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  1. Time was, during Reapercon posts in the Randomness thread would slow to a trickle ...
  2. Thanks for the information. I’m sorry you have to go through it regularly. Water does taste weird. That - and that crackers disn’t taste salty - is what alerted me the first time last month. My husband is making herbed turkey for supper.
  3. So, my eldest, who had such fun making the funny and erudite "Shakespeare Summarized" videos in high school, is now in college, and while time is short, has still managed to tackle the Greek classics that she is studying. I am obviously biased, but I think they are fun and educational. , is the longest, at 11 minutes, and is completely hand-drawn owing to there being no suitable available movie footage. *** The "Shakespeare Summarized" series remains on Youtube to educate and amuse.
  4. I’ll be okay. This happened last month for the first surgery installment. This time I knew what to expect, at least. This is probably the peak day. I am taking reduced doses for the next three days, and by four or five days from now I should be back to normal, no more than the usual occasional ear ringing and tasty saltiness again.
  5. I tend to use larger brushes. Flat hogs bristle brushes are better than soft sable types for rapid application of base coats, I find, especially if the shapes are complex.
  6. Speaking of unexpected actors in romantic musical numbers, here is a young Jeremy Brett, possibly the definitive classic Sherlock Holmes, belting out his heart’s swooniness:
  7. That’s ... good, right?
  8. So it turns out cow's milk naturally has a little salt in it, and if you can't taste it the milk tastes really weird. Chocolate tastes just fine though, so I'm all good. What Aryanun said. Yikes!
  9. I’m on steroids for a few days after a bit of dental surgery. Today my ability to taste salt went away. Kinda interesting, and weird. After some odd food experiences I tested it by tasting pure table salt. Near as I can tell, instead of the sparkly normal salt flavor, pure salt tastes to me at the moment like that old “salt substitute”, potassium chloride, or perhaps a bit like baking soda. Very muted and a little bitter. Also my ears are ringing. Might be connected.
  10. Swag bags are gone.
  11. OH MY GODS THAT WAS THE SET I HAD! What a magnificent gesture! Wow...
  12. Happy birthday! (And welcome to the forums! I think you broke records for how fast you fit into the community. )
  13. Oh, hello, Beagle. Welcome to my daughter’s thread. I prefer to dwell on the positive in her videos myself. Here is her take on Titus Andronicus, which includes the description “It's gory! It's depressing! It's pretty much the only non-historical shakespeare play I haven't covered yet! It's everyone's favorite revenge fic, Titus Andronicus! Content warning: this video needed a counter for deaths AND a counter for lost body parts. Consider this fair warning.” I trust no rational person could take umbrage at her description.
  14. Buglips is doing a very fine impression of a human being. I wonder what other goblin he’s standing on the shoulders of inside that suit.
  15. The upcoming Halloween Special is looking goooood ... (It’s not up yet. Mom’s privilege. )
  16. I listen to whatever ambient sounds are going on, really focus on whatever they are, no matter how distant or trivial. It seems to work similarly to shutting off hiccups.
  17. Whoever is making those balloon animals is a freakin’ genius. ... with a Magnificent Hat!
  18. I am immune to ear worms. Or rather, I get them but I can shut them off at will.
  19. Have just gotten to the steamy bits in this stuff I’m writing. “Rig for dive.” ”Clear the bridge.” ”Dive, dive, dive!” (Not a quote or anything, just how it feels, a bit)
  20. I would not drink anything else.
  21. I sweeten my coffee with maple syrup, when I drink it sweetened.