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  1. Properties of Paint

    All paints consist of pigments in binders. In acrylics the binder is acrylic resin. Binder and medium are the same thing. In acrylics there will also generally be some kind of preservative, usually in the ammonia or formaldehyde line (more good reasons to never get your materials near your mouth!). Other additives include thickeners, stabilizers, surfactants, coalescing solvents and defoamers. As for the formulations and properties of Reaper’s liners, I do not know and I suspect they are trade secrets. Their clear paints are made from a small selection of particularly bright, transparent pigments. They might be single-pigment paints, or at least some of them are.
  2. Today I learned what a jerrycan is.
  3. Or yeah, that. That would be the professional thing to do.
  4. It’s good of you to make so many appraise checks for them. I suspect the crew around here would be okay with helping out, maybe. People seem to like the challenge of IDing mystery minis.
  5. All these years I’ve been calling someone Great Great Aunt and I should have been calling her Great Grand Aunt?
  6. We had so much snow some of our players couldn’t get their cars out and so today’s game is cancelled. Welp, guess it’s back to sewing the greatcoat for Hades ...
  7. Damar the Mage & Damiel the Alchemist

    They both look good. Those are great bottles and flasks on Damiel.
  8. We have been presented with a lot of snow. Yesterday afternoon one of the custodians of the apartment buildings across the street brought his snowblower over and cleared our driveway and front walk.
  9. I am reminded of College Kid’s review of the “American Gods” miniseries: (She is blunter in speech than I am :/ I have mildly redacted her post.)
  10. Here is something I typed today:
  11. Giants - metal

    They are resin.
  12. Saw an article about how Vogue magazine was being criticized for using unpaid interns and how that goes against its claim to be committed to diversity. It gave me flashbacks to art school, where all of the really good student jobs were unpaid internships: Major art galleries, art publishers, fashion houses, magazines, etc. All shamelessly offering fabulous jobs with zero pay. I remember how much that hurt, because most of us needed to earn a living, and giving away free labor, even free labor with all the perks and contacts needed for a lucrative future career, was impossible for us.
  13. Huh, that's weird. Sometimes the forum goes down and the store is still up. This is the first time I can recall the opposite happening.