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  1. She does talk that fast. She has also edited some of the pauses out. Her father’s side of the family is from Manhattan... For what it’s worth, people in the comments have mentioned this too, especially people for whom English is not their first language. Me, I’m pausing all the time to read the jokes.
  2. There are a few figures I’ve noticed who have way short arms. Hosilla is another one. It’s hard not to unsee them.
  3. Part one of a two part holiday extravaganza: Holiday Tales: Hanukkah To be folowed in one week’s time by — oh, just guess ...
  4. Happy Birthday SisterMaryNapalm !!!

    Happy birthday!
  5. Good call. That sounds like some of the “girlie stuff” which is a disgrace to LEGO and pandering to the nastiest of stereotypes. What you got sounds just fine. Happy holidays!
  6. Plushie critter of some interesting and eccentric variety, such as a dragon or octopus. As soon as I saw the first recommendation for LEGO I thought “Yes, but not one of those “girlie” sets.” Wonder Woman or Rey is excellent. So would be any Star Wars spaceship at approx. the price point. Also cannot recommend “Castle Hangnail” by Ursula Vernon highly enough, but that does depend on the child liking books.
  7. Oh yes. Had a preview for The New Mutants. They were presenting it exactly like a horror film.
  8. Have seen the Last Jedi. Entertaining. Nice use of subversion of expectations. Magnificent soundtrack.
  9. More conspiracy theory boards need glitter.
  10. Whenever I have ordered from Thunderbolt Mountain he has always thrown in a random extra figure as a bonus.
  11. Were these digitally sculpted? It sounds maybe like they had one body for men with the zippered movie uniforms, one for women with the TV show uniforms, and an extra burly male TV uniform for Worf. That’s just a guess, but that’s what I see in common on those lists of characters.
  12. Happy Birthday CAVBOSS !!!

    A happy birthday to you!
  13. That is my standard operating procedure.
  14. Eeeeee! Congtratulations to them all.