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  1. Color advice - statue of liberty

    Mix Phthalocyanine Green with a lot of Titanium White. A little Phthalo Blue here and there can add a little nuance.
  2. Your mom was Miss Frizzle?
  3. And here is "Grr!"'s hair developed. I mixed a semi-translucent golden brown from mostly Burnt Sienna with Yellow Ochre, a tiny bit of Carbon Black, and Titanium White (the last two literally "grey down" the color), and laid it over some (but not all) of her hair. I thought this looked a little too red and flat, so I took some of the pale yellowish taupe mix from above (Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Titanium White, and I think maybe the tiniest dab of Carbon Black) and painted lights over her hair. It still looked flat, so I added shadows from a transparent mix of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt SIenna. Then to soften the stark effect I went over darks and lights with a semi-translucent mix of Yellow Ochre softened withe a greyish mix of Burnt Umber, Titanium White, and Carbon Black. And then to make the hair look shiny and lively I added highlights with nearly pure Yellow Ochre and Titanium White, gradually lightened as I went along. So I guess maybe she is sort of a blonde after all. Or maybe a light redhead.
  4. Last summer Bad Squiddo Games had an eyeblink of a Kickstarter (I think it might have been one week) for a line of Gothic horror minis, called "My Last Sunrise". Annie the Dice Bag Lady specializes in realistic non-objectified female minis from manufacturers worldwide and has a pretty good sense of humor about it. These are three vampire brides from the assortment. They have a classic Hammer horror look to them. They were introduced in the Kickstarter as "Get married, they said. Best day of your life, they said." Anyhow, I figured I would paint them up. As ever (though I don't think I have mentioned it lately), comments and critiques are most appreciated. I'm always learning and glad to hear other perspectives. Normally I prime my minis white and wash them with Burnt Umber, a rich, dark brown. But I wanted these to look more chilly so I washed them with a cold grey mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna. It does not enhance the details as much as the darker Umber. Ultramarine Blue tends to dry with a grainy texture in thin washes. In passing, I note that this looks like a pretty good crystalline rock texture and would be a fairly fast method for painting statues. C&C welcome!
  5. That is a phrase I never expected to hear. Thanks! I painted the brown hair on the other two. I painted them together, but I'm showing them one at a time to show development. Here's Sulky. I mixed up a dull taupe from Burnt Umber, Titanium White, and Yellow Ochre and laid some lights in her hair. And then I added a little more Titanium White and thinned it to translucency and added some more lights. I mixed a pale goldish taupe with the same colors, this time with more Yellow Ochre and less Burnt Umber, and laid in very fine lights. I deepened the shadows with a transparent dark mix of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna and dotted in some very tiny highlights with pure Titanium White, well thinned and blotted out of a just-damp brush. And I think that's Sulky's hair done.
  6. My mother once dressed me in a man’s polyester disco shirt with giant points on the collar, printed all over with propeller airplanes.
  7. Oh, hmm. I just noticed the original Bad Squiddo publicity shot of these already has “Grr!” as the blonde. I don’t want to duplicate someone else’s efforts, so I may think about this a bit. Also trying to decide if I want to attempt any transparency effects on their gowns, or do something like a shot silk, or what.
  8. MARJORIE!!! “Boys, I’ve got everything in me!” Philo and Gunge: “The Trash Heap has spoken! Nyaaaah!” Edit: Whoops, didn’t mention the mushrooms. They are looking great and chock full of personality! Good work!
  9. I felt I had pushed "Heh"'s hair a little too far into the metallic blues, so I mixed some mellow blackish-grey from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna and glazed it over her hair to tone it back down. I mixed a little of it with white and laid in more highlights, then glazed over those in turn, then picked out some pure whites. I think I have fiddled enough with her hair and it is time to move on. I am not trying to do canon "Dracula's Brides" here, but I am debating making "Grr!" a blonde. I feel that blonde vampires look especially weird and unhealthy (reference Tom Cruise in "Interview with the Vampire"). Also, she has a sort of headband thingie that is giving a vague "Alice in Wonderland" vibe. As a side note, boy, the Wikipedia page on "Brides of Dracula" is in serious need of revising. I get the impression a lot of it was written by someone with English as a second language.
  10. I like working with the close ups because it really shows what's going on, both in WIP demonstrations like this and practically as I am working. The camera shows things better than I can see them. I've occasionally had people say how startling they can be, especially on phones.
  11. Not to derail anyone’s topic or anything (and thus posting here), but what exactly means formally nude?!?
  12. Happy Birthday Djinn24 !!

    A happy birthday to you!
  13. Away in a manger, no bed for his crib, A little alchemist showed up with some squibs. The stars in the sky were joined by some fire That lightly singed robes of the angels in choir.
  14. ... And by that typo I deduce that, like me, you have an ipad which has upgraded to the “convenient” new keypad that has two characters on every key, giving you the alternate if you downswipe. ... Or, if like me, and apparently you, if you type so fast it decides you downswiped. Going from the top row to “m”, as with your post here, seems particularly vulnerable. I cannot tell you the number of times since the upgrade I have had to correct a somet8mes.
  15. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/hag/latest/77276 Here’s one painted up:
  16. And as long as am here, on behalf of my friend: Reck to have care, concern, or regard (for); to pay heed; to matter; to be important Usages: What recks it? (i.e. How important is it?) Ye reck not of land or goods. It recks not now, when all is over.
  17. ... which is to say I was not deliberately trying to be cruel. It really was a random comment based on a conversation I had with a friend this morning about funny old words we want to bring back (his was “reck”). I am sorry. It just was my poor timing that I happened to post inadvertently within seconds of you.
  18. It sounds like you would not enjoy it, in which case the best course is to wait until later when you can.
  19. As yog is my winess, your post was not there when I posted.
  20. Random word of the day: Artolatry The worship of bread
  21. Glazing colors over the hair. Transparent earth pigments are great for this. Using a variety of colors keeps their hair from looking monotonous. Burnt Sienna on her: Burnt Umber on these two: Then to deepen the darks on"Heh" I glazed over her hair with a mix of Phthalo Blue and Burnt Umber. Phthalo is pretty intense and the mix tends to produce metallic-looking blues and dull dark green-blacks. Then I picked out whites again on her hair. I think I am going to have to clean up her hairline a bit.
  22. I fiddled and diddled with the hair. I like painting hair a lot. I used the grey mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna and Titanium White to add some highlights. I was less concerned about color here than about tone because I'm planning to glaze over it. ... And then more. Fixed that dot!
  23. The Care & Feeding of Lead Miniatures

    Oh, I still have all the comics. It's the miniatures that are long since gone ...