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  1. I have a dog who let me know when the mail comes or a package is delivered. He woke me up when I wanted to sleep more
  2. I know! Packages are so exciting right?
  3. PACKAGE!!! ::starts pawing through stuff and dry fits Mal::
  4. ::settles in to nap:: Hi guys. I have been adulting. I should do more, but for now our yard is starting to look better at long last.
  5. So I found a painting wargaming figures in the library. I thought worth checking out. Also I mowed at long last today.
  6. No. They help get you the training you need and then help securea position. Some of the help also involves getting you some experience as well. The lady suggesged getting back into securing my graphic design as I scored well in the more artistic section of the assessment. She just usually gets people who state they want to be a trick driver. The plan currently is secure the degree and then get me a position that grant experience along with pay with an eye for being hired by the company.
  7. I hope you feel better soon Red.
  8. I think I am back. Hopefully nothing drags me away. Might disappear for a week when phone turns off for a bit, but back-ish. Just frustrating. Good news is I got into a program to help with a job. The person assigned to me is relieved to get someone not interested in being a truck driver.
  9. This talk reminds me... I need to find a playstation 2 and monster rancher games again. I miss playing Monster Rancher.
  10. Fulfilling

    It should not be, but someone else might know for certain.
  11. Thank you everyone. I was finally able to fall asleep this morning after being up all night. There is guilt, but it is more because i had no money for the vet. I plan to turn it into action. Once i finish this program i am joining i hope to have a job and that vet visits will once again be very common. Also Houdini was a female. She was my little escape artist and so was named after the most famous escape artist I knew. I'll be fine eventually and am trying to replace the image of her seizure with images of her begging for cuddles, food, or to ride on my shoulder.
  12. I am trying to absorb we buried my cat. Merlin os trying to play the role of comforter now
  13. Houdini, my cat, just had a major seizure and died.
  14. He might be being polite. He borrowed it from her. It is not his and it would be rude to convert something that had to be returned
  15. Pig. My kobolds are not for eating nor are they to be attacked or harassed. The endless chocolate fountains are next to the tea with assorted fruit nearby.