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  1. baby dragons + basylisk

    Thanks a lot!
  2. This color scheme and painting is just stunning!
  3. Pathfinder "red" dragon 89001

    Thanks for comments :D
  4. 77525 Great Obelisk

    Very good paint job, but he greens might be better with extra shading :)
  5. Misc Mythos Expansion items

    I really like this recurring theme of an yellow fellow in the other worlds :D Nice painting on the props ;)
  6. Pathfinder "red" dragon 89001

    They are an oval-like "gems" from the hobby store. Unfortunately, I could not find any that were shaped like real gems (like small diamonds)...
  7. Dark Young not Nyarlathotep

    Very good blending, great painting! Also: a King in the Yellow FTW! ;)
  8. 03116: Black Legionnaire w/ Crossbow For Frostgrave

    I would say this is well above the standard tabletop. Nice mini!
  9. Massive Darkness - Overseer (Beholder)

    That's totally cool! I want to paint that mini now ;)
  10. baby dragons + basylisk

    Not the best paint job... but now they can be used to enhance some RPG sessions at least ;)
  11. Pathfinder "red" dragon 89001

    I saw this painted green somewhere and I found the idea interesting. I have second copy of it, so it will be more like the name says ;) More pictures: http://zgielk.blogspot.com/2017/10/zielony-smok-green-dragon.html
  12. First of the dragons (more specifically a behir from Bones 3 KS):
  13. Whoooo! I was thinking for doing this for my painting progress, but it was too big task for me. Thank you so much for sharing with us! Big kudos to you!
  14. Kyphrixis Clear painted

    Very nice idea! Great job on painting, really good feel of the icy dragon :)