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  1. Esmé! Congrats! It sounds like you had a great weekend.
  2. Oh, mine too*. They’re just getting weirder. *Except maybe coin collecting. That was pretty normal.** **Except for the time travel. Still don’t know what to do with the 1893 Columbian Exposition ticket.
  3. My hobbies are getting weirder ...
  4. I’m sorry for your mom’s bad news.
  5. I mix artist’s paints. For bones it’s usually a mix of a lot of Titanium White, a dab of Burnt Umber, and somewhat more Yellow Ochre. More Umber gives a greyer bone, more Ochre a yellower, and less white makes them look dirtier. For reference, Burnt Umber is a very dark chocolate brown and Yellow Ochre is sort of a dijon mustard color (Palomino Gold in Reaper paints).
  6. In the last two years he went from a sweet-faced kid who had always been mistaken for a girl to someone taller than all of us with shoulders and a voice heading for the basement.
  7. Today he came home with half a bag of pretzel sticks. Girls are giving my sixteen-year-old food!
  8. Magnificent hair is indeed a burden. There are hats designed to perch on top which might be of use.
  9. Missed the opportunity to lovingly describe a neck in fetishistic detail ...
  10. No. On MST3K Ilya Moromets was the “hero” of the Roger Corman-mangled version of a Soviet film called “The Sword and the Dragon” in the US, with a lot of blonde Russians and a whooooole bunch of anti-Asian racism in it. The Sampo was featured in the Finno-Soviet production “The Day The Earth Froze,” loosely (cough) based on the Kalevala, itself a Frankensteinish stitch-up of random folklore in a nineteenth-century attempt to give Finland a national epic. It’s still a holiday classic in my family. One other Soviet film MST3K featured is “Jack Frost,” a confusing mishmash of random Russian myths featuring Not Santa Claus, a boorish young blond clod, a terrifying werebear and a sweet young maiden “so dewy she makes Olivia Hussey look like Thelma Ritter.”
  11. “She was fascinated by the throb of B negative just under his ear ...” That seems unpleasantly incestuous.
  12. Wandered, definitely wandered. As with Froggy the Great’s froggcidents and so many of my own projects (and my posting style), I set out to do something entirely else and it just ... developed.
  13. I have a reasonable amount of faith in good hatters, milliners and headgear-artificers. Someone who knows what they are doing can make anyone’s head look good. Perhaps you would look good in a hood, or perhaps one of those looser, more interestingly shaped knit hats.
  14. I’m sure it is finer than any of my scribbles. As someone with many author friends and relations and a Hugo-nominee spouse, I am well used to the response “This is not what I normally read but I like it” (See Anna Zabo, above)
  15. And well you should! I’m glad you had a fine day of it.