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  1. I thought it might be a hermit crab. For still being Brown Liner color it looks great.
  2. Actually it worked out pretty well. I'd paint something, it would need to dry, I'd set it by the photography set up to dry, then I'd do the same with the next, and by the time I'd worked through them all the first ones were dry enough to photograph, which would be a nice little break from painting.
  3. It took me a while to realize that the very strange, abstract dreams I have when sick are just a kind of symptom. Once I realized that I could just relax and enjoy them. They are kind of like screen savers, silent slowly changing veils of color.
  4. Greeeeat. I just had to have the household tech person zap the NVRAM on my computer so it would boot up. I do not like that I now know what "zap the NVRAM" means (for a highly charitable definition of "know," to be fair).
  5. (This is from Chronoscope minis we'd like to see) Games like that can be fun. I'm in one now with a werecat, a pop musician, an android, a paranormal psychotherapist, and an ex-vampire necromancer; close allies include a tech mage, an assassin, a fae, and a spaceship captain hero and his zeppelin-piloting great grandfather. We've so far faced necromancers, soul smugglers, jewel thieves, werelions, and futurist mad scientists. No clowns, though, thank all the gods.
  6. I'm helping! Do you have any tiny ziplock storage bags? Michaels has them in the jewelry section. If memory serves, the 2 x 3 inch ones are most useful (1.5 x 2 inch ones are OK for things like old Parthas). I keep semi-assembled human sized minis in them, one set of parts per baggie.
  7. Nope nope nope nope nope
  8. Sacré broccoli, you sure did an impressive job of porting your spaceship-painting skills to this human figure. He's brilliant! Your handling of jewel-bright edges emerging from intense shadows really works well.
  9. A nice ominous color scheme. Since Bones are soft, might you lift the evil priest's fish-lure in order to get a clear shot of his face? I painted a Tiik Baron some time ago. I'd be interested to hear what you think the thing perched over its left shoulder is, because I couldn't figure it out.
  10. Now that is a dame with attitude and smoky noir eyes. Snazzy! What matte varnish are you using? I usually do a single coat of Golden's matte varnish with UVLS over an isolation coat of Golden's Self Leveling Clear Gel. It goes way matte as soon as it's dry to the touch (needs more curing time to be fully dry, as with all acrylics).
  11. The hair on this figure is actually molded pretty smoothly so most of the effect is paint, but I think I know what you mean. Thanks!
  12. Thanks, everyone. Thank you. From an expressive colorist like you that's quite a compliment.