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  1. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    Looks like someone else may have been grabbing at the license for a board game. I know that Fantasy Flight Games co-existed with Hasbro in the Star Wars License because FFG was only doing miniature games, so this may have nothing to do with anything, but it seems more than a coincidence. https://www.japanimegames.com/posts/press-release-defend-the-universe-with-three-new-robotech-games
  2. CMON Rising Sun

    One of my friends went in on this and got the playmat. She has not received hers yet.
  3. Adrenaline

    Adrenaline is a board game made to simulate a first person shooter, sort of. From left to right we have Dozer, Sprog (he's from Texas), Violet, :D-Struct-Or, and Banshee. I still need to put some sealer on, but I wanted to take pictures before that. I'm not too happy with how :D-Struct-Or came out. He's a case of, stop before you aren't happy with the final product. However because I did him first, I was more sparing with the others and I think they came out ok. Good enough to look nice on the table top. Thematic paint used (left to right): Military Grey, Alien Ooze, Witchcraft Purple, Beacon Yellow, Maggot White (its hard to be thematic with an alien octopus woman) Bonus Thematic Paint: Violet's hair is MSP SAMPLE PINK, which I hate using because there is a limited supply, but it always wants to be used. I'm torn!
  4. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    The game was in the discount bins pretty early and at a significant discount. I'm just washing my hands and walking away.
  5. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    At least it is officially dead now. Frankly, I'm happy that its over.
  6. Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles by Monolith, Kickstarter

    Yeah...I'm in. I'm debating as to how far in I want to be. I'm up for Wayne Manor (Alfred in a fighting stance!) and Arkham Asylum, but not so much the vs or the Batmobile. That may change by the end of the KS.
  7. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    So long as I'm punching SOMEBODY, I don't really care.
  8. The Super Bowl

    As a Philly Phan in New England, I got the best of both worlds. My team won and it was blissfully quiet outside when I went to bed. Go Eagles!
  9. [Starfinder] Dead Suns pbp

    I'll be honest, I'm even more confused now. I thought the 21's were on the right, but it looks like the crowns are on the right per your updated map...but you just said in bold that the 21's are on the right sooo.... Time to punch someone I guess. I'll stick to my previous move. Cain will move up to the nearest gang member and pop him one. If he's a 21, great. If he's a King...well he shouldn't have been there. Hammer Fist - 14+5=19 vs KAC Damage - 2+6=8 bludgeoning Also I'll be going after Switch as they have a better dex.
  10. [Starfinder] Dead Suns pbp

    Cain is unsure who, if anyone, is on his side here but he saw the 21's shoot the Starfinder Society contact so they become his primary target. I will try to make it to the nearest 21. I believe I can make it to the front of what looks like a luggage vehicle at the end of this turn, putting me within 5 ft of a 21 and with some cover.
  11. [Starfinder] Dead Suns pbp

    D6 = 6 I rolled high so that probably means its damage to me.
  12. 2018 Board Game 10x10 Challenge

    Hopefully I'll get VAST: The Crystal Caverns to the table tonight. That one has been sitting on my shelf since I got it, waiting for the right group of friends to play it.
  13. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    What can we do to identify the 21's and the Kings? Would that be a Culture roll? And would the mercenary bonus kick in if they are just street gangs?
  14. [Starfinder] Dead Suns pbp

    Initiative roll: 12+0 = 12
  15. Starfinder: Dead Suns pbp?

    I will also work on being able to attack from range and melee, but I will be very melee focused initially at least, and will probably never be better at ranged than I am at melee unless I have a significantly better rifle. Either way, we'll see. This is Paizo's first Starfinder adventure so who knows how they think as far as combat goes. Maybe we will dominate by punching people and stabbing them with not-lightsabers.