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  1. Unit04

    Card Caddy Triple Decker

    I will probably back this. I backed the double decker and was happy with the product. The creator had some troubles but kept everyone informed and eventually sent out all the products. My only worry is that the triple deker seems a bit too big to fit into most board game boxes, but frankly some of my games have outgrown the double.
  2. I would like to play Takenoko but no one I know seems to own it. We played some 8 player Sushi Go Party! this weekend. The first time it was opened up. It was good fun but the table was a bit crowded, and once or twice people were not on the same page.
  3. Unit04

    Happy Birthday Unit04

    How did you know I play zerg?
  4. Unit04

    Happy Birthday Knarthex

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Unit04

    Happy Birthday fanguad!

    Is this why you didn't want to go out and play? Well Happy Birthday anyway.
  6. Unit04

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    Reaper also offered a discount. Most board game Kickstarters you pay retail possibly plus shipping. Once the game comes out, if I'm patient, I can get games for a 20% or more discount. Board games also have a risk factor to them as they may stink. Most miniatures you know what you are buying is going to be, but board games may not be fun or as fun as the money spent on it. So basically it comes down to "Why should I back?" I can get a game cheaper later after I've seen the reviews and made a decision about how me and my game group will like it. If I back a game, the only thing I'm "guaranteed" is getting the game early, and even then that may not be the case (especially around con season). I don't necessarily agree with KS exclusive content, but I admit it has gotten me to grab a few games that I would have normally waited for.
  7. Unit04

    New England Paint Day

    I'm busy for 2-3 of those weeks. Sorry.
  8. Played Skull (sometimes called Skull and Roses) last night. Nice, simple bluffing game for up to 6 people. I was the first one out though so I didn't win.
  9. I played Quartz last night. A nice little push your luck game where you reach into a bag and pull out various types of gems. If you pull out too much obsidian though, you are kicked out of the mine and get nothing. We played with 3 people and I won handily thanks to never getting blanked (the owner of the game got zilch 3 out of 5 times), and having a fantastic last turn. There are also cards that allow you to steal from other people and allow you to protect your goods so there is some player interaction as well. I think the game would work better with a larger group of people though. I also played Vegas: The Dice Game (the Target version). That's a fun little game, also better with more people. On your turn you roll all the dice you have (you start with 8) and choose one number. You then put all the dice of that number on its matching card in the middle of the table. Whoever has the most dice there gets the money on that area (tied dice don't count). I only played it two player with a neutral dice alternate rule. It also works better at higher player counts.
  10. I played Splendor for the first time in a while (with humans). We used the expansion where you get to place a fortress on other cards to prevent other people from claiming them. It slowed the game down and I'm not sure it really helped things. My biggest complaint with Splendor is that people always seem to take a card you want or leave you with little to no options, and this expansion exacerbated that problem. That being said, I shouldn't complain TOO much since I did win the game with the old "Reserve-a-5-point-card-at-the-beginning-and-hope-everyone-forgets-about-it" trick. It is a sound strategy if you are the last player, which I was. I'll play Splendor again (with humans) but it does leave a bit of a bad taste in my mouth when I play, so I don't think it will ever be one I run to play.
  11. Unit04

    Happy Birthday Klarg1!

    Happy Birthday! Are you hosting a paint day to celebrate?
  12. I picked up Space Base at the last New England Paint Day and finally got it to the table. Everyone enjoyed it but one person did ask what the narrative was. It is a good engine building game but the theme doesn't quite fit it. I was happy that I got to win with the "I WIN" card. We also played Exploding Kittens. Not the best game, but good for occasional silly fun.
  13. Pictures from Hanamikoji. It is beautifully illustrated by Maisherly.
  14. A new map. This is "the other side" of Mars so they flipped the temperature and standard projects.
  15. I played Hanamikoji yesterday at lunch. Great two player game that plays quickly so we can generally get in a couple games in one lunch break. Also, the cards are beautifully illustrated.