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  1. If you enjoy board games, Semi Co-op was one I recently discovered. Not very long yet. One of my favorites is Basic Instructions. He stopped doing new ones, but he's repeating all his old comics every M-W-F with some commentary. Good for a laugh. Ctrl-Alt-Del is kind of a weird one. It was a comic about a couple of guys who play games on couches, but it is now about two superheros who use their gaming powers for good. Except there are frequent side trips to one offs and recurring characters that have their own story lines. Almost forgot! Pepper and Carrot. A young witch and her cat familiar get into shenanigans. I really enjoy the art in this.
  2. You may be interested in Apex Action Figure display cases. They are geared more for 1/18 scale, 4" figures but they are stepped and I believe will fit in the typical Ikea shelf area.
  3. I know you submariners use an 18 hour day when you are underway, but I didn't realize you changed the number of days in a month too! Also, good luck with this. And I feel somewhat responsible for getting you into this position, so I apologize for that. ALSO also, check the boxes a few days in advance. It has only happened to me once, but I got a stack of miscut cards that had to be replaced. You don't want to do that the morning of the event.
  4. How many people per game? Legendary has issues at 5 players and many people feel it is really easy at 2 players. If you lose to the Mastermind, can you still advance? What sidekicks (if any) will be in use? Will you use any special sidekicks, bystanders or wounds from any of the other sets? The chance that I'll be going is slim to none, but if you send me the info (or post it here) I'll certainly consider it.
  5. It will be a while before the details get determined. Here's the best article I could find on what happened so far. http://www.npr.org/2017/06/19/533432845/how-could-the-navy-destroyer-collision-happen
  6. There is a (relatively) lot of competition in the board game tables now. Carolina Game Tables, Geeknson (Europe based, but will deliver to this side of the Atlantic), BoadgameTables dot Com and Rathskellers all provide tables that are all nice and priced well below the Geek Chic tables. Lots of good competition and some bad business decisions (I have no idea why they bought Crash Games/Crash of Games but that did not work out for them) is never a good combination.
  7. A nice tribute list on TOR's website http://www.tor.com/2017/06/12/adam-wests-five-best-bat-moments/
  8. Happy Birthday!
  9. This! I have a friend who doesn't play the game but has an X-Wing ship on display because they are so nice. One of the starter kits would be great to get people in the hobby and potentially get more business at the store, but the Millennium Falcon and Boba Fett's Slave I look good sitting on a desk, as does a Star Destroyer. And if he wants a nice big ticket item, they have the $70 to $100 huge ships like the Tantive IV for X-Wing. You would probably want to stick with the ships from the movies though. X-Wings and Tie Fighters will have a wider appeal than Dengar's Punishing One.
  10. A popular and/or hard to get board game perhaps? Terraforming Mars comes to mind as it is about $70 and sold out of its first two print runs REALLY quickly (and it's made in the USA, so there is that). Scythe would also be a contender. Although if his store isn't planning on selling those style games, that may not be the way to go. Actually, now that I think about it, there are a few D&D games that fit in this category. Against the Giants is fairly new and probably highly sought after. Temple of Elemental Evil is a cooperative board game with an old and popular location. Lords of Waterdeep is a very popular game and has an expansion if the base game doesn't cost enough.
  11. My friend found some minis during a recent shuffling around of his stuff and he's not sure where they are from. He suspects its some form of special edition Civ game, but he couldn't find it online. Any help would be appreciated! They are a legionnaire, musketeer and a knight. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4jDvc9JUNVsSHNOMTB0T2M1Tjg/view?usp=sharing
  12. Funded

    I bought some generic metal coins for one of my games and I absolutely love them. They add something unique to the game.
  13. That's it. It just opened on Saturday. There will be a grand opening at some point but they are selling things and having events there now.
  14. Battleground: Saugus looks like it would be a nice place to paint. Very well lit, easy access to the water/bathroom, lots of space and a friendly owner. They are right on Route 1, which I now officially hate, but there is plenty of parking. Its also next to a Fuddruckers so... We can email the owner before hand and he can will let us know if the space is available. He said he may even join us if he's free. I'm not sure of my June schedule yet so I didn't want to schedule anything at this time.
  15. Have you looked into Board Game Geek? I don't have the Dark Souls board game, but when I am interested in house rules, FAQ's or trying to figure out the answer to weird rules questions, I go there. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/197831/dark-souls-board-game