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  1. I really enjoy this game and am somewhat sad I haven't gotten it to the table recently. Red Raven's follow up game, Near and Far, is pretty good too but I prefer Above and Below.
  2. Unit04

    RIP Stan Lee

    He had a long and very influential life. https://edition.cnn.com/2018/11/12/entertainment/stan-lee-obit/
  3. Part of me feels that there is a lot of wasted space on that board, and part of me enjoys the extra room. Apparently they are making a neoprene mat with smaller dimensions.
  4. Every year a group of my friends leaves their wives, girlfriends and children to hang out together and do "manly things". Mostly that involves beer, gambling, poker, D&D, and watching shows like Dodgeball and The Tick (the original animated one). This year we added axe throwing which I highly recommend if you can find one near you. In recent years, I try to bring some board games they would enjoy and convince them to play. I previous years I brought Vegas The Dice Game and Legendary Encounters: Predator and both were big hits. This year I tried a little hard and brought CLANK!. I am not sure it went over well, and certainly not as well as I'd hoped. However Skull was a big hit, as expected, and I'm glad I brought that down. Also (double feature!), last night was game night and I was able to get Thunderstone Quest to the table. Its a fun deck builder though my enjoyment was hampered a bit by one guy who was constantly asking questions.
  5. Unit04

    Star Craft Board Game

    Also Boardgamegeek.com is your friend when looking up anything about board games. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/22827/starcraft-board-game
  6. This Saturday was monthly game night so I was able to get a few games in. One of my friends showed up before the big group and so we played a couple two player games. He wasn't a big fan of Tides of Madness (but that didn't surprise me), but he really took to Onitama. Onitama is a chess like game, but instead of fixed moves, your four pawns and one master pawn specific moves, based on cards. Each person has two cards and one card is in the middle. Once you take a move, you swap out the card you used with the one in the middle. This way your moves are constantly changing and you may wind up giving your opponent the move they need to crush you! It is a very simple game to learn the rules of, but you need to pay attention to the moves you have, the moves your opponent has, and what move you will be giving up and gaining. My friend wound up buying it the next day. Once everyone showed up, we played a few games of Coup. I like the game but it does have problems and really behooves you to be good at bluffing. By the time we finished, I think everyone was done with the game. We enjoyed playing it but we were happy to move on when we were done. And we moved on to 7 Wonders, which is always a good game. The new player wound up winning since they basically just focused on getting their Pyramids of Giza built. I had a plan to go hard on technology, but that plan failed upon contact with the enemy. My neighbors REFUSED to draft the cards I needed so I could buy necessary materials from them. Clearly it was my neighbors fault I came in last.
  7. I haven't played Terraforming Mars in a while, so when I was invited to a game that didn't quite start, I jumped right in. I wound up coming in second but not by a large margin. Lots of fun, as always.
  8. Unit04

    Card Caddy Triple Decker

    Did not fund.
  9. Wednesday I finally played Azul (which I got in the mail the day before), a well produced abstract game where you have to try and line up tiles to score points. A fun game but one I need to play more to get better at. We also played Spot It, which is a game where a round card with several different items on it (like a 4 leaf clover, a car, a heart, etc...) is put in the middle and you have to place your card on top, trying to match one symbol. It seemed like a simple kids game so I was nonplussed to start, but at the end of our second game (where we had to place on opponents stacks) I was so into the game I jumped out of my chair when I won. It was far more exciting then I anticipated.
  10. Unit04

    New England Paint Day

    I'll be in PA/MD/DC the weekend of the 27th* *actually just PA but that wasn't as funny.
  11. Unit04

    Warduke (finished, and pic heavy)

    WARDUKE! Love it!
  12. I played Empires of the Void II again this weekend for my birthday. It is a 4X-ish game by Red Raven games. Like all Red Raven games, it looks beautiful on the table...its a shame I didn't take any pictures. And like most 4X games, it takes up a lot of space. We ended a few rounds too early because I misread the rules and we decided to just go with what we thought was right. If you are looking to play a game like Twilight Imperium, but don't want to spend the whole weekend setting up, this may work. There is still a large setup time (and take-down time, if you want to be careful) and it took us a good 2 hours to play through the game. You have a lot of options you can take, but you can't do everything due to time constraints. This was a Kickstarter, but one you can pick up at retail without really missing out (the exclusives were one unnecessary mini, a "making of" book and some metal coins you can buy later). I had fun and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.
  13. Unit04

    Card Caddy Triple Decker

    I will probably back this. I backed the double decker and was happy with the product. The creator had some troubles but kept everyone informed and eventually sent out all the products. My only worry is that the triple deker seems a bit too big to fit into most board game boxes, but frankly some of my games have outgrown the double.
  14. I would like to play Takenoko but no one I know seems to own it. We played some 8 player Sushi Go Party! this weekend. The first time it was opened up. It was good fun but the table was a bit crowded, and once or twice people were not on the same page.