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  1. I picked that up for my iPad and I'm really not getting the hang of it. I think I need to play it with humans.
  2. Unit04

    New England Paint Day

    I think I'm good for that. I've got board gaming that night but that's not until later. And the next weekend is more Pathfinder so...yeah. The 21st. I'll try to keep it open.
  3. The first time I saw it I though "This looks like Machi Koro...but better." I need to give it a shot at some point.
  4. At Board Game Night last night, I played an interesting Kickstarter game, The Island of El Dorado. We played 5 players (not recommended) and it had all the trappings of a Kickstarter game (nice bits, problematic rules). You are an explorer looking for 4 shrines, 3 above ground and 1 in a cave. The board is hex based and laid out as you explore, with different terrain giving different resources. You want to leave a blessing at each of the above ground shrines (which can hold everyone's blessings) and one cave shrine that is more powerful, can be carried with you and is stolen if you lose a battle. Combat is resolved by rolling a number of dice equal to your power, but the dice have two sides each of 0, 1 and 2 pips, so even a weak attacker can beat a seemingly overwhelming opponent. The game came down to the last few die rolls. I had the cave shrine in my possession and was one resource short of capping the last shrine. I decided to hole up defensively for one turn (knowing I'd be targeted by everyone else, who just needed the cave shrine) rather then attack someone for the final resource. The next player had a 9 die attack and I had 10 die to respond, and he won 7 to 6. It was great. That being said, I'm not sure I'd rush out to buy this game (though it is coming back to Kickstarter, I understand). The game itself seems pretty solid, but a lot of what made it fun was the group playing it.
  5. Agreed. I did back TEK on Kickstarter and it is a neat concept, however the game is really just too small for me. The pieces were just too fiddly. And one of the players randomly got a Kickstarter Only faction. We determined after the game that they were overpowered. The Shadowrun version of that game was pretty brutal and had some poor mission selections out of the box. How difficult do you think Dragonfire! is?
  6. Just a reminder, Mission: Red Planet is really fun. Though I do recommend the higher player count for that game. I enjoyed the game the least when there was just 3 of us. At lunch I played some Guillotine. Good, harmless fun, so long as you aren't French.
  7. Played Pandemic: The Cure, which is the dice version of Pandemic. It went over well with everyone (we did play on easy mode and won so, that helps). The box is a little big for whats inside, but it does come with a silly amount of custom dice.
  8. Just played 7 Wonders Duel at lunch today. Good stuff, as always.
  9. Unit04

    New England Paint Day

    I'm out. Pathfinder is going on that day. My bardbarian is trying to murderize a demon-queen lady in Korvosa.
  10. Monthly Board Game Weekend was this weekend. I got in a 6 player Mission: Red Planet, one of my favorite (not quite) entry level board games. Its also a game where a higher player count makes the game more entertaining. We also played New York Slice, an "I split, you choose" game. THAT was a little tougher since there's math involved and it was getting later in the night. If someone asks you which has more math, flying astronauts to Mars or dividing up a pizza, the answer is the pizza one. I enjoyed the game, but one person came away with -1 point so I'm not sure it was equally appreciated.
  11. I played Clank! last night with The Mummy's Curse and introduced someone new to the joy that is Clank!. It was not too difficult to teach even with the expansion. I also played Century: Spice Road. I didn't like it as much as I thought I would right out of the gate, but I think there's a lot of depth to the game and I want to play it again now that I know the game a little better.
  12. Good timing! Tonight is the board game meetup I go to (well, I go to two but they are both on Wednesday, so I alternate), and Saturday I'm hosting a game night at my place. I'm hoping to get some CLANK! in tonight, and Saturday we'll have 7 people so Samurai Spirit, 7 Wonders and Sushi Go Party! are all on the docket. However you asked what I played last so...either Kingdomino or Parade. Both are great games. Kingdomino you obviously know, and Parade is an Alice in Wonderland themed card game where you want to get the least number of points (because of course).
  13. Unit04

    77171: "Stone" Golem

    In Gloomhaven, two of us have creatures we can summon. One of us can summon a rat swarm, and I already had one of those painted from a while ago and gave it to him. However, now my summon looked lousy by comparison. As the tinkerer, I had a summon that was just a target dummy (no attack on it whatsoever). I had a few painted minis lying around of vicious looking robots/warforged but nothing that looked like a big sack of HPs. Thankfully the Bones Stone Golem does the trick. I painted him up to make him look mechanical and to match the color scheme of my tinkerer, mostly.
  14. Unit04

    Gloomhaven Starting Characters

    I wound up Kickstarting the 2nd go of Gloomhaven because of all the good buzz it was getting and I managed to get a group together with Fanguad, myself and a couple others. Fanguad convinced me that painted minis would look better than grey plastic, so I gave it a go and here are the starting 6 figures. I used their portrait on their player card as a starting point, but I did diverge a bit with each one. I tried to incorporate the color of their character cards into their figures (for instance, I gave the Inox Brute a light blue fur cloak, instead of a more traditional color) and their bases to help distinguish them better on the board. However, Cephalofair Games didn't make it easy. Out of the starting 6 characters, two were shades of green, two were shades of blue, one was purple and one was brown. Another thing to note is that all of their eyes (except the Tinkerer, who has goggles) were depicted as glowing. This came out a bit better on some models then others, but since Fanguad plays the Human Scoundrel anyway, he can re-paint it or just suffer through my paint job! The figures are Inox Brute, Quatryl Tinkerer, Orchid Spellweaver, Savvas Cragheart, Vermling Mindthief and Human Scoundrel.
  15. Unit04

    77630: Sacrificial Altar

    So after you paint Cthulhu, you paint a sacrificial alter. To unwind. (looks good!)