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  1. As promised, some pictures form the big X-Wing game. I ran the huge ships (and 4 ties) while I invited 4 of my friends over to run fleets against it. The objective was for me to get the rebel transport ship to the far side of the map while they try to destroy it. One of my friends couldn't make it, so I removed the Tantive IV to balance the point totals (after pictures of course). Sadly, they dominated the game and took out my ships pretty easily. Still, I ran over someone's entire fleet of B-Wings so I count that as a victory.
  2. Thanks all! I had some cake and ice cream last night, so that was good. I had to delay my activities a bit though since everyone is previously scheduled for other things. Hopefully I'll get an epic game of X-Wing in on the 23rd and post pictures afterwards!
  3. Happy Birthday! For your present I will promise* not to annoy you when you DM our next D&D game. *Not an actual promise.
  4. Fantasy Flight made the WH40K Conquest Living Card Game and they have since dropped the license from their product line. You may want to hit a FLGS to see if they have any starters available. My local one had a few on sale after FFG stopped supporting it but its long gone now. A quick search of my favorite online board game store has a copy of the core set at $30. And I have the game, so if you are ever in Boston, I'll be happy to play a game with you.
  5. Live

    I wonder what the price point will be at. There was a previous KS that did "mousepad" gaming surfaces and they ran into some problems. Shrinking is an issue with those, and for people who were expecting a surface that looked as nice as a felt surface were disappointed.
  6. How did it go? I am curious.
  7. I saw this somewhere (maybe here?) and took a look into it. It looks awesome. Did everyone enjoy playing it?
  8. If you enjoy board games, Semi Co-op was one I recently discovered. Not very long yet. One of my favorites is Basic Instructions. He stopped doing new ones, but he's repeating all his old comics every M-W-F with some commentary. Good for a laugh. Ctrl-Alt-Del is kind of a weird one. It was a comic about a couple of guys who play games on couches, but it is now about two superheros who use their gaming powers for good. Except there are frequent side trips to one offs and recurring characters that have their own story lines. Almost forgot! Pepper and Carrot. A young witch and her cat familiar get into shenanigans. I really enjoy the art in this.
  9. You may be interested in Apex Action Figure display cases. They are geared more for 1/18 scale, 4" figures but they are stepped and I believe will fit in the typical Ikea shelf area.
  10. I know you submariners use an 18 hour day when you are underway, but I didn't realize you changed the number of days in a month too! Also, good luck with this. And I feel somewhat responsible for getting you into this position, so I apologize for that. ALSO also, check the boxes a few days in advance. It has only happened to me once, but I got a stack of miscut cards that had to be replaced. You don't want to do that the morning of the event.
  11. How many people per game? Legendary has issues at 5 players and many people feel it is really easy at 2 players. If you lose to the Mastermind, can you still advance? What sidekicks (if any) will be in use? Will you use any special sidekicks, bystanders or wounds from any of the other sets? The chance that I'll be going is slim to none, but if you send me the info (or post it here) I'll certainly consider it.
  12. It will be a while before the details get determined. Here's the best article I could find on what happened so far. http://www.npr.org/2017/06/19/533432845/how-could-the-navy-destroyer-collision-happen
  13. There is a (relatively) lot of competition in the board game tables now. Carolina Game Tables, Geeknson (Europe based, but will deliver to this side of the Atlantic), BoadgameTables dot Com and Rathskellers all provide tables that are all nice and priced well below the Geek Chic tables. Lots of good competition and some bad business decisions (I have no idea why they bought Crash Games/Crash of Games but that did not work out for them) is never a good combination.
  14. A nice tribute list on TOR's website http://www.tor.com/2017/06/12/adam-wests-five-best-bat-moments/
  15. Happy Birthday!