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  1. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    *cough* CAIN is stretching. Okimoro is busy being a shuttle. No thoughts on the dart gun. I looked at it and said "too complex for me", and ignored anything having to do with that.
  2. [Starfinder] Dead Suns pbp

    Cain steps off the Okimoro and takes a moment to stretch, appreciating the ample headroom that was lacking aboard the shuttle. Perception: 10+0 = 10
  3. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    And I'm going to contradict Dilvish since he doesn't know who he's contradicting.
  4. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    Your class gives you an "Operatives Edge" bonus (+1 and increasing as you level up) and the Skill Focus feat (+3 to the two skills that you specialize in). Both of these are insight bonuses so they do not stack. Being a ysoki gives you a +2 to Engineering, Stealth and Survival as a racial bonus. Since they are two different types of bonuses, the racial bonus will stack with whatever your class gives you. I think this is what you are asking about. Let me know if it is not.
  5. Eberron Game! No Auld Grumpies Allowed!

    The Pathfinder book "Blood of the Moon" is basically all about shifters.
  6. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    I wouldn't mind some extra social skills too. Or someone else besides me with survival. I don't mind but I like having backups.
  7. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    I think Zataka gets an extra Res point. I believe it is half your level (rounded down, minimum 1) plus your stat bonus.
  8. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    Introducing Cain the Armor Storm Soldier. Modeled on the philosophy of What Would Juggernaut Do, I did make some changes to my original concept. Buying the suit of armor with every penny was tempting, but I thought I should save some money for a toothpaste kit, and the usual adventuring stuff. https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=1446087 Story time - Like many children, Cain grew up wanting to be like his father, a famous, well regarded Vesk general. He became a mercenary to win the accolades and respect that his father commanded. However his travels took him to Absalom Station where Cain met those dispossesed by his father's conquests. In time, he began to respect the refugees more than his father. Eventually, Cain dropped his birth name and adopted his current moniker from an ancient story about a son who rejected his father. Cain now strives to win the respect of the other vesk so that he may go back and lead them to better, more peaceful interactions with other races. He knows he must do this the traditional way, through honorable but violent work, and he is willing to go toe to to with enemies in order to earn his chops. Absalom Station has become his true home and driving mantra is "I am not my father's son".
  9. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    Hero Labs Online will be a pay by month type of thing. I'm sad they aren't doing a purchase once model but I can't really blame them. Stupidly poorly balanced soldier will be up soon. I just need to decide on a feat.
  10. 2018 Board Game 10x10 Challenge

    Well if you are ever in Boston, I'd love to help you get those games played!
  11. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    Since I get a built in melee attack, I'm somewhat tempted to spend all my money on a suit of armor and pick up the rest later.
  12. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    With regards to buying equipment and item levels, it looks like we have access to equipment of level 1 and 2 to start off with, is that correct?
  13. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    Woot! Not a problem as I only have the core rulebook (in money saving PDF form) so I'll only be pulling from that. I've been reading it off and on for a couple of months, but I haven't actually sat down to make a character.
  14. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    Too bad. We could have called our ship the Ratstar and everything. One thing I noticed was the character creation is a lot more favorable to playing sub-optimal races, compared to Pathfinder. The max 18 starting stat AFTER bonuses helps keep the difference between the best and worst races low. Plus soldiers can be dex based AND weapons no longer do less damage for small creatures so all in all you could probably make a pretty solid rat soldier. Either way, I'll probably be a lizard, armor storm soldier. Keep things simple for the first run.
  15. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    Four? May as well go full-on rat! Dibs on the name Ratar-O though.