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  1. Excellent news!!! (Happy dance)
  2. Happy birthday!
  3. I've been called to jury duty lots of times. Back in college the call came like clockwork every July (I got the first summons deferred because of the school year). For a while I just assumed one got summoned every year. Things tapered off for a while after that, but the call still comes sometimes. I was on an actual jury I think five or six years ago and summoned again this past summer.
  4. The one time I got picked to be on a jury they didn't ask the right questions. I was an art major woozy from what would turn out to be a mild case of food poisoning. I probably looked badly hung over. They asked us if we had or had any relatives who had had trouble in the then-dodgy post-worldwide economic crash housing market, which I hadn't. What they should have asked me was was I an art major who knew an awful lot about the architects they were going to be discussing and had a low opinion of them as regards the sturdiness of their construction overall. It was an interesting case.
  5. The "Forumite Bingo" threads always make my eyes cross a bit when I'm scanning the titles.
  6. I am, of course, in the same games, as a player. The Shadowrun game is an enjoyable one. We have two sets of PCs, one all deckers and one everything but deckers, as the GM's way of ensuring less sitting-around-while-other-players-do-stuff. My decker is an Indonesian named Maya who runs a small convenience store in a fairly trollish neighborhood of Seattle, and is one of the contacts for weapons and intel for the Indonesian resistance. I also have a rigger named Bentley who drives a severely modified delivery van for her family's bakery business and who has a chunk of an alien spaceship intelligence embedded in her hindbrain. The homebrewed game ... Yeah, wow, that's a toughie. We might be fictional characters there. It's hard to say. The Exalted Game (really a combo of Exalted and most of White Wolf's World of Darkness) is great fun. I've talked about it in this thread. We're playing the first group of (very surprised) Exalted to exalt in the World of Darkness; turns out Exalted really is the prehistory of the World of Darkness, as originally intended. The power level is pretty high. We're all as tough as some very, very tough WoD opponents. But the world is a big mess and there were only six of us to begin with. We all have our memories of the old world of Exalted due to some backstory shenanigans, so we don't have to deal with the problem of total amnesia of every new Exalt. I'm playing a former vampire who reverted to human when she exalted. Her last exaltation before the WoD was a stolen and corrupted one enslaved by a group of overpowered necromancers called deathlords out to destroy creation, but the corruption was removed before it got to her. She's a good guy, but with lots of bad memories. The other PCs in that game include a psychotherapist mage, a pop singer strategist, a werecat military genius, and a living gem ninja, and we are partnered with a living gem city (Yes, she is a character).
  7. May you have a happy birthday!
  8. A happy birthday to you!
  9. Happy birthday!
  10. "Pandora" has been up for 40 minutes. It has 14,000+ views. (I'm going to stop saying things like this now because they will probably get really tedious really fast, if they haven't already.)
  11. I miss Pete Seeger.
  12. I mentioned in the "Shakespeare Summarized kid" thread, a stranger recognized my daughter on the street by her voice and sense of humor. (Her Youtube channel has been getting lots more subscribers; I guess it was only a matter of time.)
  13. Good lord! I'm glad everyone's okay. Congratulations to you, also. Naps will be very useful. Get them while you can.
  14. She just had her first public fan street recognition moment. She's been moving back in dorms at her university. Today after lunch she and a friend were leaving the campus burger joint, talking about the Star Wars trilogy, that other trilogy, and the new trilogy. As you might gather, the conversation was lively, humorous, and (not overly) sarcastic. The way she tells it, a young man walking his bicycle in front of them close enough to overhear stumbled a bit, whacking his leg. After a bit of confusion he turned to her and said, "Excuse me, do you have a Youtube channel?" At which she 'fessed up, because really, what can you do?