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  1. This talk reminds me... I need to find a playstation 2 and monster rancher games again. I miss playing Monster Rancher.

    It should not be, but someone else might know for certain.
  3. Thank you everyone. I was finally able to fall asleep this morning after being up all night. There is guilt, but it is more because i had no money for the vet. I plan to turn it into action. Once i finish this program i am joining i hope to have a job and that vet visits will once again be very common. Also Houdini was a female. She was my little escape artist and so was named after the most famous escape artist I knew. I'll be fine eventually and am trying to replace the image of her seizure with images of her begging for cuddles, food, or to ride on my shoulder.
  4. I am trying to absorb we buried my cat. Merlin os trying to play the role of comforter now
  5. Houdini, my cat, just had a major seizure and died.
  6. He might be being polite. He borrowed it from her. It is not his and it would be rude to convert something that had to be returned
  7. Pig. My kobolds are not for eating nor are they to be attacked or harassed. The endless chocolate fountains are next to the tea with assorted fruit nearby.
  8. Sympathy Red. Glad you found a chair though. Mom reports the medicine is already working. I think Houdini may be fine if we can keep her eating and drinking. She is doing both, but we will likely need to consider a permanent diet of wet food to keep weight on as she frequently has trouble keeping dry food down. She decided she desperately wanted to be on my lap today.
  9. Perhaps not, but my lair tends to have unending bacon, coffee, ice cream, and chocolate. I also employ top notch kobolds who are culinary experts so he can get more if he wishes it.
  10. Houdini is happy to be out of the kennel for the day. Mom is still sleeping. I need to get cleaning done, but feel lazy
  11. Sorry. I was not clear. They did the lab work and an appointment. Assigned the antibiotics and sent home.
  12. She is on the antibiotics now. I just discovered Merlin is also not eating the food left by Houdini. He is being rather sweet about all this.
  13. I have seen driving accidents too often to take the issue lightly. I just realized my youngest cat is apparently keeping my sick cat clean. She got bathed the most often as she always had a low level of stink, but now she actually smells cleaner than ever. Kinda made me smile when I realized it.
  14. They hurried her in today. So treatment can begin today. It shall be handled
  15. Tell that to him. We store chocolate in the fridge as he routinely swipes it to eat including the occasional dark chocolate. We have a very silly and odd dog