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  1. Live

    I bought some generic metal coins for one of my games and I absolutely love them. They add something unique to the game.
  2. That's it. It just opened on Saturday. There will be a grand opening at some point but they are selling things and having events there now.
  3. Battleground: Saugus looks like it would be a nice place to paint. Very well lit, easy access to the water/bathroom, lots of space and a friendly owner. They are right on Route 1, which I now officially hate, but there is plenty of parking. Its also next to a Fuddruckers so... We can email the owner before hand and he can will let us know if the space is available. He said he may even join us if he's free. I'm not sure of my June schedule yet so I didn't want to schedule anything at this time.
  4. Have you looked into Board Game Geek? I don't have the Dark Souls board game, but when I am interested in house rules, FAQ's or trying to figure out the answer to weird rules questions, I go there. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/197831/dark-souls-board-game
  5. I'm in. I have a lot of board games that rely on cards that may be placed off of the board. Having this sort of mat should make it easier to pick up the cards without damaging them. Some curling on the edges won't be a big detriment in that situation as the game will sit closer to the middle, and a plain top is less distracting than an artistically done one.
  6. It looks like Battleground Saugus is opening up on the 20th, so I may shoot up there to check it out. I do have stuff that I want to paint so I may bring some minis there and see what it is like. Maybe do some recruiting.
  7. I think you should buy positive effect statuses, similar to production methods. For example, maybe you can get Geordi LaForge to do your promotion will give you a boost in hype but at the cost of a lot of cash, or hire a good artist. I'm torn on how projects should work. Maybe you buy them along with your other details at the beginning, and then can purchase more throughout the game. This would allow you to work on multiple projects at once, possibly at the expense of backers.
  8. So you choose things like "overseas manufacturing" or "local manufacturing". Overseas may be cheaper or allow you to manage a bigger project, but have more risk associated with it. If you have a generic event deck, maybe you would double or triple the result any time a delay is pulled, or maybe each event has a different effect depending on your early game choices, but would more frequently be negative (or more negative) with high risk options. Alternatively, if people pull from the (bad) event deck individually, someone with a high risk may pull more cards than someone with a low risk. The more I think about it, the more I think everyone should pull from the event deck for their own projects. That way I can have a delay while you get bad publicity and someone else pulls an angry backer.
  9. Agreed. There should be different backers (or groups of backers) with different victory points. You can go for a bunch of cheap, easy backers worth a small amount of VP each, or you can try to score the big backers worth more VP. Or maybe some backers give a few VP's but bonuses on the Hype track (for example). Resources/cash may be the victory points in this game, but you shouldn't be able to spend your backers for resources for the current project.
  10. Backers would be cards with victory points on them that you could claim once you met certain criteria. For example, once you get the hype level past a certain point, you can claim a backer. Or once you spend money on fancy miniatures, you can claim another backer. Once they are claimed you would bring out new backers to fight over. Every so often there is a scoring round and if you don't have enough money to complete your project, you get negative points or some sort of handicap going into the next round.
  11. Live

    I was thinking the same thing. It has a lot of the mechanics of Tiny Epic Kingdoms, but without the Tiny.
  12. A bunch of classic western popular music performed on various traditional Japanese instruments like the koto, shinobue, shamisen and others. After watching Kubo and the Two Strings, this type of blend really interests me. The videos typically start with a description and demonstration of one of the instruments featured before going into the song.
  13. I sometimes see performers like this in Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA USA) once the weather is nice. Typically women and they usually go for the "clockwork doll" look. I also saw one in Tokyo when I was there a long time ago. He was fun to watch while eating lunch. He was covered in something that looked like white chalk, so he appeared to be made of stone. It was well done.
  14. How do people feel about Route 1 in Saugus? Battleground is opening a new location there sometime soon but I think it will be worse for everyone than any of our other options. Thoughts? For May, so far I'm open on the 13th and 20.
  15. If someone brings Clank!, play Clank!. You'll like it.