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  1. Nazlith

    Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    Any idea how I can cancel/edit an order since they ran out of stockings?
  2. Nazlith

    Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion

    Was hoping for Hobgoblins or Angels/Demons/Devils. Really not wanting much in this KS .
  3. Nazlith

    Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion

    I've pretty much given up on this Core offering enough that is interesting to me. Does anyone know if I can keep my wave 1 spot if I pledge $100 or more but don't take a core set? Thanks.
  4. Nazlith

    Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion

    I'd like to increase my pledge but with the current content of the core set it's more likely that I'll reduce it. I know there's still a long way to go so hopefully that will change.
  5. Nazlith

    October Promotion: Ghoulie Bag

    How often (during a year,) does Reaper offer this type of Promo? Is it a Halloween only event?