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  1. Sana'a, Yemen, the old city: http://whc.unesco.org/uploads/thumbs/site_0385_0018-750-0-20110809151007.jpg https://a630bbb17ae9d1222021-2afb368a5169e2c14e6c1f3083d913b8.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/2013/04/Sanaa.jpg
  2. Reapercon BoGW?

    I have PMed Chaoswolf my addess and requested RedAmbrosia’s from her.
  3. I hear Gal Gadot is fun, for the time she’s actually onscreen. This movie was in the pipeline long before WW released, so it’s not like they had time to learn all the lessons.
  4. I knew a fella who was big into the boiled beeswax armor. Unfortunately he also thought it was brilliant to cover his tent with beeswax for waterproofing. No word that he ever died in a horrific inferno, so I guess he was really lucky camping.
  5. I have received a heavy little package from Thunderbolt Mountain containing lovely wood elves and exquisite horsies and doggies and giant wolfies. THUNDERBOLT MOUNTAIN IS CLOSING UP SHOP DEC. 25TH SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TOM MEIER'S COOL STUFF GO THERE NOW!! Some of these I already have:
  6. Uh. I am sorry, but that ... does not look enticing. I am flashing back to an unfortunate incident this weekend, when a tub of what I thought was hummus next to a vegetable platter turned out to be sweetened pumpkin spice cream cheese for bagels.
  7. For a while we were lucky enough to have a local brand of raisins that were extra big and plump and soft. I used to make fantastic oatmeal-raisin cookies with them. My husband doesn’t care for them, though, and our friend who really likes them moved away, so it’s been a long time since I made them. I used to add wheat germ (it’s really tasty, don’t laugh), and I think I may have eventually just used oat flour so they were gluten-free too (or wait, maybe the wheat germ blew that. Oops).
  8. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Pop culture depicts ancient gold coins as as thick as modern coins or even thicker, great slabs of metal. But real gold (and silver) ancient coins were hammered as thin as possible, almost like foil, because metal was precious and rare. These coins, originally from the Fatimid Caliphate about a thousand years ago, are typical.
  9. My husband’s homebaked pastries have been a part of our family breakfasts for decades. It’s usually a rotating variety of corn muffins, blueberry muffins, scones, croissants, bagels, bialys, coffee cake, beignets, fritters, etc. Otherwise fairly normal eggs, bacon, ham, coffee, milk, fruit, and juice,
  10. I belive my first encounter with cookd semi-savory pineapple was at a Chinese restaurant in Cambridge, Mass., and I have to have been less than four years old. It was certainly an appealing way to serve it.
  11. After hospital food* that sounds soooo good. But some in my family would probably consider it heresy. *to be fair it was not terrible
  12. Ah. My daughter has a Youtube channel, “Overly Sarcastic Productions” and Overly Sarcastic Productions has a t-shirt store on threadless.com and on that webstore are available many fine t-shirts she has designed and one of them (in that selfie) is officially titled “Thor and Jormungand” but is unofficially referred to in our family as “augh! catch and release! catch and release!” That was perhaps too many levels of in-joke. (But the t-shirts are really cool, she said in a shameless nepotistic plug.)
  13. Daughter’s “catch and release!” T-shirt: But still kinda confooxled. Whut? Whoa. Reaper without Bryan? Inconceivable! Well, I am sure it is for good reasons and I wish him and all the folk at Reaper all the best.
  14. Newbie here, Do large miniatures exist?

    It is “take someone else’s art and make a sculpture of it”, very much the exact same pose, outfit, face and hair level.
  15. So, the last thing I posted here was that we were safe and sound back from the sci fi convention. Which was essentially true. Let me start by saying I’m fine and home resting now. But the reason I’ve been offline the last couple of days is because Sunday night I had a bit of a scary fainting spell exacerbated by a conflation of circumstances and minor medical issues, some unsuspected, which led to Pingo taking her first ambulance ride, woo! Not that I remember much of it. Anyhow, it looked like it could have been cardiac, but it wasn’t. And apparently I need more iron. And water. And salt. And a few antibiotics. And a wee bit of physical therapy. But aside from that, doing pretty okay. I missed you guys.
  16. 03277: Hyena Pack (2)

    These are the two hyenas from Jason Wiebe's 03277: Hyena Pack (2). I painted them up as spotted hyenas, as that is what they most look like. I find I am enjoying painting realistic mammals because it gives a lot of opportunity for play with a fairly limited palette. (See, for example, how I recently painted wolves and wolves and wolves, and what I learned from doing it.) There is no WIP thread. I have a photo book of Zimbabwe, so I played a little bit with backgrounds.
  17. Rivani iconic psychic

    She's really beautiful. The combination of pink and yellow is gorgeous and flowerlike and complements her skin tones very well.
  18. Back safe and sound from the science fiction convention. Tired, but happy, and in possession of some good new books and a steampunk bolero shrug.
  19. So I spotted what looked like a sweet little wolfman, unpainted but inked a little over the metal and glued to a square of wood in a comics shop some while ago and bought it and took it home and pried it off the old base and discovered it said "Grenadier 1987." Score! Turns out it is a werejackal, coded MM93, and was first released as part of the set "Monster Manuscript Vol. XI" which also included the one Nosferatu-type vampire I didn't have in zer old days from the set of three I painted recently. Anyhow, I cleaned it up and painted it like a black-backed jackal 'cos they look cool. There is no WIP thread. Also I had a picture book of Zimbabwe and decided to play a little bit with backgrounds.
  20. In Arabic mythology Bahamut is a gigantic fish. Just sayin’.