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  1. Very nice idea! Great job on painting, really good feel of the icy dragon :)
  2. Cool little thing! Great highlighting :)
  3. Bones 3

    Thank you all! This gives a boost to my motivation for more painting! :)
  4. It makes me feel like: "You really need to add Dreadmere expansion to the pledge. NOW!". Great work :)
  5. Amazing!
  6. This is disturbing at least! ;) But good paintjob on the head!
  7. Nice! Now we are waiting for other characters from the cartoon! :D
  8. Bones 3

    Thank you for all the comments! :)
  9. Bones 3

    The first miniature I have painted after opening Bones 3 box that arrived one week ago. Also, my first reaper miniature I would like to share. I must admit that I made a very poor job on the mould lines though and the paint job isn't as neat as I would like to... More pictures: