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  1. Sympathies. As a former academic in the area of art history, I feel for you, man.
  2. Clove oil has historically been used as an anesthetic. (It works as an oil paint thinner too, but that's neither here nor there.)
  3. Whoo. Birthday party stuff. Much food, much cake, much ice cream. I escorted half a dozen beautiful young people to our local awesome comics shop where a great deal of enjoyment and some purchases resulted. The young people are now off to see "Spider Man." I had soooooo much totsplained to me today. *Flumph*
  4. A formation of Second World War airplanes just flew over our house.
  5. The two kinds I've tried work about the same. One is "If You Care" brand parchment baking paper, which is unbleached (sand-colored). The other is from Costco, "Kirkland Signature" parchment paper, which seems to only be available during the winter holiday season. It's bleached white. I prefer the unbleached parchment paper because having a little color on the palette makes it easier to see color relationships and blends. But both work fine.
  6. Approx. 50% through eldest's 21st birthday celebrations.
  7. It could be one of those recurring urban myths that resist stamping-out no matter how easy they are to bust. Even in the age of the internet and easy searches, people demonstrably still spread tales without fact checking.
  8. She is super-reputable. I hope the pledgers will be kind.
  9. As I understand it, there is a selection of Reaper's pewter figures that are currently "in print" to be ordered from distributors without having to special order from Reaper. But Reaper also has a huge "backlist" of hundreds more figures which are called NiC - "not in catalogue" - which may be special ordered but are not available from distributors any more. Reaper will cast any of these (as long as they still own the rights and have workable molds) for any customer. Anyone may order a NiC miniature from Reaper. But distributors won't have them. It's not the same thing as "discontinued".
  10. It's a little hard to see. Rust tends to accumulate in crannies when the steel is still in use. Corrosion on high points (as I think I'm seeing there) is mostly for undisturbed metal. I did a lot with grimy metals on this figure. The steel weathering mostly involve washes of rust-red in vulnerable places where moisture would accumulate.
  11. Owing to weird family schedules we are finally celebrating our firstborn's twenty-first birthday, about two months late. On her actual birthday she was digging for dinosaurs in Wyoming (she texted us that the crew had surprised her with a birthday cake). Meanwhile various cousins and other extended family have been variously taking classes, camping, interning in a German hospital, etc. (they grow up so fast!) This is the first weekend everyone can get together. Festivities kicked off with a fancy tea yesterday with a great aunt, will continue through the plurality of the clan gathering at a Greek restaurant tonight, and culminate in a picnic-y house party tomorrow afternoon.
  12. Hmm. That is a consideration.
  13. We just got the 11,000th backer ...