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  1. All that armor looks hot.
  2. This guy is all bundled up. He must be cold.
  3. The blue skinned one reminds me of something out of Head Lopper by Andrew MacLean. If you never heard of it, check it out.
  4. Some Fat knights in full plate armor. More fat people of all kinds. And, as always, a werewolf wearing a tuxedo. He should look distinguished.
  5. The first of my ogres. He looks like he probably smells pretty bad.
  6. The Goblin looks like Dobby from HP.
  7. I call him Charles Bronzen or Bronzie for short.
  8. I was thinking of giving her a cheap looking blonde wig and some poorly applied red lipstick, but decided to give her a little more dignity.
  9. Now that's a tank. I wonder if he made his own armor?
  10. Nope, no problems.
  11. This one took awhile, since I basically had to paint the throne all over again when I decided to try the granite look. My first attempt, got a little runny but practice makes perfect.
  12. Rocksteady wasn't my inspiration for that warthog. :) Bebop was.
  13. I painted all my lycanthropes first. Figured I'd share. I couldn't help myself with the wereboar, and I was thinking of making a little hat for the weregator. I gar-ron-tee.
  14. One down, many many more to go.
  15. Here's some stuff from the Conan Board game by Monolith. Sorry they don't have numbers. Thak (apeman), Skuthus, Amra (Lion), Conan the General, Conan the Warlord.