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  1. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Hi everyone. Been kinda preoccupied, sorry. What’s this about the mods?
  2. I wouldn't put any art supply near my mouth. There is no legal definition of "non-toxic." What there is is a legal definition of "toxic," which basically means a chemical or physical substance which has been tested and found to cause harm, either immediate or long-term, to living organisms. "Non-toxic" is a catchall term that includes everything else, including everything not tested. All the term "non-toxic" means is that none of the tested and proven "toxic" substances have been included. And the pace of testing is abysmally slow. Fewer than 300 out of more than 80,000 substances currently in use -- or less than 0.0375% -- have actually been tested in the last forty years. One last thing to remember. When the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) of 1976 was passed in the US, all chemicals already in use were "grandfathered" in and presumed non-toxic. No, I wouldn't put any art supply near my mouth.
  3. Pingo

    A Wizard in the Woods

    Well, wasn’t he a delightful surprise!
  4. Pingo

    Happy Birthday Gargs

    Happy birthday!
  5. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I got the reference. I was singing Zappa lyrics well before I knew the meaning of many of the words. My parents thought it was funny. There was a guy named Ned who had a guitar and was really good at imitating Neil Young. Also a really tall guy named Grey. I don't remember what he did. Oh gods, you hung around those craft fairs? Did you ever see the lifesize anatomically correct nude leather people?
  6. Pingo

    14184: Bloodseeker Vampire,Necropolis Solo

    There are a lot of neat old figures in the Reaper back catalogue. I found this guy when I was looking for vampires and he really is a nice, dynamic sculpt with a lot of character.
  7. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Weeelll ... My dad couldn't decide if he wanted more to be a Bolshie or an exiled aristo fallen on hard times. He was a goldsmith and craftsy person who collected motorcycles and eventually got in big trouble for dealing. Mom was a sorta beatnik not quite hippie paganish freespirit ... thing, with connections in the sorta paganish social justice witchy women communities. She would go spin wool on the Boston common sort of thing, make pillows and hobby horses for the annual Christmas craft fair hippie stuff sales, from which I once was given a sewn stuffed old-woman-who-lived-in-a-shoe with a lot of little kids whose hands had snaps on so you could make a chain of them and a baby with a snap for a mouth which snapped onto a matching snap on the old woman's breast. We had a lot of friends in and into underground comics and zines and alternative music. I can remember some of the names of people we were friendly with in the Harvard community if I work at it. And I think I might have had some contact with early RPGers, but if so they seemed impossibly old.
  8. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    You know, I am beginning to wonder if perhaps Auld Grump and I were in Cambridge at the same time. I mean, how Auld is he? My parents were active in the Harvard-adjacent bohemian community between 1965-1975. I would have been a tiny underfoot hippie rugrat.
  9. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Oh yes, she was *very* tall. So were my great aunts and my paternal grandmother. I think as a child I just thought all old ladies were gigantic. She was in the OSS in China during the Second World War, you know. It’s where she met her husband Paul.
  10. I get that a lot for any show set in Chicago. “Wait. Where is this chase scene going?” I had a German friend who could not take the Conan the Barbarian movie seriously because she recognized Arnold Schwarzenegger’s regional accent too precisely.
  11. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    My grandfather’s house was like that, in Cambridge a few houses down from Julia Child’s place. He rented the left half to a commune of Harvard students and the right downstairs to some other people and lived in the right upstairs with his clockwork workshop.
  12. Pingo

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    It was a very uncomfortable three days. Our eldest declared that, in winter, washing in cold water was infinitely worse than washing in a few glasses of water that had been left to warm to room temperature. We got a replacement kettle from the hardware store that actually turned out to be worse than just heating water in a saucepan. We went to the local gym just for the showers. And they were still trying to fix our heater the day we had guests over. All good now, though, and our new heater is zippier and more fuel efficient than the old one.
  13. I kept expecting the MST3K guys to pop up and start riffing. It had no musical soundtrack and the pacing was weird. I could see where laughs were supposed to happen. I think they might have actually harmed animals in the making of this film. :( (That, or someone was unusually good at making very convincing taxidermic models) On the bright side, the robot grandmothers were genuinely terrifying, and the company that made them a great example of the soulless modern architecture circa. 1984. Interesting for research, maybe, which is why I watched it. But good? Ummm, no.
  14. Probably not. This one is from 1984 and involves two neighboring families acquiring competing robot grandmothers from a frankly terrifying technology company.