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  1. Wizards, by Ralph Bakshi

    I recall enjoying this movie when I first saw it, but I found it disappointing a few years ago when I re-watched it.
  2. Gloomhaven (Second Printing)

    Mine is on the way. I'm looking forward to it but I have no idea when it will get to the table. I need friends with more open gaming time. Stupid families, taking up time.
  3. Twisted Films

    One of my friends ran a review site for a while that reviewed just these types of movies. He eventually wrote a book, "The Bargain Bin Review: Taking on the Movies No One Else Will Touch". It provides a couple pages each of some really bad movies and is an entertaining read.
  4. Relaunched: Card Caddy Double Decker

    Mine open nice and smooth. Maybe I'm just very oily. Also I noticed I was opening them "wrong". If you pop out the poker chips you can use a finger to push against the cards inside. That works well. He mentions in his latest update that he's finished delivering the Kickstarter (outside of a few stragglers), so this can probably be closed.
  5. New England Paint Day

    I'll probably go too, unless we get another storm like we had last night. If that's the case, I think I'll stay home and hide.
  6. The Netherlands.

    Even the train stations look nice...
  7. Relaunched: Card Caddy Double Decker

    I got mine a few months ago and another friend up here got his last week. I'm glad to see that he is sending stuff out again. I may pick up more of these if I see them at a Con or something. Maybe some smaller ones.
  8. GW partners with Wizkids to make games

    Fury of Dracula was just reprinted by FFG right before the license was dropped. A lot of gamers will be happy to see that on the table again at reasonable prices. I'd be curious to compare FFG's minis vs WizKids in that game.
  9. Wings of Glory - WWII

    I believe this is what X-Wing's rules set was based on. I wouldn't mind giving it a shot. Have you seen any P-38's?
  10. Happy Birthday, DSMiles!!

    I'm still mad that you haven't hosted a New England Paint day in Hawaii yet. Happy Birthday!
  11. Happy Birthday Bathory !!!

    For your birthday I did NOT get you a puffy dress. Enjoy!
  12. JAPAN, here I come! (I'm BAAAACK!)

    I loved the castles there and the tour of the (old?) emperor's palace in Kyoto was fantastic. Have fun!
  13. Scale 75 Smog Riders - 10/10

    Oooh. Starting October 10th. I thought you were rating the Kickstarter a 10 out of 10.
  14. More X-Wing Fun

    As promised, some pictures form the big X-Wing game. I ran the huge ships (and 4 ties) while I invited 4 of my friends over to run fleets against it. The objective was for me to get the rebel transport ship to the far side of the map while they try to destroy it. One of my friends couldn't make it, so I removed the Tantive IV to balance the point totals (after pictures of course). Sadly, they dominated the game and took out my ships pretty easily. Still, I ran over someone's entire fleet of B-Wings so I count that as a victory.
  15. Happy Birthday Unit04 !!!

    Thanks all! I had some cake and ice cream last night, so that was good. I had to delay my activities a bit though since everyone is previously scheduled for other things. Hopefully I'll get an epic game of X-Wing in on the 23rd and post pictures afterwards!