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  1. Live

    You may want to watch Jon Gets Games play through of the game to see how difficult it is to play. Jon puts out good videos and I always check them out when I can. He doesn't go into the campaign rules, just the combat rules, but that is probably the meat of the game.
  2. Happy birthday Sub-Mariner!
  3. Live

    I saw this at one of my board game meetups and it looks sweet. Lots of good reviews. Second printing means a quicker turnaround. Yeah, I'm in.
  4. ^What they said. Although I picked up a new game at PAXEast and wouldn't mind giving it a go at a paint day...
  5. Codenames is coming out with a Marvel (and Disney) version soon, so that may work well in a comic book store. The regular version is a big hit at our board game nights.
  6. Ok, here are some games that are small and may make good impulse buys or shelf fillers that I haven't seen mentioned yet. I don't know all the prices, but I'm fairly certain none of these are far above the $30 price point. The bold ones I've played and strongly recommend. I've played some of the un-bolded ones but not all. Skull - Bluffing game made by bikers in a bar. Played with coaster style cards. DC Deckbuilder - Generally less well liked than Legendary but, comics! 7 Wonders Dual - Great 2 player game with a recognizable name to gamers Coup - Popular quick bluffing game BANG! The Dice Game - Never played. Lots of people like it. Hanamikoji - Beautiful 2 player game. I play it at lunch. Star Realms and/or Hero Realms - Quick and simple deckbuilders. Star Realms in particular is in a nice portable size. Ninja Dice - Fun, quick, easy game with a nice container. Ogre: Objective 218 - 2 player game with a tiny bit more strategy than most. Star Wars: X-Wing (starter set or boosters) - Star Wars + * = $$$$$ (also a fun game) Tiny Epic Kingdoms/Tiny Epic Western/Tiny Epic...space something - Small portable games. The Western one and Space one get a lot of love, but I've never played either. Kenjin - Samurai game. Maybe a bit more for the experienced gamer than most on this list, but still pretty quick and light. Guillotine - You get points for killing French nobles. FUN! Tides of Time/Tides of Madness - 2 player games that are fairly quick to learn. Tides of Madness has the Cthulhu theme, unsurprisingly. Probably the most played games at my lunch table. Edit: Zombie Dice (and various other themed games of the same type) by Steve Jackson games - push your luck style game where you try to eat brains and not get shotgunned. SMASH UP - You take two factions (say, Ninjas and Dinosaurs) and your opponents also take two factions (Pirates and Princesses maybe, or Robots and Giant Ants) and you battle for control of locations. I've never played it but it gets lots of love on the internet.
  7. Just reading about it made me want to sit down and make my own track.
  8. This is a Kickstarter BUT I'm posting it here for the alternate x-Wing rules. They turn X-Wing into a Mario Kart game - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1294728329/bier-wing-x-kart-2017/description
  9. March 11th is PAXEast, so I won't be around.
  10. Having fun is the important part. What ships did you use?
  11. She looks real nice in the bright light. It was hard to make out all the details at the table
  12. They are from (and for) Space Cadets: Away Missions by Stronghold Games. It is a cooperative dungeon crawl style of game, but set in a 1950's sci-fi setting as opposed to a fantasy setting.
  13. Pre-launch

    Bones IV: Rocky Boneboa vs Ivan Dracolich
  14. Well, it took me long enough but I finally finished painting an entire board game's worth of minis. The final minis I painted were a cluster of Space Bugs! Thematic paint used - Hazard Yellow for the eyes. And, since I finally painted all the minis, here they all are (well, at least one of each) for a group photo. Time to get this to the table.
  15. Well he didn't paint. He just sat there and silently judged us.