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    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I’ve never quite gotten the hang of posting purple text. There will indeed be enjoyment from this. And I am under a strict regimen of not getting involved in political-religious topics.
  2. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    My first awareness of Doctor Who was in a book of children's crafts my English grandmother gave me around 1972. I am very much an old fan and quite looking forward to it. If I were to go as River Song, I should like to do it as her first appearance, in the orange space suit with magnificent hair. Alas, my hair is rather more Debbie Harry circa. 1980 at the moment. I can probably do a Romana II, with a trench coat, fedora (real Bogartesque fedora, not these sad little trilbys and porkpies that the hipsters wear) and the replica scarf I knit for my husband.
  3. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Welp. Looks like I'm escorting the kids to a Doctor Who convention on account of none of them can legally drive yet. Looks like I'll have to hang around the convention waiting to escort them all back home. Darn.
  4. That's one of the big pleasures of this thread. I'm not in this round and I still love seeing what everyone takes (and feel a little thrill when something I put in in a past round turns up).
  5. Pingo

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Stonehaven Adventurers, 2018

    These are lovely figures. The Stonehaven miniatures have gotten nicer and nicer. I'm impressed you painted them up so quickly and so well.
  6. I think the face looks pretty good. It's a little more shadowy and atmospheric, a little less teeny-tiny details. More Expressionistic than Pre-Raphaelite, if you get my drift. I think it works very well with the painting on your figure.
  7. Any random urban fantasy book. If there is a female vampire. Her name is Laylah* on a 1-5 on a d6. Seriously, I ran across so many Laylahs perusing bookstalls this weekend. *or Leila or some variant, or occasionally the cognate Lilith. All are related to the Persian / Arabic word for "night."
  8. Pingo

    Happy Birthday MissMelons

    May you be having a lovely birthday.
  9. Pingo

    Getting To Know Each Other, November 2018

    That’s an old family joke, btw.
  10. Pingo

    WW1 restored footage

    Oh gods, they look like they're twelve years old ...
  11. Pingo


    Armistice Day in my circle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WChTqYlDjtI
  12. Pingo

    Happy birthday wonderwoman

    Happy birthday!
  13. Pingo

    Happy Birthday jsalyers

    A happy birthday to you!
  14. Pingo

    Happy Birthday Buglips*the*Goblin

    Happy birthday!
  15. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Armistice Day
  16. This is Reaper's 59009: Mad Scientist, sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. I thank Reaper for proffering Victorian Science Ladies in Big Dresses, and I am looking forward to painting her up. I am, as usual, working with Golden matte fluid acrylic paints. This is my standard priming, a thin wash of thinned-down Titanium White allowed to dry for a day then washed further with thinned-down Burnt Umber. I don't know if I've mentioned, but this is a classic Italian Renaissance priming technique. I can't remember the term, but it translates as "veil" of color and is supposed to give richness to subsequent layers of color. In this case it also makes details pop. I clearly missed a few spots with the Burnt Umber. I will be repairing those as I go along. I started with her skin. I like the Foglios' "Girl Genius" comic, so she is a little inspired by them. They have plenty of diversity in their cast, and I thought this figure might look well with darker skin. I have found that Burnt Umber, a slightly cool, rich dark brown, makes a good basis for dark human skin. This is the first layer, a light scumble (like a glaze but using a lighter color over a darker instead of vice versa) of Burnt Umber lightened just a touch with Titanium White. Dark skin, I find, looks well with warm highlights based on Yellow Ochre. I painted her skin quite dark, so I made the highlights a little cooler, less Yellow Ochre and more Titanium White, admixed with Burnt Umber. Here she is with her skin finished and her eyes painted in. I washed some clear Quinacridone Magenta over her lips. Her eyes were pretty enormous to begin with and I made them even larger. I am thinking mauve for her dress. Purple ftw!
  17. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    This science fiction convention has been pretty relaxing. Our favorite musician has developed carpal tunnel so he couldn’t play his guitar. He gave an entire concert a capella with the audience clapping rhythm and singing along. The kids have been taken to the place with red velvet waffles and Oreo pancakes, so they’re happy. Some thematic sci fi birthday and Christmas gifts were acquired, some of them handcrafted. Have seen many fine costumes. I have a nice stack of new sf and fantasy to read. Oh! Hey! SFWA just changed the rules for the Nebulas! Effective this Thursday associate members as well as full members can nominate and vote, and there is a new category for games. This is a major change, (one which had seen some resistance from the old guard). There is a wedding party in the main ballroom coincident with the convention. The lobby and main floor are filled with intermingled crowds of sci fi fans in full regalia (and the masquerade is just beginning) and bewildered-looking people in formal dress.
  18. Oh, well spotted! That’s Esme Weatherwax dressed incognito as a grand lady at the opera. I have a cousin Esme. It’s a lovely name. This new work is terrific, malefactus.
  19. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Argentee!!! (pounce) I missed youuuuuu!
  20. Pingo

    Happy Birthday Knight of the Dinner Table

    Happy birthday!
  21. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    On one of our family trips through Canada we passed a Nutella processing plant. Our kids audibly gasped and praised what a brave new world that has such factories in it.
  22. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Very likely, but possibly not for some time.