't just a black lace dress, it's a Dark Black Pretty Lace Gothic Victorian Formal Prom Cocktail Party Sexy Gorgeous Elegant Stunning Evening Dress.
  13. That is a terrible way to try to ensure efficient driving.
  14. "Muffin fluffers" is my new favorite cuss word.
  15. Yep. I possess a couple of identical old Minifig hobbits carrying polearms, still connected at the base. They are tiny and their faces seem to be little more than gouged out eye sockets and smiles. Definitely a challenge! Good luck.