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  1. Nope, no problems.
  2. This one took awhile, since I basically had to paint the throne all over again when I decided to try the granite look. My first attempt, got a little runny but practice makes perfect.
  3. Rocksteady wasn't my inspiration for that warthog. :) Bebop was.
  4. I painted all my lycanthropes first. Figured I'd share. I couldn't help myself with the wereboar, and I was thinking of making a little hat for the weregator. I gar-ron-tee.
  5. One down, many many more to go.
  6. Here's some stuff from the Conan Board game by Monolith. Sorry they don't have numbers. Thak (apeman), Skuthus, Amra (Lion), Conan the General, Conan the Warlord.
  7. The cake is a lie.

  8. Werewolf wearing a tuxedo with a drink in hand. Not Link and Not warthog Ganon. The other Ganon is just boring. Warthog all the way.
  9. What is it he's avenging? Did someone eat his lasagna?
  10. So what class would a Undead Hunter be? Paladin?
  11. This guy isn't sneaking up on anything. But when it comes time to bed down you'll be happy he's around.
  12. Refreshing to see some female orc warriors.
  13. Anyone else paint this one? I have one word for you. KEYS. So many keys. They almost broke me.
  14. Finishing up my Otherworld Miniatures so I can get back to my Reaper stuff. I wanted my gnolls to look really dirty, so dirty that their fur is greenish brown. DM5b Gnoll Warrior II, DM5d Gnoll Chieftain, ME3a Evil Magic User I